HUD Wants to Make Living in a Tiny House or RV Illegal

tiny_house_rvBy Daisy Luther

The tiny house movement has taken America by storm, in part because our economy is in the toilet. People are striving to reduce their expenses by embracing minimalism. They’re breaking free from the corporate grind because, as I’ve always advised, they are learning to live with less and radically reducing their expenses.

But, these days in America, you are sharply admonished when you try to live your life outside of the strictures of the 9-5 world. Is it any surprise that the government is now taking steps to limit our ability to drastically reduce our expenses? They always seem to make illegal anything we try to do to be more independent and moving into a tiny house appears to be the next on the list of items headed towards their best table saw.

HUD has proposed the following law:

This proposed rule would modify the current exemption for recreational vehicles in the Manufactured Home Procedural and Enforcement Regulations.  Under the current exemption, questions have arisen regarding whether park model recreational vehicles are regulated by HUD’s manufactured home program. These park models are being produced with patio roofs, screened in porches, and other extensions that exceed the 400 square foot maximum exemption in the current regulations. Additionally, some of these models are being marketed as suitable for year round living.

HUD’s proposed rule would permit recreational vehicle manufactures to certify that a unit is exempted from HUD’s regulations. Specifically, HUD’s proposed rule would define a recreational vehicle as a factory build vehicular structure, not certified as a manufactured home, designed only for recreational use and not as a primary residence or for permanent occupancy, and built and certified in accordance with either the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1192-2015, Standard for Recreational Vehicles, or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A119.5-15, Recreational Park Trailer Standard. In addition, to provide consumers notice regarding the manufacturing standards used to construct the unit, HUD’s rule would require that units claiming the exemption display a notice that identifies the standards used to construct the unit and states that the unit is designed only for recreational use, and not as a primary residence or permanent dwelling.

That’s right – if this law is passed, living in a tiny house or an RV may become illegal in April of this year.

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205 Comments on "HUD Wants to Make Living in a Tiny House or RV Illegal"

  1. Awesome, make it near impossible to get rich, and totally impossible to be poor. Squeeze much, gubmint?

  2. Its called TYRANNY PEOPLE>…..

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

  3. Are you feeling that boot on your neck yet?

    • The boot on the neck is also in the stack and pack, herd ’em into walled Agenda 21 cities. The Tiny Home concept is a double-edged sword with elements of cointelpro using the meme to glorify the new expensive 90 sq ft, 150 sq ft, and 200 sq ft “apartments” in Seattle, Portland, NYC, etc.

      It’s more social engineering. At least in the US, there’s plenty of land for the average family to own a modest home with some space for a vegetable garden – keeping it off grid and energy independent.

      • Good call blue, they play all the angles, the chosen crew.

        • Thanks, Padraigin Eagle, it’s great to see you back again.

          • Padraigin Eagle | April 2, 2016 at 4:04 pm |

            Never do we leave, here to awaken the sleeping breed, including they who fail to see that the matrix is pure illusory, a thought form that enslaveth the unwary, whilst Being always all ways free, upon the indigo turquoise magnificent blue sea, as surely blue579 doth see. And thank-you, the same equally to you, blue.

      • They’ve been busy stopping the living off the grid for a few years already.

        • Yep, it’s a bummer and we are being herded into the Big Brother smart grid / smart meters dystopia. They also don’t want to us own property (Agenda 21).

    • Talons shan’t ever go out of vogue, especially when applied to the chosen Tribe and allied rogues.

    • Hahaha,
      You fell for it…want another spoonful?

    • It is actually on the face

    • Average Joe American | April 10, 2016 at 1:10 am |

      Since around 1963, pal.

  4. HUD can suck it.

  5. locutus_of_klingons | March 31, 2016 at 7:16 pm |

    I do not see how that outlaws anything, can somebody enlighten me. who gives a damn about a display notice?

    • what do you think the display notice is about? do you honestly think they take time and ink to draft this lunacy without any intention of enacting it?

  6. But its ok for people to live on the streets or without shelter? Only happening if YOU ALLOW IT! Honestly the only way forward for any of us is to tell them all where to go. But, we need to do it together. But there are too many cowards in the world I think…

    • It is NOT OKAY to live on the streets or without shelter in the USSA (in some locales). Refer to Florida laws, S. Carolina that made being homeless illegal and the police rounded up homeless and locked them up in detention facilities. They can then work for UNICOR making 0.15c per hour which is then stolen from them to cover costs of their incarceration. Nice huh? 😐 Back in the old days, such was called press-ganging/ being Shanghai’ed/ or CHATTEL SLAVERY

      The US government is run by satanic psychopaths. Guess who we’ll get for next prez?

    • Its ok to take a dump on the streets of NYC and San Fran, both recently decriminalized it, but the size queens in govt don’t want their exes to live free.

    • I have live in a 28′ Class C Motor Home in a city now for 6 1/2 years. I do pay for the cost of my electric. It does get a little cold in the winter and a little hot in the summer. It is a city ordinance that you can not stay in a RV in city limits. I just have not been called on it yet, Just don’t look like you live in it, No chairs outside, No awning out, etc…… I am not on HUD but I am disabled and retired living only on my SS. The city does not like you not paying property tax !

      • I just posted this Steven , . . This is why I left the U.S. I found a small village in Salamanca GTO Mexico. I live in a NICE 33 foot Coachmen Catalina. I have my money and all my personal stuff. I am now the wealthiest poor person in this part of Mexico. And need I tell you all, my food is free of chemicals, and fresh, free roaming, farm raised cows and chickens. And deep well water so clean it’s a JOKE TO EVEN THINK OF LOOKING BACK! Sorry to break the news to everyone , the U.S. is not the only beautiful place in the world. . . Get out of the BUBBLE / BOX ! And if everyone notices , there is no record of how many U.S. Citizens are leaving the U.S. in search of FREEDOM . . Think about this. . .

    • It’s illegal in most states. I think every one has anti vagrancy laws.

  7. Another fine example of the micro managing of what people can and cant’t do. We have far to many “empowered bureaucrats” deciding far too many issues. If we don’t like it “they” think we are the problem, uppity peons that need a slap down. Uh oh, just had a spell of ODD. Oppositional Defiance Disorder. It’s like Tourette’s but different, look it up in the DSM.

  8. this is not important… illegal immigration is more of a concern than anything else…

  9. Just because a particular RV isn’t designed to be a “primary residence or permanent dwelling” doesn’t mean it can’t be used that way. I mean, who’s to know?

    • What most on this comment section do not realize is this is for HUD; you know, public assistance. It does not apply to those not using HUD.
      Now, imagine the anger when they find out a person using HUD assistance is in a camper. And an ‘expensive’ one at that.
      This article while correct is misleading…and they fell for it.

  10. If they make living in small homes illegal, then form housing coops and share bigger homes with others of like mind. Anything to cut expenses and stay off the streets in hard times.

    • Then they will institute stricter zoning laws strictly limiting that. It ends only when these bureaucrats DNA is permanently removed from the gene pool.

      • My view is to RESIST the boot jacks at all cost! Find away around their tyranny, and never give up.

        • Oh, I agree. My policy is to AVOID them in every possible way – which is why I moved out of DUHmerica a long time ago and barring that pay an intermediary (MORE avoidance) to interact with them and if unable to do that get really proactive and in their face if they provoke me.

      • It’s Control Freak DNA. It might be alien. There’s only control freaks and the rest of us.

  11. Is anybody ready to do anything about this corporate beast masquerading as “government” , besides being a keyboard warrior?
    On one hand, these sociopaths running this now fascist nation/world tells us non-stop that human beings are causing global warming by over-consuming, having a too-large “carbon footprint”, while on the other hand outlawing, except of illegal taxation, any and all ways of doing anything to alleviate the supposed problem.
    It is past time to chase these sociopathic criminals out and destroy the corporation falsely known as the “US Government”.

    • I’ve read hundreds of comments saying it’s time to do something or we shouldn’t stand for this yet never read comment on how/what the solution is or how it can be accomplished. Voting these criminals out doesn’t work as we found with the tea party who promised much and did nothing. I would like to hear just one suggestion. Until someone comes up with a path to a solution things will never change. My first solution for the outsourcing is “Buy American.” I don’t see many doing it.

      • nuke DC would be my solution

      • Here’s how you stop these bastards. Start a National “DO NOT FILE YOUR INCOME TAX RETURN” movement. That would instantly shut down the government. Then, we start over and dissolve the USA, Inc. corporation and restore the Republic.

        • StarFireWarriorPrincess | April 1, 2016 at 2:55 pm |

          Heck! Just filing a delay of payment by 4-15-16 would be enough to throw the gov into a tizzy. Then there would be not a dime coming into the gov until NOVEMBER!

          • HaHa….sure StarFire! They just hit the keyboard for a few trillion more for themselves! Our tax money covers them for the time it takes to blink.

          • what ? you think they need your money ? they just add more numbers to the computer and generate more money for themselves.

          • That magic money move — at this point where Holder not long ago had to lawsuit-threaten the rating agencies to fend them off from downgrading US debt as investmt-worthy last time funds were super tight — just might trigger the investment biggies and foreign countries to panic, since the USgovt&bankers are after the people’s pensions and savings that the USgovt&bankers plan to rob as bail-ins AFTER they are ready, not before this crucial election…

            the idea that bail-ins — against a population fired with a resistance movement that wide spread and not illegal — just might not work to protect the foreign bond holders and such biggies… what fire would that light?

            a 6 month delay from Apr 15 would give us until NOVEMBER 15…imagine a run on the bonds and banks as a trigger for voters and non-voters to wake up…….. ttyl

        • actually….the only way to stop them, is to stop using their currency….

        • If you are going to break the law do it like illegal aliens and claim child tax credit for 20 kids.

          • If you don’t file, you don’t need to claim 20 exemptions. BTW, filing an income tax return is voluntary because there is NO law requiring it. Look inside of any IRS 1040 booklet and it will say exactly that. Look up the Harry Reid Youtube where he said “our system relies on the voluntary filing of income tax returns.” He was pilloried, but what he said is 100% true.

          • BigGaySteve | April 20, 2016 at 8:40 pm |

            Filling for 20 kids gets you earned income credit, many illegals are getting checks over $29,000 mailed to them for this fraud. They move before the IRS figures it out.

        • A wonderful idea, with in 2 months Obama would be on TV begging the American people to be Patriots and start paying the interest payments (income tax) on our Federal Reserve Notes.

      • There are only two things that will impact the socio-paths running things: Standing in their place or arresting them. Anything we do that is effective requires a physical showing. This does not mean violence. Remember these socio-paths are largely overgrown bullies. What does a bully do when you and your friends finally confront him? He runs away. But, it does take numbers. Until many, many more Americans are going hungry (why do you think there has been a food stamp explosion?) they will not be able to overcome their fear of the power wielded by government. While many are waking up to our enslavement it is, in the end, still a lovely gilded cage we live in. (Have you seen what’s happening to women and children in Yemen?) While I myself have been making the physical stand it is lonely. Your job and my job, our real job, is to figure out how to inspire others to stand with us.
        Dennis Patterson–Stevens County, Washington

        • Back in the day, we had a military to protect us, seems now we are on our own!

          • Average Joe American | April 2, 2016 at 8:11 pm |

            As you know, Curt, “Back in the day…” we had the 2nd Amendment to protect us, and that Article of Basic Law was enunciated and enumerated specifically to protect We, the People from the threat of tyrannical government. (Forgive the use of caps, our Founders and Framers often used them to press a point, it’s catchy.)

            When anti-ownership types argue that the 2nd Amendment is outdated because we no longer need individuals or militias to defend our borders, that we have a standing army to do that for us, they’re simply saying that Federal tyrants have succeeded in overpowering free States, and the people who live in them, by threat of armed force. History shows that not ONE of the original 13 States would EVER have ratified the Bill of Rights were not the right of the people to keep and bear arms included near the very top of the final document, stipulated immediately after the inherent right of the people to believe, speak, assemble, publish, and petition.

            Many of the individuals in these States had recently lost homes, friends, loved ones, blood, and limbs in a long, bitter battle for these stated rights, and they in large part fought this battle with personal weapons which their oppressors had tried to relieve them of…at “lawful” gunpoint. The former colonists–now States–were quite personally aware that “law” was enforced with swords, guns, and ordnance. It seemed logical to reserve (and preserve) unto themselves the ability to defend themselves against oppression. In their experience, where petitions hadn’t worked (were in fact responded to with more high-handed edicts), personal guns had.

            Personally I see no reason the 2nd Amendment should not have been included in the 1st, except for this: The Framers wanted the 2nd Amendment to stand out, as a warning to would-be usurpers and wannabe American tyrants. Do NOT infringe upon these 1st Amendment rights (denied the American colonials only a few years earlier by uniformed force of arms). The amendments say, if you temporary Governors happen to forget Rule #1, simply refer to Rule #2. Got it?

            Then refresh your memories re: Rule #1.

            A LOT of Americans still remember their history, even if our officials often appear confused. Even if many Americans are confused. Not all of us are.

          • billdeserthills | April 8, 2016 at 2:37 pm |

            They only forgot to make it Everyman’s duty to meet & discuss the overthrow of the gov’t on a bi weekly basis

          • Todd Wermers | April 9, 2016 at 7:53 am |

            It is ridiculous and simplistic to think that arming citizens is going to reform our government. The problem isn’t a lack of the threat of force, it is a lack of economical might. Until the Middle Class is strong again in this country, nothing will change in government. They know who they work for.

          • Average Joe American | April 10, 2016 at 2:31 am |

            Seriously. It may be “ridiculous and simplistic,” Todd, to imagine armed citizenry can reform government, but that is the only safeguard the Framers could come up with (heck, it worked against the Brits). Well, they also came up with the notion that only Congress could authorize coinage, we see where that went.

            We’ve no economic strength because we don’t OWN our economy. Our politicians gave it away to the very people who owned it in the first place, back in colonial days. Jefferson fought this, Jackson fought it, even Lincoln (may God forgive him his sins against the Constitution) fought the bankers. Kennedy tried to coin money. The nascent United States of America got caught up in a proxy fight between the Rothschilds and the Bank of England. We still are being whipsawed by exterior financial forces, far beyond our country’s control.
            Virtually every US president who went up against the bankers was shot, and/or, killed.

            But this notion that “the Middle Class” should even exist as separate from other classes (the “Upper Class,” the “Lower Class”) is every bit as much of the problem as the idea that we are all created equal. We’re not, and even if we were, life is not fair to most of us. The “Ruling Class” rules such that they stay on top. (Wouldn’t you?) Whether it’s fair or not, they’re not simply going to give up their power.

            Mr. Wermers, if you have some better solutions, let’s hear them. But don’t tell us about “the Middle Class” getting “strong again.” The last thing likely to happen on its own, or through “responsible voting,” is anyone getting “strong again” under the New World Order. The New World Order is a ruled one. That’s why it’s “ordered.” You will be ruled by orders.

            And make no mistake, a New World Order is exactly what this is about. No one here will be invited to help frame it. We’re not part of the ruling class. We are chattel to them. Turning the so-called middle classes into lower classes is merely part of the agenda, the program, the master plan.

            As for “arming citizens,” Todd? Whenever were we supposedly NOT armed? The Bill of Rights presupposed the fact. Our right to keep and bear shall not be screwed with. I thought that was pretty clear stuff.

          • Todd Wermers | April 12, 2016 at 1:51 pm |

            Well, let me clarify because apparantly you thought my post was to disarm individuals. It wasn’t. I own firearms and support the ownership of them. However, that is where it stops. It is unreasonable to believe that armed resistance is going to change our government. Change needs to happen via democracy and the start of that change has to be political revolution, not armed revolution. We are all created equal, we must disagree on that point also.

            Do I have ideas of my own? Certainly. We can start with overturning moneyed interests in our government. We can make our voices heard to overturn the two party, first past the post electoral system. Those two items alone will do more then any type of armament towards reforming our government ever would.

            Once we have representation of the people and by the people, then we can vote individuals in office that are in favor of term limits to mitigate the temptation of political corruption, and then ban former government officials from working in the lobbying industry.

            Those are some for a start.

          • Average Joe American | April 13, 2016 at 10:26 am |

            I did not say I thought your post “was to disarm individuals.” But your notion of “overturning moneyed interests in government” (our government has always involved moneyed interests) and somehow overturning the two-party system is like a bunch of convict prisoners saying, well, first, “we…make our voices heard” and oust the corrupt warden and his sadistic guards, then we open the prison gates so everyone can come and go without let or hindrance. And THEN we set up a new system.

            In other words, you’re saying simply fix the system, so we can set about fixing the system.

            We the People have railed against money in government and the absurdity of a corrupt two-party system since well before the American Civil War. Todd, you’re saying “change needs to happen via…political revolution?”


            You realize, of course, that EVERY politician offers us “political” change(revolution). History has shown us very clearly that we NEVER get what politicians promise us. Never. That is because they are part of the status quo, and that status quo is NOT owned by the political front men and women we are offered by the two-party system, which is bought and paid for by the moneyed interests you say we can somehow simply make go away, I assume by working from within.

            That’s not going to happen, Todd. Why do you imagine the controllers behind the scenes would let such a thing happen? Because a bunch of us want it to happen? Well, those who control the education system, the press, the unelected sprawling government bureaucracy, the police and military, the two-party system and the entire voting system itself don’t want it to happen. So there, convict. Your voice has been heard, now get back in line.

            But be sure and vote again next time.

        • Great post, Berry. And yes, it is indeed lonely…

      • Gandhi gave us the solution in three simple words: Be the change. Quit the job. Sell the big, fat mortgage and all your stuff. Sail away. RV around. Go mountain biking in the desert. Learn to surf. Volunteer doing something you want to learn. Become an artist, Start a cottage business. Start a garden. Simplify your social life. Seek nature. Escape. Buy a farm. Declare your sovereignty. Toss your phone and your TV. Unplug. Start over. Forget politics. Make your own rules.

        That should get you started. You’re welcome.

        • You know that you just contradicted yourself and that the term “bought the farm” means to die horribly. So never tell anyone to “buy a farm” especially after suggesting that one give “everything” up. 😉

          • But I didn’t say, “Bought the farm,” i said “buy.” But I get what you’re saying about it being idiomatic. 😀

          • Close enough. Arrogance aside most of us just can’t “buy a farm”.

          • But some of us can and do. From my window I can see farms from horizon to horizon. Was I being arrogant? I apologize, I was only trying to answer’s Joni’s question about what a person can do besides waiting for the criminals to fix the world. Sorry if that offended you in some way.

          • Just go back and study Gandhi again. I would love a farm, like most sane people

          • There were other choices you can do. Or you can just keyboard warrior anyone who tweaks your short hairs.

          • Don’t be so sensitive. I was just pointing out a few things.

          • So to recap, I’m arrogant, too sensitive, and I need to go back and study Gandhi again, even though I’m doing what you’d love to do but can’t. Thanks for pointing all that out.

          • Your welcome 🙂

          • … and thanks for playing Keyboard Warrior 0.0. Even though you can’t buy a farm, at least you’re good at something….

          • Thank you again, you’re too kind.

        • Doing just that in about an month. I’m tired of playing a rigged game.

      • The tea party was taken over by RINOs before the ink had even dried.

        You wanna get to them? Sincerely support the only candidate that the DNC, RNC, CoC, Federal Reserve, MSM, alternative media, foreign govts, billionaires, the donor class, and the ruling class hate, writing in the candidate if need be, then be part of the revolution that will take place if they finagle the delegates or the election to cause another to win in November.

        • That would be awesome…….if your vote actually counted!!

          • Cyndi Rolla | April 2, 2016 at 6:15 am |

            Read the last clause of the last sentence again.

          • Curt Gunn | April 4, 2016 at 1:47 pm |

            “Revolution”……..yes, I got that, I’m all for it 100%, but exactly how would that turn out? You do realize that this government has every imaginable weapon known to man and some unknown, at their disposal, to wipe out any opposition created by a handful of patriots that would actually rebel when push comes to shove. The present administration has already seen to it, to make us a tiny minority by opening the flood gates to any and all countries who hate us, plus training them and arming them to kill us, let alone the DHS, UN, FEMA and our own (new)military! This has been a long, well thought out plan for many many years by the powers that be. They have made it impossible to win another American revolution, technology alone would wipe us out! Don’t get me wrong, I will be right there because I will not live under tyranny and nothing at all to lose in my life!

          • Cyndi Rolla | April 4, 2016 at 2:15 pm |

            So we should sit back and keep taking it?

            Indignant reactions across the country, Trump supporters rising up in anger independently, protesting in their own ways, knowing themselves and their own unique local situation, not necessarily together as a sitting duck group in one place…the whole system, everywhere, will eventually be disrupted.

            Other disgruntled groups will also rise up, and they will be the most urgent threat. The system will have its hands full, and minions of the system will have to choose who they love and who they don’t because they can’t sit on the fence any longer, they’ll finally have to act in the way they personally think best.

            The International Socialist Establishment will have to show their hand, they’ll have to take off the mask and show their real face, and when they do, almost the whole country will erupt.

            That…Or…we can tuck our tails, continue being entertained (contained and controlled), roll over and pee ourselves and continue being happy that we are SLAVES being treated like repulsive piles of insignificant crap, waiting for our MASTERS to decide what to do with us when, where, and how.

            TRUMP 2016
            SPREAD THE WORD!

          • Curt Gunn | April 4, 2016 at 4:03 pm |

            Awesome!!! If we can get a rise from every other patriot like I got out of you Cyndi Rolla, then we’re good to go, and my work here is done! 😉

          • Cyndi Rolla | April 4, 2016 at 4:21 pm |

            Here’s to success! ?

            TRUMP 2016
            SPREAD THE WORD!

          • Todd Wermers | April 9, 2016 at 7:57 am |

            Trump 2016. The very man who is part of the problem is going to save us? Laughable… at best. The only thing a Trump Presidency will end up doing is enriching the billionaire class even further while the boot of repression steps down harder on everyone else.

          • billdeserthills | April 8, 2016 at 2:40 pm |

            Who told you that you weren’t living under tyranny?

      • I’ll stick my neck out. Kill the elites (not their underage children, though… kids are always innocent). This has to be taken apart from the top down. Stop fighting each other and stop fighting the conditioned sheeple and go after the ones who are orchestrating this all from the top! Seriously, they’ve been tracked back through generations to most of the mess happening all over the world and yet almost no one talks about going after them, it’s always going after their puppets or tricked people with petty bickering at best and threats of violence (or actual violence) at worse! Of course nothing’s changed, the puppet masters have never been removed it’s always the puppets that get attacked! I know we can’t technically talk on social media like this, I know this might get me in major trouble but that is, as far as I can tell, the solution. They plan on depopulating the world by between 85%-95% so I don’t believe peaceful noncompliance will work, they want to kill most of us off and replace us with robots. you guys don’t have to reply, that would put you in danger but knowing this I am willing to say what I believe HAS to be said. They’ve been playing whole societies, cultures, nations for fools throughout history and never get any flak. We see what they do year after year and the corrupt system claims they are too big to go after and yet if nothing is done they WILL win. It’s not the refugees, it’s not the feminists or the LGBT community, it’s not the (insert name of race here including us for the leftists out there), it’s not ANYONE in the general public! it’s NOT the average joe/jane from any culture that is the source of all this, it’s the ELITES! We’ve been scrapping with each other for far too long, the real threat manipulates BOTH sides of each conflict, they reap the benefits of the chaos they cause! The ONLY way to stop all of this is to REMOVE them from power!

        • Well, don’t we have (supposedly) the strongest military in the world to protect us(Americans) from any harm by our own government? No wait, the Elitists have them in other countries sacrificing their lives to protect terrorist countries and their precious oil and minerals, mean while allowing our government to wipe their butts with our Constitution!…..Appears we are, and have been for quite sometime, on our own!!

      • it is hard and costly to do. but please keep trying.

      • Here is a plan for you. DO NOT vote for any incumbent! FIRE congress and start with fresh blood (with the exception of Trey Gowdy who heads the Benghazi investigation!) Invoke term limits, and eliminate career politicians!

      • You start by voting for politicians who want to overturn Citizens United. Only getting money out of government will give us the voice that is our right. Then, you start by voting someone in office who will break up the big banks and corporations. Next step is you support someone who will NOT agree to trade deals that enrich the 1% and strip the middle class. Finally, you vote for someone who refuses to throw our poor to the middle east as cannon fodder, thereby enriching the military industrial complex. That is how you change our political system. The only individual who IS middle class and has SUPPORTED them for the last 30 years is Bernie Sanders. He has been on the right side of history throughout. Examine his record, watch him speak. Look at his lifestyle and family. He is the only pol that believes in true family values and middle class freedom.

      • My 1st solution is to STOP HANDING THEM YOUR MONEY! Don’t put your money into institutions that SUPPORT the system. Build yourself a place in most any National Forest; I have a concrete and rock place built in the Coconino National Forest in Arizona. Lived in it for 3 years (before moving out of State), doubt that anyone has found it (looks like a rock formation, have to move a good sized boulder just to get to the door.).

        Think outside of the box they want you in……

      • here is a ONE . COPY paste . there are other places other than the BROKEN U.S.A. . . .This is why I left the U.S. I found a small village in Salamanca GTO Mexico. I live in a NICE 33 foot Coachmen Catalina. I have my money and all my personal stuff. I am now the wealthiest poor person in this part of Mexico. And need I tell you all, my food is free of chemicals, and fresh, free roaming, farm raised cows and chickens. And deep well water so clean it’s a JOKE TO EVEN THINK OF LOOKING BACK! Sorry to break the news to everyone , the U.S. is not the only beautiful place in the world. . . Get out of the BUBBLE / BOX ! And if everyone notices , there is no record of how many U.S. Citizens are leaving the U.S. in search of FREEDOM . . Think about this. . .

    • what do yousuggest, the courts re corrupt like the federal DOJ?

    • I wont believe anyone is upset about anything at all until I see politicians living in fear of our guns.

    • This is why I left the U.S. I found a small village in Salamanca GTO Mexico. I live in a NICE 33 foot Coachmen Catalina. I have my money and all my personal stuff. I am now the wealthiest poor person in this part of Mexico. And need I tell you all, my food is free of chemicals, and fresh, free roaming, farm raised cows and chickens. And deep well water so clean it’s a JOKE TO EVEN THINK OF LOOKING BACK! Sorry to break the news to everyone , the U.S. is not the only beautiful place in the world. . . Get out of the BUBBLE / BOX ! And if everyone notices , there is no record of how many U.S. Citizens are leaving the U.S. in search of FREEDOM . . Think about this. . .

  12. The proposed rule may well end up becoming declared unconstitutional because of the Fourth Amendment, which starts off by saying, “The right of the people to be secure in their
    persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and
    seizures, shall not be violated…” They’re clearly trying to save the banksters, who stand to lose big time if people start building and buying houses they don’t have to mortgage their futures to own.

    • I think you are right about the protection of the banks. I built a very basic off grid cabin, well insulated with a wood stove, tub and kitchen sink, a door and two large windows for $3,500. This was 5 years ago. Fortunately I have the land (patented). Been toying with the idea to invite others with mobile tiny homes to set up camp to freak out the local bureaucrats.

  13. I have traveled around this country in an RV twice for one year periods, in 2003 and again last year. There are thousands of people living in their RVs all over the country and this trend is growing. Campgrounds that used to host just weekend or passing-through campers have turned over much of their space to semi-permanent residents, most of whom travel for their jobs and have found living in an RV the best way to do their work. Some work seasonally, many are professionals whose job requires them to travel to work sites. I have met engineers, bridge inspectors, regional sales people, artists, etc. HUD can make all the silly rules they want to but there is no real way to enforce keeping thousands of people from doing what they do.

    • Too true Olde Soul, so many now just passing through

      Very soon, there shall be no cash, just the mark of that well known microchip beast, out-of-the-matrix trading then an alternative way, however, many shan’t survive the hidden hand parlay.

  14. How many bureacrats and how much money was spent to come up with this? When will we stop funding the people who would enslave us to their will? Silly me we don’t fund that machine it’s self funding, printing money out of thin air. Death by a thousand burea-rats.

  15. Air quality regs make it illegal to breath,,, or fart.

  16. Buy more ammo. You are going to need it.

  17. With the 1st Woman President due sometime soon with Dump as the Vice President, all is not yet lost in America as the rest of the populations consider the ramifications of being in North American Union.


  19. The HUD can go screw.

  20. So how’s that so-called “freedom” GWB claimed they “hate” you for workin’ out for ya in the so-called greatest bestest most wonderfulest country in the whole big wide world? Hmm?

  21. Why is anything small synonymos with poverty or bad economy.
    Thats a litle bitt of line.
    I have an 200 sqm house, and over the years we have learned one thing, its way to bigg, specaly if you have to do all the cleaning your self and maintance, if the structure is organic, as trees.

    I personally like this small ones, seen 20-30 sqm with an fantastic simple and briliant solutions.
    I could squice an shower and a sauna into that to, what more can one ask for.
    And I like windows, I have my self from floor to roof, straight out our fjord.
    But have no problems inside and among living forest, and you have never a moment alone, live with the nabours and talk to them, you can sitt inside and watch the world right out side, and belive me, after some time the animals cetts used to you and they can be entertaining as well.
    Never an doll moment in the forest.

    And the expences is at bare minimum, and I dont see any reason for compromising sice with luxury, nope, an good old fasion barrel bath is good for old and weary bones, and a reef…..sorry, sorry in this times to be more PC an drink.

    And after some years, you can pack it, stack it and move to another lcation.


    • It’s those doll moments that tend to lighten up the landscape, understandably.

      Great share, hvaiallverden, retain the design upon that line, fjords at the door, the wise wouldn’t ask for more, barrels on the reef, I’d even bring my surfboard 😉

  22. Paradise To Me: So I’ll meet you in a secret place when the sun goes down..

    So that shabby little hut down by the sea is under threat, hmmm, the canyon shan’t capitulate any time yet, ye can bet!

  23. Is there any need for this? I didn’t get that in the article. Government should respond to the needs of the people and I don’t see any need here, just anonymous questions by Someone.
    They just want you to pay more of their damn property taxes (also known as Rent). It’s always about $$$.

  24. here is another thing we should blame on Muslims,,,why not? they have been the scapegoat used by zionists who control our country.

  25. Then HUD has to GUARANTEE EVERY American a high paying job so they can AFFORD a big house …. Further, HUD has to INSPECT every single rental unit in America to ensure it is up to code.
    It is called UNFUNDED MANDATE …… you cannot demand people pay for something when they don’t have the MONEY

  26. How about we just MOVE INTO HUD’s houses. Where do HUD “workers” live? Just squat in THEIR houses.

  27. Agenda 21 step by step to get us into high density housing except for the elites of course.

    You can also bet some special interest is behind this in the manufactured home industry.

  28. UnderTheBedMonster | April 1, 2016 at 3:49 pm |

    Well, they will have to shut down that tv show Tiny Houses that caters to these tiny homes. If someone wants to live in such a small space….let them. The govt is terrified the people won’t pay real estate taxes for their McMansions and losing local money and the greedy bankers making millions off the loan interest…..also people won’t be guzzling electric in a tiny home….but idiots like Obozo wants to smash you over the head with carbon taxes via higher electric bills.

    Has it ever dawned on you that we are being engineered to not get ahead……..unless we are a millionaire? and that the govt wants us dead and dead broke…..and working for peanuts for big corporations……for the remainder of our lives.

  29. Hahahaha. America Exceptional for Exceptional Americans. Karma is paying back for Exceptional America’s Crimes Against Humanity since 1945.

  30. They can’t make it retroactive and they can’t regulate anything <400sf.

  31. I am sick of this….

  32. If everyone quit going to work for just 3 days, the system would fail. Trillions would be lost. The system would have to give in and change the laws we demand they change.
    We need to set a date and do it!
    April 15th- 17th.!

  33. But it was ok for people to live in FEMA trailers and “Tiny” homes indefinitely after Hurricane Katrina!

  34. I’d like to see a retrospective on the people who are ‘the tiny house movement.’

  35. Diversity means chasing down the last white person. Freedom now. Freedom from enforced, genocidal ‘diversity’.

    This is yet another form of government control and coercion.

  36. The Home Building Lobby fights back, eh? Aren’t you proud to live in a
    nation who’s lawmaker’s and regulatory agencies are controlled by well
    monied corporations? This is exactly the reason we do NOT have a true
    system of “capitalism,” but rather one of “corporate-collectivism,”
    which some call an “Oligarchy.”

  37. I read they were putting people in shipping containers on the outskirts of London due to the sky high prices of rents.

  38. Around 20 million Americans live in mobile homes, many of them also travel around state to state to avoid paying income tax, working just a few months in each state so as to avoid mandatory income tax, which becomes payable in any state upon residing and working there after a certain period. Therein lies the ‘problem’ that the Feds are trying to ‘remedy’.

  39. Then stop the people who manufacture these units. Most campgrounds and trailer parks will not allow older homes today. The manufacturers sold these to people for a huge profit….and now tell us they are too old to live in…or illegal. ? I am trying to sell my vintage mobile home….because there is no place to legally live in it. But it was legal for someone to make it and sell it back in the day?

  40. Its bad when the world will not allow you to live honorably as a poor person…..or as a minimalist who does not want a big home.

  41. Tiny homes and old trailers are illegal…..because there is no big tax money to collect from them.

  42. They would rather have people homeless than self sufficient in a tiny home or trailer or camper. When people cannot afford expensive rent or to build a large home a tiny home or trailer becomes a great option. Tiny homes, trailers or campers can help prevent homelessness. Living in a tiny home, trailer, or camper is far better than living on the street and unshielded wouldn’t you say? Living in a tiny home or trailer may also allow some people to live on and farm their land affordably. Why won’t the government just stay out of people’s lives? Just let the people live. They do not own the people. Stop being so power hungry. Stop trying to control the people. Let the people be self sufficient. Let the people make a Living and survive. Stop trying to make it so hard or impossible to get by. Government is by the people for the people. Not by a few tyrannical big shot dictators or rich elite. Poor people need to survive and make a living. Stop trying to force more people homeless and on the streets, let them live in a small house or trailer or camper. Let people be resourceful and self sufficient and stay off the streets.

  43. Violators will be sentenced to live in FEMA Detention Camps

  44. No Eileen. Consider this: every 4 years we have same-ole, same-ole rhetoric from the same ole liars telling same ole tired lies. Remember all the other lies they tell continuously, “CAN WE DO IT?! YES WE CAN!” “IF YOU LIKE YOUR DOCTOR, YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DOCTOR…” “READ MY LIPS: NO NEW TAXES!”

    Politicians are LIARS. Trump is a liar also. Don’t be misled. Liars lie, that’s what they do. So really, what you are wanting from your fellow Americans is to go back asleep and mindlessly believe liars. Not gonna happen, Eileen. Americans are waking up to the beast system that gobbles up our lives.

    • So true. Keep trying to tell people Pyra, so they stop voting for their own enslavement.

      • I just posted this , , copy past, , This is why I left the U.S. I found a small village in Salamanca GTO Mexico. I live in a NICE 33 foot Coachmen Catalina. I have my money and all my personal stuff. I am now the wealthiest poor person in this part of Mexico. And need I tell you all, my food is free of chemicals, and fresh, free roaming, farm raised cows and chickens. And deep well water so clean it’s a JOKE TO EVEN THINK OF LOOKING BACK! Sorry to break the news to everyone , the U.S. is not the only beautiful place in the world. . . Get out of the BUBBLE / BOX ! And if everyone notices , there is no record of how many U.S. Citizens are leaving the U.S. in search of FREEDOM . . Think about this. . .

    • Then there is only one option and Americans will never do it. You can not elect a Republican or a Democrat to any office in America what so ever no can you elect anyone who use to be either. except in very low level jobs dog catcher.

    • Reverse speech recordings of Trump show that he believes what he is saying; not so with ANY other candidate. Just sayin…….

    • This is why I left the U.S. I found a small village in Salamanca GTO Mexico. I live in a NICE 33 foot Coachmen Catalina. I have my money and all my personal stuff. I am now the wealthiest poor person in this part of Mexico. And need I tell you all, my food is free of chemicals, and fresh, free roaming, farm raised cows and chickens. And deep well water so clean it’s a JOKE TO EVEN THINK OF LOOKING BACK! Sorry to break the news to everyone , the U.S. is not the only beautiful place in the world. . . Get out of the BUBBLE / BOX ! And if everyone notices , there is no record of how many U.S. Citizens are leaving the U.S. in search of FREEDOM . . Think about this. . .

  45. Where in the HUD release did it say that it would, or “might” be illegal to live in a tiny home or RV illegal?

  46. Your in luck! They have an antidote! It’s called a re education camp.

  47. WTF?

  48. vote for Bernie while we still have the freedom to !

  49. Then there is the anchored out crowed –pretty soon – we can take to the water, create are waterworld place – even then- you must pay rent and debt —— if you are SSDI everyone hates you, despised, you hide in mountains live on the fringe —- Fu–(ck)

  50. People are still living in FEMA trailers so this cannot work. I really doubt that they will make it illegal. If the one your living in is not safe to live in, that’s a different story. Not meeting safety guidelines makes home insurance policies go up.

  51. My RV is stuffed with illegal aliens and pot , because the FEDs have done a super job on their crack down.

  52. Trump does not want the poor people on HIS streets in RVs, street homeless, or in some low cost small house. Trump is about making him, his family, and other rich people richer, he does not care about the poor, sick, disabled. The rich do not want a middle class, only rich and the poor who will work for them for cheap wages.

  53. I’ve watched Trump since the seventies when he was a shallow self promoter in NYC. The only change today is the NYC.

  54. Thank your globalist. Many live in tiny houses.

  55. Whaa….? As in “What are you smoking?” This rule change does nothing of the sort. It simply extends basic safety and housing standards (enforced by HUD) to tiny homes that had before now been slipping under the radar as “recreational” housing. You can still have a tiny home. Just not one that doesn’t meet basic safety standards.

  56. Nothing to see here. This is about what design and regulations apply, it has nothing to do with prohibiting someone was living is small housing units.

    Since 1976 the design and manufacturing of manufacturing housing (formally known as mobile homes) has been regulated by HUD. Prior to this, there was very loose and inconsistent regulation at the state levels. Since these units are subject to interstate commerce is was (and is) appropriate for these units to be regulated at the federal level.

    RV’s are not and never have been manufactured housing. RV’s are regulated by a standard published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) which is considered to be the industry standard. This rule simply makes it clear that RV’s are not designed and built to the same standards as manufactured housing.

    The rule in no way would prohibit someone was living in an RV. Any prohibition on living in an RV on a permanent basis would be a local law/zoning issue. Same concept as local law/zoning establishing where manufacturing housing units maybe located.

    RV’s tend to be designed and constructed so as to be self-contained (i.e. potable water storage, gray water storage, power), while manufactured housing units are designed to use site utilities. RV’s units are also designed to meet DOT requirements to be towed or operated on public highways as part of normal use Manufactured housing units are only designed to be transported to an installation site.

    Get off the conspiracy bandwagon.

  57. Judy Kirkham-Beville | April 4, 2016 at 12:41 pm |

    Goddamn their greedy, bullshit, DC ways. Screw em. If we all don’t comply, they can’t win.

  58. I think what is happening is really the RV, buses and 5th wheal manufacturer and dealers are trying to stop the tiny house movement. Probably losing money. They are willing to give up on RV’s to make it look as if they are being attacked by this unfair rule, but really it is to corner the market. I am certain something is in this proposal that only buses and 5th wheels could serve as a year round home. Too many elderly that like to travel seasonally otherwise for years at a time.

    The only other concern is the appropriate construction of a tiny home to be able to be moved frequently. Anyone can build them and they don’t need to meet any building codes. They could be dangerous to move on American road ways. Oh, and who want a village of hobo’s as neighbors staying in grandmas back yard. Tiny homes are great cottages and on their own property. But safety first when it comes to moving them.

  59. As a 40 year builder developer i am selling all in zio fake jewmerica . All has been destroyed by world bankers and Wall st bankers. Owning any real estate here is doomed. If you don’t take the chip you cannot pay your taxes = cashless society and they will not take gold and silver. And now you cannot live in a motorhome etc.
    I am out of this mark of the beast system.

  60. We do know that HUD doesn’t create laws, right? Congress does? Governmental agencies generate and implement regulations. Isn’t it perfectly reasonable that some structures are capable of supporting a certain weight and others not?

  61. Those tiny houses/vans have been around for 20 years. I did a business feature on a company building them in Colorado back in 1996.

  62. What is the name of this proposed legislation so I can tell our reps that I object to it?

  63. Coming soon to a city near you. They intend to crush us

  64. owners of RV’s and tiny houses could care less about such laws. those that do are too narrowminded and foolish to live independently and can only suffer mightily for ever talking to government. Just donwjat you want because that is the American Way.

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  67. Get HUD decrees OUT of our civil liberties!
    Screw them!

  68. If they do that I will become a card carrying Communist.

  69. its just saying that they want to change there own classifications on whether its a home or a recreational vehicle its not a new law its the editing of a rule under hud procedures. rv are not classified as permanent residence Because they were not designed to be a permanent residence it doesn’t mean you cant live in one.

  70. Totally bogus post. The proposed regulation has only to do with RV’s and has no impact on permanent homes of any size. Those are governed by local building regulations. The new regs pertain to RV safety only.

  71. really well as for me any one will do but Trump or Hilary, i wouldn’t give Trump a vote if you paid me .

  72. If you can’t afford to live in a “Trump Tower” with the big gold sign, Mr. Trump has no interest in you. His interest is only to live in a big White House with his trophy model wife(s) to show off to his rich buddies. He does not want you in the Mar-a-Lago Club either, with its $100K entry fee. Come to NYC to check out what Mr. Trump thinks is “affordable housing”

  73. Kelly Elliott-Young | April 12, 2016 at 3:08 pm |

    of course they do because they the greedy asshats in this govmnt can’t make any money from you…

  74. Stoopid libtards voting for totalitarian traitors like Obamao.

  75. Shut up libtard

  76. My husband and I love our Park Model. The government can go to you know where.

  77. Just got towed from 24 Fitness in Huntington Beach. Warner and Springdale
    Call james at 714-356-6606 to find out that this is really about. He said some new law passed about not being able to “Live in the System”.

  78. TIME to start taking these treasonous law makers and hang them.

  79. You can’t tell people where they can live. That is ethnically prejudice against over people that want to live a travel life. You know on the go, and only having to buy land. The RV nation, and the little homes nation. They are real. Plus affordable for people that cant afford a house, house. So just stop.

  80. It’s actually not true.

  81. I’d like to see them try this.

  82. I believe I’ve BEEN hearing that tiny homes are illegal; it’s just that it isn’t really enforced without complaints. Ticks me off, though. We’re a low income couple (although I earned a BBA with honors), and a special needs, adult child who wants independence but not be away from us, either. In a couple years, we’ll either let her move into a group home, or save up for a place she can live, perhaps in our backyard. She can come inside to use the bathroom and use the kitchen, but would have simple appliances to be as independent as possible. I hate that it can’t be a tiny house.


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  89. I recently got a 33 foot Coachmen , Packed all my stuff , and went West / South, No longer under the Government thumb. Took my money, and will invest it in Central and South America. Best of luck to the U.S. as I see it is almost gone. I’m not hanging around for them to lock me up , keep my RV, sale it at auction to the highest bidder, so the Judge and police can get a paycheck. And then collect $35,000.00 + a year to house me . Nope! I am FREE of all the control, of the U.S. Government. There is a NEW movement going on , I am leading it. People of the United States, this country is NOT the only beautiful place in the world. Don’t fall for the’ U.S. is the BEST ‘ it is not. Not anymore.

  90. I don’t think that it will be illegal to live in a tiny house. If you are receiving HUD or Section 8 assistance to pay the rent on your tiny home, you might want to housing options that are not designed for recreation.

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  95. Everett Robyne Baldwin | October 30, 2016 at 10:09 pm |

    With a serious lack of affordable housing for people in that income bracket, and pretty much everyone else, where then, would the millions of people already living in RV’s live? Would they then join the ranks of the homeless after having their homes declared “illegal?” The people behind this legislation need their “stupid” sign! This is bureaucratic insanity at it’s finest. They are just p—ed because they aren’t getting to rip them off for high property taxes. This proposed “rule” from HUD is a dud. Contact your federal congressman and senator and loudly voice your objections!

  96. Government and local laws and ordinances. They better jump back, I for one am fed up with laws and ordinances for everything. There IS going to be a revolution and I will be in it. You spend your life paying for a house that you now own and the local ordinances say what you are or are not allowed to do to it. Hopefully TRUMP will make America great again….. Just saying… Lock and Load

  97. And they wonder why we voted for Trump

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  102. Mostly from what I’ve seen, as far as ‘tiny houses’ go, it’s usually people who are under 40. Nowadays I see people wanting space as they get older. From what I’ve seen on the HGTV type shows, one of the first things people say after they walk into one is “not quite big enough”. I see it as a fad, when they start growing a family, they are going to want a bigger house.

  103. Yeah HUD ! Way to go! Creating more homeless ppl. Do they think ppl wanna become homeless like some kind of advantage? Heartless bitches! Government ain’t for the ppl, they only serve the rich! Capatalistic, heartless bs!

  104. Yeah! Good going HUD for trying to create more homeless ppl! Do they think ppl wanna be homeless like some kind of advantage?The govt. are not here for u they only serve the rich! Capitalistic bs!

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