New Canadian Budget Calls For Bank Bail Ins

By Dan Dicks

The new budget that was introduced recently by the Liberal government in Canada is a complete failure and it paints a not so pretty picture of the future. Get ready for bank bail ins.


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5 Comments on "New Canadian Budget Calls For Bank Bail Ins"

  1. In Oz if there is an Insurance …it could not cover all the Deposits in the Australian Banks….should Bail-in prevail. The Reserve Bank of Australia, the Government Treasury & APRA (Banks Governing body) all have been exploring Bail-In & apparently APRA has the power to implement Bail-In. In fact the Government said it would cover $250,000 per person & I believe that APRA said that 1 bank may be covered but not all. Go figure. Seems Australians could be like any other sucker Countries & get screwed by these Bankster leeches & take their deposit/savings & Superanuation so that their derivative losses are somewhat covered & the Government Bankster mates & election donators are saved & not go to jail. Without Prejudice.

    • Sattar Solomon | March 31, 2016 at 5:39 am | Reply

      Yes thats the catch , there is a ceiling , $100000 here in Canada, but a bail in as described in the budget is bundelling the debt and selling it as shares to the public , by issuing more shares the bank stock becomes more and more diluted , taking value away from banks, there is a worse probability that bank shares become worthless , so taxpayer bailout inevitable….. banks should start their contingency funds they dont need $5billion profit PER QUARTER !!! they should keep equal liquidity as deposits or face jail !!! I dont trust these Neo-con liberals , and never trusted those Natziconservatives , and our democrats couldnt be elected to a majority, though their leader is fascinated by Margaret Thatcher !!! ts natzicons wherever you turn your head….. vote independent and castrate the bankers, its the only way.

      • Looks like Canada & Australia need “Glass-Steagall” legislation asap. What that does is completely separates each banks commercial business side from its gambling, derivative & Investment banking side. it means a complete separation where each has separate Shareholders, Board, CEO & Staff…no connection any more. That way if folk want to gamble go for it with the gambling/dodgy (maybe) Investment bank & if the gambling side goes down the gurgler with say useless Billion/trillion of $ of derivatives…so be it….they lose their money including the shareholders. And the Government or any other Banks funds won’t bail them out with other peoples savings & superannuation. The commercial banks would be controlled tightly as to the way they run their business with prudent banking principles. By the way, EU, UK, USA & New Zealand have Bail-In laws….nutters want it in Australia as I have mentioned in last post. Many Australians only trust one Political Party…..the Citizens Electoral Council…. which wants Glass-steagall & stop Bail-In & a range of good things for Australia. However the other political parties & all the press seem to have embargoed any thing they have to say…bit like Jeremy Corbyn of UK press releases & speeches…..hardly any makes the media. Corbyn is for Glass-Steagall & kick out Bail in & a range of good things….& millions follow him in UK. Seems the Crown…the square mile of London Banksters & Wall St & QE2 have a huge detrimental influence on global events. Without Prejudice.

        • Sattar Solomon | March 31, 2016 at 8:33 am | Reply

          I think we have that , because its what saved us when the economy tanked in 2008, the previous PM , Paul Martin had it in place and separated the investment branch from the savings and chequing branches and the Loan and Mortgage bamnking i another sector, never mixed them up. but why this guy is introducing bail ins is a mystery to me. thanks for your clarification Bob , its the conservative global conspiracy to collapse the economies of well to do systems , I cant understand why these idiots want it that way. I am all for Jeremy Corbin , I hope he gets elected PM next time, those Con douche bags wrecked the whole system and now have blood on their hands, Cheers mate.

  2. Sattar Solomon | April 2, 2016 at 5:06 pm | Reply

    Well what is a Conservative who does not vampire all the people he or she can lay their hands on , BTW the Royal families have all the preferred voting share with premium dividends in almost all companies on their stock exchanges and globally, the rest have the useless toilet wipes that go bust in the event of meltdown , they lost their credibility long ago, and to bolster that theyre counting on the Bail ins and all that associated crappola….. Canada has hundreds of Billions in tax havens and turdeau refuses to act on taxing or even investigating them , Harper the previous peeminister went from a beggar to $5 million net worth over a $350000 salary over 10 years …. where did he get it from ??? nay none of them goes to jail, ever ….. Cheers mate ..all the best

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