Roger Ver Offers Bernie Sanders $100K to Debate Adam Kokesh: Socialism VS Voluntaryism

By Adam Kokesh

Roger Ver responds to Bernie Sanders attempt to demonize an entire group of people as unpatriotic. Ver likens Sanders’ stance to worse than racism and offers to donate $100,000 to charity for Sanders to debate liberty philosopher Adam Kokesh.


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5 Comments on "Roger Ver Offers Bernie Sanders $100K to Debate Adam Kokesh: Socialism VS Voluntaryism"

  1. I welcome the display of courage by Mr. Ver, I hope to live long enough to witness this debate. I feel that We the US need to learn, understand and personally enforce the real concepts of a citizens duty, the right to know and to become individually empowered without the unpatriotic death of another anywhere, anytime. My tax dollars should be helping others to pursue life, freedom and happiness. Politicians are obsolete in an age where everyone can represent themselves via existing technology just like a bitcoin, I can be identified and participate..

  2. Interesting but the 1% did not get that way by caring about anyone other than themselves. I would still like to hear the debate and I agree about the tax revolt. It’s really the only way you can get any real attention. Of course that attention is likely to be in the form of jackbooted thugs who will storm your property and take all of your stuff while killing you as you “resist”.

  3. Impressive speech. I like the ideas and I hope there are many other very wealthy people who support these ideas instead of those of the typical 1% elites.

  4. Thanks for posting this video! It’s very important for people to understand these things.

  5. I will just note that while taxes are often used for evil purposes, this internet is a result of taxes used to develop it. Many who claim government never can do anything right use the government created internet (and then handed over to the private sector to create tens of millions of new jobs and tens of trillions in new wealth) to spread the anti-government message.

    When reminded of this, I always get a profound silence. The enemy is not government nor taxes but the perversion of legitimate government (based, per the D of I on equality and consent and inviolable rights); the cure is not to eliminate government but to make it democratic, serving the people. The enemy is not government but those who have hijacked it for special interests. The best way to spread the message of voluntarism is to elect the only candidate who is not corrupted and speaks for the people. Bernie Sanders is the choice of the new generation who will be most open to new ideas. Join us to promote a revolution in our politics and our thinking.

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