Terminal Apathy? What Rats Say About Americans

mazeBy Brett Redmayne-Titley

“Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.” – Aristotle

When considering the cause of national apathy, Americans are evidently physiologically and socially similar to the junk food addled laboratory rat. Both tolerate repressive environments while confined against their will in a maze. In the natural desire to escape and find freedom, like the affected rat, Americans passively accept their confinement, acquiescing without struggle to a life of controlled stimulation and manipulation by all manner of drugs, tests, and mandated choice of direction. In a country objectively descending into chaos, why don’t Americans care? In recent studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), these same rats evidence one reason for America’s irrational disinterest in self-preservation.

In ever-more-frequent and growing worldwide protests, resistance to the American empire’s imposed maze increases. Strangely, Americans offer no similar resistance at all. The social, economic, and political problems in the USA mirror those of an empire-afflicted world, yet in the “exceptional” nation most would rather chew off their tails than find the energy to extricate themselves from their maze. Examples of exceptionally paltry public resistance and protest abound. Rarely does an American protest amount to more than a few hundred temporarily outraged souls who then quickly return to their couches when told to do so by the well-armed militia of the government they came into the streets to change.

Why is America the isolated case study of this strange domestic malady that may best be summed-up as: clinical, terminal apathy?

The cause of this national apathy seems to be clear as shown in results from the UCLA study: it’s the food. Processed, adulterated, adjunct-laden, GMO-filled junk food; the preferred and almost unavoidable daily diet of Americans.

Dr. Aaron Blaisdell, a professor of psychology at the UCLA /College of Letters and Science and a member of UCLA’s Brain Research Institute, used rats to determine if a diet of poor quality processed foods resulted directly in obesity, or if the actual initial result was fatigue.

Dr. Blaisdell’s team placed thirty-two female rats on one of two diets for six months. The first received a standard rat’s diet, consisted of relatively unprocessed foods like ground corn and fish meal. As a substitute for a junk food diet the second Americanized group received highly processed food of lower quality that included substantially more sugar. As expected, “One diet led to obesity, the other didn’t,” said Blaisdell, as quoted in UCLA’s, “Newsroom.” However…

“Our data suggest that diet-induced obesity is a cause, rather than an effect, of laziness [apathy],” concluded Blaisdell. “…the [poor quality] diet causes obesity, which causes fatigue.”

The rats were given a task in which they were required to press a lever to receive a food or water reward. The rats on the junk food diet demonstrated impaired performance, taking substantially longer breaks than the lean rats before returning to the task. During repeated 30-minute sessions the overweight rats became more lazy due to their increasing obesity, taking breaks that were nearly twice as long as clean rats.

Dr. Blaisdell’s studying clearly indicates that junk food, while causing obesity, subsequently causes laziness and fatigue. Combined, the political cousin of these two symptoms is: apathy.

By all metrics, Americans consume the most quantity of the worst-quality food supply in the developed world, as such leading in obesity. In America this endemic apathy is causing Americans to have little interest in their own increasing domestic peril. In a nation of increasing authoritarian governmental control, American processed junk food may have now become the most effective US government weapon for controlling the reactions of its own population. Examples of irrational American apathy are evident every week.

Just this past weekend, on Feb 27, 2016, seventeen-year-old Abdi Mohamed, was shot three times by Salt Lake City police responding to a dispute. Not taking time to digest the situation and realize that Mohamed, who was not threatening them in any way, only held a piece of a broom stick, they opened fire within seconds of their arrival. The resulting protest of reportedly no more than one hundred outraged souls, were next met with the predicable draconian response of over one hundred cops being called to provide back-up; in force. This routine military response has one emphatic message for the protesting public, “Take your First Amendment home…and stay there.” Accepting this message, by Sunday all outrage was over. Considering this obvious example of America’s growing police disregard for life, this protest should have been in the thousands. What then?

In dozens of countries across the globe rebellion in the thousands and tens-of-thousands by outraged nationalist populations is growing despite brutal American-backed-and-funded crackdowns by their governments. This weekend alone saw huge protests which all amounted to a public rejection of the influence of the American empire on their politicians and therefore their happiness. Consider…

Just hours ago, in London, over 10,000 protested the US/NATO imposed risk to their lives of Trident submarine ICBMs. In Poland, Ukraine and South Korea equally large protests also took place against the American-controlled national policies imposed on them. In Iran and Ireland national and local elections took place peacefully, the results also showing that their citizens, too, were casting out the politicians who favor guns over food. In France, where all GMOs are still banned, thousands of French farmers have battled police due to their lives being destroyed by US-required French sanctions against these farmers exporting their crops to the once lucrative and huge Russian market. Not surprisingly, and for good reason, these protesters have had enough of the “benefits” of American empire and imposed democracy. As the military might of the empire kills scores of innocents around the globe daily, while the quality of life continues to diminish, resistance is not, for these citizens, futile. It is daily.

Why is this not the case in the American Homeland?

As for North America, Canada and Mexico have also recently produced huge protests, starting with the 2012 Montreal student protests where 100,000 angry students protested tuition fee increases. When Canada’s legislature attempted to quell the protest by passing emergency legislation allowing for new draconian anti-protest laws, this huge protest then grew exponentially to more than one million citizens. Anti- government protests in major Canadian cities have been large and frequent since. Subsequently, on November 4, 2015, the Liberal Party, led by now Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, won 184 seats, turning-out the Conservative Party, led by incumbent, ultra-Zionist/ corporatist, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

In Mexico City protesters hit the one million mark, also in 2012, within minutes of the announcement of the most recent presidential election results that declared president-elect, Enrique Peña Nieto, the victor. Thanks to American-made Diebold electronic voting machines (yes, those Diebold voting machines), the results had been rigged. Mexicans knew it. They were mad as hell. They went to the streets.

In late 2014, forty-three very innocent college students were “disappeared” by Mexican government troops. That same government has been covering up the criminals involved ever since. But Mexican protests have been often, very large and unyielding to government’s demand that these anti-government protests end. The protesters will not go home.

However, back in the Homeland, where over 1300 Americans were killed by police firepower in 2015, many of whom were as completely innocent of any crime that justified deadly force, this weekend produced just one completely ineffective protest. When killer cops get off from prosecution scot-free, outrage generally amounts to, as seen in Salt Lake City, a mere hundred-or-so protesters. Even the anti-authoritarian spectacle of Ferguson, Missouri accomplished nothing except to showcase the futility of protest to the apathetic public watching on the TV. But it was not the fault of these sincere, passionate and legitimately outraged protesters who did put their freedom on the line at these small protests. The real problem in changing endemic domestic American abuses: enough people willing to rise to their feet and effect the true “power of the people!”

The most demonstrative recent example of the national terminal apathy of Americans was illustrated at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The government and the local police expected big trouble. Uncle Sam knew his people had good reason to take to the streets outside the convention. Four years of Pres. Obama’s broken promises, lobbyists, high unemployment, growing authoritarian state, endemic corruption in banks, business, government and sports gave many good reasons for American outrage to hit the streets of Charlotte en masse. Just months before, the dozens of Occupy camps in major cities nationwide, as the only cohesive national protest movement, had all been closed down in the space of two very violent and draconian days at the hands of nationwide police. So, when NSA, CIA, and Charlotte police authorities publicly stated their assumption of over 100,000 upset Americans showing up to protest, their estimate seemed well founded.

Taking no chances the federal government provided Charlotte $50 million, and added $50 million more, to defend Pres. Obama from “the will of the people.” As witnessed then, this funding produced a truly awe-inspiring showcase of America’s domestic authoritarian, anti-protest arsenal. The American government was ready to take on America’s collective best shot, no matter what, at resisting Obama’s new definition of democracy.

Anyone coming to Charlotte found that walking the streets was a laboratory maze in itself. The maze was not here metaphorical, consisting of literally several miles of contiguous sixteen-foot-high, black-painted metal, crowd-proof fencing along both sides of the entire pre-selected boulevards that would be used to keep the loonies on the path. Hordes of cops by the hundreds – thirty-five hundred in total – funneled protesters back into the maze at every intersection, all dressed in full riot gear and showing different shoulder badges with insignia from police departments as far away as Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; New York City and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Each cop grimaced at this arrogant display of democracy before their face masks and batons. New police vehicles were everywhere; from ATVs and MRAPs, to refrigerated trucks and golf carts. Dozens of brand new “Police” mountain bikes and motocross bikes stood in rows of twenty, some under fat cops who sat watching on menacingly. No less than four helicopters were in the air at all times. Police cars – state, federal, and local – were evident by the hundreds. CIA had commandeered a local junior college, and US Army troops maintained defenses outside the city. Just in case. These were the front lines, ready for anything an understandably outraged public of 100,000 plus might dish out.

The cops need not have bothered.

The largest protest of the six-day event was a paltry 2000 people. Almost all other protests numbered no more than three hundred. The protesters were always outnumbered by the cops and the press. Considering Charlotte has over 150 million Americans within a five-hundred-mile drive, why such a paltry, ineffective, impotent turnout throughout the national six-day event?


We may have found a cure for most evils; but we have found no remedy for the worst of them all, the apathy of human beings. Helen Keller

Dr. Blaisdell’s rats expose the fundamentals of this malady. The toxic combination of engineered food leading to endemic apathy is causing a sickness infecting Americans. Apathy. If not; despair.

America’s diet is factually the worst in the industrialized world. GMO ingredients are in eighty-five percent of all processed foods, not that this processed food is of acceptable quality. In December 2013, Professor Irina Ermakova, vice president of Russia’s National Association for Genetic Safety, called for a 10-year ban on GMO foods. Ermakova conducted GMO rat-feeding tests that showed alarming results, including extreme mortality rates. “It is necessary to ban GMO, to impose a moratorium for 10 years. It has been proved that not only in Russia, but also in many other countries in the world, GMO is dangerous,” he concluded. In 2015 Russia past new laws banning all American GMO products. China, France and the United Kingdom have similar bans.

Illustrating Dr. Blaisdell’s study, while choosing willful ignorance, American voters have defeated GMO labeling laws in state referendums in California and Oregon. This means Americans have actually voted not to know that food-borne poison is contained in what they choose to eat. Really. But taking no chances with future elections, however, this week a US Senate committee announced it is preparing legislation seeking to prohibit states from attempting to pass their own mandatory state labeling laws via the public’s constitutional right to vote in their own interests. Labeled the “Dark Act” this is a government reaction to the few successful state initiatives requiring GMO labeling, such as Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

As reported by William Engdahl, in a study on the toxicity of GMO plants associated with the plant killer, Roundup, Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff, have found additional confirmations. Their review concluded, in regard to glyphosate, the main active component of Roundup herbicide, that, “Residues (of glyphosate) are found in the main foods of the Western diet.”

Samsel and Seneff continue…

[M]any of the health problems that appear to be associated with a Western diet could be … attributed to glyphosate. These include digestive issues, obesity [emphasis added], autism, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, Parkinson’s disease, liver diseases and cancer, among others. We believe that glyphosate may be the most significant environmental toxin.

Researcher, Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, bolsters the connection between junk food and apathy. Enlisting the help of his son Tom, a genetics student at the University of Aberystwyth in Wales, for a little over a week Tom ate nothing but McDonald’s Big Macs, chicken nuggets, fries, and Coke. He reported that he, “felt good for three days, then slowly went downhill, became more lethargic, and by a week my friends thought I had gone a strange gray color. The last few days were a real struggle. I felt really unwell.” Cornell University testing revealed that Tom’s gut microbes were “devastated.” He had lost about 1,400 types (or 40%) of his bacteria species, which is a red flag indicator for health issues such as obesity and diabetes.

In one week.

In Australia, further study from researchers at Deakin University and the Australian National University has shown that junk food does indeed physiologically affect the brain’s growth and development leading to poor mental health. Their findings concluded that a part in the brain – the hippocampus – has been shown to be smaller in those who consume junk food. The hippocampus is responsible for learning, memory and mental health. Researchers used MRI scanning to measure the size of the hippocampi in Australian adults between the ages of 60 and 64. Diet and other factors which could affect the hippocampus were measured and taken into account as well.

The results, published in BMC Medicine, revealed that seniors who had consumed junk food are more likely to have smaller left hippocampi. On the other hand, seniors who consume more nutrient-rich foods have larger left hippocampi. Associate Professor Felice Jacka concluded,

Recent research has established that diet and nutrition are related to the risk for depression, anxiety and dementia; however, until now it was not clear how diet might exert an influence on mental health and cognition.

Thanks to American-inspired global franchising, people throughout the world are also getting fatter on the same brand-names of poison as their American counterparts. The World Health Organization refers to the epidemic as “globesity.” Yet nowhere is the trend as pronounced as it is in the United States, where per-capita calorie consumption of the worst food on the planet rose from 2,109 calories a day in 1970 to 2,568 calories in 2010, according to the Department of Agriculture. The average man today weighs thirty pounds more than in 1960, which equals seventy-eight million people considered obese in 2012.

Americans habitually eat a lot of junk food. School children and their developing minds are affected from birth. Economically bankrupt America has created families where both Mom and Dad, by necessity are working, with the kids in daycare and the home-cooked family meal a relic of the American Dream long gone. Corporate America preys on this with a replacement of cheap, fast and processed food offerings substituted as breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Plus snacks. The ongoing degradation of the American mind it seems, applied to Dr. Blaisdell’s laboratory rats and the UK, Russian and Australian studies, shows that growing American mental apathy is directly proportional to their extraordinarily high consumption of a very poor-quality diet.

Result: a failing American mind. Combined with an ever-failing educational system, this produces a population perfectly ripened for ongoing authoritarian control.

There is, as shown globally this past weekend, a far worse result of American apathy.

It is only one indictment that Americans to have willfully allowed themselves and their nation to go to the gallows of history without a whimper. So be it. So, suffers the fool.

But in allowing an ever-corrosive America to brainwash their souls, these same apathetic Americans also allow their government to rob, via America’s historic military might, the livelihood and futures of the remaining external and innocent world.

When considered carefully, apathy – American apathy – is a serious crime. A crime against world humanity. The checks and balances by humans on Empire are permissively missing in empirical America. Americans are thus complicit in the further daily destruction of the remaining world they wish to know little about. When the dust of the oncoming rampage of history has settled over the folly of this American empire, guilt for its accumulated horrors will sit squarely on the American people’s heads, as much as the shoulders of their obviously treasonous politicians.


In tests the laboratory rat proves to be stronger of will than its Americanized human counterpart. Like the protesters in France, South Korea, Poland, Ukraine, Iran and Ireland just mere hours ago – humans who presumably do not live on an obligatory junk food diet – the rat of pure mind and conscience continues, despite its confines, to desire its freedom. And…he will bite.

Ultimately, under the bright laboratory lights, while seemingly trapped in a maze of oppression, the lab rat will do what Americans can do no longer. The rat, growing ever more desperate, will find a way to escape.

Summoning both will and courage, the rat draws the strength of will to rise-up on his hind legs, peering out over the top of the wall of the maze. His indomitable desire for freedom thus reveals the obvious: the way out.

Americans have no such remaining instinct.

About The Author:

Due to a growing obligation to help create positive change, Brett Redmayne-Titley began reporting on-scene in an effort to provide better quality reporting from current events of geo-political, environmental and moral importance. A life-long activist, political commentator and world citizen, he has published over one hundred in-depth articles, many of which have been re-published and translated internationally. He can be reached at: live-on-scene@gmx.com

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33 Comments on "Terminal Apathy? What Rats Say About Americans"

  1. First, this is a fake quote. There is no record of Aristotle having said or written this.
    Second, this fake quote conflates tolerance of repression with political tolerance of differing viewpoints and diversity of opinion.

    This fake quote actually comes from far right wingers who seek to trash liberalism, which is based on the concept of tolerance of human differences, which is the opposite of tolerance of repression of diversity of cultures and opinions.

    Here is a true quote from Herbert Marcuse: “Tolerance is an end in itself. The elimination of violence, and the reduction of suppression to the extent required for protecting man and animals from cruelty and aggression are preconditions for the creation of a humane society……The tolerance which enlarged the range and content of freedom was always partisan–intolerant toward the protagonists of the repressive status quo…..Tolerance of intolerance is repressive of human freedom.”

    There are two versions of tolerance: tolerance of diversity, which is liberating…and tolerance of oppression, which is destructive. This article begins with a fake quote and then confuses these two opposite meanings.
    As such, it is a tolerance of deception and serves the forces of oppression.

    • ‘Herbert Marcuse’ Really? Anyone who would, straight faced, quote this known destroyer earns instant contempt.

      • Name calling and killing the messenger are both logical fallacies: the question is, do you agree that tolerating intolerance is destructive of human rights?

          • dale ruff | March 1, 2016 at 8:43 pm |

            Then you will tolerate hate speech, racism, sexism, and bigotry….as they destroy freedom.

          • John Cook | March 1, 2016 at 9:12 pm |

            “hate speech, racism, sexism, and bigotry” are examples of false memes contributing to the destruction of freedom – Not real things leading to the destruction of freedom.

        • Tolerating is “putting up with something, or not” a totally reactive state
          of mind. Compassion is not tolerance but may include tolerance but not the other
          way around, One who is tolerant does not necessarily exert compassion. Tolerance
          is pseudo compassion sold as caring in the form of human rights that by the
          fact of birth is innate in the Soul of Being. Human rights are afforded by those
          who believe they care, but the caring comes at a cost of giving one’s innate
          Rights away.

  2. Tolerance for anything except the pure truth, will always – without exception, bring eventual death unless a renewal of the mind and therefore actions circumvent the proscribed and accepted opiate choices given.

  3. Mainstream Media, on a daily basis, tell us what to do and what to think,…on a daily basis. Half of the people, on this sight, are Hitlary Cliton supporters, while the rest of us are sheeple in one form or another, afraid of the noisy SHEEP DOGs with GUNS. Locked and Loaded, I can retreat no further than my home. END MEDIA control,… control “BY THE LIES”, and arbitrary BS they spread, we will then (only) begin to LEARN.

      • Are you in Qld Brett?

        • Hi John. No mate, I live in Newcastle. Spent a year at surfers paradise once though!

          • John Cook | March 2, 2016 at 7:21 pm |

            OK, thought I’d ask in case. If you’re ever in Airlie Beach let me know.

          • OK mate. Have been there! Nice place too. Meeting up with another truther I connected with on twitter soon, but he’s not too far away lol! Funny though, after couple years of being a truther have been in contact with 3 others in past 2 weeks that are close to home. Happy about that! Cheers, mate!

          • John Cook | March 2, 2016 at 8:25 pm |

            You’re lucky! Airlie’s a good place – lots of German backpackers, I like the golden colour they go in the sun lol. I’m planning on corrupting one, if I get the chance, by telling her the truth about what has been done to her people.

          • Good mate do it! I like German girls. Corrupt her as much as you can! 😉

          • lol, Thanx mate, will do.

    • For sure… A good idea is to meet up with some like minded people (say within 20 square miles of where you live) and start discussing new possibilities. Make plans to protect each other when they start coming for us… Spread truthful information in any way possible and have faith in what you are doing because times will get really hard for people who don’t want to be part of the NWO.

      • Thats so true, Joe. Just started plans to try and reach people with the truth and have found a few people like myself as well too. Before that I was rather isolated and frustrated. When you are around like minded people to share with its a whole lot more comforting. It builds a bit of confidence going forward with constructive ideas to reach people. They are out there for sure. And yes, times are going to be more than tough for us truthers. Some very big and scary decisions are being made by all of us I would think. They already know who we are, mate. when we least expect it they will come but you might not see them coming. You rarely see a coward coming; we need to watch out for each other. Now!

        • Yeah definitely mate, I’m in the same situation here.. I know for sure my family and gf think i’m gone a bit mad haha, but at the same time when I explain things as simply as I can to them they get it, the info just doesn’t affect them like it does me (call it apathy, cognitive dissonance whatever). We get shut down for trying to spread helpful information, but it won’t stop me trying.. Just the other day I posted this on a channel called science; the title was
          AI to help in the search for cancer cures.
          ‘Search for cancer treatments?? Last time I checked 1000’s of people curing themselves through natural means… How about this for a cure, prevention!!! Stop eating their toxic foods (This is the easy one), drinking their toxic water (Not so easy but good water filters available to remove fluoride and other chemicals), breathing their toxic air (OK, this one we’re going to have to work together to stop) living in their toxic environment (Again, this will be a difficult one).. We can beat cancer and many other diseases that are caused by toxic chemicals, just take the first step by eating organic whole foods and slowly we will rid ourselves of the parasite!’
          Of course it was detected as spam 🙂 You just gotta laugh sometimes mate, and carry on doing what you’re doing.

          • Good post, Joe. Thanks for your reply, mate. Laugh? Mate I try! The fact that they are killing our children, mate, I take that very bloody personally! It’s getting very serious for me…

          • True, killing our children before we can even have them now.. The amount of infertility is scary!! Suppose it’s time to be less like Gandhi and more like Napoleon..

  4. “Americans have defeated GMO laws in California and Oregon.” Well maybe they did and maybe the “machines” did as the exit polls indicated a different result here in CA. Only a fool would believe that electric voting machines don’t have the capacity and intent to change actual voting. Got to get back to paper ballots no matter how “inconvenient” they are.

  5. While not well sourced, Alexander Haig was once attributed with saying of protesters (Vietnam era?) “Let them march all they want, as long as they continue to pay their taxes.” It’s true Americans are lazy when it comes to protesting and eat too much junk food, yet protesting has done little to nothing to halt the growth of techno-feudal fascism around the world, seductively wrapped in new technologies, courtesy of the international banksters.

    China bans the first generation of GMOs while it inhumanely experiments with bizarre genetically engineered animals, no doubt already going all out with the new CRISPR/cas9 precision genetic engineering technology. China also went full throttle on monitoring every single thought and action with the Social Credit Scoring System.

    The problem is not in the food, or the stars, it’s in our genes and centuries of conditioning.

  6. Anyone eating gmo junk is probably taking vaccines – say good night – might as well take the blue pill – besides it is much more blissful – as in ignorance is bliss.

    • No Thanks on the Blue pill. The green tobacco is much preferred…, a short vacation without the fuel costs. I got part-way into an article about the growing list of mental disorders (treatable only with OPIATES), as determined by, “Determined Opiate Pushers”, AKA Shrinks…, then I ran away in fear,(Fear is good in moderation), besides I was already aware of this assault on the generally depressed American Populace. Flee the opiates…., and vaccines,” for everything”.

      • Im fully into health and fitness and have been for many years. But one time I got sick and felt lousy for a while. They told me I was depressed so put me on meds! I was silly enough to trust them. I weaned myself off them a while ago and the veil was removed from my eyes shortly after. I now know why they would love ALL of us on them. They make you careless on many levels and you tend to make more frequent bad choices. But, you carry on like its all good! It destroyed my marriage. My ex cant understand my new outlook on life and the truther/activist I have become, but thinks its great lol. There are times where I wish I was back on them but thats not going to happen. Im surprised they haven’t come asking why I stopped taking the medication I never needed in the first place. They will though…

    • The vaccination laws are getting hard in Australia now. They threaten with money of course. TOTALLY ILLEGAL! Bigger threats are coming though. Think you have it bad in the USA? This country is going down the toilet with new rules rolling in all the time. People suck it up though because they are scared cowards. NO ONE DOES ANYTHING! As far as Im concerned people will get exactly what they deserve. The shock of the coming events will totally bring them to their knees. Cheers…

      • BRETT and GWENETH, Self promotion and empowerment will place you above the fray. I love Ausies, but am constantly shocked when I hear what your government is doing to your country and the people. I worked with an Australian carpenter in Nashville about 9 years ago. The muslim hoards were already taking their toll, then. Glad you kicked the opiates BRETT. I give psych meds a lot of credit for the mass suicide rates here in the U.S. “TO ALL”,…Begin to impose your will on the Bad Guys. That suggestion is from Albert Einstein on what happened with Hitler and his German tear down.

  7. Diet certainly determines the state of health of a person and their energy levels, and soooo many food additives, unlabelled GMOs, etc are permitted in foods available in America that are banned in other Western nations.

    However, Americans also suffer from tainted food for thought with their military (exceptionalism) and religious indoctrination, and both have turned this nation into obedient thought sloths.

  8. Good post, Caws…

  9. What load. If the American people are sick because their gov is poisoning them, then they aren’t guilty of anything. They’re just an abuse victim. This is just another blame the victim rather than the perpetrators story.

    Oh, and let me know successful all those foreign riots end up being. *snicker* Govs will do what they want to and sort of a French revolution, nothing will stop it.

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