This Is the Only Way to Buy Gold Without the Government Tracking You

banking_control_001By Justin Spittler

If you’re buying gold right now…the government could be tracking you.

If you’re buying gold, you’re likely not doing it to make money. You’re buying it to make sure you don’t wake up poor one day.

Gold has been used as money for thousands of years because it is easily divisible, easily transportable, has intrinsic value, is durable, and has consistent form around the world. And, as Doug Casey reminds us, it’s a good form of money because governments can’t print it on a whim. You can’t “Bernanke your way” to wealth with gold.

When today’s dramatic central banking experiment blows up, gold will hold its value…unlike paper currencies such as the dollar.

That’s exactly why the government will try to take it from you.

The last time the government confiscated gold was during the Great Depression. In 1933, President Roosevelt outlawed owning most forms of gold. He claimed that people “hoarding” gold were making the Great Depression worse. The penalty for not turning your gold in to the government was a $10,000 fine and 10 years in jail.

Of course, Roosevelt gave his closest supporters notice before issuing the ban. They had time to move their gold to another country. Most folks weren’t that lucky.

This time around, the confiscation will be digital.

Most people own gold through a fund like Sprott Physical Gold Trust (PHYS) or Central Fund of Canada (CEF). The former will give you physical gold in exchange for your shares, once a month, if you own enough shares. The latter won’t give you the physical gold.

Because this gold is owned through a brokerage account, it will be easy for the government to confiscate.

What about physical gold? If you bought it from a dealer and paid with a wire transfer, the banking regulators have plenty of documentation. They’ll likely let you keep the gold. But it will be illegal to trade. If you don’t obey, you’ll be subject to a 99% tax on its value.

But there’s one way to buy gold so the government can’t track you. I’ve been doing it for years. You can do it, too. It’s buying at a locally owned jewelry store. These stores get a few common gold coins in every week. If you know what you’re looking for, it’s a great way to buy gold with cash.

However, the window of opportunity is closing quickly. In fact, I went to buy gold today…and saw this new sign.

160225CDDimage1It says, “CASH transactions are limited to $6,000 within a 48 hour period.”

$6,000 seems like an arbitrary number. And 48 hours seems even more contrived. This is a sign of the times. Governments are cracking down on cash. They want to know every detail of your financial life. They want to know what you buy and what you sell.

Paper cash is hard to track. So, little by little, governments are getting rid of it. Notice the $500 bill featuring President McKinley to the left of the sign. Years ago, $500 bought you a brand new car. Today, it barely buys a steak dinner for a family of five.

Cash is on its way out of existence. The government stopped issuing $500 bills in 1969. Last week, Harvard professor Larry Summers wrote an article titled “It’s time to kill the $100 bill.” The New York Times published an article arguing the same thing. Their reasoning is, big bills make it easier for criminals to commit crimes. If you’re not a criminal, you shouldn’t have a problem with the government knowing everything you buy and sell.

The $6,000 limit will soon be $1,000. The local jewelry shop is the last place you can buy gold without the government tracking you. Take advantage of it while you can.

Casey Research Editor’s Note: As E.B. said, the government wants to know every detail of your financial life. That’s why it’s declared a “War on Cash.” And if you don’t take action right now, you could lose control of your life savings. We recently put together a report that shows you how to protect yourself. You can learn more about this report right here.

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6 Comments on "This Is the Only Way to Buy Gold Without the Government Tracking You"

  1. This is not true. I bought from coin shows and paid cash, no paper trail of any kind. Also you might try Craigs List, but you better beware of fakes. The coin shows have reputable dealers.

  2. georgesilver | March 5, 2016 at 9:07 am | Reply

    I decided to take all of my Gold and bury it on an island close by for security but my rowing boat sank with all the Gold. I only just made it back to the shore. Now I’ve got nothing.

  3. Chuck Findlay | March 5, 2016 at 6:44 pm | Reply

    It’s sad that you have to tell people how to buy something in a way that can’t be tracked. People should instinctively know this! This says just how low the IQ of most people is today…

    I have been buying silver with cash for years at a local coin shop. I walk in with cash and walk out with the silver. As far as gold I only have 4-ounces as it’s hard for me to come up with $1,300 at any one time to spend on a gold coin with all the other preps I buy. And I’m saving cash (at home, not the bank) to buy some property away from the city within the next 2-years. I figure the property is more important then gold, and the silver still gives me a hard asset that is hopefully resistant to government printing of paper and digital currency.

    One thing to think about is could you be filmed buying gold by the jewelry stores security cameras and that used by the government to find you? My local coin store has no camera, I looked and asked (explaining why I wanted to know) so I’m pretty sure I have zero footprint for government to track me.

  4. These stories about “stealth” metals buying are stupid.

    There is NO MECHANISM in place, nor is there a responsible entity, to warrant these fears. This is just another version of fear-porn that CONSTANTLY wears on the psyche of preppers. If/when TSHTF, there will be a half dozen other reasons for you to fear gov. intrusion into your life, before they ever get to your stack.

    Just like the dumbasses who talk about boating accidents as a way of covering gun possession, worrying about having bought your metals on the DL is NONSENSE.


    Conversely, if you AREN’T planning on being gone, but instead plan to stand your ground, you could have saved a whole lot of time, money, and effort and just bought one or two guns with a decent amount of ammo – as you will have NO USE for your metals in the longer term, nor need for any additional guns for extended survival use. You WILL die there.

    Metals and guns are (or had better be – if you plan to hold on to your shit) inescapably bound. EVEN IF THEY SOMEHOW HAD NO CLUE that you had bought metals, they WILL KNOW (with RARE exception) that you have bought a gun. And – as I said – once they are on your doorstep, play-time is over.

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