Doctors On Demand: Would You Use an Uber for Doctors?

By Learn Liberty

“Doctors On Demand: Would You Use an Uber for Doctors?” presented by Learn Liberty. What if seeing a doctor could be easy as getting an Uber? Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center Adam Thierer looks at one of the newest innovations on the free-market frontier of health care. Doctors are making real house calls arranged by new smartphone apps. Would you use an app like this to see a doctor in your own home? Should an “Uber for Doctors” app be regulated by the government?


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9 Comments on "Doctors On Demand: Would You Use an Uber for Doctors?"

  1. gee maybe dr.’s could use uber to show up at a patients place – actually make house calls – so novel.
    BTW: I don’t have a Dr. and will not ever go to the Dr.s office that is full of germs and synthetic prescription drugs – ugg nope.

  2. emmanuelozon | March 16, 2016 at 8:08 pm | Reply

    On demand house calls… just like on demand movies, and on demand sports, etc. Comes at a price for one. And you need a smart phone for an app, along with the cost of the smart phone’s service.

    I wouldn’t be able to use it if I wanted to, because I won’t have a smart phone. Damn; don’t have any credit cards either. Whatever will I do?

    • Yvonne Forsman | March 17, 2016 at 6:46 pm | Reply

      You better get a credit card b/c cash is about to disappear.

      • stand firm and DON’T GET a credit card, nor use bitcoin, nor use swipey chippy cards then cash will still be needed

        • It’s not up to you, nor I, nor anyone, it’s up to the Illuminati owned bankers and government leaders, so yeah load up on cash and one day you’ll find it worthless because possession of paper currency carries the penalty of death.

  3. Patients are now customers ,um nice sales pitch

  4. “Permissionless Innovation”. So the Medical establishment is turning into a Fast-food. Plus the Wright brothers were trying to invent something out of nothing with no casualties… You’re dealing with people’s lives here! Why waste my breathe, i’m sure people will be requesting this “awesome” new service.!!

  5. I like this idea. Isn’t this what use to be in the old days? House call for the doctor is nothing new. The drug company may not like this.

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