What You Need To Know About The Belgium Attacks

By Luke Rudkowski

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the most important details surrounding the Belgium attacks and gives you a larger perspective on this important global event. Fact check everything yourself, as the sources for everything are mentioned in this video; and do not let emotions get the best of you during the important time.

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2 Comments on "What You Need To Know About The Belgium Attacks"

  1. 17 years ago, on March 24th 1999 US/NATO has started the bombing of Serbia without the UN resolution and in massive lying/diabolizing media attacks!
    Today two Muslims’ states exist on Serbian lands: Kosovo and B&H – both are Muslims sleeping cells where Islam is the law!
    Now SHAME on satanic US foreign policies

  2. All gubberment has been usurped the world over. They stage these false flags(ie: lies) to create fear and bring about some reason to perpetuate more wars.
    These are the zentral bankers bringing death to the general populace.
    End the banks and a thousand years of peace will commence.
    Gubberment sponsored death and paid crisis actors (I don’t get how they sleep and I hope they don’t).

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