Top 20 Modern Doublespeak Terms To Be Aware Of

doublespeak_by_thebase9wario-d5qpzid.jpgBy Makia Freeman

Doublespeak is a language that is alive and well in our world today. Doublespeak can refer to terms that are euphemisms (mild expressions designed to hide harsher or more direct ones), deliberately ambiguous (expressions designed to hide the truth) or actual inversions (outright lies which state the opposite of the truth). Although he never used the term doublespeak in his book 1984, many associate doublespeak with George Orwell. After all, it was Orwell who famously wrote that the motto of the totalitarian ruling party in 1984 was “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” – an example of an inversion. Orwell did however use the term newspeak to refer to a new kind of language which drastically reduced the scope of available words and terms, so as to concurrently reduce the scope of possible free thought among the ruled population.

Many doublespeak terms in the following list are oxymorons, meaning that the term itself is contradictory. Many hide the truth because it is too raw, unpalatable, uncomfortable or outright horrifying. It is vitally important we watch our language, because it plays a great part in how we shape our world and in how we create our reality. In many ways, by unconsciously using these terms instead of more accurate or truthful ones, we are quietly lying to ourselves, or at a minimum acquiescing to the process of being lied to and programmed. Political correctness is a great example of how language control, thought control and doublespeak can be introduced to an entire population without people realizing they are being deceived and manipulated. Below is list of the top 20 modern Orwellian doublespeak terms, with the first half focusing on military and geopolitical terms.

Orwellian Doublespeak Terms #1: War on Terror, Terrorism, Terrorist, Enemy Combatant

The war on terror is an utterly fake and fraudulent construct. It has largely been invented and hyped to provide an excuse for the NWO (New World Order) manipulators to override things like human rights, natural law and the Constitution domestically, as well as to invade, infiltrate and overthrow other nations abroad. The US has struggled to define the term “terror” ever since it declared the war on terror. Funnily enough, the US can’t even reach a consensus on what terrorism exactly is; so we have another nebulous war on a concept that is different to everyone. Here is the core of the FBI’s definition of terrorism, whether it be domestic or international:

Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law;

Appear intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination. or kidnapping;

By its own definition, the US is the biggest terrorist in the world, since it frequently acts dangerously to human life (bombs, missiles, drones, war), kills civilians, influences foreign governments (when it is not outright overthrowing them – Iraq, Libya, Ukraine) and has been assassinating foreign governmental officials since at least 1953 via the CIA.

Politicians use the term terrorist or enemy combatant to essentially describe a foreign militia member or soldier that has been designated as the enemy and whom they want to destroy or kill. Islamic terrorism is just the latest flavor, although a better term may be Zio-Islamic terrorism, since Zionist Israel is behind the creation, funding and operation of radical Islam (or as I call it radical Zio-Islam) as well as many of the so-called “Islamic” false flag attacks like 9/11 and Paris.


Look at the DHS list of “extremists” …

Orwellian Doublespeak Terms #2: Extremism, Extremist

The would-be word controllers have gone one step further than terrorism by adopting the term extremism. Extremism is the new terrorism, because it’s more broad and can be used to marginalize or criminalize dissidents. After all, ANYONE could be accused of being extreme in some way, right? Who is exactly in the middle of the spectrum on every single issue?

As the DHS manual in the image above states, an extremist could be a patriot, veteran, alternative media journalist, border control advocate, animal rights advocate, gun control advocate and a host of other people – just about anyone who questions the “official” version of reality. Are you an extremist?

Orwellian Doublespeak Terms #3: Freedom Fighter, Moderate Rebel

On the other side of the coin, of course, are those mercenaries, soldiers, military men and other guns for hire who are branded as our “allies” and not our enemy. In essence, someone we are paying to do our dirty work. Those guys are not terrorists; they are freedom fighters or moderate rebels! As George Carlin said:

Israeli terrorists are called commandos; Arab commandos are called terrorists. Contra killers are called freedom fighters; if crime fighters fight crime, and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight?

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #4: Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic cleansing is another horrific example of doublespeak. The word genocide is too direct and confrontational, so the controllers have felt the need to tone it down with the horrible choice of the word “cleansing.” Since when did mass murder have anything to do cleaning or cleansing? This is a total inversion of reality.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #5: Enhanced Interrogation

Enhanced interrogation is a fancy way of saying something far more brutal and honest: torture. It’s another lie. In normal English, to interrogate is to ask, not to push someone face’s down in water with the intent of scaring them almost to the point of death, nor to shove food up their rectum. Yet we know from US government documents that waterboarding, rectal feeding and a host of other atrocities were in fact performed at places like Guantanamo Bay.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #6: Extrajudicial Killing

Just like the above 2 terms, extrajudicial killing is another attempt at adding more words and syllables to a term in the hope of hiding the raw, brutal truth behind it. We all know it means assassination. It’s another deceptive euphemism to conceal and downplay the truth. In a free, fair and open world, no one would have the right to take another’s life, let alone outside of some kind of justice process.

Orwellian Doublespeak Terms #7: Humanitarian Intervention, Responsibility to Protect (R2P)

The Rockefeller-created United Nations is the intended vehicle to usher in the One World Government of the NWO. It is no surprise, then, that they would foster the use of doublespeak terms and policies such as humanitarian intervention (a blatant oxymoron) and the responsibility to protect (R2P). An intervention is an invasion or pre-emptive attack, and is obviously illegal and unjust – period. There’s nothing “humanitarian” about militarily invading another sovereign nation. The US, UK and other powers have gotten away with this kind of mass murder by controlling the narrative through the mainstream media and drumming up pretexts, such as the fake story of WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and the fake story of rescuing a nation’s people from a supposedly dangerous leader. The latter trick seems to work almost every time.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #8: Collateral Damage, Useless Eaters

A hallmark of these kind of military doublespeak terms is dehumanization – turning other people and other lives into something sub-human or non-human. How often have we heard that people killed in a raid, strike, incursion, invasion or battle are just collateral damage? It sounds like a financial asset or a lowly piece of possession. Perhaps the only way hardened military men with a deadened conscience and ability to feel or empathize can function is to make their victims into things. War criminal and big-time NWO insider Henry Kissinger is reported to have called Africans “useless eaters,” which makes sense given the fact he scripted the NSSM 200 during his time in the Nixon Administration – the official US policy of depopulation towards the 3rd world.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #9: Eliminate, Neutralize, Depopulate

Speaking of depopulation, there are a lot of euphemistic and doublespeak terms for killing and murder. As well as to depopulate, we also hear to eliminate, to neutralize, to bump off and to take out. More dehumanization and the further attempt to sugar coat killing and make murder more palatable.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #10: Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Intelligence

Government is the seat of control, so of course we can expect its name to reflect doublespeak deception. Isn’t it funny how nations like the US and UK (and others) have some version of the Ministry or Department of Defense, when they are usually the aggressors and invaders? I suppose Department of Attack is not PR-friendly enough. The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is a joke; it does nothing to make the average person more secure, but only the 1% of 1% of the controllers whom it serves. Intelligence is information about a potential enemy gained through spying, but is it really smart or wise to go around making enemies, first in your mind and then in the world? Military intelligence is another oxymoron. Is spying real intelligence? What about emotional intelligence? The heart is bigger and more powerful than the brain …

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #11: WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction)

Why talk about WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction) instead of just saying, in a more straightforward manner, chemical weapons or nuclear weapons? The US has more WMDs than anyone. The UK has a lot, too, and Israel its sitting on what some think is a 300-400 strong undeclared nuclear arsenal in the volatile Middle East. Why don’t enough people talk about the WMDs these nations hold, and either use as threats or in reality to achieve their imperialistic and terroristic goals?

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #12: Anti-Semitism

Sooner or later, all researchers exposing the worldwide conspiracy have to face the fact that Israel is a rogue nation (owned by the Rothschilds) that exerts an inordinate and disproportionate influence on the world, while committing daily genocide (sorry, “ethnic cleansing”) against the Palestinians. We need to rise above the stigma of anti-semitism, which is clearly a term thrown around to divert attention and criticism away from Israel. It’s a cunning trick to try to equate the recipient with intolerance and to falsely paint the recipient as racist. Here’s what an Israeli official (former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni) said about it:

Well, it’s a trick. We always use it. When from Europe someone criticizes Israel, then we bring out the Holocaust. When in this country (USA) when they criticize Israel, they are anti-semitic … it’s very easy to blame people who criticize certain acts of the Israeli Government … that justifies everything we do to the Palestinians.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #13: Conspiracy Theorist

As I covered in the article 7 Massive Misconceptions Many Never Question, most people are unaware that the term conspiracy theorist originated with the CIA who was trying to cover up genuine examination into the JFK assassination. As I wrote there:

[Conspiracy theory and conspiracy theorist] are weaponized terms which represent a cunning method to discredit truthseekers, truthtellers and investigators. This diversionary scheme has worked well – people often shut down once they hear this phrase and stop thinking critically. These terms have become falsely associated, in popular culture, with madness, craziness and deluded thinking.

Of course, the corollary to the idea of so-called deluded conspiracy theories is that things just happen by chance. Thus, those who deride conspiracy theories, often with little or no investigation, can be labeled coincidence theorists. They adhere to coincidence theory which blindly believes there is no New World Order agenda; events just occur randomly.

Labeling a truthseeker or truthteller as a conspiracy theorist has been a great way to hide the truth, but is usefulness is running out.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #14: Quantitative Easing

Ben Bernanke, former chairman of the Illuminati-owned Federal Reserve, earned the name Helicopter Ben with his suggestion that the Government throw paper currency out of a helicopter to the people below. Quantitative easing was another intellectual and deceitful doublespeak term to hide devaluation and inflation. The basic laws of economics dictate that the mass printing of paper money (with no real growth in wealth to back it) will inevitably lead to inflation and a devaluation of the existing money in circulation.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #15: Bulk Collection

Remember when Obama and the US Government tried to take the heat off the whole NSA surveillance scandal? They deliberately changed the widely-used term mass surveillance to bulk collection. This was more subtle PR doublespeak, but those who closely watch the government know it was another attempt at obfuscation and denial.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #16: Negative Cash Flow, Negative Patient Care Outcome

These 2 doublespeak terms come from George Carlin. Again, we have to ask ourselves, why are we so afraid of being honest and direct? Why can’t we call a spade a spade? Why do we have to turn everything into a military or economic term? Are we aware that our society has militarized, weaponized and commercialized just about everything?

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #17: Reasonable Suspicion

Remember when then-NSA chief Michael Hayden tried to convince reporters and the world that there was a new benchmark in the privacy and surveillance debate. It was no longer the benchmark of probable cause as spelled out in the 4th Amendment. It was now reasonable suspicion. This is called making-it-up-as-you-go-along, and represents a clear sign that the previous benchmarks, rights and limitations upon centralized power (that our ancestors fought so hard for) are being eroded.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #18: Climate Change Denier

Manmade global warming or AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) is another giant scam designed to bring in a world carbon tax, world currency and world government. If you aren’t with the program, you’ll be labeled a climate change denier. The word “denier” carries inherent negative connotations with it, which is why it has been chosen to try to corral the unbelievers into the fold. Unfortunately for the NWO manipulators, there are many scientists refuting AGW and many who have seen through the propaganda and realized that the environmental movement has been hijacked.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #19: Sustainable Development

There are so many examples of doublespeak in the hijacked environmental movement that it would be a full-time job just to list them all. However, they can all be summarized by the dangerously deceptive term sustainable development, a catch cry of the UN and ICLEI-controlled green movement, which promises the world and cloaks its agenda of control under a green veneer. For more on this, take a close look at Agenda 21 and its newly updated cousin, Agenda 2030.

Orwellian Doublespeak Term #20: Globalism

Finally, the term globalism itself is another umbrella term of modern doublespeak. Those challenging the globe earth model assert that globalism is an attempt to trick people into unconsciously assuming the Earth is a globe. Regardless of whether that turns out to be true or not, we can say for sure that globalism has become a cover for the growing centralization of power in the push towards a NWO World Government. To the NWO manipulators, their doublespeak PR term globalism means free trade deals like the TTP, unfettered access to 3rd world nations to exploit new markets with no protections, and a one world army, currency and government all under their control.

Conclusion: Beware of Doublespeak

We live in a world of doublespeak. As George Carlin exposed during his performance, the Pentagon really did measure radiation in “sunshine units”! It’s important to be aware of modern doublespeak, and in most cases, consciously use alternative terms and phrasings so as to avoid the perpetuation of these lie-enabling terms. In many ways, we create our world with language. Let us also remember the wise words of George Orwell:

Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative news / independent media site The Freedom Articles, where this article first appeared, and senior researcher at (FaceBook here), writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.


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48 Comments on "Top 20 Modern Doublespeak Terms To Be Aware Of"

  1. There’s a simple distinction between “terrorist” and “freedom fighter” that cuts through the doublespeak: Terrorists harm or threaten civilians, and freedom fighters go after military targets.

    • I get your point, but I don’t think that distinction is always on point; it seems to me that it depends on who’s doing the reporting.

      • With “reporting” hiding behind the armor of the first amendment with SCOTUS justification, how can you expect truth to survive in a vocabulary where so many doublespeak terms have totally replaced the two most obvious descriptions surviving only by intent of the second amendment since the revolutionary war. Discover how many “neutrals” were deported back then.
        Try to remember when you last heard either traitor or patriot used in any news since the conviction of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg with 85% of all world news presently controlled by 17 major corporations. Is the agenda of any other more obvious than that exposed daily in the USA? Are any “flagship” reporters less guilty than their company administrations?
        BE AWARE that all major US news agencies are guilty of spin for effect supporting their advertising audience as a measure to maintain the sales effort for their advertised products and services. Are they any less guilty of treason by their spin than were the “neutrals” of the war for independence? Are they really the ghost party in any national election?
        Whatever they represent is expressly effected without election by boycott of all products and services they offer for your consideration for the continuation of their spin.

        • You’ll get no disagreement from me, except that I believe your ’17’ to be generous, and your reference to corporate interests puts a much less nefarious spin on the media manipulation than I might have offered. However, there is one thing — I am nearing the point where I cannot see the ‘us/them’ in the whole mess. We are all, to some degree, complicit in the matter, some out of ignorance, but more often, expedience. We watch tv, shop at Walmart, buy gmo’d, and listen to cr+p news. Yes, you’re right, the media is the ghost party, or, more specific, represents the ghost party’s concerns and desires. But our collective unwillingness to unmask the pretender is also a factor. And as for Julius and Ethel, I remember the time very well; I was young, but I could see that the majority of adults around me were basking in ignorance and fear, very easy to manipulate and quite unwilling to face their own shadows. In my view, there’s still a lot of that going on; the only difference is there seem to be newer, more subtle ways to manipulate and divide. I simply no longer have the will to assign measure of culpability to either the ear or the mouth.

    • I have been running around describing myself as a freedom fighter for some time. Reckon I might have a bullseye on my back by now?

  2. Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law;

    Appear intended (i) to intimidate or
    coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a
    government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct
    of a government by mass destruction, assassination. or kidnapping;

    Black Lives Matter and the anti Trump protests are without a doubt terrorism according to the F.B.I.s definition

  3. Excellent summation!

  4. You left off “rendition.”

  5. Post of the month!

  6. I am good with all but one: climate denier is someone who, almost always without any credentials or research in climate science, denies the empirical fact of global warming and a consensus of over 97% (with less than 3% “not sure”) of published climate scientists that there is no other logical explanation for global warming, given stable solar and volcanic activity.

    The Climate Depot list of deniers contains almost no actual climate scientists but many engineers and no one with peer-reviewed research in the field. Nor is there a Climategate scandal, which has been debunked by several investigations.

    In the late 70’s the denial funders at Exxon had scientists who confirmed AWG and the Koch funded Berkeley Earth Project, led by leading climate skeptic and intended to expose govt data as fraudulent, found the data rock solid and not skewed. The skeptic, Dr. Muller, an actual climate scientists, was converted by the investigation, and since then the Kochs have stopped funding anti-climate science openly and have gone underground with dark money.

    I urge those with an open mind to read Dr. Muller’s oped in the NYTimes in which he explains why a thorough investigation into the climate data changed his mind and convinced them that not only is it warming but that there is not other logical reason for this warming than a 40% increase in greenhouse gases from fossil fuels since 1800. If you are not willing to listen to a former skeptic who was persuaded by the evidence (while looking to disprove it), you are part of an anti-science cult.

    Other than this one misguided example of doublespeak, I find this article correct.

    Two leading funders of climate denial (both make money selling fossil fuels and shifting costs to public: IMF estimates fossil fuel corporations get 5 trillion a year in public subsidies for damage their products do) both have sponsored research which confirms AWG:

    The motives for the alleged “hoax” of global warming is so govt can impose a carbon tax. Carbon taxes have been established in Germany, Sweden, Ireland and other nations and regions (like British Columbia) with no adverse effects on the economy, lower pollution/greenhouse gas emissionis, and no hikes in taxes. Carbon taxes are returned to the public in the form of dividends or to offset other taxes. The end result is a cleaner, healthier environment, a quicker transition to clean energy, motivation for polluters to clean up their act to avoid the tax, and more jobs in green energy and pollution reduction innovation. It’s worth reading about the experiences of these nations, which are among the most prosperous in the world.

    • Just when i was beginning to like you…

      • So you didn’t check out the information. Fear of the truth will keep you enslaved, and I could care less if you like me. Reread my post and then begin to educate yourself. In the end, you will thank me.

        • The problem with your post is that it will not educate anyone on anything other than your own skewed perspective.

          • The problem with your post is that it is meaningless. I refer open minds to the evidence; you make unsupported accusations without bothering to consult the evidence. I think that means you are voting to keep minds closed. I urge you to read the Exxon emails and the Muller oped as well as check out the Berkeley Earth Project to correct your brainwashed ideas.

          • You are a paid shill. 😀

          • dale ruff | April 1, 2016 at 9:48 am |

            Rule #1 for paid propagandists: if someone presents facts or urges readers to check the facts, call them a paid shill.

          • I have checked the “facts” doc.
            Your propaganda is government sanctioned, that doesn’t make it fact . Keep typing your “opinion” that parrots articles that keep you “informed”. I looked at all of the evidence and decided the solution shouldn’t come from the same scum that do pollute the earth. Just not to the extent you spew, to spread fear and make people think they are doing something positive, when in reality they are playing into the hands of those who create the problems. I watch them spray chemtrails at least three times a week, so you can’t tell me I have planes only flying over only on certains days? Attempt to insult my intelligence by suggestibg I can’t tell the difference between contrails (water vapor) and chemtrails?Contrails dissipate in minutes, they don’t spread out and create a sheen blocking the sun.
            Keep typing those lies climate warrior.

          • You are lying again. Facts are not govt sanctioned or not.
            They are established by empirical research. I have urged you to read the findings of the key anti-climate science corporations (Koch and Exxon) which confirm global warming but you prefer to remain ignorant and make ludicrous accusations that the findings of the world’s 10,000 climate scientists in 180 nations are all “government-sanctioned.” Nor are there any atmospheric scientists who accept the chemtrail myth. Contrails, in freezing temperatures persist and spread out as cirrus clouds and warm the atmosphere; they are carried by air currents thousands of miles over months. This is what atmospheric scientists have discovered but you, having never had one class in climate or atmospheric science, are free to refute them.

            You are a useful idiot of the cynical fossil fuel industry which gets 5 trillion a year (IMF) in public subsidies to pay for the harm they do. Their propaganda lies are intended to prevent legislative remedies and they depend on scientific illiterates like you to help them shift the cost onto fools like you. How sad! However, facts are facts, whoever opposes or sanctions…and the fact is that the earth is warming due to greenhouse gas emissions and you can easily confirm contrails by checking flight path maps and comparing to observed trails. I would suspect you are afraid of the truth so you continue to repeat lies by those who cynically use you. How very sad!

          • So says the tool. Keep typing, paid by the word.

        • Lol I got the bite I knew was coming. Your predictable, Dale. I’ll give you that and, of course you care…

    • Ok Dale, I was willing to look a little further until I re-read the last paragraph. Don’t know where you are from but here in Australia the carbon tax did the total opposite. Perhaps because of our reluctance to scale back on mining? Thats going to happen anyway before long. However, I have read things in recent times that if, indeed there is climate change that the planet is likely heading into an ice age within the next fifteen or so years. They came to this conclusion by recent activities and a changing sun; notably, the ‘spots’ on the sun are increasing. Do you know anything of this?

      • You have read things? That we are headed into an ice age. Funny that the world’s 10,000 climate scientists from 180 nations confirm that we are in a period of global warming,with the last decade the hottest in recorded history and more greenhouse gases than in the last 800,000 yrs.

        Recently, it got so hot in Australia (all continents had record heat waves) that they had to create a new color for the heat map, with a temperature reaching 127 degrees in the interior. 90% of the world’s glaciers are melting, an odd event for an ice age, eh?

        “15 of the top 16 warmest years have occurred since 2000”
        “2015 is warmest year on record, NOAA and NASA say”. CNN. 20 January 2016.

        The Berkeley Earth Project, funded by the world’s leading climate change deniers (the Koch brothers) sought to show the NOAA and NASA data as false or skewed. Instead, it confirmed its accuracy.

        “Everywhere on Earth ice is changing. The famed snows of Kilimanjaro have melted more than 80 percent since 1912. Glaciers in the Garhwal Himalaya in India are retreating so fast that researchers believe that most central and eastern Himalayan glaciers could virtually disappear by 2035. Arctic sea ice has thinned significantly over the past half century, and its extent has declined by about 10 percent in the past 30 years. NASA’s repeated laser altimeter readings show the edges of Greenland’s ice sheet shrinking. Spring freshwater ice breakup in the Northern Hemisphere now occurs nine days earlier than it did 150 years ago, and autumn freeze-up ten days later. Thawing permafrost has caused the ground to subside more than 15 feet (4.6 meters) in parts of Alaska. From the Arctic to Peru, from Switzerland to the equatorial glaciers of Man Jaya in Indonesia, massive ice fields, monstrous glaciers, and sea ice are disappearing, fast.

        When temperatures rise and ice melts, more water flows to the seas from glaciers and ice caps, and ocean water warms and expands in volume. This combination of effects has played the major role in raising average global sea level between four and eight inches (10 and 20 centimeters) in the past hundred years, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).”

        This is what climate science has discovered. Here’s some local news to digest while contemplating the coming ice age:
        “The Australian summer of 2012–2013, known as the Angry Summer or Extreme Summer, resulted in 123 weather records being broken over a 90-day period, including the hottest day ever recorded for Australia as a whole, the hottest January on record, the hottest summer average on record, and a record seven days in a row when the whole continent averaged above 39 °C.[1][2] Single-day temperature records were broken in dozens of towns and cities, as well as single-day rainfall records, and several rivers flooded to new record highs.[1]

        In January 2013, the Bureau of Meteorology altered its weather forecasting chart’s temperature scale to include a range, coloured purple, between 52° and 54 °C.[3][4] The reporting of the heatwave in the Australian media attracted controversy in the scientific community, as very few articles cited a correlation between the event and climate change, which it was directly correlated to according to studies conducted by the University of Melbourne.”

        Those are the facts. I urge you to adjust your thinking to reality.

        • Well you might know about it more than I do. However, our past Spring was the coldest since the 1960’s, but January this year was recorded as one of the hottest? I have to say during that month I noticed chem trailing every single day non stop. The humidity was disgusting. It was exactly the same this time last year. Around this time last year the region was almost destroyed by the biggest storm I have seen. Im most certainly aware of the strange weather patterns around the world; thats for certain. Would I suggest that there may be other things at play here, like, geoengineering? Lets face it, it is very well advanced now. And, considering everything else going on in the world we know, does it even matter anymore? The technology for free energy has been there for a long time, and yet suppressed. India is now ready to take into manufacture their free energy technology but, are worried about western opposition; which we both know they will get. We have the means to start work on a cleaner planet right now, as im sure you know. Everything else they are doing now is just BS and talking the talk. So while I may not see eye to eye with you. I agree that things need to be done, and can be done, but no one in imo is really doing anything about it. They are just tippy toeing.

          • dale ruff | April 1, 2016 at 7:20 am |

            Global warming is the trend. In any given year, 2/3 of the earth will be warmer, 1/3 cooler. The net effect is global warming. Chemtrails is a myth, explained by persistent contrails. They are frozen vapor appearing only in the stratosphere, too high to target populations due to air currents and actually slightly warming the atmosphere. No atmospheric scientists accept the myth of chemtrails, which belongs with climate denial as a way to confuse the public and distract them from the lethal pollution caused by the fossil fuel industry. Geoengineering is a theory, a proposal, and not the cause of the frozen vapors you see in the sky.

            You can prove this to yourself. Look up the flight paths of commercial flights; then observe the white trails. You will find an exact correlation.

            Why are there more? There are more flights each year, over a million a year now and growing.

            You are falling for a lot of BS on the internet and calling the actual science BS. Many nations have carbon taxes and are promoting green energy. The fossil fuel industry, which is freeloading off the public, opposes these efforts to reduce emissions and switch to clean energy sources. Don’t be their useful idiot. Look up the Exxon research on global warming and the Berkeley Earth Project; then note there are NO atmospheric scientists, people who actually do research on the subject, accepting chemtrail theory, which also benefits the polluters, by shifting blame from their own profit-driven operations to the one agency that can pass laws to reduce emissions.

            As for Australia, Wikipedia reports, with primary sources:
            “Climate change has been a major issue in Australia since the beginning of the 21st century.[1] In 2013, the CSIRO released a report stating that Australia is becoming hotter, and that it will experience more extreme heat and longer fire seasons because of climate change.[2] In 2014, the Bureau of Meteorology released a report on the state of Australia’s climate that highlighted several key points, including the dramatic increase in Australia’s temperatures (particularly night-time temperatures) and the increasing frequency of bush fires, droughts and floods, which have all been linked to climate change.[3]

            Since the beginning of the 20th century Australia has experienced an increase of nearly 1 °C in average annual temperatures, with warming occurring at twice the rate over the past 50 years than in the previous 50 years.”

            The info about Australia is not BS. It is the best information we have. If you wish to deny science, that is your choice. The beauty of science is that it does not matter if you believe it or curse it: facts are facts….and Australia is getting warmer and warmer with more droughts, more brush fires, etc etc. You can choose science or propaganda, Brett.

          • Good cut,copy,paste job on allll those posts. Maybe you just have lots of time to regurgitate articles verbatim.
            Are you paid by the word?

          • dale ruff | April 1, 2016 at 9:53 am |

            What paid shills denounce as cut and paste is honored by scholars and journalists as honest citation. Your descent into the cesspool of personal libel and insults demonstrates that you are either a paid shill or just ignorant. Probably both. I will continue to honor the tradition of honest quotation of the facts. You no doubt will continue the fascist assault on reason with libel and smears.

          • Your so dignified!! Haha

          • Calling people paid shills and accusing them of taking bribes is also extremely defamatory and libelous. By accusing somebody of such, he is accusing them of being corrupt, and of lying for money. Libel is a crime but when committed by an obviously ignorant fool, it can be laughed off as proof of foolish ignorance.

            If anyone took you seriously, you would be in trouble. BTW, I urge you to give up the criminal libel and fact check the evidence I have presented. Trolls do not present checkable evidence; they make accusations and trade in insults, including the ultimate accusation of using accurate quotations from experts. LOL

          • You are much concerned over your cred online? Hmmm wonder why you care about that so much? Maybe you will have to start ALL over with a new account if this one is exposed for the mouthpiece it is.

          • dale ruff | April 1, 2016 at 8:06 pm |

            It is not about my credibility but about the facts. If you stand with the facts, you cannot be knocked over. If you descend to personal accusations, you have already admitted defeat. My agenda is simple: I work hard to research the facts and I report them. Moral and intellectual midgets then think they can refute facts with insults, but in fact you only expose your own mediocrity and lack of intellectual and ethical character.

          • Dale, to be really honest with you, I don’t know what to believe anymore. The world is rife with corruption and people pushing and fighting for their own agenda’s. Anti this, pro that, wether it be about vaccinations, religion, and global warming. We as people, have never been more divided on so many things. It seems the term ‘divide and conquer’ is working well into the hands of those who wish to control us. Peace Bro…

          • dale ruff | April 1, 2016 at 8:03 pm |

            Except in cases where there is a clear conflict of interest (as with Monsanto), I think it wise to choose the science over the propaganda (which also has a conflict of interest).

            I do not believe the USDA on GMO foods because Monsanto has hijacked the department…and WHO and other reputable scientific organizations have present evidence of harm from GMO food production. I do believe the independent scientists on this top however.

            I believe the actual climate scientist over the fossil fuel industry on the science of global warming; I believe the actual atmospheric scientists over the amateurs on the web regarding chemtrails, which can be explained with your own experiment of matching observed trails with published commercial flight plans. I trust the scientists on vaccines who have done independent research, with reservations about those funded by vaccine makers, etc.

            In other words, we need to use critical thinking skills and ask if there is a conflict of interest, a motive to deceive. The corporations almost always have a motive to lie, scientists much less so…except when they have been bought out by the corporations.

            The government, to the extent it is not controlled by the corporations, has no reason to lie about the climate or other issues, except when the corporations have hijacked it, as with biotech and meat corporations in the USDA, banks which run the Treasury, etc.

            But there is no reason for a well-paid professor of climate science or atmospheric science at Stanford, or a private university in Australia, or Sweden to lie and risk his career and reputation. Those who have, such as the anti-vaccine fraud
            Wakefield, are kicked out.

            So it all depends, and that is where a good education comes in as well as common sense. Apply critical thinking, examine motives, and use Occam’s razor and do not assume that a person with zero background in atmospheric science can refute the world’s community of scientists in nearly 200 countries. Where corporations have hijacked the process: beware, they have a profit motive: witness the deceit of Exxon which discovered global warming, then buried their own research and funded denial.
            Their motive was to protect their profits. Witness the Koch brothers funding denial and trying to crush the solar movement, in order to protect their 100 billion fortune.

            The propagandists have deliberately tried to divide the public to block momentum for legislation to reduce pollution, etc. The science is not divided but the propaganda effort is to convince us that it is. In fact, it is not. And the beauty of facts is that they stand on their own without requiring belief or even popularity. So where the science is clear and the empirical facts are evident, stand with the facts and you can never be knocked down. Don’t buy the confusion: it is meant to weaken you. It is meant to protect profits at the expense of public health and the environment. That’s all I got to say………

        • By the way, Dale a lot of that info about Australia is BS. When I was a kid the heat wave conditions used to last for long periods of time without much relief. The heat conditions in the far north are the hottest in the world, but it always been like that. Most of the research you present, while sounding pretty good from paid scientists is all fabricated. There are just as many who have other ideas. There is always a left and a right i guess, just a matter of which way you swing. It is just another one of those things that seems to divide many of us?

    • Have you watched the documentary “Cowspiracy”? At the end, they have dozens of references from which the data in the presentation came. To summarize, the film postulates that pollution/natural resources depletion from factory farming makes carbon emissions pollution look puny by comparison. I suggest to those who haven’t seen it, watch it for free on Youtube. As far as I’m concerned, being an advocate or denier of climate change is irrelevant but what is relevant is we are soiling our nest and you multiply that by how ever many billions of us there are and what you have is a planet that’s on a collision course for mass extinction of all living species. So if you really want to make a personal difference, a really good place to start is looking at what’s on your dinner plate since the development of the sources of most of the contaminants we’re infecting the earth with is sitting right in front of you. And ironically, most of the substances the average person consumes are the primary causes of most health problems so we’re not only soiling our nest, we’re destroying our bodies as well and the NWO likes that indeed. Throw in their “medicines” and depop is happening everywhere all the time but that’s good for the environment right? Just don’t be on the wrong side of the “human cleansing” equation. There are those that would like to see you dead. Knowledge is power…

      • I have written for years about the harm of both the pollution of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels (up 40% since 1800 and the highest level in 800,000 yrs) AND the harm done by meat production with methane AND the use of fossil fuel fertillzers (CO2) used for feedstock. It takes 6-9 times more pounds of soy or corn to produce a pound of beef, meaning that, compared to a plant-based diet, a meat based diet uses 6-9 times more land, water, and polluting fertilizers. Both CO2 and Methane have increased global warming and both should be reduced.

        The climate denial movement has been funded by fossil fuel corporations whose own research proves global warming and the human causes. They do it because they do not want to pay to clean up their act, which is subsidized, according to the IMF, by the public at 5 trillion a year. They want to sow confusion in he public in order to block legislation which would force them to stop shifting the cost of the harm they do (millions die each year from fossil fuel pollution) to the public. The logical solution is a carbon tax which incentives the industry to reduce emissions to avoid the tax and to promote clean energy sources. In some cases, the tax is given back to consumers as a dividend to compensate for higher costs(to reduce emissions) and in others, to offset other taxes. The nations that have enacted a carbon tax have all had high economic growth while reducing emissions, a win-win.

        Fossil fuel corporations, whose own research proves global warming, have been the funders of the anti-climate science movement to protect their profits which are padded with 5 trillion a year in public subsidies. That is why the climate denial movement is cynical and evil: it protects profits based on pollution whose costs are passed on to the public and it prevents action to deal with the crisis. It is a crisis, with million of lives at stake, water supplies at risk for hundreds of millions, rising sea levels, etc. It is not alarmism to sound the alarm when the dangers are real and happening now. Global warming has a positive feedback loop where melting ice caps release huge reserves of methane, vastly increasing global warming, and 90% of the world’s glaciers are melting fast, threatening flooding and then later, water shortages for the hundreds of millions who depend on this for water, not to mention droughts, more intense storms, and rising heat on all continents. It’s real, it’s now, and it’s very dangerous. Propaganda designed to thwart action to address it is both cynical and criminal.

        We need to switch from dirty fuels to clean energy and from meat-based diets to plant-based in order to reduce the greenhouse gases which are heating the globe and causing intense climate catastrophes. We must expose the lies that the oligarchs of dirty energy and meat production, both heavily subsidized and causing harm, have put forth to protect their fortunes.

  7. EXCELLENT Package, here; thank you. Major oversight(s): the term “3rd World” – a DoubleSpeak/euphemism for any Nations that aren’t (predominantly) White (and wealthy and/or controlled by same)

    “Rendition”: most everyone knows what that means.

    • “Third World” – People who are not Dependent on currency for their existence.

      • —A generous appellation Mr Stevens; one with which my own Heart agrees. This is *not*, however, how the Power Elite who wield the term see them nor the vast majority of the sheeple held in their thrall do, either.

        • I have to respectfully disagree with you, SuperLuminal Man. I think the psychotic, so-called “Power Elite” are deliberately causing military chaos in Africa and elswhere to reduce the peoples’ ability to sustain their care free rural existance and force them to migrate to the urban financial nodes, to be captured in the economic slave matrix.

          Europe and Britain (white nations) went through similar processes in the earlier parts of the previous millennium.

          The large loans to “undeveloped” countries will also have an economic nudge component on the population.

          “Governments” spend Billions from confiscated funds (tax) to give millions of people a small, impractical, subsistence grant when a fraction of that money could easily be applied to create vast self sustaining centers where people can exist, in rural luxury, with no requirement for currency.

          The only reason that it is not done is because:- “everybody must be an economic slave FOR the psychotic, so-called Power Elite Parasite infestation”

          • SuperLuminal Man | April 4, 2016 at 3:42 pm |

            I don’t see so much “disagreement” here; Sir. There is little in what you’ve said, that I feel any resistance to. In the simplest of terms: the Financial/Power Elite see us ALL as Slaves & Chattel to be harvested and culled at WILL.

            “Human Resources” then takes on a whole ‘nutha MEANING …

  8. WHOA! Excellent post! Sign me up and lets get this show on the road because I for one have had ENOUGH of doing nothing! If we need a revolution then only we can start it, it will build momentum like an avalanche down a mountain and crush everything in its path. We could really do this, I just hope people realise that we still hold the balance of POWER! The cockroaches are moving fast now because they can sense a reckoning in the earth. It may well mean that many of us will die. So what? Die fighting for freedom or surrender to slavery? These are the only two choices any of us have. I cant understand why that fact is hard for others to understand. We are not the only ones that have had to fight for freedom; history is full of such times. We just didn’t know it was going to happen to us in our lifetime… EVERY EMPIRE SHALL FALL.

  9. There you have it…..right in your face from the Department of Homeland Security(?) – “The U.S has been taken over (by a rogue government) and if you are ‘disgruntled’ with this then you are an extremist.”

    Don’t worry, the T.V (toxic vaxxins) and fluoride will help you get over it.

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