Cannabis Juice Company Gets Around DC Law

high_speed_cannabis_By Brandon Turbeville

Despite the fact that Washington, D.C. has taken the positive step of legalizing the free exchange of an ounce or less of cannabis, marijuana sales are still illegal in the district.

But some entrepreneurs are finding ways around the law in a novel way. Companies like HighSpeed, which says it has about 300 customers in D.C., say what their company does is not illegal because consumers are not buying marijuana – they are buying juice.

On HighSpeed’s website, customers are able to pick a flavor of juice to be delivered. They can opt for their juice to come with “love,” “lots of love,” or “just juice.” Love equals about an eighth of an ounce of marijuana and lots of love is slightly larger than an eighth. Ironically, “just juice” is a randomly selected amount of marijuana that comes out to be around a gram.

According to HighSpeed spokeswoman, Rachel Bor, the company has run its plan by lawyers and will be continuing its operation.

We have no doubt that more lawyers, prosecutors, police and politicians will soon get involved in an attempt to prevent HighSpeed from providing a product that many people wish to purchase. In the meantime, however, the juice costs anywhere from $11 to $150 depending on the amount of “love” preferred.

A HighSpeed company representative did, however, promise that the cold-pressed juice itself is “really, really good.”

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9 Comments on "Cannabis Juice Company Gets Around DC Law"

  1. Declaring cannabis to be “illegal” has been the most profitable action taken by the Rockefeller and Hearst families. It enabled Hearst to continue to murder forests with impunity. It has spread more recently to the rain forests of South America and Africa. Cutting the more durable Hemp industry in the bud worked for many years, but hemp´s durability is slowly coming to the fore. Of course, Rockefeller medicine has turned MD physicians into pimps for the pharmacy industry. Prescribing a synthetic “medication”, the side reactions of which require two additional synthetic drugs to offset, has been a boon, and assists also with population reduction. However, nothing assists with population reduction as well as Oncology. Assuring death between 4 mos to 5 years and miserable illness til death, after “chemotherapy”, jingles the pharma and physician cash registers like crazy. The addiitonal illnesses created by alleged “vaccination” for over 200 years has also sweetened the pot for MD bank accounts. For 200 yrs already.
    Mr. Ty Bollinger has a truth campaign about “cancer treatment frauds” in progress that will slowly implode Oncology. It might even cause more physicians to become honest.
    That would be a real change !

    • “It enabled Hearst to continue to murder forests with impunity.”

      You have a real knack for cutting right through to the heart of the matter. This was the main reason. Also, weed is a well-known and potent BS detector, and tightly-controlled society certainly can’t have THAT going around!

    • Although I haven’t been able to verify it’s veracity yet, I’ve read small articles revealing the FDA has basically “gifted” their pharmaceutical sugar daddies with the extracts of Cannabis which are rapidly becoming well known to fight many maladies big pharma has made trillions on “sustaining” after they’ve caused many of them. The blatant evil in Sewer Nation is frightening, even to a hard-core fatalist of my ilk.

      • FDA is the most blatantly corrupt US Government entity.

      • The “U.S. Gov” holds patents on cannabis due to its healing properties, which are classified as “medicinal.” Fortunately, the healing properties of dried, dandelion roots have not been subsumed by the USGov. Dandelion root tea has assisted the body´s immune system to cure many diseases, including various forms of cancer.

        I do not classify a hard-core realist such as you to be a fatalist. For me, realist is not the same as fatalist.

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