Denver Schools To Patrol Students With Military Style Rifles

denver_schools_rifleBy Mac Slavo

Are children safe in public schools?

If the answer seems pretty obvious, it is confirmation that society has definitely gone to extremes that would not have been recognizable in past decades of American history.

Now Denver-area schools are becoming the first to guard their student populations with military-style semiautomatic rifles, and things certainly appear to be escalating.

via NBC News/AP:

A suburban Denver school district is arming its security staff with military-style semiautomatic rifles in case of a school shooting or other violent attack, a move that appears unprecedented even as more schools arm employees in response to mass violence elsewhere.

The guards, who are not law enforcement officers, already carry handguns.


The move raised new questions about how far school officials should go in arming employees, a practice that has become standard in the aftermath of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

One can only hope that these weapons would stop a shooter before they could hurt anyone, but there isn’t any guarantee.

Active shooters, mass killings and militarized police and security now haunt the halls where education and learning is supposed to be taking place. More children than ever before are on pharmaceutical medications, despite the known links to suicide and homicide. Between Common Core and politically-correct policies, these institutions are teaching that up-is-down, and down-is-up like never before.

One school in Florida even punished a 16-year-old student for wrestling a gunman threatening other students to the ground and preventing a shooting. Active shooter and martial law drills have become commonplace, and many of them have been unannounced, causing terror and panic in students and teachers.

While most schools remain “gun-free zones” and have been reluctant to allow teachers to be armed in the case of the worst incidents, many have readily invested in armed security, surveillance technology and counter-terrorism approaches to “safety” in schools.

The result has been a heightened atmosphere that is increasingly paranoid, and ready to treat anyone and everyone as potential suspects – including children:

Ken Trump, a school safety consultant in Cleveland, said the Douglas County case may mark the first time a district has equipped its in-house security officers with semiautomatic rifles.

“Taking this step certainly ratchets up a notch the whole idea, the question of what’s reasonable, what’s necessary in terms of arming officers,” Trump said.

But are they being protected from potential violence, or indoctrinated in a police state society where even children are under sharp suspicion, and misbehavior is criminalized? Can we see down the road as to whether this is likely to tend towards more freedom, or less? More armed citizens is positive, but more guns only in the hands of police, but private and public, may prove not be.

Regardless, it is a precedent for the growing police state society that expects individuals to conform to the masses, and obey authorities at all costs. Michael Snyder argued that public schools are purposely preparing students to live in such a society:

Our children are the future of America, and our public schools are systematically training them to become accustomed to living in a “Big Brother” police state. All across the United States today, public schools have essentially become “prison grids” that are run by control freaks that are absolutely obsessed with micromanaging the lives of their students down to the smallest detail. As you will read about below, students all over the country are now being monitored by RFID microchips, their lunches are being inspected on a daily basis by school administrators, and the social media accounts of students are being constantly monitored even when they are at home.

[…] One thing that was unheard of back when I was in high school was “active shooter drills”. They are being held in school districts all over the nation today, and they often involve the firing of blanks and the use of fake blood.

In typical fashion, Snyder goes on to make a long list of bizarre school practices that will make your head spin, and are, frankly, teaching the future members of society how to become helpless slaves.

Everyone can see that there is a problem, but nobody seems to know the way to fix it.

There is a fine line somewhere in there…

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4 Comments on "Denver Schools To Patrol Students With Military Style Rifles"

  1. Fear does not exist in this dojo. Cops kill ten times the amount people annually that “terrorists” do domestically. Not to mention most “attacks” are staged, I would keep an eye out for a “training exercise”.

  2. I hate liars. I just read ” As you will read about below, students all over the country are now being monitored by RFID microchips, their lunches are being inspected on a daily basis by school administrators, and the social media accounts of students are being constantly monitored even when they are at home.”

    I researched it. I found exactly ONE case in North Carolina where a young student in a state-sponsored pre-school program came to school with a lunch which lacked a vegetable. By law, care givers are required to supplement lunches to make sure they meet heatlh/nutrition standards. The child’s homemade lunch, which included a turkey and cheese sandwish and potato chips, was NOT taken away and she was given, at NO cost, the provided lunch, which included chicken nuggets and a vegetable. She was not prohibited from eating her home lunch or forced to eat the provided lunch. She chose to eat the chicken nuggets.

    Her mother freaked out and explained she didn’t pack vegetables because her daughter wouldn’t eat them except at home where she was “forced” to eat them. All the articles state that a state inspector was inspecting home lunches, but the state agency said no agent was present at the time. Most likely, a cafeteria worker noted the lack of a vegetable, and by law, was required to provide an approved lunch. The child was free to eat whatever she chose, and she was not charged.

    This is the only case I can find……the claim that all across the nation, children’s lunch boxes are being searched is backed up by this one case. Clearly the author is fear mongering and seeking an audience based on paranoid and fake claims. The law which was followed makes sense: student’s home lunches which don’t meet nutrition standards will be supplemented (not replaced) with ones that do.

    A mother who gives her daughter potato chips instead of a tasty vegetable (how about the classic carrots with raisins, or celery with peanut butter?) is the last person to complain that her daughter was given a plate that contained vegetables and then given the freedom from the home lunch and the provided lunch to eat what she wanted. There was no force, no fee. Shame on those who promote lies about tyranny based on one singular case which demonstrates no signs of force. If this is the kind of deception which it takes to get an audience as a writer, maybe the author should choose another profession he can succeed at without lying.

    There are 100,000 public schools in the US. One case of giving more food to a child as a sign of public school tyranny is not journalism but irrational and dishonest propaganda.

    Is a law requiring care givers to offer a nutritious meal when the child does not have one a sign of enslavement or common sense care?

  3. Once again, Mac Slavo, as many many other bloggers also do, posts a sensationalist headline and misleading piece, omitting major facts and information to sensationalize the article to increase readership.

    1) These so called “Guards”, are ALL previous law enforcement officers in good standing, as a condition of employment and train regularly with the Sheriffs Dept. They are all armed with handguns already and have to go through additional training programs.

    2) The semi-automatic weapons will be at all times stored in the trunks of their cars unless needed for an incident. They will not be patrolling with the long guns as the article implies.

    These facts change the whole tone of the article and its sensationalistic impact. Bottom line, the security officers will be able to take out an active shooter a hell of a lot faster than cops who are inbound but still minutes away.

  4. Garry Compton | April 22, 2016 at 9:35 am | Reply

    Denver wants the kids to get used to the NWO s new Capitol which will be Denver. Everything is in place underground soooo its just a matter of time. Washington won’t even be on the New Map of 2020.

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