Murdered: Coroner Finds RT Founder and Top Putin Aide Died of Blunt Force Trauma to the Head

1029739711By Melissa Dykes

Last November Mikhail Lesin, former press aide to President Vladimir Putin and the founder of RT, was found dead in a Washington D.C. hotel room. The chief medical examiner there has concluded that Lesin died of “blunt force injuries to the head” but did not specify the cause of death in the report. Lesin was also found to have sustained injuries to his limbs, torso, and neck.

The medical examiner did not add anything about whether or not a crime was committed here, but it doesn’t exactly take Sherlock Holmes to figure this out. Either the guy bashed his own brains in, or someone else did it for him. Which one is more likely?

What’s really weird about this is how the media is trying to spin it like it could be anything other than murder. Vice reported, “The injuries seem to indicate Lesin may have been murdered…” Really? “Seem to indicate?” Did he bash his own brains in? Not exactly the way most people (or, really, anyone) commits suicide, is it?

Funny how these kinds of murders never seem to get “solved” either…

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Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Wake the flock up!

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38 Comments on "Murdered: Coroner Finds RT Founder and Top Putin Aide Died of Blunt Force Trauma to the Head"

  1. The blurb in the Denver Post made it pretty clear it was murder, specifically, a heart attacked induced by a beating. There have been hits on Russian whistle blowers in the US and London (e.g. Litvinenko) clearly linked to the Russian FSB. The CIA takes out Americans getting in the way of the TPTB running the gamut from Hastings to Wellstone and countless others. It’s way too shadowy to know much in this particular case.

  2. Obama “probably” did it or ordered it. If you really work it you can even get a Court of Law enquiry to say it was Obama, no evidence necessary just fiddling the info and lots of false testimony and Bob’s your uncle.

    • You’re not very conversant with reality, are you?

      • And you lack a sense of humour

        • Or perhaps you are less than skilled at conveying your sense of humor. I imagine I’m far from the only one who whiffed on that curve ball.

          • Susan O'neill | March 13, 2016 at 6:19 am |

            Only if you have not been aware of the sensationalist media exposure of “Putin did it” in the press including RI and RT. The “probably” went viral and you failed to notice?

      • Do you honestly believe that the findings in the kangaroo court on Litvinenko by the British Courts was even halfway to reasonable? If so, then not only do you lack a sense of humour but you are the one who needs a reality check!

        • Radioactive polonium is only available to very high level state officials and it is known that two FSB agents met with Litvinenko at the time he was poisoned. Given Litvinenko confirmed the FSB false flag bombings, there would be a strong motive to make an example of him. How do you know for a fact the court findings were false?

          • Susan O'neill | March 14, 2016 at 5:44 am |

            polonium can be produced – and probably is being produced – in any number of facilities outside Russia.

            It turns out that commercially produced polonium contains no trace elements such as would make it possible to identify the facility it comes from – be that facility in Russia or anywhere else.

            It turns out polonium is not expensive at all, with a police officer telling the Inquiry that an amount of polonium much greater than the amount used to poison Litvinenko sold in New York for just $20,000.

            Po is widely used in industry, and readily available with little regulation or restriction[citation needed]. In the US, a tracking system run by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission was implemented in 2007 to register purchases of more than 16 curies (590 GBq) of polonium-210 (enough to make up 5,000 lethal doses). The IAEA “is said to be considering tighter regulations … There is talk that it might tighten the polonium reporting requirement by a factor of 10, to 1.6 curies (59 GBq).”[81] As of 2013, this is still the only alpha emitting byproduct material available, as a NRC Exempt Quantity, which may be held without a radioactive material license.[citation

            several deaths in Israel during 1957–1969 were caused by 210Po.[85] A leak was discovered at a Weizmann Institute laboratory in 1957. Traces of 210Po were found on the hands of professor Dror Sadeh, a physicist who researched radioactive materials.

          • Thank you very much for that information, I will explore it further. I’m a medical scientist by profession, so I only have a general idea about the process of extracting a rare radioactive isotope, which, I know from uranium and plutonium, is not at all an easy process. An element can be fairly abundant but the isotope extremely difficult to come by. I’ll look into it more. Because the western is media is very controlled by the Establishment and Russian media far more so, I look at patterns and motive. Having read Russian scholar Karen Dawisha’s recent book Putin’s Kleptocracy, Who Owns Russia, and many other papers and books on the culture and history of Russia, I recognize in Litvinenko’s case a common pattern in the elimination of dissenters. Of course, I’ve observed it in the west countless times because we still have access to some independent reports and information, such as Michael Hasting’s death, Gary Webb, etc, and there is also a very consistent “fingerprint”.

          • Susan O'neill | March 14, 2016 at 11:33 am |

            You can’t get much information from our UK media but Science Journals print written “papers” and I know I haven’t seen any new papers since 2013 showing the discovery of any trace elements that have been discovered enabling identification of the original Po. Probably due to it’s short shelf life it is classed as a metal but acts like a gas when combined and dissipates relatively quickly but not as a chelated concoction. Not sure if there is someone else on this site better informed and knowledgeable who can give you further information. Do know I would not choose Po as a poison, too damned dangerous!

          • Thanks again, that’s very helpful. I agree, it’s a very radical way to assassinate someone – hence its utility as a unique calling card and conjuring an image of a horrific way to die. I’ll spare the details, but death by radioactive poisoning were the most memorable and disturbing reads I’ve ever encountered in terms of descriptions of terminal case studies. In an oncology course we were also asked to read the Chernobyl case studies, the first responders who battled the fires on the scene and died within days – still haunts me to this day.

          • Susan O'neill | March 15, 2016 at 7:11 am |

            Your’e a better man than me Gunga Din, I wouldn’t be able to do such a study. Good Luck.

  3. The U.S. mainstream news media is controlled by the mega corporations and the CIA (Project Mockingbird). The people behind this major source of propaganda did not like RT, which was running stories which ran counter to and basically proved the propaganda component of the mainstream news. It is highly likely that the CIA hired a hit man to take out Mikhail Lesin.

    • The CIA-MOSSAD have their own, well-trained specialists. Victor Ostrovsky explains it in his semi-autobiography, “Der Mossad – Ein Ex-Agent enthüllt Aktionen und Methoden des israelischen Geheimdienstes,” 1. Januar 1991.
      Ostrovsky provides a summary overview of Israeli deceit on an international level in an interview at:

      • While that is very true. It is a fact that the Mossad was originally created by the CIA and the two intelligence agencies often work together.

        • – dont think so, Herbert. The Israeli MOSSAD evolved from Gideon´s spies, of four thousand or more years ago. For details, plz see, “Gideon´s Spies The Secret History of the MOSSAD,” 1st edition 1995. That MOSSAD and CIA spy and murder in collaboration since “somewhat united” by George H. W. Bush in 1984 or earlier is accurate. Of course, the multipurpose 9-11 was pulled off by Bush Jr. and Israelis to give Bush Jr. a “Reichtagsfeuer” and provide Larry Silverstein and israeli comrades with $4.2 billion for a new building instead of a $500 million debt for removing asbestos from the buildings – which buildings no longer earned the profit desired by Silverstein and fellow money-grubbers. Of course the initial 3,000 innocent persons murdered and the +-40,000 who have subsequently died from inhaling the radioactive dust is of no consequence to them and former mayor Giuliani who was notified adequately timely so as to move his offices out of the WTC two weeks prior to the demolition.

          • Herbert Dorsey | March 13, 2016 at 1:40 pm |

            I have read “Gideon’s Spies” an informative book, But, I find David Livingstone’s latest book, “Terrorism and the Illuminati” to be much more illuminating. There I learned that British agents created, for their own geopolitical agendas, the Wahhabi and Salafi forms of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood that form the base of Islamic terrorism today. It is an interesting read if you want to understand why the world is so crazy.

          • Neat extrapolation ! Thanks !

          • Going off a tangent from Dorsey’s comment on the Brits and their hand in creating Islamic factions, I wondered if you were aware the CIA created the internet techno-culture along with the 60s counter culture. Aldous Huxley (Brave New World author and uber elitist) was behind the recruitment of Tim Leary to promote psychedelics as part of this new cultural meme they were creating. Huxley was also involved in MK Ultra. Bringing this all together is a fascinating documentary produced by a German national, I believe, on the subject of Ted Kaczynski, the super genius mathematician tricked into participating in a MK Ultra experiment when he was a young student at Harvard. The experience transformed him, creating an epiphany on the subject of mind control and the rise of Technocracy, the final cage being designed for all of humanity. Even if we correctly reject his methods to counteract the trajectory he foresaw, Kaczynski’s manifesto is brilliant and an accurate foretelling of the final NWO paradigm. If you are inclined to watch it, the documentary is on youtube titled The Net The Unabomber, LSD and the Internet. It’s another lens into how our world was created as a Matrix, with virtually zero organic social constructs, artificial paths leading us into a nearly inescapable prison for our minds. Finally, are you aware that in the famous Eisenhower speech in which he warned about the rise of a military industrial complex, he also warned about the rise of a Technocratic elite? The American “left” has constantly harped on the former but never a peep about the latter. One wonders why is that? Ha!

    • Why did RT run a piece saying essentially the Saudis masterminded 9/11, deflecting blame away from the Rockefellers, international banksters, high ranking US politicians, etc? This piece was timed EXACTLY to coincide with US cointelpro floating the 28-redacted pages story and several stories posted on American websites about the Saudis going rogue, despite the fact we know KSA royals have always been obedient NWO minions. RT is state run, not independent media. The vicious beating is a clue it’s more likely FSB, their classic trademark of an obvious hit such as the radioactive polonium used not only on Litvinenko but at least one other high profile target. CIA has always been more subtle.

      • The Saudi hijackers were the “patsies” to deflect attention away from the real actors. They weren’t even needed because the planes that hit the trade towers were remote controlled and a guided missile actually hit the Pentagon. You must be more careful about propaganda, which the British version of the Litvinenko murder, surely is. The CIA is notorious for feeding “news” to the news media, as documented in “CIA: Crime Incorporated of America”. RT is state run the news media is megacorporation run. Which is to be trusted more?

        • That the Saudis were patsies is my point exactly that one of the mega PSY OPs underway is exactly that, to deflect blame from the top of the pyramid and from the example I gave RT is clearly working the psy op too in perfect timing with the US MSM and with conintelpro alt media, which you probably know is deeply infested into every outlet to one degree or another. Stepping deftly over disinfo landmines is becoming increasingly arduous. The western media is far more likely to omit information and spin stories than it is to outright fabricate, not that it doesn’t, but there is no reason yet to not believe Litvinenko was murdered as a Russian state hit given his whistle blowing, esp. on the false flag apartment bombings. I’m amazed that many who are awake think a brutal totalitarian government with a fairly recent history of slaughtering tens of millions of dissidents would be inherently more reliable for information and in support of human freedom than the corrupt west with a least a cultural notion of transparency and still possessing some avenues of open communication – just barely.

  4. Not only do they not get solved, in the US they rarely get “investigated”. When they are “investigated,” the media-published reports always resemble the official report of the death of John F. Kennedy, Sr.. Some are dragged out endlessly with various cover-ups, similar to the Benghazi debacle by the CIA.

    Of course, when such murders occur in Texas, such as the “removal” of Justice Scalia, they are always multipurpose, similar to the murder and insurance fraud with the WTC demolitions.

    • What about the assassination of virtually the entire executive branch of Poland that rebuffed the IMF and a global vaccination mandate? That was a enormous hit, and, AFAIK, there wasn’t any kind of deep probe into it or outrage that swept across Europe. It was a plane take down, still, there was that video that surfaced of Russian intelligence agents shooting the survivors of the plane crash. Didn’t the journalist who filmed the scene get murdered too?

      There were a lot of Russians who questioned the FSB false flag apartment bombings who were murdered and others threatened with death to silence them. Same with 9/11, several suspicious deaths of witnesses. I wonder about Operation Gladio in Europe, same pattern?

        • Sorry, I’ve tried three separate times to watch the youtube video and it won’t load or give the option of watching it on YT. I hope you are able to watch the Perloff interview from the link I shared, looks like it works fine on the Disqus and A.P. sites.

          • I do not know your location and assume that your server might not have the connection needed.

            I have separated the link into three parts, which will not be abbreviated by this home page nor call up the site. If you combine them they might work. If not, searching the internet on the phrase,

            Jeff Steinberg interview with Col. Fletcher Prouty (Ret.) Nov. 11th, 1992
            will call up repetitions of the link.


          • OK, thank you for the title. Yes, I’ve watched that one before, thanks, as always, Prouty is fascinating. I’ve read very detailed books on the JFK assassination. It’s stunning how much information has been collected, the picture is very clear and the levels of conspiracy and subterfuge are staggering. One can only imagine the mindset of megalomania they operate with now.

      • The concept that Russian intelligence agents were murdering the survivors is what the purveyors of subterfuge want the world to believe. Similarly, the CIA-MOSSAD want the world to think that JFK was murdered by Lee H. Oswald, the 19 Saudi pimps sent to Jeb
        Bush flew airliners into the WTC while a Boeing 757 flew into the Pentagon and that the repeated coups in Ukraine and the shootdown of MH17 were done by Russians.

        Former USAF colonel L. Fletcher Prouty set up the CIA within the USAF. He wrote a book explaining insider details, “The Secret Team the CIA and its Allies in Control of the United States and the World,” in 1973. Published in 1974, all 50,000 copies vanished after leaving the publisher. A re-print reached the streets a decade later.

        The extent of secrecy of operation of the CIA is revealed in the 2011 edition, page xx of the “Preface 1972.” The video interview of colonel Prouty is rather revealing.
        A major switch in the CIA was made by the alias, George H. W. Bush in the 1980s, and the CIA was assigned a foreign supernumerary.

        • Absolutely, Prouty has some fascinating insight and I gleaned some useful pieces of the puzzle from his work. It’s strange that he was not targeted, that always leaves one wondering what the limited hangout are. As a highly intelligent man, he may have been merely protecting himself. We’ll never know. We’ll also never know the details of the assassination of the Polish leaders, although it’s clearly a hit ordered by the Banksters. I still believe far too many vastly underestimate the historic and current collaboration of Western and Eastern (esp. Russian) elites. Case in point is James Perloff’s research proving the Soviets worked hand in hand with the US elites to set up and execute the Korean war to set a precedent of the UN as a global military force – it was an undeclared war for the US, officially a UN police action that the Soviets would have been expected to veto as members of UN Security Council but their representative decided to NOT attend the vote. There’s much more detailed information in the 26 min Perloff interview. Going on a century now, there’s long been a bankster line of cooperation and control running deep into Russia’s oligarchy. It’s human nature, my friend.

          • Human nature varies considerably, as reflected by the Ying-Yang concept, reflecting the theory that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. However, the religio-politico nature of the bankster leadership does not vary, and was identified about 2,000 years ago, when Jesus drove the money-changers from the temple. Their microcosm was developed into the macrocosm that was fraudulently named, “The U.S. Federal Reserve.” Their greed is ingrained in their society, and is clearly revealed in the four books by professor Shlomo Sand, Univ. of Tel Aviv, numerous others before him and even by prof. Norman Finkelstein in his various books. “The Holocaust Industry” touches on the definition of “The Holocaust”.

            The name, “U.S. Federal Reserve” reveals the deceit of its creators and owners, since it is neither owned nor operated by the United States of America. John F. Kennedy´s plan to dissolve the “U.S. Federal Reserve” is listed by various authors as one of the motives that led to the decision to murder him, his brother and his son. The continued function of the U.S. Federal Reserve has resulted in unresolvable amounts of international and U.S. “paper-money debt. Numerous “experts” have been reporting for two years that the “U.S. Federal Reserve” paper-money, banking system is on the verge of collapse. This year, 2016, is the predicted year of collapse.

          • Political Ponerology (, rule by Psychopaths, which explains their attachment to the Occult, pedophilia, secret societies, Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care Ceremonies, etc. As a neuroscientist, I would argue there is a little bit of psychopath or at least the potential in most people, it’s matter of degree – a bit of what we gleaned from both the Milgram and the Stanford prison experiments. Why else do the common people rationalize their collaboration in genocide and generally large scale sadistic activities? It would appear to be a matter of TPTB exploiting their knowledge of human nature. So, we seem to agree that there is some outlier in the Elites’ behavioral genetic pattern, reinforced in their culture and social structure, that predisposes this behavior. Again, it is very old historically and somewhat inevitable as the Iron Law of Politics when societies are uniformed, devoid of critical reasoning, and no longer vigilant. And the larger the system, the more opaque it becomes and more prone to this, also reflecting the Dunbar number concept confirmed in studies with simian groups as related to the volume of their prefrontal cortex supported by archaeological and anthropological studies demonstrating roughly a stable human tribe number of 150 whereby each member could be known and observed for reliability and trust worthiness. Regarding 2016, I assume you know about the Rothschild own Economist publishing a cover article in 1988 of the new global currency dubbed The Phoenix with a prediction it would be introduced in the year 2018, the graphic being a Phoenix bird rising out of the burning ashes of all of the world’s currencies – all timed exactly with the elimination of cash, capital controls, bail in procedures agreed by the G20, and ZIRP followed by NIRP.

          • Thank You ! Your response was a neat refresher of several concepts. In the later 1980s I did not place much credibility on the prediction of the future, or the future currency. Now, 2016, it fits the scene of the last ten years and for me has validity that I did not perceive almost 30 years ago.

            My experience weighs more heavily the historical, societal values of a family or tribe or organized “cult” than genetic structures. Similarly, intelligence. Older research indicated that persons with I.Q.s more than one S.D. above average were no more successful than persons with I.Q.s within the average range. Also, the singular characteristic that was statistically associated with persons in leadership positions has remained constant. Forty years later, I am still a bit disappointed that I.Q. was not a significant indicator. I have also learned that the most successful criminals have above-average intelligence.

            I view the concept of ZIRP reducing to NIRP as the introduction to national- international bankruptcy of the U.S. Federal Reserve banking system.

          • Yep, I agree that, overall, culture, values, and education are much more important than genetics. However, going way back to studying genetics as an undergrad, I remember a professor pointing out how extremely minute differences in genotype can create vast differences in phenotype (to include behavior). The simple examples are chimps having ~99% genetic sequence homology to the human genome, but not outwardly 99% similar to us in appearance and behavior (well, most of the time!). Or domesticated canines, very tiny alterations in genotype manifesting in tremendous variety in breed characteristics. Thus, a slight difference the inbred elites predisposing them to psychopathic behavior and higher than average intelligence would be enough of an edge to consolidate their power over many centuries. Just food for thought.

          • Drbhelthi, I meant to get back to you on something you mentioned here about JFK planning to dissolve the Fed Res. From what research I’ve been able to do, mainly from the work of G. Edward Griffin who wrote the seminal book on the Fed, The Creature From Jekyll Island, apparently JFK had NOT made a move or plan against the Fed Res. The speculation turned myth centered around an Executive Order JFK signed to delegate authority for basic housekeeping duties to the Treasury Secretary (at the time, a highly connected bankster, BTW) to manage the Silver Certificates. This issue was covered on Griffin’s website until very recently as he is in the process of revamping his archives. What we know for certain, once again with excellent documented evidence provided by James Perloff (who wrote “the book” on the CFR years ago) is that JFK did sign two important orders that sealed his fate. One was to begin the process of bringing US troops home from Vietnam and second the CIA was to no longer be allowed to perform large scale covert operations, they were to revert back to being strictly an intelligence gathering agency. Of course, LBJ countermanded both orders. Hope this info is helpful clarification and thank you for sharing your insight, it’s always a privilege for me to have exchanges with keen minds and learn new things.

          • Thank you. Griffin has been a leader in many areas, a tremendous person.
            I have a bit more detail on JFK´s actions. If you respond, plz use

          • Thank you, I will be in touch in the very near future. I wrote down your contact info in case you want to edit it out for privacy or to avoid spam. Thanks again!

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