Debunking the 28 Pages of the 9/11 Report

By James Corbett

Today James joins Dan Dicks on PFT Live to discuss the 28 pages and the move to blame Saudi Arabia for 9/11. What are the 28 pages really about? Is this really a step forward for 9/11 truth or a step back? Are the Saudis threatening to crash the dollar if they’re hung out to dry? Join James and Dan for the lowdown on the latest 9/11 propaganda.


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33 Comments on "Debunking the 28 Pages of the 9/11 Report"

  1. locutus_of_klingons | April 20, 2016 at 1:06 pm |

    this is a diversion since the 9/11 truth movement is too large

    • yep, and a way to seed social fracturing – TPTB planted this seed a long time ago, they are working the fracturing agenda in the Republican party too, also Left vs. Right with Soros Bernie Believers egged on to battle Trump supporters

      • Soros supports Clinton; Bernie is independent and uncorrupted. Stop lying.

        • And the SPLC never lies or conflates and in the Alice in Wonderland world you inhabit Harvard taught political scientists such as yourself are deaf to Carroll Quigley, Antony Sutton, the Trilateralists, and the Dialectic. Geoengineered chemtrails are hallucinations by paranoics despite a long known history, a Technocratic elite does not exist or conspire despite Eisenhower’s warning in the same speech he warned of the M.I.C., Establishment climate change explanations are Scientism Holy Scripture, and best of all, vaccine science myth is sacrosanct. LOL Soros has funded Moveon and some organizers in Moveon were egging on Bernie supporters to disrupt Trump rallies.


  2. A . If Saudis did it w/o any U.S. involvement , they would be offer thrown in an afternoon B. The probably design misinfo to be released years later ..

  3. As a blackmail option, selling treasury bills or other assets is a far weaker strategy than threatening to reveal they were serving the CIA and US govt in a false flag operation. Now why would the US govt risk opening that can of worms and why would Saudi elites risk the wrath of the masters of the universe after having witnessed what happened to Hussein and Gaddafi? Saudi Royals must also know TPTB have the technology to create devastating “natural” disasters…Katrina, Fukushima, Gulf oil spill…reality is hard ball, not soap opera politics.

    The Saudis have always been obedient and very compliant junior members of the global mafia – there is no rift….the narratives just don’t add up except as a multi-layered psy op.

    • All true. I was pondering what sort of manufactured “natural” disaster they could devise that would do any serious harm to Saudi Arabia. Flood? Earthquake? That is a very big country and pretty impervious I should think. Oh wait… a rift like the one that just cracked Japan in half. Hahaha… those rascals.

      • Yeah, Japan, poor Japan! They are also getting sprayed like bugs too over there. BTW, OldeSoul I’m seeing what appears to be a new chemtrail formulation with the lines dissipating much faster (definitley not contrails) – exactly on target with what a geoengineering military pilot whistle blower relayed to The HAARP Report on youtube (most viewed post). A close friend in Boston confirmed he is seeing the new lines too along with the classic lines. Maybe those new chemtrails are what you were trying to point out to some people who couldn’t really see it, it’s far more subtle. Getting back to the Saudis, I don’t believe TPTB would allow an engineered catastrophe there or any of the advanced Middle East players because their build outs of the Brave New World techno serfdom infrastructure are well ahead of the US, catching up fast to with the idealized model in Singapore. The video is from 2002, they’ve advanced quite a bit further since then.

        • I have noticed these new contra-trails (made that up, as far as I know) and you’re right, it falls right in with what the pilot said (although is this more programming?) Here’s something to consider… I haven’t decided whether it’s true or not myself, maybe you have better insight, but falling in with the co-creating reality thing I keep haarping on (ha!) this thing about being able to see chemtrails (or not) may be a function of programming. IOW, let’s pretend Dane Wigington and his constant “Spread the Word!” campaign is actually using the collective’s co-creating ability to create those planes and trails. Why doesn’t Dane go to Washington and DO SOMETHING? He’s the son of a senator undoubtedly with connections, but he never once has a suggestion about what we can DO about chemtrails other than pass the word so that everyone knows about them. I once spotted a quote from Dane that he copied directly from a CIA bulletin on chemtrails that he used as his own quote. That really bothered me. Bottom line, they use the masses to create all kinds of events via predictive programming, why not chemtrails? I’ve stopped focusing on them myself just in case.

          As an interesting addendum to my shaman story yesterday, today I was taking a walk in the woods in a place I don’t normally go and came across a dead raven. This is most unusual, in fact I’ve never seen a dead raven. They live long lives and are too smart to be killed by accident. Their feathers are illegal to own to keep people from shooting them for their feathers, which are very powerful talismans. Upon examination, it appeared to be quite old so perhaps it died of natural causes. I picked it up and brought it home, took one tail feather, and buried her under an ancient Ponderosa pine, with a nice little ceremony that my dogs helped out with. Most people would consider this a coincidence, but I sure don’t because, due to writing to you about them yesterday, I had been thinking a lot about raven and reliving with gratitude all the amazing journeys we have done together. While death doesn’t usually bode well in human-think, this is not so in the natural world. It was no coincidence that I found it because I was supposed to have a feather (I have a huge feather collection but I’ve never even seen a raven feather except on a living raven) and to bury it properly. I am telling you this because this is exactly the type of service/reward system that lets us know she is watching, all of us, all the time.

          • Dane is either somewhat blinded with ego (there it is again) or he is compromised whether from the beginning or as a process. It defies logic for him to claim he knows anthropogenic fossil fuel induced climate change is a proven catastrophic issue AND he knows the long history of geoengineering. That’s impossible. With geoengineering not factored in to the models (as mathematically challenged as they are) then the models are incomplete and we don’t know if climate change is engineered problem, reaction, solution style; a natural phenomenon; or anthropogenic fossil fuel driven; or a combination of all three. Dane rejects the problem, reaction, solution possibility out of hand despite the fact NWO researchers know this is TPTB’s bread and butter modus operandi. Whether intentional or not, Dane is playing a version of Alex Jones’ role with cointelpro doom and gloom learned helplessness. Geoengineering has a long known history and fits the objectives found in government, industry, and academic official documents; water and soil samples along with photographic records provide empirical evidence; and then there is the mindset of the psychopaths who control the globe who believe in Scientism and have been working on their scientific dictatorship since H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell et al wrote about their dystopian dreams over a century ago and Wells wrote a foundational document for the Rockefeller’s UN. Synthesis takes decades of practice just like shamanism! 🙂 I too have buried and honored dead birds and other critters and one time experienced a remarkable synchronicity of the same species of bird I buried a couple of days earlier removing wasps nests off the eaves of a high roof on my home. I had been a little stressed about having to climb a tall ladder to knock them down and here was an apparent thank you for the great care I took to bury one of their own kind.

          • Yes!!! Just like that. You can make all kinds of deals with birds intentionally, like when I had a pocket gopher problem I just sent out a Notice to All Raptors to come for a free gopher buffet. Week later, no gophers. When you start doing these things intentionally and seeing results it really rocks your world.

            I agree 100% with your analysis of Dane and everything else you wrote, very succinctly written. I was especially incensed as we learned via slow IV drip that practically every literary, historical, and scientific icon we were forced to read in school was promoted by TPTB. Same with the stuff we loved- music, movie actors, and probably other things I just haven’t bothered to care about. I’m not willing to give Dane or Jones or any other disinfo nerds a pass when they wantonly disregard the elephant in the room or can’t bother to muster up a shot glass of logic. That smacks of Reptilianism– Another new word for the day, I’m on a roll!

            It’s good to have you confirm my suspicions so thoroughly. Thanks! Course this solves nothing. Maybe we should start a Wake Up About Wigington forum. I haven’t heard anyone other than you and me who see him this way, but that could well be another one of those things I just haven’t bothered to delve into. Have you read this elsewhere?

            Lately I’m taking my own advice, spending a lot less time in the 3D rabbit hole and a lot more time in my 5D flower garden. 3D is getting to be a major downer. It’s all gonna come down whether we pay attention to it or not, so I find myself asking “What’s the point?” a lot.

          • Yes, others are aware of the problems with Dane who has greatly angered some activists squashing their efforts and he would not collaborate with Murphy after the airing of the What in the World Are They Spraying and Why In the World Are They Spraying documentaries. I don’t know the particulars in as much detail as some activists who focus all their time on geoengineering, but I would guess the heart of the issue is Dane’s adamant stance on AGW whereas Murphy is more pragmatic and sees the problem, reaction, solution factor quite clearly in all of its manifestations. This has all the earmarks of an operation set into motion a long time ago to keep entire movement from working together effectively and connecting with activists working on parallel issues. At some point, the plant(s) began to reveal an ugly side to fracture the entire movement and undermine or destroy morale. I saw it 12 years ago analyzing the immigration reform movement and a wonderful A.P. contributor Bernie Suarez, an M.D., from the L.A. area notified his readers a few months ago that the L.A. We Are Change group leaders announced that their new stance was 9/11 was carried off exclusively by the Israelis and furthermore they denied any other false flags such as OKC, Boston, Sandy Hook, etc. That threw the group into a tizzy fracturing it with Suarez starting a new group. The level of infiltration I am aware of would shock even the most very awake persons to their cores. The John Birch Society was an early prototype, commandeered by the Koch patriarch, a die hard Globalist. Yes, it is disheartening and I too strongly prefer spending my time in the 5D world of mother nature where I feel at peace. However, I don’t think my purpose here is to ignore the machinations at work that threaten to take away all of my personal sovereignty and disregard the sacred gifts of nature harming countless innocents. We do what we can, to the best of our strengths and abilities and let nature and the divine guide us. No fear, life is good and mother nature always bats last. 😉

          • Hahaha… yes, she does. That’s why I’m sticking with her!

            I really like Bernie too. He’s done some outstanding journalism over the years. Jim Corbett, too. I think we talked about him before. Their energy is clear. Do you feel that too?

          • Bernie is coming along nicely as a magnificent synthesizer – exactly what we need to make the necessary transition. We all owe James a big debt of gratitude for the encylopedic work has done also as a brilliant synthesizer, although, I noticed in the last year or so he entered the process I alluded to earlier. As always, it’s essential to remain objective and work together to ferret out the truth rejecting the tendency for people to settle in with a guru of some kind and then turn off critical thinking skills.

  4. Trillion Dollar Heist | April 20, 2016 at 4:45 pm |

    I’ve just removed this site from my bookmarks and I will not be coming back. Activist Post practices unfair CENSORSHIP! Reporting politically incorrect TRUTHS about a certain ethnic group is not allowed by the thought police here.
    We shouldn’t forget that certain organizations representing a certain ethnic group worked feverishly to suppress a Fox News report in 2001. Wonder why? A link to that report is not being allowed by the thought police moderators at Activist Post.

    You are so sad. I can see why this site does not see a lot of traffic. Later.

    • There is a post of yours further down the thread with a 28 minute youtube link to a Fox news report. Sometimes there are delays and censorship is also a complaint once in awhile, not sure what the source is. I hadn’t seen that Fox report before, only read about it, thanks for sharing the link. Always a lot of layers.

  5. When did larry silverstein become saudi???


  7. To begin with, the very act of Sewer nation handing over “proof” of those responsible for 9/11 causes an uncontrollable itch ’round my posterior. As Alan Sabrosky states quite frequently; Israel did 9/11. To hang the shills in SA for it, thus (again) pointing the cross hairs of the mostly ignorant public @ Muslims is B.S. of the most rank type. That being said, could they have been involved with Israel/CIA/Sewer Nation’s “Judas Class” in D.C.? Yep. This pigsty is without a doubt the most evil, barbaric entity (along with Israel), to ever occupy space on terra firma.

  8. You’ve got to love James Corbert. He is definitely has done his homework and has the ability articulate his information to an audience seeking the truth. The Saudi hijackers were groomed by the CIA to be pasties to deflect blame away from the real culprits behind 9/11. The book “CIA: Crime Incorporated of America” documented two primary motives for 9/11: (1) To give PNAC their “new Pearl Harbor” to kick off their endless war on terror and bring police state agencies like TSA and DHS into being. (2) To destroy evidence of large scale financial crime committed during the George H.W. Bush Administration. Much of this evidence was stored in offices in the Twin Towers. Also the portion of the Pentagon hit killed 39 of the 40 man Naval Intelligence team investigating where the Pentagon missing $2.3 trillion went as well as destroying all their evidence.

  9. Pay no attention to dancing Saudis, here to ‘document the event’
    Ohh, riiiight. Now I remember.. They weren’t Saudis, were they?

  10. It’s a step forward/half-full glass. Because it removes a layer. We can’t stop until we get to the chewy chocolate center.

    Don’t stop licking!

  11. How precisely does one debunk something they’ve never actually read? LIE MUCH??

  12. Pardon my stupid, but what is that thing?

  13. Maybe you should do YOUR research. Hillary is involved in the Syria invasion, Ukraine, etc. Or are you one of the disgusting SHILLS that Hilary spent 1 Million on to make her look good???

    • What makes your simple-minded simian brain think that I support Hillary? Because I called out your war monger hero Bernie who votes to fund every war that comes down the pike? NEWS FLASH: Being against scumbag politician ‘A’ DOES NOT MEAN you automatically support scumbag politican B.

      Learn some LOGIC before posting your pin-headed drivel…

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