New Study Shows Mass Government Surveillance Silences Unpopular Opinions

UncleSamSpyingBy Joseph Jankowski

A new study has found that the knowledge of widespread government surveillance causes people to self-censor dissenting opinions online.

The study, published in Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, studied the effects on the speech of its subjects after they had been reminded of government surveillance.

Frighteningly, the majority of participants reacted by suppressing opinions that they perceived to be unpopular.

From the Washington Post:

The “spiral of silence” is a well-researched phenomenon in which people suppress unpopular opinions to fit in and avoid social isolation. It has been looked at in the context of social media and the echo-chamber effect, in which we tailor our opinions to fit the online activity of our Facebook and Twitter friends. But this study adds a new layer by explicitly examining how government surveillance affects self-censorship.

Participants in the study were first surveyed about their political beliefs, personality traits and online activity, to create a psychological profile for each person. A random sample group was then subtly reminded of government surveillance, followed by everyone in the study being shown a neutral, fictional headline stating that U.S. airstrikes had targeted the Islamic State in Iraq. Subjects were then asked a series of questions about their attitudes toward the hypothetical news event, such as how they think most Americans would feel about it and whether they would publicly voice their opinion on the topic. The majority of those primed with surveillance information were less likely to speak out about their more nonconformist ideas, including those assessed as less likely to self-censor based on their psychological profile.

Elizabeth Stoycheff, lead researcher of the study, finds the results very disturbing.

“So many people I’ve talked with say they don’t care about online surveillance because they don’t break any laws and don’t have anything to hide. And I find these rationales deeply troubling,” she told the Washington Post.

According to Stoycheff, it is those who hold the “nothing to hide” belief that are most likely to self-censor.

“The fact that the ‘nothing to hide’ individuals experience a significant chilling effect speaks to how online privacy is much bigger than the mere lawfulness of one’s actions. It’s about a fundamental human right to have control over one’s self-presentation and image, in private, and now, in search histories and metadata,” Stoycheff said.

“It concerns me that surveillance seems to be enabling a culture of self-censorship because it further disenfranchises minority groups. And it is difficult to protect and extend the rights of these vulnerable populations when their voices aren’t part of the discussion. Democracy thrives on a diversity of ideas, and self-censorship starves it,” she continued. “Shifting this discussion so Americans understand that civil liberties are just as fundamental to the country’s long-term well-being as thwarting very rare terrorist attacks is a necessary move.”

What this study shows is that government surveillance is the lubricant covering the slope that leads down to tyranny. Its chilling effect is only going to result in a more rapid depletion of liberty.

If the American people are too afraid to speak their minds, and express what their guts are telling them is right, how can the liberties that the Bill of Rights and Constitution seek to protect exist within society?

I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under. – Edward Snowden

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237 Comments on "New Study Shows Mass Government Surveillance Silences Unpopular Opinions"

  1. Hmmm

    With all due respect to this author and the author(s) of the “study”; are you kidding! The use of fear, in this case manifesting itself in the form of mass surveillance to silence dissent within the group, almost certainly goes back, quite literally to the stone age. In the case of the US government, they merely took J. Edgar’s approach and put it on steroids. These “conclusions” are hardly news to anybody at this point. The use and the effects of mass surveillance by East Germany was well documented decades ago. And you know, to add insult to injury, the researchers probably got a tax payer subsidized grant to restate the obvious. Good grief.

  2. Guillotine_ready | March 28, 2016 at 7:51 pm | Reply

    I think this points to the reason the various gov agencies love to over state their capabilities and scare the people. Funny how they cannot catch a single terrorist, hacker, scammer, spammer, malware site or for that matter anyone so far. Fear is their product and propaganda is the delivery vehicle. Stop fearing them and suddenly you can see they walk on two feet and breathe like the rest of us.
    Ignore them.

    • Guillotine_ready…. LOL. The French Revolution gave new meaning to the word revenge. My new motto: Bring Back the Blade.

      • It’s curious how often the Guillotine pops up – I’m beginning to suspect that it is actually planned/going to be used in the ‘tribulation’ ahead. I haven’t researched it’s role in Tribal mythology but it was their weapon of choice during their infamous ‘French Revolution’.
        I can see how it could be very useful as a way to really impact on the observer, more than a firing squad or hanging ever could, the fact that the person had been incontrovertibly killed, the head dropping, the squirting of blood etc.
        Yes, very effective at intimidation of your opponents, which is the true objective of executions.

        • Reminds me of Apocalypse Now.

        • I just finished reading two books about the French Revolution. It is said that almost every person in France could hear the blades going day and night for months. They beheaded anyone even remotely connected to the hated elite. A much more effective tool than mere hanging. Our so-called “leaders” should take note.

          • That will be me on that tumbril – I’m to be declared an amekelite when the Tribe assumes full power. Apparently ‘anti-semites’ correspond directly with the Tribes goat herder enemies of a couple of millennia ago. Therefore they must all be killed. I think public be-headings of ‘anti-semites’ would be just the sort of thing they would use to stop people being the least bit ‘anti-semitic’ lol

          • I’ve always thought being called “anti-semitic” was a badge of honor. LOL

          • I like to say ‘No I’m not anti-semitic, I love the Palestinians. It’s the Kazars that I piss me off.’

        • I would rather that than being burned alive at the stake, John?

          • Yikes, I hope I never even have a nightmare about that – how can people Be so cruel?
            I totally agree, it Is a humane way to kill someone.
            Did you ever hear about the dude who was about to be chopped arranging an experiment (he was a scientist/philosopher) with his friend. He had the friend rush to pick up his head after the blade came down and the Dude was to wink three times. Apparently he only managed two…

          • F**K!

        • Marie Beckett | April 2, 2016 at 12:21 am | Reply

          Here is another thought John that i believe is more powerful then physical weapons. The only reason I bring this up is because since I was really little I have been able to do this stuff off and on…..but it’s always by accident…….not planned and I can’t control it. I have been able to remote view, I have had these information downloads regarding people in government or government events and this was stuff that I was completely ignorant about at the time. I have been able to look at strangers and at warp speed I have seen what they have done and what they are doing in their life. People that have died have simply appeared and told me things, etc, etc. And when you look at Falon Gong in China……….it is not a religion at all….it teaches these types of things and how to be able to do it at will……even way cooler things then this even! But in China they go after these people like Voldemort went after Harry Potter!
          These are the weapons….or our true abilities that I believe have been shut off…….this is where the bullshit “junk DNA” comes in to play……..and the fake reality we are in. I, like you John are on a tropical island but unlike you, I HATE it. Since I have been surrounded by all this water……….these things don’t happen the way they used to. My soul is telling me to leave……plus within the next two years the Deep State is planning on taking out all the military installations here and blaming it on whomever fits the bill at the time. However………and this is another thing I think is real….this scenario can be changed if we come together on the mental/etheric plane and with love and intention, change this scenario. I know this sounds like total flower child stuff….but I’ve experienced this stuff…..and I have been in a few super hairy situations. When I used my temper ( and I got an abundance of hot sauce in me if I don’t control it) things got worse…..but when i went the other route which sometimes took longer….things worked out in some miraculous ways. I don’t know? Has anyone else had experiences like this?

          • John Cook | April 2, 2016 at 2:06 am |

            Wow Marie, that’s terrific, it doesn’t matter if you can’t ‘control’ it consciously, as long as you’re in harmony it will act when and how it’s appropriate – at least I think it works like that.

            It feels like we are the new-age xMen coming together – OldeSoul needs to hear this – I think we all have our own special talents and he would have more to say on your powers, I’m just speechlessly impressed…

            “is more powerful then physical weapons” Yes, of course, I once studied Aikido with a genuine Master, I know how useless physical weapons can be against spirit.
            I think the Aikido training went deep into me and, as a result, I’ve just not encountered that type of situation.
            An Aikido master is never required to use his skills in normal life apparently. He’s on the other side of the street from the mugger and simply misses a flight that is going to crash.

            Are you in Hawaii? Maybe Guam? Or Samoa? or did I misunderstand?

            I would say (with my tiny knowledge of your situation) that getting out is safer than trying to good vibe it into health. What are your options?

          • Marie Beckett | April 2, 2016 at 3:40 am |

            I’m in Hawaii……….I have something very big on April 7th at 10:30… please send me good vibes. My options are that I need money to get the heck out of dodge and then decide what’s next. Long story and don’t want to go in to…..but I lived and my parents and sister didn’t. So it’s just me. For the last few weeks every night I have this dream where my parents and sister and me are at a resort or hotel and they are trying to help me figure out where to go. It feels more like my subconscious trying to work out all the stress of what I feel was a big mistake.
            I am starting my own business………’ll laugh at the irony of this one! I help people get funding whether they have great, good, poor or no credit at all. There are so many legal loopholes where you can get money. I was working for someone and then found out he was pocketing more of the money from my sales then he was doing the work that needed to get done to help people. Man was I PISSED!!! So…..I have the connections and am just going to do it myself….the right way… people get helped and not screwed over! But in order to do it the right way….I need money. To properly set up my corporation, website, SEO, collateral… know, the usual stuff. Fortunately though, this is something that i can do anywhere……i just don’t like “paradise”. When you’re a tourist everything is rainbows and unicorns….but then when you live here for awhile… see the struggle and poverty EVERYWHERE and it makes my heart bleed every day……..and it simply does not have to be this way! Plus, it is very difficult to have pets here…….partly due to how flippin expensive everything is and the lack of consciousness. I don’t know where I heard this but “you can measure the health and consciousness of a society by the way they treat their animals.” I understand that you are content living simply….and it sounds as if you are not in a crowded place. But when the fecal matter hits the fan……..the people with the connections and the resources, cash, gold, knowledge, etc will fair much better than the have nots. So, John….get that blog going so we can all cyber hang together:)
            That’s another thing…..i love cooking for my friends and throwing parties. I can’t do that here because I can’t afford to and truth be told, this is the first place where i have not been able to make friends easily.
            Oh….and by the way, don’t be speechlessly impressed…… meditation teacher reminds me of this all the time……he tells me, “Marie, don’t think youre special.” The way i see it is that I am a very SLOW learner and that is why I have had to come back here so many frickin times. The torture, the wars, the suffering………these were solid memories as a toddler. Anyway…i will keep on you about that blog project….and of course your art!

          • John Cook | April 2, 2016 at 6:27 pm |

            Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Activist Post.

            Assuming that time is AM that will be 6:30 on Thursday morning for me, I’ll be there…

          • Marie Beckett | April 3, 2016 at 7:24 am |

            Yes, a.m…..thanks John

          • John Cook | April 3, 2016 at 7:41 am |

            Sorry Marie, I’m being censored…

          • John Cook | April 3, 2016 at 6:39 am |

            My reply has still not been passed… 12 hours.

    • Those who rule using fear as their weapon, is filled with fear and trepidation themselves. We keep them up at night, I assure you. Because what goes around, comes around…

  3. This isn’t the internet I’m on! Lots of people including me calling the criminal government the scum they are! I wonder if this ‘research’ isn’t to put the idea that others are self-censoring so you should too into people’s minds. If so–hahahaha!

    • Yeah, I’m not buying this self-censoring BS either.

      • rhondareichel | March 29, 2016 at 10:51 am | Reply

        I am….not that I don’t speak up but I know plenty of people who are scared to death to voice an opinion

        • I know plenty of people who are just plain scared, period. That’s exactly what they want, they feed off our fear and turn it against us in numerous ways. If they get us to stop sharing information, that’s an easy win for them. Edward Snowden (i.e. “snowed-in”) was put out there for this singular purpose. They cannot listen to everyone, they are simply not that powerful, they just want us to think they are.

          There are a lot of truth warriors on the internet, I consider myself one of them. I am not afraid, my voice is a threat to no one, but I will not be silenced. If you want to change the world, you have to be the change. Stand up and be a voice or cower in fear and await your fate. The choice seems simple enough to me.

          • William Burke | March 29, 2016 at 2:14 pm |

            No, they CAN and DO store everything. They just can ANALYZE it all.

          • I’m assuming you mean “they can’t.” Either way, I don’t care. I hope they enjoy their worthless, meaningless lives.

          • ” They just can[‘t] ANALYZE it all.” That’s why they are going for AI systems – they are reputedly already using them for mindless ‘up-vote’ comments on main stream sites.

          • Yep, can’t analyze it well – yet. Estimates are that they will be able to in 3 to 5 years. China’s Social Credit System is already being introduced in the US, Europe, and Russia via new credit score systems that use social media comments and other metrics. In the US it’s being piggybacked on FICO, the CEO of which has made public comments, .e.g. how the word “wasted” on a FB page correlates with poor risk.

          • That’s interesting, that ones ‘score’ affects your credit rating – it indicates how they intend to ‘punish’ us, no credit for the bad boys. Glad I’m debt free – I haven’t used ‘Credit’ for more than 20 years.

          • The technocracy frame is the end of crony capitalism as we know it, the masses are to be tightly tethered to the system for all their needs and resources strictly rationed, thus another reason for the end of paper currency and the constant floating of “resource based economics” from left gatekeepers (e.g. Zeitgeist / Venus Project). China’s Social Credit System is designed to impact whether a person gets hired for a job, their kid gets accepted into college,…. all based on right thinking at work, at school, on the web, points added or deducted for who you associate with, etc. China is also overtly doing pre-crime assessment and prevention while the US is just getting started. Once the bail-ins kick in, even those who are debt free like us will be screwed, again.

          • I can see you are right, China is just more progressed down the line. What a miserable, tiny, boring world they have planned for us.

          • Yep. Cogs, Borg

          • Out of curiosity, I just searched to see if the minimum income meme has been floated for Australia yet and found a 2013 Guardian article.

          • Being ‘approved’ – totally innocent, no Idea why, unless they got offended by that joke about Obama and are censoring everything from me…
            ps I tried editing out the only ‘triggering’ word I could imagine but it was also blocked.

          • Sorry you’re being given the runaround. I’m guessing their AI software algorithms know me well and have calculated that censoring my commentary tends to backfire as it clues me in as to what I need to harp on. Who knows in this Twlight Zone we find ourselves in?

          • Thanx Blue, I’m doing well at not letting it get me down. Trying for that status you seem to have with the ‘AI’s’ but I think it’s a human I’m dealing with. I’m thinking that they may have the ability to monitor your words as you are typing… That would explain the speed at which comments are rejected, comments that contain no apparent triggers.

          • I know exactly what you mean, an on topic comment using appropriate language rejected instantaneously. I take a mental note and repeat the meme until I sound like a broken record or I counter on a busy website. Then they give up for awhile, it seems to be a battle of attrition. I have several infowar mini coups under my belt, the biggest one apparently spurred an over the top intimidation tactic – which didn’t ruffle my feathers, it only made them look like pathetic goons. It makes a big difference that I don’t have kids to worry about. Keep on keeping on, ya know? I hope “OldeSoul” is right and the wheels will be coming off the Matrix in the not too distant future.

          • I’m currently researching getting my own blog going with comments I’m doing the moderating of. WordPress is looking good – Not sure yet if I can get a comments section with proper indenting of comments in their threads – Disqus does it but badly.
            Also the comments section code must notify people when their comments are replied too.
            Have you got any suggestions re security or other aspects I may not have thought of. I can get a WordPress site on a external host, I’m thinking of getting one in Iceland.

          • A self-hosted WordPress blog sounds like a good fit to get started, John. Once you have it up and running consider installing blog security software to thwart cyber attacks. Since the traffic would be low when you get started, I doubt you would have to worry about a coordinated troll attack. I’d love to see an open source community-style social media blog come together. I briefly participated in one eight years ago, however, it was quickly overrun with trolls. You just might inspire me to follow your lead. I’d be a total newbie too.

          • I’m all for a universal guaranteed income… but $ 30,000 p.a.
            ($ 625 per week)? How do you propose living on that in Australia?

          • Actually I do, I get about $900 per fortnight and live very comfortably – but then I live economically and the way I choose to live (simply) happens to be cheap.

          • I would be too as a humane type of safety net if our governments were controlled by the “demos” rather than the elites. However, in a highly centralized top down system of elite rule, absolute dependence gives TPTB absolute control. A harbinger of this control mechanism was the story that ran last year about Australia withholding welfare benefits from parents resisting vaccine mandates for their kids. I didn’t follow the story, so I don’t know how it panned out. Combine this mindset with the Social Credit Score system of monitoring what everyone says, does, and thinks and you can imagine where the road could lead in terms of social engineering. BTW, strict rationing and austerity are admitted features of the new economic system being built by and for the same cabal running the current system, $30K would be “generous” unless we are looking at currency debasement / inflation too which is likely.

          • Are you aware of the Australian Sovereignty Party platform?


            What do you think about that?

          • That looks fantastic, assuming the organizers are being completely honest and not omitting some information. To be certain national sovereignty is preserved the platform would need to also underscore outright rejection of regional governance and UN Agendas 21 and 2030. To protect civil liberties there should be a proposal to end electronic monitoring and not go forward with a cashless society. Caution regarding the proposed Debit Tax; beginning in 2009 in the US we’ve seen the floating of a Trojan [global] financial transaction tax, a Trilateral Commission project kicked off by UK PM Gordon Brown.

          • Thats true about the vac crap in Australia. Started this year and its been a big concern me atm!

          • I assure you, YOU CANT! I work 50 hours per week and still seem to struggle. Between 40 and 70 percent of weekly income is just keeping roof over your head. Its a matter of survival after that. Personally, I would hate to be a person with lots of money because they will come under attack when the ‘people’ get too pissed off with the world!

          • Marie Beckett | April 1, 2016 at 11:00 pm |

            Hello beautiful artist John! Hope you are well. See my comment to Olde Soul and then check out that book on Youtube. Your comments and opinions to me are always welcome:)

          • Thanks, did you get my msg to come here? It appeared to be censored from my end. I’ll listen to that youtube vid tonight. I really hope they free my post to you – it was good and I forgot to make a copy 🙁

          • Marie Beckett | April 2, 2016 at 1:28 am |

            Just replied to you and linked something really cool……but Non-Action Compost is holding it for approval…lol. Sadly, I did not get your message…just popped on.

          • John Cook | April 2, 2016 at 2:09 am |

            They are really trying to stop us communicating… Or, at least slow it down.

          • Marie Beckett | April 8, 2016 at 5:14 am |

            SOOOOO many ways around and through this John! Use their game and turn on them to get and be where you want!

          • Jesus!

          • Getting tired of my edited posts. My replies are even being directed to other people, making them look pointless and me useless!

          • Yeah, I’m thinking of starting my own blog with a comment section that I DON’T censor.
            Gotta find out about that, what’s available….

          • Good comment on panopticon psychology and good catch on Snowden – hard to miss the shady character of Greenwald and Omidyar. It’s all fear based control.

          • Panopticon is a new word for me, had to go look it up. It’s a rare day when I get a new vocabulary word. Very interesting. Thanks!

          • You’re welcome! 🙂

          • Good post, my friend! And it surprises me not that the usual suspects have up-voted you. 😉

          • And yet, like me, you’re using a pseudonym….

          • I’m sure the big, bad NSA can track me down through my ISP if they really wanted to. Besides, the screen names we choose for ourselves reveal more about us than our real names, don’t they?

          • My REAL name is all I need…

          • Often the chosen pseudonym says lots…

          • Marie Beckett | April 1, 2016 at 10:52 pm |

            NOT ME! This is MY NAME…………and NOT AFRAID THAT ANYONE KNOWS IT!!!!!


          • Im with you on that one! Thats my pic too, lol!

        • Thats true. Ever been in public and pronounced that you are anti-vac? Or, said climate change is BS? Or maybe isis is a fabricated lie? I have and you won’t believe how seemingly good natured people can turn into raving, abusive, lunatics! The first time I witnessed this the fight felt lost to me. But, I fight on…

          • That used to happen a lot with 9/11, people would flip out. I recently mentioned geoengineering to a couple of neighbors. One went into a cognitive dissonance trance. The boob tube is the biggest culprit = brainwashing opium. I fight on too – something has to unravel.

          • Yeah, its hard at times, blue. Ever feel like you need to step away from it for a while? I have a friend who really admires me for my passion for truth & justice; although she finds it depressing. She has mentioned a few times that she can tell when things seem to be weighing heavily on my mind. What weighs heavily on me is the frustration of not doing anything and not having a network of friends around. I have a couple of friends but, lets face it, the life of a truth seeker can be pretty lonely most of the time…

          • Being alone is a large part of the soul lesson we’re supposed to be working through in this lifetime. Being a truth seeker means you have to step aside from “normal” (whatever that means) society. It’s both scary and a blessed relief at the same time.

          • Yes, very true. Im grateful for what I have at least. My children give me joy too when I see them, but, gee I worry for them…

          • Gratitude is another life path lesson, not many people get that. You’re doing great! Now you can work on not worrying… ha, yeah. I can say that because I’m not a parent. But you know worrying serves no purpose other than keeping your vibration low, it doesn’t help your children in the least. This current lifetime is a crash course in soul lessons for sure. Having not had children has given me the space to work on other lessons, like fear.

          • Thanks, Soul. Having children has given me a lot of joy and love experiences. However, just wanting to keep them safe weighs on me knowing what I know now, being a truther.

          • There’s a famous quote of John Adams in which he said he had to study politics and war so that his sons would have the liberty to study philosophy, mathematics, and the sciences, and in turn, their sons would have the leisure and freedom to study the arts. By being a truther you are attempting to pass on a legacy, a gift. All of us truthers would rather be immersing ourselves in the beautiful aspects of life, learning, growing.

          • Funny you mention that, John. My dad passed it on to me, but it only happened many years after his death. I used to love listening to him talk over a beer. Things have gotten a lot worse since 97 when he died, but, I still remember the last beer session we had and the warning he gave me. He would be proud of me now. One of my sisters lives at Byron Bay is a bit of a truther too lol…

          • Thank you for that insight into the necessity of being alone – It helps to think it’s not just an accidental burden but a necessity for us to have the calmness and perspective it brings.

          • I feel the same way, Brett. It’s both a difficult and a liberating path to free our minds. It used to be I could step away for a few weeks or few months and get back up to speed in no time. It’s all moving too quickly now to take long breaks and still keep pace with the infowar. To keep myself grounded, I try to stay connected with mother nature and the great outdoors. I’m a member of a local 9/11 Truth group and that helps too, however, like you, I’d rather be part of an active and close network of awake people doing something effective to reverse the tide.

          • I live in my bus/mobile home on a country property near the Great Barrier Reef in the tropics. My whole day is spent outside, sitting at a low table with my laptop under the shelter of the buses annex. I am SO blessed to be surrounded by nature, invaded by a collaboration of pumpkin and sweet potato vines, overshadowed by bananas and pawpaw trees and watching an orchard grow and fruit ripen… The human situation is great too.
            I almost feel guilty – I wrote this in an attempt to transfer or better, transfuse some of my wealth to you guys, to let you know it IS possible – but I think it really helps with keeping myself sane and positive and therefor being able to sustain the ‘infowars’ battle.

          • You ARE blessed living in such a beautiful environment. I live in a large metropolis but less than an hour’s drive from the gorgeous Rocky Mountains in the center-western US. I find the rugged mountains awe inspiring and humbling and can also ground in the simple pleasures of observing mother nature’s microcosm in my back yard. 🙂

          • Yes, it’s always there, micro or macro, you just have to notice things…

          • Oh wow, John. That is really cool! I definitely feel the transfusion of wealth. Sounds like our little group of truth talkers here have each found our little pieces of peace. They call people like us truth warriors, wayshowers, some of us are called star seeds meaning we volunteered to come here during this time to help earth transition. These are just labels that indicate we have a different purpose for our lives. We are supposed to be paving the way for others to do what we have been able to do, create peace. I live in the Rocky Mountains too, like blue, except really on the side of a mountain, fully invested in the natural world, quite alone most of the time, but blissfully happy and dimensionally transitional. We are holding the space for 5D, new earth, the way we perceive it to be in our own way, but a big part of creating peace is spending time alone so that we can stay grounded to nature to be able to hold that space in a vibrational way for others to follow. I don’t know if you have a sense of what I’m talking about, but I have a clear path and vision of all of it.

          • I definitely do have more than just a sense of what you are saying, I
            resonate fully with this understanding – even the bit about ‘star
            seeds’, I always knew, somehow, that I chose to be here at this time,
            that ‘I never asked to be born’ wasn’t true for me.
            But I always
            thought my purpose was my Inventions (I have at least three that will
            change the world in a positive way, if developed and implemented) or Art.
            I got into
            Sculpture when I first realized that the reason I hated ‘Modern Art’ was not
            because it was Art, but because it’s either not Art at all or it was Art with a malignant
            intent. So I first discovered Art in my thirties, and that good Art was generally also
            beautiful. I think coming from an inventors engineering/designing background explains why I chose sculpture.
            worked at it for only about a year, and only produced one work that I
            was really happy with – but ‘Waiting’ was so good that it broke up my
            (imagined) happy marriage and I found myself a single dad with three
            children, maxed out credit cards and in shock. Definitely out of the
            Sculpture business.
            How that worked is an interesting story I’ll tell one day.

            I’ll stick some pix of my tiny amount of work onto this post, the girls face goes with the lying down figure and the ‘Prophet’ is a later piece carved directly into local marble (with an angle-grinder) – it was lost when my ‘boat’ sank…

            But, back to now, my role seems to be words at the moment. I’m good with that, I’m even learning to Spell!
            how about our little (but growing) group of partners in ThoughtCrime!
            I’ve been mentally plugging it into my/our difficulties with censorship
            and talking about ‘sensitive’ topics and it’s decided me on starting my
            own site.
            It’ll be a place any of us can post an article, either
            Original or Re-Posted from anywhere and comment freely. Probably
            WordPress but I’m still researching…

            I’ll get back when things are more definite.

          • John, I responded to this 11 hours ago, it’s still marked Pending. If it doesn’t go through, I’ll write it again. Guess we’re making waves, grab your board!

          • John Cook | April 1, 2016 at 1:49 am |

            Damn! We all really need a means to communicate outside the whims of these buffoons.
            ps Your last sentence is nicely ironic – I tell you why later…

          • Now i’m pissed. My comment still shows pending 24 hours later. It’s probably because I included a photo of a girl I know who looks exactly like your beautiful waiting girl. The resemblance was astonishing, but there’s no point in including it again I guess. I have no idea why that would hold up a comment for a whole day. I also gushed about how your beautiful sculptures are. I studied Michaelangelo until I was blue in the face, trying to understand how someone can “see” a figure in a piece of rough cut marble. Maybe you can explain it! I totally agree with you about modern art, makes my heart ache.

            I’m starting to get the feeling we all have amazing stories to tell so I’m hoping you will be successful getting a website up. I would offer to help but I’d be no help whatsoever, although I have a bit of experience with wordpress but only a little.

            Ironic? If you tell me you’re a surfer I’m going to laugh myself silly. I’ll tell you why later!

          • Being ‘approved’ again – Tried just a small part but to no avail…

          • Yes, the cognitive dissonance trance. That really freaks me out.

          • Marie Beckett | April 3, 2016 at 7:16 am |

            You’re lucky to live on a farm and be surrounded by animals…..I am animal-less now and simply can’t afford one and can’t find an affordable/suitable place that lets you have them. Here were my babies.

          • Gorgeous! And the dogs are cute too! 🙂 Yes, you are Haole, wear it proudly. So i’m guessing you live in Hawaii. Poor dear! That was always a dream of mine except for the ridiculous animal quarantine thing they require Do they still do that? How did you end up there pet-less? Does it make you sad? What are you doing there?

          • Marie Beckett | April 3, 2016 at 9:49 pm |

            They do not do the quarantine thing anymore……you have to have a full check-up from the vet and then they charge you a chunk of change for each one. My babies are in heaven now. Olde Soul….I am sooooo SAD here! Like, I come home sometimes when my roommate is not here and just weep…..and my nature is not Miss Debbie Downer at all! I moved here for some dude! Big mistake…..and once you get here you spend so much money shipping your car and other stuff………..then it’s so expensive to live here it’s difficult so save so you can leave. I like what I’m doing job wise….but I’m setting it up….or trying to, where I can do it anywhere. I told John this…..on April 7th at 10:30 something big is happening for me here. It could go either way….but if you are so inclined, please send me all the awesome Shaman vibes you can. I’ve been praying like crazy…have all these affirmations taped up all over my room…….I’m doing my gratitude journal and also my “pray rain” journal. Let me know if you can think of anything else I can do? And being pet-less is the WORST! But most places don’t allow pets here and right now I can not afford to take care of a pet the way I normally do. On the Mainland they got organic food, doggie acupuncture, etc…..can’t do that here…..and to be honest the typical local mentality here is that animals are like furniture. They won’t even take them to the Humane Society……they will just let them loose somewhere on a road!

          • Well, you just answered your question about why you cannot talk to the animals… you’re sad and unhappy. You’ll have to remedy this first before you are able to find the space to resume that. I assume your big thing in April 7th will signal a life change for you so I will indeed hope that it is a good one for you. Bear in mind that even though you followed “some guy” to Hawaii (been there/done that, don’t beat yourself up for it) consider that he might have simply been the catalyst or vehicle to draw you to where you are supposed to be. If that relationship ended badly, forgive him, forgive yourself, and thank him for playing his role so that you can play your true role now.

            You speak often of lack- animals, a place to keep them, and other things. When you come from a place of lack in any aspect of your life, you manifest more lack. This is called The Law of Attraction. This is a bit of a complicated subject for a Disqus forum, but bottom line… you will need to change your thinking in order to manifest whatever it is you REALLY came to Hawaii for, i.e. your purpose. I’m guessing it might have to do with animals. I bet if you stay open to a new path (and indeed your mysterious 4/7 date could be it, I have no idea) you will see it, but if not, you can always play The Game of Life the way I do- open door/closed door. If you are heading down the wrong path, doors will close in your face. You recognize this, don’t fight it, and keep looking. If you are heading down the right path, doors will open magically, with plenty of synchronistic hints from guides or your higher self to help light your way. It takes trust in this process and a bit of bravery to enter an open door, but that’s what the awakened person does.

          • Heh blue… I was talking to this nice looking young couple (strangers, just passing by on a sidewalk) and I was looking up at the sky frowning at the chemtrails and they stopped and looked up, puzzled. They asked me what I was looking at and I said, “The lines in the sky.” The woman said, “What lines?” I said, “You don’t see all those lines the planes are leaving?” and she said “No. I don’t see anything but blue sky.” Blue sky… freaking blue sky it wasn’t… and of course she gives me this look like I’m an escapee from the Funny Farm.

            This happened last year and in the meantime I’ve been trying to find out why she didn’t see them. I’ve read a few things about the chemtrails being on a different dimension, or that they’re part of a certain frequency or matrix construction, and some people literally cannot see them. Do you know anything about this phenomenon?

          • Hi OldeSoul! I try to always go with parsimony and Occam’s razor trying to figure these things out. As such, I don’t think we are at a point where we can really get a good grip on the more speculative theories out there. It’s enough to know geoengineering is heavy duty toxic climate modification with likely extensive use of NASA admitted “smart dust” and LIDAR technologies being employed as an alternative way to track us. Plus, who knows what kind of biological experiments they have been doing? That alone is a lot to wrap our heads around. With respect to people who literally blind themselves, I believe cognitive dissonance and denial are far more powerful and prevalent than most people even have an inkling of (confirmed by fMRI studies), and those traits combined with intense conditioning and mind control makes it easy for TPTB to get the masses into hard wired conformity / herd mode. From my perspective in medical science, where you would expect (at least hope) clinicians and researchers would be consistently good at critical thinking, countless times I’ve observed many instantaneously go into double think mode, like a on / off switch, and their rationalizations are ego driven – tough nuts to crack! Last night I watched a brilliant presentation on vaccination toxicity given by Suzanne Humphries and she fully admitted she was once a zombie brainwashed doc. There’s hope some will snap out of their trances before the clock runs out.

          • I’m not a big fan of Occam’s Razor myself. To me it’s just a convenient rubric to store things in that one has no conclusive answers for at the moment, making it a rather useless box of puzzles in the long run. But I do accept that the kind of mind control/conditioning you are talking about could be the most likely explanation for someone’s inability to see what is right before their eyes. This is very evident if you follow the flat earth debate, a riotous exercise in awareness if ever there was one, wherein you are clearly faced with the fact that people actually see what they believe and not what they see. I am in NO way proposing any position on the FE debate, except that it shines a light on how brainwashed we have all been, and how some people have thrown off their blinders, sometimes only to become even more blinded by the maelstrom of truths they must now face all at once. I have always questioned everything, gladly bearing the label “smartass” since the first grade, so to me it’s a way of life. I feel sad for people who have no practice at this and must face a brutal exorcism of the mind.

            I also watched the Suzanne Humphries presentation and now I am wondering exactly what mechanism comes into play to wake up entrenched folks with major intellectual chops.

            Thanks for your thoughtful and enlightening response, blue. The awakening happening now truly is, as the masters have always said, an unveiling of the truth.

          • You’re a better man than I, Brett. I have stopped saying such words in public. It’s not the raving lunatics I worry about, at least they still have emotions. But some people get this strange blankness, kind of a puzzled, far away zombie look when you gobsmack their reality. That look totally creeps me out.

          • You are so right about that, Soul. Lol! Its the strangest thing to look at and it feels sooo horrible! I think to myself, ‘dear Jesus just blow the planet up and be done with it already’!!! 😉

          • No, no! Hahaha… I know the feeling but we’re here to save the planet, actually. I know it doesn’t seem like we’re succeeding but actually we are. The matrix that had held the planet in quarantine for thousands of years is crumbling. I can see glitches in the program every day. The earth is ascending, we’re going with her, your kids, too. First the matrix has to fall and truth seekers are doing this, piece by piece. You, too.

          • I don’t try to logically convince people, just express disdain and contempt for believers – ‘You don’t really believe that bullshit do you? – just Google XYZ if you want to find out the facts’
            It’s your confidence that will affect them, and your presentation as a sane, knowledgeably person, so only say things you know for sure and be modest – always tell them how to verify things for themselves, google is good for that.
            And I try to always be friendly – we are all the victims, they love to see us fighting.

          • Totally agree. I had a good audience a few weeks ago. Very surprised how open people were towards me on that occasion. Mate, everyone is ‘feeling’ it. They are just not sure about why they are feeling the way they do. Everyone I speak to is concerned about the future; thats for certain.

          • Spot on Brett. People are very open at the moment, and likely to become more so in the future. But you must realize how insecure it makes them feel, how exposed and lost. We need to be seen as a point of sanity, clarity and certainty. It’s better to say ‘I don’t know exactly how they pulled it off XYZ but I know for sure that it’s not possible that the official story is true” than to launch into some detailed explanation of what really happened.

          • I like that, John…

          • John Cook | April 3, 2016 at 3:58 am |

            Hi Brett, you should read through all the comments on this article – enough of them have survived the censor bozos for you to learn some interesting stuff.

          • Thanks, Johno. Will do…

          • This is a good plan. I run into problems using the word “They” because people will often ask who “they” is. There are so many levels of answers to this question: globalists, controllers, Satanists, etc. If you say, “the reptilian lizard aliens,” you’re dead in the water. LOL! Poor David Icke.

          • John Cook | April 1, 2016 at 1:00 am |

            I like to smile mysteriously and say ‘Who do you think They are?’… It can get a conversation going – most people understand the concept of a malevolent ‘They’ on some level.

      • I think there is more self-censoring due to the fear that the moderators are going to edit their posts.

  4. This article is a long-winded explanation of SOCIAL COWARDICE and how government can pressure a person to become a spineless “yes-man” for fear of social reprisal.

    Don’t buckle under. Defy evil every opportunity you get. Evil deserves hostile non-compliance to its aims.

    • I have tried and my posts dont see the light of day. Im not the only one being censored on this site either…

      • It just means you (we) are doing something right. Just carry on – they can’t censor too much or people notice it. Remember to note it every time it happens.

      • John is absolutely right, Brett. Censoring confirms we are hitting the target.

      • Many have the problem you describe, Brett. Other respondents to your comment have shared reasons for this. While the reasons are right, the methodology we use to fight lies and spread real truth has too much counter-party risk: Internet service providers and companies that host sites for public opinion are too easily manipulated and dominated behind-the-scenes by the very ones we seek to reveal and expose their distortions, half-truths, misdirections and outright lying.

        My only viable solution to this situation is to abandon real hopes of reaching thousands via Internet social media platforms and go back to the tried and true method: personal relationship with others that builds trust and confidence without the counter-party risk of using Disqus, Yahoo, Google and all its sundry services and products, or whomever else you post on. Trust and believe that there is a war for your soul and mind going on as you read this.

        • Right on all counts, but if you read our stories as we shared, we are spread all over the world, some in very isolated places like myself. We are where we are because we are called to be there for specific purposes. I have yet to find a single like-minded person anywhere in my vicinity and I’ve been looking for over ten years. At some point I just decided that was also “the way it’s supposed to be,” for me at least. I also believe the Internet came about so we could communicate with each other so that 3D time and space are not barriers. I want “them” to know we are all out here, and that we are growing stronger and unified. There is a definitely a war on for our souls and for the planet and they will not win.

          • Pyra Gorgon | March 31, 2016 at 3:58 pm |

            OldeSoul, I am glad that you fight that good fight and help enable others to wake up and get back to defending what is right and good. I will pray that your efforts meet with success. As for finding ‘like-minded’ souls…they are out there and doing the work in the places that providence places them.

          • Marie Beckett | April 1, 2016 at 10:47 pm |

            Olde Soul,
            I am sorry you’re surrounded by “the people of the mud brain”. I am seeing more and more that sometimes we are where we are because of beliefs that we think are true. I am in a place right now where I am miserable…..however, many people I know are awake or awakening…..but my soul is not happy here. I am figuring out a way to BLOW THIS POPSICLE STAND! But it will take money and some planning and time. I am not affiliated with any religion or political group…..but I look in to everything to see if it is a worthy tool for my life “tool box”. A very talented intuitive told me to get a book called, “The Game of Life and How to Play it”. It was written in 1925. The author used Bible scriptures….but in such a way where the dogma was not there….just the voice of pure spirit. The women that told me about it was older and said I have kept a list of the miracles I have received from following the directions….she has counted 364. I just got it and then found it on Youtube for free in audio. I am following the steps…… one week i have now counted 3 miracles. Since we are all one and only separated by an illusion…….this is my hearts gift to you… that your life will be filled with people of like mind:)

          • Being ‘Approved’

          • Thanks Johno. Been reading the wonderful posts on here as you suggested. So glad I did! Totally awesome stuff which I do believe in; which is why I didn’t fit into the ‘traditional christian church’. I could see something much bigger outside of the ridiculous laws and rules that were causing people so much grief to live by. Thanks agian for thinking of me, buddy. Great man…

          • You are part of whatever it is that’s happening here. Think you can ride a wingboard? lol

          • I can ride anything…

          • Dearest Marie…. that is so kind of you. I heard of this book many years ago. Never read it, probably due to the Bible aspect, which I have spent an entire lifetime trying to avoid at all costs. But I will check it again. I don’t really need to though because I have instead followed Einstein’s advice: “There are only two ways you can live you life; one as though nothing is a miracle. The other as though everything is a miracle.” I’ve been living this truth for about 50 years now and though I never made a list of the miracles I’ve experienced, there have to be thousands and in fact they occur for me almost every day. The sadness you felt in my words (Congrats! You’re an empath!) is a very small sadness because I have lived immersed in nature for most of life. The steps you are trying to make now, to blow the popsicle stand, I did a very long time ago because I am a wayshower. When you are one with the natural world of this planet, miracles are a way of life. I am a shaman, I speak with animals, trees and elemental beings, and what I have learned from them doesn’t get any more miraculous, at least on this planet.

            Thanks for your kindness. This lifts all of us.

          • Im going to look at that title myself, Marie. Thanks for that tip!

          • Marie Beckett | April 5, 2016 at 4:05 am |

            Here is one quote that really hit home for me….she said that fear is inverted faith and is a belief in evil rather than a belief in divine love. Because we our God and God is us and their is no separation because our divine right is perfect grace in the most perfect way!…………WOW…huh?

          • AWESOME!

        • Thanks, Pyra. Good post and well understood…

    • Marie Beckett | April 1, 2016 at 10:09 pm | Reply

      RIGHT ON PYRA GORGON!!!!! Fear is the ultimate control mechanism and is also the LOWEST vibration.

  5. ‘Government’ is supposed to be made up of public servants and statesmen.
    But, of course the beast lives within and is a domestic enemy.
    Silence will be the death of the common man – he must speak out and join the resistance – as in any means.

    … I’ve lost over $30,000 in property to the organized networked criminals involved in Homeland Security Targeted Burglaries and Vandalism. They even tortured my cat and burglarized my Colville, Washington safe deposit box. Some US Border Patrol members are involved in some of the targeted criminal activities.

    The burglaries began after my repeated FOIAs and FOIA appeals were denied by the FBI. My oldest brother was also recruited into the harassment and burglary operations and his cell phone records would prove this, as I over heard his side of a cell phone call through and open window while at my mothers’ house one day. The depth an extent of Government Corruption and Targeting of Citizens and Activists is Beyond Peoples’ Comprehension………


    Private Email and Cell Phones have been used in Conspiracy to Keep Information and Records Hidden, Off the “Books” and Off the Record, so FOIA Requests to the Government could ALSO not reveal the connections in conspiracy for these crimes. In Washington State, the Government is running an Organized Crime Syndicate using Personnel, Government Contractors and Operatives that are targeting Activists and Citizens for Covert and Non-Covert Crimes.

    I believe if you are profiled by the FBI as A POLITICALLY INCORRECT “SOFT TARGET” — you are at high risk for being targeted by the Governments Networked Group of Criminals involved in covert crimes targeting citizens.


  7. The study provides objective evidence or what otherwise is an opinion and it comes as a warning about the effects of mass spying. As such, it is a tonic for freedom by motivating us to oppose government surveillance. Those who mock the study are failing to understand the strategies used to undermine dissent and freedom of speech.

  8. rhondareichel | March 29, 2016 at 10:50 am | Reply

    a nation of cowards….speak up

  9. NobodysaysBOO | March 29, 2016 at 12:27 pm | Reply

    NO NOT REALLY but the sites that DISALLOW FREE SPEECH and UNRESTRICTED COMMENTS hurt everyone and spew all sorts of UNCONTESTED BULL, NEVER read anything that dis allowed any free comments this garbage passes for national news,

    INSTANTLY CALL OUT the LIARS or you chance to dispute the LIES passes.

  10. Ever wonder why the media has not asked why a muslim, anti-American was allowed to rise and become POTUS, or WHO placed HUSSEIN obama into the presidency?

    • William Burke | March 29, 2016 at 2:22 pm | Reply

      And that was just about all we knew about him when he was “elected” (for lack of a better term). It’s also about all we know about him now.

      That someone with such a sketchy background could become POTUS is mind-blowing. It’s only a short way from having a wholly fictitious person as POTUS.

      • “It’s also about all we know about him now.”
        But we now know that he’s a gay, pot smoking psychopath with a trannie playing his “wife”, who has absolutely no control over anything significant.

        • William Burke | March 29, 2016 at 5:53 pm | Reply

          We strongly suspect. Except for the psychopath part, which is pretty obvious…

          • Yeah, I know – put it down to the impetuousness of youth 🙂

            You know the Micheal factor is curious – I’m aware that they need to have something ‘over’ a candidate for control purposes, but it seems to me that disclosure of this would damage Obama little compared to it’s devastating effect on the ‘psych’ of the average American.

            A bit like Gross Ultra-Slut Miley Cyrus transmuted from the good pretty child ‘Hanna Montana” – the idol of so many little girls. It must have been shattering for those girls – it certainly would have been influential, and not for good. I’ve heard nobody commenting on this so far.

            That Hanna Montana thing was a viscous blow to millions of young girls, I’m expecting ‘Micheal’ to be used the same way – remember the goal is the total destruction of America, that includes it’s sense of self etc.

            Ironically what would be destroyed here would be the ‘sheeples’ belief in their normallacy bias. Their belief that ‘they wouldn’t do that…’. I imagine the ‘truth’ about 9/11 (leaving out the Tribes role of course) being ‘found out’ at about the same time.

          • William Burke | March 29, 2016 at 7:00 pm |

            It’s pretty strong stuff, that normalcy bias. The “Micheal” factor might be just a little too much. It’s pretty close to too much for me, if you know what I mean…

          • I know what you mean William, but I’ve decided to err on the side of the more outrageous because it seems to be the pattern here. Imagine if you had suddenly received one of the current comprehensively fitted together 9/11 theories when you had only just accepted that there must have been explosives planted in the buildings – it would have been totally outrageous, what with Mini Nukes in the sub-basement and Directed Energy Weapons and the Tribe involved up to their neck…
            We’ve come a long way in the last 15 years – and always the expanded knowledge has been ‘Outrageous’ at first…
            Like nobody killed at Sandy Hook….

          • William Burke | March 29, 2016 at 10:05 pm |

            I’m on board with the mini-nukes and nobody killed at a school closed down for years. All the way. No planes? I don’t know. Directed energy weapons? I know about the melted cars and engine blocks, and STILL my mind balks at directed energy weapons. Why risk so much with overkill?

            I’m getting a lot out of this exchange, so don’t let me chase you away, John. Talk to me…

          • I’m an inventor/designer – I find that when creating something, solving some design problem etc, I’ve developed a technique of sort of floating the possibilities around in a field of attributes, constraints, possibilities, advantages etc. I can see the pattern emerging and fix some certainties but until the last moment I leave most elements undefined. It’s only when you make the first prototype that you have to be definite about everything.
            So, that was a perhaps long winded way to explain why I’m comfortable with even the ‘no planes’ theory and the ‘Directed Energy Weapons’ theory – I’d be foolish to be certain about anything that is secondary to the fact that a bunch of Tribe members brought it about.
            ps “Why risk so much with overkill?” Showing Off?
            When you are engaged in a “Big Lie” Enlarging the lie actually makes it More believable.

          • William Burke | March 30, 2016 at 12:24 am |

            Not sure it makes it more believable. But I’m sure it’s a bigger rush.

          • Not allowed to reply – sorry.

          • Just dropped into this discussion uninvited but I would like to say that I firmly believe the “no planes” theory myself. 9/11 was the day of my awakening. The very first time I saw it on TV, I knew it was faked. Fake, fake, fake…and that Bush was in on it. I kept telling everyone but everyone thought I was nuts. Everyone. That was the day I dropped into the rabbit hole.

          • Marie Beckett | April 2, 2016 at 12:56 am |

            William…….much of this stuff is for testing purposes. They have a new “toy” and they want to try it out. That is what they did at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And there was also something that was tested with the go ahead from Churchill and the U.S. president at the time in Dresden……but I am not sure what that was? Also, everyone that joins the military is tested on with SO much stuff. And some of the military guys I know even tell me they know!?!?!?
            The directed energy weapons I’ve known about since I was in high school. When they create a “situation” or false flag…they plan it in such a way so several objectives are taken care of at once……, the reality that we think we are in is actually something else.

          • You nailed it in the last paragraph. It has to be the reason C-Span allowed Richard Gage on. Setting the stage.

          • As long as Israel is not involved and the Mini Nukes and possibly Directed Energy Weapons are not mentioned they are good with it. And Gage is a ‘Strictly Thermate Only’ kinda guy, has been from the start so he’s good to go. He may even have been controlled opposition all along.

            PS God I’m getting cynical, almost everyone seems to be in on it.

  11. What makes you think the NSA’s job is defending the taxpayers? They are busy protecting corporate America from big, bad foreign governments, they could care less about anyone else’s well being or security. You and I are only tax bloodbags in their eyes…

  12. William Burke | March 29, 2016 at 2:13 pm | Reply

    Oh wow! I thought that’s what surveillance was FOR…

  13. William Burke | March 29, 2016 at 2:19 pm | Reply

    That’s what the giant NSA data center in Utah is all about. Everything can be stored there, and possibly is stored there, but there is nothing like an ability to actually analyze it all. It’s there and it’s possibly even roughly categorized, but they have nothing close to a capability to actually analyze it all. And they never will.

    • “It’s there and it’s possibly even roughly categorized, but they have nothing close to a capability to actually analyze it all. And they never will.”

      That’s what the quantum computing is for, because they know they will never have the manpower to assess the information otherwise. You didn’t think they built DARPA quantum computers to benefit the human race, did you? No, they save the best technology to assist the inbred corporate ownership class…

  14. Interesting, my comment is being ‘approved’, hummmm…

    • …welcome to the club. Sometimes immediately reposting it works, change a word or two.

      • Yes, just trying to figure out the rules – could be clues in this last one cos it was very short.
        I was just asking if “Germany did the same things, telling its citizens that they are always being watched, when they really weren’t.” was evidence based fact or just a normal , casual slur on Germany.

        • At least two comments of mine in which I used the word Germany were not posted. Not long ago, I posted simple facts about the dates of Iran’s adoption of UN Agendas 21 & 2030 and Iran’s move to biometric chipped Smart Cards for tracking and purchases, it was held up for moderation so I posted it again with a note about hitting a nerve – it went through. Activist Post author Rusticus posted a short thank you comment briefly mentioning the link I had previously shared on Russia’s Agenda 21 Sustainable Smart City brochures used as background for his article – the comment was posted but never made it to my inbox.

        • My comments are routinely removed for hitting various nerves and it’s always interesting to find out what nerves you are hitting. I spend a lot of time researching nutritional subjects on Natural News and twice I’ve been banned completely for simply stating the truth. Medals of Honor, they are.

    • After you again, John?

  15. Spot on. Underscores why we need to resist the constant tracking, virtual chipping.

  16. Great post! Gee I wish some of the guys on here (they know who they are) lived in my area! What a merry band of warriors we would make! 😉

  17. Thats true. Had the same experience along with John Cook talking about the jesuit order and roman catholic church. Alarm bells went off. AND, if posts did make it they were delayed long enough to be no longer relevant to other truthers as they had moved on to other subject matter. NOT COOL!

  18. sotiredoflies13 | March 30, 2016 at 7:01 am | Reply

    very good advice, if only good citizens would unite, even in small numbers would be a good start, it could spread, and then maybe, just maybe.

  19. Thanks for that quote, I’ve been looking for a copy.

  20. Expect a proper reply tomorrow but this is something for you to see – your Utterly Gorgeous girl, Charmaine the model and the head together, I think it’s interesting…

  21. Totally blown away here. This is the coolest thing since short boards. You Aussies are outstanding! Your invention rocks in so many ways, it’s so incredibly 5D! I so hope you can put it all together.

    So… can old surfers ride these things? Or do you have to learn it young? I bet it’s really fast. Ah, so when I said, “grab your board,” that was a sync. There seem to be a lot of synchronicities going on here. For instance the blonde girl in the photo is kind of a prototype surfer chick. It’s me 35 years ago, top ranked in Florida way back when surfing wasn’t for girls. I still surf, semi-regular trips to Costa Rica when the mountains get too snowy… your sculpture really hit me because it looks like me when I was your model’s age….Hahaha… so I ask again… can old surfers ride this wing thing? My name is Raven, wings are my specialty, and I might have to come try it out…. LOL!!! Just call me Mind Blown.

    • Your Mind is Blown!!! What about Mine…

      I’m simply gobsmacked – No wonder I fell in love with the girl in the pic – will you marry me?

      Of course it’d be nothing Romantic – Purely Business of course…
      With you together we could accomplish the other part of my grand plan to take over the world with WingBoards.
      Forming a team of good people brilliant in design and 3D printing and injection moulding etc, plus a group of older, experienced and beautiful souled surfers and a select group of talented young ‘Grommits’ – sticking them all together with all the machines and supplies they could need, on board an appropriate boat – and developing the design of the board(s) and the moves it’s best at while at sea. Cruising around Fiji possibly.
      Later, after the everyone is pretty good with the WingBoards we would take the boat around to some of the surf circuit, doing demos and giving shows and giving away boards as prizes.
      I think Raven might just make a superb mentor for a bunch of talented early teen ‘Surfer Girls’, and the boys too… –

      Referring to you by your real name has put me back into shock. I’m going to have to post this and just boggle for a while…

      • Oh yes, cruising around Fiji, showing off on my WingBoard, that sounds totally doable. Bonus point- I can even crew, I lived on a boat for many years, surfing around the Caribbean. It all sounds so incredibly wonderful. But dang, I own a farm, which is the kind of commitment you cannot walk away from…. at least in the short term. Oddly though, I was just asking myself yesterday, “What are you going to do next?” Hmmmm.

        I read your nice conversation with Marie, she has a lovely, clear energy, and if you can get that website up and running, I’d love joining up with her and the rest.

        Flying Wingboards in Figi you say….. DANG!

        • Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Activist Post.

          Lol – you’re awesome Raven – It’s an honor to share a planet with you.

        • This getting moderated is getting me down…

        • They’ve not posted my reply yet, not even the truncated version that initially went through.
          Just in case this works, here is a pic of me taken by Charmaine.- I guess about 20 years ago.

        • Marie Beckett | April 3, 2016 at 6:51 am | Reply

          Thank you so much for that sweet compliment Olde Soul. Here I am told I am too Haole and too open……and weird….and the person i thought was my bestie here said i needed to cut the Kumbaya crap and toughen up. That was a gut punch for sure. So thanks for the “warm fuzzy”:)

          • Hahaha… cut the Kumbaya Crap. So good for you. I rather like Kumbaya Crap because Regular Crap is what everyone else is doing.

        • Just another try…

          • Oh look! There you are! Thank you, I’m glad you endeavored to persevere. The delay in posting our photos was probably so they could send our likenesses to the the NSA for their facial recognition silliness we’re supposed to be all anxious about. Let them eat cake.

          • John Cook | April 3, 2016 at 3:47 pm |

            It’s a bit exhausting trying to communicate through all this interference – it seems to be working despite their efforts but there was a post that I really wanted you to see before the pic above. I’ll post this then try again (I saved a copy this time).

          • John Cook | April 3, 2016 at 3:50 pm |

            No, a full repost failed..

          • John Cook | April 3, 2016 at 3:50 pm |

            Re WingBoards – of course you will be able to ride one – I’m intending to use you as an advisor – I’ve only ever body surfed so I lack your intuitions etc. I think you definitely have a role in the co-creation of this thing – the synchronicity is just too great for it to for meaningless. A week ago the WingBoard was a sad memory, now it’s going to happen. And it’s going to be amazing – for instance a model could be designed with larger, hyper efficient wings that made it possible to ride certain ocean waves before they are even close to breaking – imagine riding open ocean swells????

          • John Cook | April 3, 2016 at 3:52 pm |

            Yeh! One bit got through (at least it appears to have).

          • John Cook | April 3, 2016 at 3:52 pm |

            Lol – you’re awesome Raven – It’s an honor to share a planet with you.

          • John Cook | April 3, 2016 at 3:52 pm |


          • I’ve been studying your design. It reminds me of snowboarding for some reason, the way one stands and uses gravity… hard to explain. Have you ever snowboarded? I’m probably not the best person to advise you on design, that is pretty far out of my skill set. But I have a dear old surf bud who is a board designer in Costa Rica and also an engineer, actually I think he’s an aquatic engineer or something or other, he used to work for the Army Corps of Engineers. Anyway, he’s really what you need. I noticed Marie has some contacts for you too, and if you’d like me to share your drawing with my friend (he’s down in CR now, surfing, the bum!) I’ll see what he says and put you two in contact if he’s up for it.

            I assume you know the fine art of manifesting, so if you want your idea to reach the market (if that’s what you really, really intend even though it will dramatically change your life) you can do it with manifesting magick.

          • I don’t want anything to do with getting rich, I want to give this stuff away. The only place I’d rather live than where I am now is on a boat with a group of excellent people developing wave power, wingboards and desalination technologies. But I’m not going to push it – if it doesn’t happen it wasn’t meant too. I’m quite asbergerie so doing ‘business’ is very foreign to me. I don’t think I’m good at it. The first person I should find is a CEO, I’m a creator not a leader.

            I’m about to start on a ‘how it works’ text on the wingboard – you’ll need to enclose that with the pic – many people have tried to combine the benefits of wings with surfing and failed, I don’t want him to discount it into that trash pile.
            There is a ‘secret trick’ about it – like the TinnyFoil I described earlier, it’s in the separation of the control of the leading edge of the wing and the load – with the load coming onto the wing at its exact center of lift.
            The black bit of the wingboard in the pic is a separate piece that supports your weight and directs it down through the yellow piece to the right place on the wings – the yellow bit is connected by pivots to the leading edges of the wings and acts as a guide as it planes along the surface, keeping the wings at the right depth.

          • It’s obvious your engineering and invention skills are excellent, most of what you say is way above my head. But I had a strange deja vu when reading this, it brought back a memory I had stored away in the memory vault, which was watching the Aussies take the America’s Cup from the Americans back in 1980 something. I was in Newport RI for the race (I wasn’t racing in the America’s Cup, but I was a racing sailor at the time, they didn’t allow women to sail in the AC then.) The Aussies had invented a winged keel. You probably remember this huge event. I was standing around with a group of sailors when they uncovered the keel because they had kept their secret weapon hidden until they actually won the race. It was a very impressive thing back then, never been done or seen except on aircraft. From there I went on to do PR work for a sailboat company that made winged masts for the first time, which are now common place. Those engineers, the excitement they generated, remind me of you. I was mobile back then (I could have just sailed to Australia and helped you with your project!) but I’m no longer able to just run off on a wild whim. I do have some skills you could use, running a business! product testing! sailing around islands! etc. but it looks like my current life is going to prevent that. That doesn’t prevent me from spending a lot of time thinking about what you are doing and envisioning your success.

            The guy who designed the winged sailboat masts is an engineer, good friend of mine, we used to race together. Lives in the U.S. Virgin Islands and is still making trimarans. There are several in Australia last I heard, they are all over the world. Just google Gold Coast Yachts on St. Croix. His name is Roger Hatfield. He’s a super nice cat. If you are having design questions, he would probably be able to help.

            I guess at this point my off-the-cuff business advice would be to pick one idea and go whole hog with it. Trying to balance both ideas at the same time would be detrimental to success.

          • Being ‘approved’…

          • John Cook | April 3, 2016 at 4:03 pm |

            I once wrote a programe that took a chunk of text and jumbled all the internal letters of each word. So the previous sentence turned into something like; ‘I ocne wtroe a pgormare taht took a cunhk of txet and jmelbud all the itnreanl lteetrs of ecah wrod.’
            Surprisingly readable eh? Quite amazing thing our brain… It would be very handy in dealing with this type of interference.

          • Surprisingly readable, yes, unless one is dyslexic. I’m not, I’m just saying they probably couldn’t read it since their brains work differently.

            From my POV it seems all the delay problems you’re having are on your end because I don’t get those messages, other than the time they slowed the one post where I added my photo. There is also the neat deal that we live on opposites sides of the world time-wise. What I’m having trouble with is trying to follow everyone’s comments. There are so many conversations going on!

            One of my so-far unrealized goals is to remember how to teleport. Unfortunately the gift I have been given instead is more along the lines of telepathy. I really dislike air travel so being able to teleport would allow me to visit your local green room by just thinking about it.

          • John Cook | April 3, 2016 at 9:56 pm |

            I’m not sure you’re right about that, dyslexics might read it as if it’s normal, not even noticing it’s scrambled – be interesting thing to test, just have to ask for input from volunteers, right here and now. Calling Dyslexics ….

            Yes, they really seem to be picking on my posts. I’m not even going to speculate on why. Most eventually go through, but not all. It causes confusion when they are read out of sequence as they are released by the mods. It’s a trip to read this whole comment section…

            Just a note; I don’t know if you got to see it but I mentioned somewhere that there was a advertising poster in my local bank in which there was a photo of Charmaine grown up – well not any more, the shopping centre burned down last night. Do you think they are going Too far? lol

            You are more than welcome in my green room – I may need your inspiration/guidance/assistance in my task over the next little while. Our conversation has shown me the true purpose of the web site is the WingBoard project. Outing the Tribe and awakening the sheeple takes second place to actually creating a positive future like this.

            The future I’m dreaming into being goes further than just a surf toy – most Pacific islands are uninhabited because they lack water – so that is one of my other inventions, the Gravity Well. Which is a very simple, cheap and extremely efficient wave powered desalination with deep sea storage.
            So I’ve got to start documenting, describing and explaining these things – drawing diagrams etc for the web site.

            Do you have any idea what the market in second hand ships is like? I haven’t looked lately (yet) but last time I did it was incredible – they practically give fully fitted seaworthy boats/ships away! We just have to find the right one that is adaptable to our project. It’s also perfect for crowd funding – they’d love to fund something concrete yet romantic like a Ship adapted to Surf Research.

            I’m not trying to hump your leg, but I must say again what an impact the pic of ‘your girl’ had on me. She was so…. whatever, in my opinion, because she predicted you. Just like the child Charmaine was awesome for the woman she was destined to become.

            ps They are still trying to get rid of me – I can no longer log in to my Disqus account – this is posted using facebook for id.

          • Perhaps they think you are using their precious platform to market your WingBoards to unsuspecting patsies so they have to monitor everything closely. Perhaps we should try and find another venue. Or you could close your Disqus account and open another called Wild Wings (or similar) and start anew. I’m not on Facebook (I was on it for a business I just sold. As soon as the money for that changed hands I left FB because I never liked it.) So I guess my first blush thought is the website you are contemplating should be an immediate focus so you have your own venue. Then we all can exchange emails and carry on like normal people. Ha! Joke! If your gravity well is a viable idea, that is certainly much more useful, needed thing for the world. I have no experience with crowd funding though. Can you make that work? Do you have a lot of experience with boats/ships, etc?

          • Sixteen years ago we came to Airlie Beach to buy a 135′ Chinese Trawler. We ended up not buying it but lived on it for a couple of months – I loved it, it was very different to a yacht, a much slower motion, and different again to my ‘box’ that was my home for nearly three years, which was most comfortable of all. See if you can sort out what the Box was from the pics…
            Re crowd funding, I’ve surveyed it enough to know it’s possible – and we would have a very ‘sellable’ project.
            But it’s only going to happen if it attracts people that can be delegated to fill certain roles, like being Captain or Fundraiser etc, etc, etc. I want to Crowd Source People more than just money.

            The Gravity Well has one constraint, It has to have water deeper than approx 100 fathoms or 600′ or 200 metres to operate. That is the normal situation in the Pacific Islands – as opposed to Australia which has a shelf of relatively shallow water hundreds of miles wide all around it.
            That depth is when the pressure is enough to push the fresh water component through the Osmotic Membrane out of the ocean density salt water. Using the external, natural pressure of the deep ocean gives you water for free – the only energy required is to pump it up to the surface and onto the land. This works out to about one third of the normal energy to desalinate water by the best systems and close to the theoretical minimum. Of course that energy would be easily provided by the ocean waves.
            I’m not worried about what Disqus or Activist Post think or do, I just hope they continue to let us use this Article as a forum for just a couple of days more till I have a site. It is quite amazing if you read the whole comments section – we pretty much fill it.

          • [email protected] wondering what happened to you…

  22. Amazing, but I sort of expected something like this from you Marie – the synchronicities going on here are powerful. There is real Magic happening. We’ve just got to avoid getting in its way.
    p.s. It’s tough that I have to wait till next Wednesday to pay for the site…

  23. OMG, what a fabulous story, Marie! So many aspects to discuss here…. Totally understand what happened with you and the tree. I have had many similar experiences with trees. Yours was quite outstanding for your first time. Trees are so incredibly smart, it’s such a shame no one realizes it because they have much to teach us, as you saw so clearly. What did you do with this knowledge insofar as telling others? Have you talked with the tree again? Getting rid of a gang of idiots is pretty powerful magic, no?

    The life lesson a tree must learn is to stand completely in one place and exist for many years without moving. Doing so, they see all, know all, endure all, and are fully grounded with Gaia. They love people and they get incredibly excited when someone recognizes them. Leaning your back against a tree like you did is the perfect way to begin. Once you start hearing what they have to say, you can afterward ask for whatever help you need. They love helping. They’re also very proud of their flowers, cones, berries and whatever it is they produce. A tree told me once that he (some of them have taken a gender, some have not) was very excited that a bird had built a nest in its branches and would soon be having chicks…

    I could write an entire book on this…. but I would say at this point, don’t stop with trees. Branch out to any animal or plant. Begin with the question, “Would you like to talk to me?” and if you approach any being with complete humility, they will talk to you. I talk mostly to birds. I volunteer with an injured raptor rehab group, so I talk to owls and eagles and hawks. I have learned way more from them they have from me.

    Sorry! This stuff really gets my heart racing. I am so glad you told me this story!!!!

    • Marie Beckett | April 3, 2016 at 9:20 pm | Reply

      My pets…who have passed were big time communicators with me……usually though…..when there was a problem. My Cocker Spaniel Chelsea always started her sentences with me by saying,”Mommy,Mommy,Mommy! It was so cute….and then when it was important Sterling would follow along ( my Great Dane). My cat Julia would communicate with me in my dreams… was very different from my dogs. It was never her speaking directly to me in my head………..and then my boss’s dog back on the Mainland was very sick and the vets couldn’t figure it out. That poor dog was suffering and called me over and told me what he thought was wrong. I then told my boss what he said and told my boss and his wife where to take him. It was exactly what my boss’s dog said it was. The vet was able to give him steroids so my boss’s wife was able to have 3 really good weeks with him before he passed. Several weeks after he passed…i was at my boss’s home office and the dog walked right in to the office and thanked me. I could not “see” him….but I could feel see him which I am sure you know what that means. My boss on the mainland was Hopi Indian and he saw him too. I was never “Marie the whack job with him or his wife. Anyway, I am dense as a rock here and can not perceive, pick up on, sense ANYTHING! What do you think is going on with that Olde Soul? I’ve lived several places and this has never happened before?

      • I can’t really answer that without knowing more. Are you happy there? You know our vibrations fluctuate depending on many factors and if your vibe is low doing to some life situation you’re going to feel more “dense like a rock” as you put it, not open to receiving telepathic messages. You have a lot of excellent experiences with pets, which is how most people become animal communicators. Are you trying with trees and other wild things? (I sent you a link in another comment to an article that goes into some detail about communicating with trees but it’s not showing up on the thread yet so they’re probably going to sit on it awhile.) Trees in particular hold power based on their age and size, so old growth trees are much better for talking to. Pines are especially good at this. So you might have to seek out your targets. But there is something going on with you that causing this and I’m not sure what that might be. If you are in a flux of some kind, that could be enough.

    • Marie Beckett | April 3, 2016 at 10:26 pm | Reply

      You are right…that is why I got the book, The Game of Life and How to Play it. And I am saying my affirmations all the time. The ex-boyfriend thing is no big deal….he is my roommate now…hahahahaha! He has been a GREAT teacher for me! Not a fun teacher mind you….but a teacher none the less. He has my love……….just not in the way he would like!;P

      • Hahaha… sounds like you have the boyfriend thing under control. Good job! I await the outcome of your meeting next week and what doors might open for you there.

      • I’m pretty sure your book and my Game of Life are different, since I made mine up from experience, but maybe after you read it you’ll let me know what it says! I’m always open to improvements!

        • Marie Beckett | April 5, 2016 at 3:28 am | Reply

          Hello Olde Soul….I feel like you are a dear friend that brings me comfort. I am working tonight and sending out emails to clients….but I can not wait for us both to share affirmations with each other….i feel that will be so cool. I went to a Kahuna today and it was not what I expected. He read my palms and did a tarot reading on my settlement conference on Thursday. It ended up making me feel worse. He went on and on about my difficult and traumatizing childhood and how the road was now forked for me and what I choose is the difference between a comfortable old age and one of struggle. Talk about a buzz kill! I choose to remember all the happy and loving memories….not the trauma! From your work with trees and elementals….we can change what our palms say…..or our astrology says or what predictors say…right? …can’t we? Please give me some of your wonderful Shaman knowledge/wisdom? When he brought up old age, I was like….WTF!?!?!? I’m just re-beginning! Anywho, can’t wait until John has that site up and running!!
          xoxoxoxoxoxo Marie

          • Hi Marie. Yes, I’m really anxious to have John’s website up too, for him and for us.

            Ya, buzz kill is right. First off, we are never victims of our future no matter what anyone tells you because we create our future as we go. We, our individual souls, are 100% responsible for everything that happens in our lives, the good and yes, the bad too. This means we cannot be a victim unless we choose to be, and we can be anything we want to be. While you mention that you had some trauma in your past, even if you were a child, on a soul level you chose that experience for a reason, most likely advanced soul growth. Due to cosmic forces coming together at this time, our souls have a chance for a kind of speeded-up growth. We chose to come to earth at this time, we chose our parents for a reason, and despite whatever awful things happened in the past, today you can make the decision to change how you feel about them. This process involves forgiving everyone who hurt you, thanking them for playing their roles in helping your soul evolve, and forgiving yourself for whatever reactions and actions you have taken because of it. “Putting it behind you,” is the idea, although that sounds very simplistic. It’s as hard or as easy as you make it on yourself, no one can do it for you.

            Shamans engage a process called “soul retrieval,” which is basically going out and recovering lost pieces of your soul that flew away when you experienced deep hurt, and bringing them back for you so you are whole again. They use animal spirits to guide them to these lost parts, and it’s very powerful healing. I have done this work on myself but I do not do it for others, which brings me to another subject… seeking help outside yourself. Think of this lifetime is a graduate soul course. We are taught from day one to seek help outside ourselves. We are told we are weak and need help from authority figures, religious leaders, psychics, etc. I would include shamans on this list because we are “outside” as well, although I’m pretty sure no one ever told you to seek help from a shaman. The fact you are doing so now is fine, but the goal is to get you to a point where you don’t need help from anyone. That’s because everything you need is already inside you, you just have to access it, or learn how to access it if you don’t know how, so that you need no one else to function in any aspect of your life. This includes kahunas and I think you already realize that intuitionally.

            What about seeking help from trees? Whenever you are working with animal or plant spirits, you come to that relationship fully in your own self- awareness, not as someone who needs help, but as a co-being to share knowledge. There is a different dynamic involved and of course the information exchange is free, unless you count the love exchanged. That is a fundamental difference when seeking help outside yourself.

            To further engage your inherent soul knowledge, all that is required is that you give your full attention to your intuition, “that which is inside you already.” Acknowledge that your soul already knows everything and is trying to speak to you after years of being ignored, and then trusting what it is telling you. This takes some practice, perhaps you’ve already been doing this, but the point is to amp up the trust in yourself so that you step firmly into your own power. Anyone who tells you differently is stealing your energy.

            That’s enough to chew on now. Let me know if you have questions.

          • Marie Beckett | April 8, 2016 at 4:10 am |

            You are so right Olde Soul! This is the lesson I am learning now……for so long because of past “things”……………I thought I had no control and this accident I was in….especially today really brought it home that I have power to change outcomes. Court was different today….my attorney was my Knight….the judge was changed at the last minute and was a total sweetheart and even hugged me at the end of it all….which just doesn’t happen! The affirmation that I kept repeating today as I was there was,” All that is mine by divine right is now released and reaches me in great avalanches of abundance in miraculous ways!”

            I printed off the tree directions you sent to me. I will need to go during the day to that tree that I am so attracted to because when dusk hits all the male meth addicts set up camp there………and they are not the friendliest of sorts.

          • Oh my… never seen a judge hug anyone ever… and that’s having worked for ten years as a litigation paralegal. I was in a lot of courtrooms! I know a lot of judges and worked for two of them. They are generally pretty somber souls. So yay for you! You must be a very special person. That is a very good affirmation.

            Can I assume the outcome was good? But it’s not over yet? This accident, where you badly injured? Are you going to be able to blow the popsicle stand? And where are you heading? Yikes! I don’t mean to sound so nosey but I’m very curious… one of my faults, I guess.

            John is having a lot of problems with his computers and internet connectivity. He told me to tell you. He has to get a new computer and will be out of touch for awhile.

  24. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing that awesome story. I have been wanting to start talking about our true inner power for some time but have not been game. For several reasons. I believe once we all understand who we are and one with the universe, only then can you partake of the great power we ALL have, regardless of which god you believe in. If we all grasp this fact the NWO operators have no chance. It is the one thing THEY are most fearful of us discovering; the truth has always been there…Blessings!

    • Marie Beckett | April 5, 2016 at 4:00 am | Reply

      Are you talking about my experience with the tree or my animals? Sorry…..can’t wait until John has his site up and running so we can commune and really talk and share!:)

    • Marie Beckett | April 16, 2016 at 5:04 pm | Reply

      Hey Brett,
      What did you think of the link? When i have my $…..I will create a private place where we can all talk on my website:)

  25. Marie Beckett | April 3, 2016 at 10:05 pm | Reply

    Hahahahaha! Love the blog title!!! I understand what you say about simplifying your life. But I help people with poor credit, no credit, good credit etc, get money for business’s. I’m able to get aged corporations for them and aged 501c3 corps. I view money as a tool that gives you choices and freedom if used in the correct way. The techniques that the 1 per-centers teach their kids…I get to teach other people. What is going right at the moment is the people with this knowledge our coming in to my life and teaching me. If done honorably and correctly, you can really help a lot of people with this knowledge. This is actually one thing that I’m doing where I feel passion. And John….I know this is not going to sound very cool….but I would not last 3 seconds on Survivor! I’m a girly-girl and if I had been born a man…I am convinced I would have been a drag queen! ( hope that made you laugh;P)

    • I know nothing about that stuff and I’ll admit that I’m suspicious of it automatically – but like you say, it can be done honorably and for good. There’s a place for your skills in what I’m trying to do too I expect – and never fear, it’s not going to be like ‘Survivor’ (that despicable ‘program’ – in reality the sort of behavior they encourage on that show is the exact opposite of real survival behaviour – which requires collaboration not ruthless competition). I’m expecting the boat we choose to be very civilized and comfortable – but it’s still on the ocean of course.
      Actually I kinda like “Girly-girls”, they give the guys something to protect and help and impress – which are their natural instincts – and all that fussing over appearance means they’re likely to be decorative as a bonus lol
      Though I must admit that my son, who was a captain on one of the charter boats around here had a saying that I liked, it was ‘Toughen up Princess’ – he used it quite a bit apparently…

      • Marie Beckett | April 4, 2016 at 2:06 am | Reply

        I was in high school when the movie The Doors came out about Jim Morrison. Did you see it? In one scene when the group was introducing themselves and what they did to reporters, they got to Pamela Morrison and she said, “Pam Morrison, Ornament”…..hahahahahhaa, I really laughed at that line!
        You know, my Dad was a man’s man….but a consummate gentleman and took such good care of my Mom, me and my Sister. But in turn my Mom took good care of him…..and I have had to be tough because of so many things that have happened….but I’m never going to change my soft/mushy center. When I was a sophomore in high school, this junior asked me out on a date. My parents had gone out for the evening… I was alone and took extra special time with my make-up and hair and the guy totally stood me up. It felt awful! Anyway, when my parents got home and saw that I was all dressed up but still there they asked me what happened. I told them through my tears what happened and then my Dad said, “Rie Rie…get in the car….I’m taking you out.” Do you know my precious Dad took me to my favorite Chinese restaurant and we had the duck with plumb sauce. I treasure that memory….and I knew how much he loved me. That’s when a man earns the title of Daddy!

  26. Marie Beckett | April 3, 2016 at 10:16 pm | Reply

    Yea………why hide when you’re speaking your truth! Let me guess….you must be a surfer too!? You are so tan!

  27. Marie Beckett | April 5, 2016 at 3:58 am | Reply

    I did not even see that you had sent this to me!!!! I know exactly what tree I am going to go to tomorrow. i will just have to figure out where to park. Every time I drive by that tree I have wanted to stop and hold/hug it….it is big but SOOOOO welcoming. I just hope that a cop doesn’t stop by an ask what I’m doing….lol! I don’t know what kind of tree it is but will take a picture for you. You know I have driven by that tree for three years and I always tell myself…one of these days I will stop and hug that tree….but I am always rushing around here. Thank you…thank you…thank you for this Soul Sister:)

    • Great! That tree has been calling to you and definitely wants to speak to you! They can’t run after you and tap you on the shoulder, so they send out messages just like this. I cannot wait to hear what the tree has to tell you! PS- Don’t worry about cops, just engage your etheric field of protection, manifest that no one will bother you and no one will. If you are good at this, they won’t even be able to see you!

  28. Been off line for more than 36 hours – they promise it’s fixed now.
    Next project is the web site. We can talk there.
    PS I’ll be there on April 7.

    • Marie Beckett | April 6, 2016 at 6:34 am | Reply

      Thank you dear sweet John! When you say that….I can truly feel you will be!

      • How’d it go? I didn’t get to sleep until about 2:30 – (6:30 am your time) – I think I was on duty re your appointment while you slept lol but I got up again to wish the best thing happened – then I went back down for the first sleep-in I’ve had in months 🙂

        • Marie Beckett | April 8, 2016 at 3:48 am | Reply

          Hi Dear John!
          Itt went much better then expected. In Hawaii in the type of case I was in…..most people get very little or nothing……….I received a bit more then was expected. It won’t cover my second surgery……..but it will get my website up and hire an SEO person and get me a logo and business collateral……… that is EXACTLY what I will do……use the money to make MORE money and then have this whole wretched thing behind me. My attorney was a Knight…….and took a major discount on his fees and the judge overseeing the case gave me a big hug afterward…..which is highly unusual! So thank you for being there with me in spirit! Can’t wait to have you get your site up!!!!!

  29. Stupid me, I included a link in my long response to this, so it’s waiting to be approved….. tick, tock.

    • At this time I’m just starting to realize (really bring into reality) why they’ve been harassing me/us so much. It’s trying to hinder, deflate, stop the coming together that was detected. They Don’t want us getting organised.
      I’m right now feeling like an enormously naive fool for thinking they would let me have a working web site. I won’t list the impossible, seemingly crazy problems being thrown at me. WordPress is supposed to be easy. I’m really sorry, I won’t give up, but this is going to take some time.
      Frankly I just don’t know how to deal with it, an example – a username and password, copied directly from their confirmation email to me works fine for one day then suddenly stops being accepted and the recovery email requested with the ‘forgot your password’ button never arrives… WTF?

      I think I might just get drunk…

      • Dang. Well, we’re not organizing to defeat the Purimicators or spawn a terrorist group, so why should they care? The AP moderator is probably just sick of us being too off topic.

        I used this website once to open a site (webs(dot)com.) It was a lot easier than wordpress. I’ve had a lot of problems with wordpress because I sold my email address with my business and they won’t let me comment on any wordpress site ever again. Can you think of a way to exchange email addresses?

  30. Sounds like a Mars retrograde type of thing going on. Did all this weird stuff start just recently when you were trying to put the website together or had you been having problems before?

    I sent you a test email to your gmail address. If you are able reply back to me then we can ditch AP.

    I’m not exactly sure who you want me to contact. Marie and blue are the only others I know of. Anyone else?

    I hope you get this!

  31. Thank you so much! Much to do. I have experienced the paranormal all my life. Most of my family have lol. Its an amazing Universe thats for sure. We are going to experience a whole lot more in the not too distant future too. But I reckon you know that…

    • Marie Beckett | April 9, 2016 at 2:07 am | Reply

      Right now my solar plexus feels tight being here. Part of it is intel I have….which won’t discuss here and i really feel like I am in the WRONG PLACE!!!! WHen I have my website up….i am going to have a place where we can all talk…..eventhough it has nothing to do with any of this!
      But I FLAT OUT refuse to do Fakebook! Can’t wait until we can all talk openly and bond and share:)
      That though makes me happy!

  32. Sorry for the late reply, Marie. I just received a notice from Disqus today, don’t know why. Anyway, without going into a huge explanation, regarding the “bone growing around the metal,” you have the ability to self-heal. We all do, everyone, but we are not taught this and few people understand this much less believe it. Don’t be one of them. When you cut your finger, your body heals it and you don’t have to do a thing mentally, it just does it. Bones are the same, they grow back, but you can control that growth with your mind. The simple secret is that you must believe you have this ability and then just tell your bone to grow properly, or perhaps just heal without growth. I cannot tell you the exact words to use because I don’t know the situation… which part of your body, metal rod or plate. But you know, and you are fond of affirmations and they work for you, so make an affirmation so that you will not have to have that operation after all. Trust in the healing process, in your power to heal yourself, and move on with the rest of your plans as though you will not be undergoing the second surgery. Now… I am a shamanic healer, which is not the same as a doctor, so monitor with your mind and inner knowing whatever part of your body is involved and if you find this doesn’t work, do what you have to do. But do know that no matter what a doctor does, it’s the body that does ALL the healing. You can talk to the tree about this because trees know how to heal themselves too. Hope that helps.

    • Marie Beckett | April 16, 2016 at 5:00 pm | Reply

      Hi Dear Goddess Soul ( I’m giving you my own name….hope that is okay?)
      I know and believe everything you have just said. When I had to have all this metal put in my foot and ankle to put it back together……they said it would take awhile to heal……but I know my body….and the surgeon was amazed at my speed of healing. i need to have the metal out so I can dance, run, ski, wear cute shoes ( my favorite shoe designer is Steve Madden btw!) And of course hike….love that too. The plate and all the pins were used to put everything back together…..but now it needs to come out. I just don’t have a support system so will continue my affirmations and expect that that person, place or situation will appear so I can get it done. The small amount of money I received will go to creating money for myself. i did not even receive the amount that the 2nd surgery will cost…..but that I have already worked out. I will just be down for awhile and will work on my affirmations to speed that up too! It will feel so awesome when all this foreign crap is out of my foot and ankle! It’s sort of like having cutlery stuck up your butt everyday…;P You know it doesn’t belong and can’t wait to get it out!
      I am just thankful that I had such a nice judge and my attorney was being really awesome too. I have been busting my hump on my sales this week and pulling some all nighters……so any energy you can send my way to get that money fast will be great. I will be working on those affirmations tomorrow. Today, I can tell I need sleep. But I do have a date tonight!!!:D He is intelligent and witty and sweet!!!!! You can find a lot of sweet here….but intelligent and witty is the rarity!
      I found another tree…..near where I live without all the crowds and meth addicts…….so will go there tomorrow. The one where i really want to be with…….has all the meth dudes there and if your a female and by yourself…’s not the most ideal environment. But perhaps the tree is trying to help and love them. I will try to take a picture of it and show you at some point. hope you are great and can feel the love vibes I send you?
      xoxoxoxoox Marie

  33. Marie Beckett | April 16, 2016 at 5:06 pm | Reply

    Hi dear sweet John! How are things coming along on your end? When i get my $, I will create a space for us on my website to talk and share information. Hope you are well!
    xoxoxoxoxoxo Marie

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