Was This Dead Oil Exec’s Car Hacked?

By Aaron and Melissa Dykes

You ever notice with stories like this one, investigators never even consider the possibility of foul play?

The media is already floating the idea of suicide, yet murder? Never once mentioned, as if it’s not even remotely feasible that someone might want to silence a billionaire oil exec who co-founded the largest independent gas producer in the country on the morning after he’s federally indicted on bid rigging charges?


Meanwhile, with technology as hackable as it is these days, bicycles are starting to look better and better all the time…

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4 Comments on "Was This Dead Oil Exec’s Car Hacked?"

  1. The bridge let’s the masons know it was a gold collar scum hit from the top of the gold collar scum ladder (pyramid).

  2. I’m surprised it has taken this long for folks to look at this through the lens of a ‘hit’. Shoot, how does something as strong as a Mercedes sufficiently violate the crumple zones to take out the driver…..and how does a front end collision create an instant fireball? Didn’t they change that rupture factor of the gas tank following rear end collision caused gas tank explosions years ago! What was the name of that car again? No, hacking a car to cause a fatality, and maybe with the assistance of a bomb, is a sanitary way to dispose of someone.

  3. The fact that modern cars are eminently ‘hackable’ is relatively easy to be kept out of the public consciousness because it scares people too much – everyone is vunerable.
    I’m just waiting for Mercedes to get sick of their cars safety being brought into question by these events. They said nothing when princess Diana was murdered, even though the photos of the accident scene showed extensive skid marks whereas the Mercedes they were driving in had anti-lock brakes making the skid marks impossible unless they were ‘hacked’ and the Micheal Hastings event was simply unbelievable and an even worse slur on their cars.
    BTW, riding a bicycle is not much safer when they just have too make any car passing do a simple swerve…

  4. Here in Oklahoma this has been seen as a “hit” from day one. This guy has been under investigation before and always seemed to come out on top; why would this investigation be any different? Aubrey was very popular in OKC and everyone who knew him said that he was not the suicidal type.

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