Zika: The Gene-Editing Fix That Will Blow You Away

genetic engineeringBy Jon Rappoport

It’s real, and it’s ready.

“Logic students used to learn: you can have a perfectly valid argument, even if your premises, your first assumptions are completely false. Well, if the argument is about politics, your conclusion will be insane. Implementing the conclusion will earn you praise as you destroy lives. What we’re talking about here is a species of mind control.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

What’s the latest solution to the virus that causes nothing?

Here we go.

Punch line: MIT Technology Review, 2/8/16: “We have the technology to destroy all Zika mosquitoes.”

A controversial genetic technology able to wipe out the mosquito carrying the Zika virus will be available within months, scientists say.

The technology, called a ‘gene drive,’ was demonstrated only last year in yeast cells, fruit flies, and a species of mosquito that transmits malaria. It uses the gene-snipping technology CRISPR to force a genetic change to spread through a population as it reproduces.

Three U.S. labs that handle mosquitoes, two in California and one in Virginia, say they are already working toward a gene drive for Aedes aegypti, the type of mosquito blamed for spreading Zika. If deployed, the technology could theoretically drive the species to extinction. (emphasis added)

‘We could have it easily within a year,’ says Anthony James, a molecular biologist at the University of California, Irvine.

Any release of a gene drive in the wild would be hotly debated by ecologists…But with Zika sowing fear across Latin America and beyond, the technology is likely to get a closer look. ‘Four weeks ago we were trying to justify why we are doing this. Now they’re saying “Get the lead out,”’ says James. ‘It’s absolutely going to change the conversation.’

No kidding.

Unforeseen consequences? Unpredicted results? Ecological domino effect? Transfer of genes from mosquitoes to humans? Don’t be silly. All is well. Don’t worry, be happy. Move straight ahead with your mouth shut and your eyes closed.

In previous articles, I’ve been reviewing the basics of covert ops, because Zika fits the bill. In this case, take a virus that causes nothing, falsely link it to a tragic condition (babies born with small heads and brain damage), and then slide in the real agendas. I’ve already spelled out some of those plans, which are materializing in front of our eyes.

Gene editing is a towering plan: technocrats don’t like a species—wipe it out.

Build up the threat with lies and obfuscations and false science and wall-to-wall propaganda—then introduce the grand solution.

Depopulation turns out to be easy. Just reconfigure genes. Snip-snip.

The Zika virus isn’t “sowing fear,” as the MIT Review claims. The World Health Organization is inventing that fear. In the 70 years since Zika was discovered, it has, at worst, caused mild transient illness. Now, suddenly, it’s supposed to be creating radical birth defects. Of course, the Brazilian researchers can only find a possible correlation between Zika and the birth defect in 17 cases. Seventeen. Maybe.

But never mind. Wipe out all the mosquitoes that may be carrying Zika. Wipe out the whole species.

And come to think of it, could a case be made that certain human populations are destructive and, well, superfluous? There are people who think so. They also think that, in the onrush of automation and AI, efficient robots could replace those useless populations.

Face it. Despite all the warnings about viruses running out of control and wiping out half the world, the depopulation freaks just haven’t been able to put a dent in the global population. They hope, they pray, but no dice.

However, they have been able to produce one result: planting fear of viruses in humans. They’re adequate to that task. So wake up and smell the cover story.

You can’t handle the truth about vaccines (Ad)

“In order to destroy the imminent threat of viruses and save the human race, we must turn to cutting-edge technology: gene editing. That’s our ultimate hope.”

Destroy the village in order to save it.

Here are the final paragraphs of the MIT article:

But a gene drive [gene editing] can also make mosquito populations disappear. The simplest way to do that is to spread a genetic payload that leads to only male offspring. As the ‘male-only’ instructions spread with each new generation, eventually there would be no females left, says Adelman. His lab discovered the Aedes aegypti gene that determines sex only last spring. The next step will be to link it to a gene drive.

Kevin Esvelt, a gene-drive researcher at MIT’s Media Lab who has been outspoken about the need to proceed cautiously, also thinks Aedes aegypti eradication should be the goal, so long as the public is onboard and the safety of the idea proved.

‘Technologically, we could probably do it in a couple of years,’ says Esvelt. ‘I’m sure we’ll be able to do it before people can agree if we should.’

Did you get that last piece? The “cautious” scientist says: what the hell, let’s eliminate a whole species if “the public is onboard” and we prove it’s safe.

How to prove safety before launch? Hard to say. Basically, try it and then we’ll know. Vote for the bill and then you can read what’s in it. Allow a global explosion of GMO crops based on zero science about health and economic consequences, and see what happens. Expand the list of mandated vaccines for children from six to 60 and see what happens. Spray poisonous pesticides all over the planet and see what happens.

Only cranks and conspiracists and rubes and yokels and Luddites and tree huggers and bitter clingers oppose the march of science. How about editing their genes? It would make things so much easier.

Wipe out the mosquitoes. One small step for man, one giant step for mankind. Today, the mosquito, tomorrow the (fill in the blank).

The mind plays tricks:

“Listen, we’re not talking about depopulation in general. Don’t be silly. We’re just going to wipe out one species of very troublesome insect that’s wreaking havoc. Come on. It’s just once. We’ll never do it again. We’re not crazy. We’re researchers. Just give us a chance. Please. We want to launch the experiment and watch it with joy. That’s what we do. Just once. It’s our present under the Xmas tree.”

Why not? All you have to do is forget the giant clue that’s clubbing you on the head:

The virus they’re going to stop causes nothing.

What are they counting on? They’re counting on you not being able to believe the virus causes nothing. They’re betting on that.

They’re betting you’re in the trance they created.

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

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The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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39 Comments on "Zika: The Gene-Editing Fix That Will Blow You Away"

  1. We had a solution but the depopulation psychos banned it back in the 70’s. It’s called DDT. Before it was banned, it saved millions of lives. But because of the ban, millions have died, and millions more will continue to die.

    • DDT may appear to be a solution. What the truth in this case is though, there exists no problem. What Jon Rappoport is pointing out is that Brazilian medical teams could only _maybe_ link 17 cases of babies born defected to the virus _maybe_ carried by these mosquitoes. There is no definitive or empirical proof these babies had the mosquitoes as vectors for causing their defects. There’s a lot of , “well, we can only guess here” going on. So, using DDT fogging really is no solution. There is no problem. Ergo, there does _not_ need to be a solution.

      Toxicology has to consider a plethora of vectors. _Maybe_ these babies were born defected due to poverty adversely effecting their mother’s diets? _Maybe_ the defects are from the presence of iron in the environment? _Maybe_, just _maybe_ it is random chance left ascribed to what a lot of Christians dub “G*d’s will”? All in all, no one seems keen to offer a directly linked and empirical proof of cause. They can only guess. Life does that. Suggesting that is a problem, you may as well roll over and accept carbon taxing as well.

      • I agree that Zika is a total sham, but malaria and other diseases continue to kill millions of people and DDT was a total success at stopping that. The psychos came up with all kinds of reasons to ban it, all proven false. So there are real problems out there with real solutions, but they will not be addressed because it doesn’t fit the agenda of the Bankster Cartel.

        • You have no idea what you’re talking about and you’re spreading lies. I remember VERY WELL when DDT was used and the results were catastrophic. Your idea is to kill the village in order to save it and that has never worked.

        • While I can agree to two things you posit, I do not collude with your solution.

          I agree there in deed, in action very real problems and they have very real solutions. For example if we had the political will to do so, there exists no lack of food to continually and indefinitely feed everyone on the planet at least five pounds of food per day. There does not ever need to be any hunger on this planet, anyone who suggests their is a resource scarcity is selling you a load of dung.

          Problem: People on Earth starve daily.
          Solution: Work toward creating the political/social will to free labor, logistics, distribution to get food to people.

          I agree that much is done against humanity by Bankers or if you prefer to get gritty about it, Khazar ( Look them up. Think you’ll realize if you’re Caucasian you may trace linage back to Khazars who live/d around the Caucasus mountains.). See the above problem for one thing these folks do, they create the problem by telling the fib that food is scarce. They enslave political will to not free up labor, logistics, distribution to get food to people.

          I do not agree that DDT is a solution to this _seeming_ problem. I in fact do not see it as a problem. I see it as yet another shell game, fear mongering bit of propaganda. I do understand that yes, if there is means of control/s in place DDT can be used effectively and _maybe_ even safely. But I disagree that DDT’s use here is warranted or merited.

          • I don’t know about the Khazars, but lots of peoples went through the Caucasus mountains, amoung them the Northern Tribes of Israel, and went on to populate Europe and America. I doubt that whoever the Khazars are that they are the only banksters that have brought such misery to the world. This has been going on since civilization itself in Mesopotamia beginning with the mystery religions which put such a strangle hold on the masses. But I do believe that if we got rid of the most dangerous religion of all – government – that there would be no starvation, because freedom of human action would automatically move the food where there is the most demand. But the fact is DDT saved MILLIONS of lives while it was being used and cost millions of lives, mostly in poor countries, where it is now banned.

            You should really listen to Stefan Molyneux’s video that I posted below.

      • Yes, it is God’s will if God is Monsanto!!! The infamous toxic herbicide Glyphosate used on GMO and non-GMO crops causes birth defects! Brazil is the world 3rd largest grower and exporter of GMO corps. Glyphosate also causes infertility. Brazil has seen their birth rates drop from 6 children per woman to less than 2 children per woman, to the astonishment of health scientists world wide. Get rid of the corrupted governments paid by the international chemical industry and you will get rid of diseases! Outlaw GMO, outlaw Glyphosate, bankrupt Monsanto, grow organic! Vote with your dollars, shop at your local farmer’s market!

        • Planning on doing even better. Hoping to soon move from where we live. Where we move will be a small homestead. We will grow our garden from heritage seed and use new gardening methods to garden smarter not harder.

          One such method I am given thought about is The Alaska Grow Bucket method. Anyone can look that up in any search engine. The basic plans and pictures on how to do it are freely available. Or, you can get the ‘inventor’ to send you a kit.

          Another method I’m thinking about is aqua-ponics. We can then raise Talapia / Perch fish for dinner, sell, trade. That method too is easily enough seen and comprehended via search engine search. Look up Growing Power and see how it’s done. You’ll find at least several videos what demonstrate the basic concepts.

          We’ll also be far enough rurally that there is limited chance of bad cross pollination. Even so, may even garden in a structure called a walipini. This will let us grow cabbage, tomatoes, eggplant, all sorts of other yummy vegetables nearly all year round if not all year round. It will also supply protection against pollutions, insects to a degree ( planning on using beneficial ones ).

          Of course, our dogs will roam our little patch freely. I may even grow a few bramble berry patches here and there. Do no count to come looking out for us. We’ll see you clear enough. 🙂

    • Huh?? DDT killed lots of people and very nearly drove many bird and other species to extinction. The golden eagle, condor and many songbirds were nearly extinct. DDT KILLS, it doesn’t save lives.

    • Yeah, don’t worry your little warrior head about all those birds and animals that almost went extinct. We should bring back Agent Orange, too. Who needs trees and plants?


      • I see you’ve been brainwashed by the over-population propaganda about DTT. Check out Stefan Molyneux’s video, The Truth about The Zika Virus Outbreak. Scroll down the comments and you will see the link to it.

        • I have not been brainwashed. Molyneux’s anti-environmentalist stand fails to consider one very important fact: DDT does kill mosquitoes, along with everything else it touches, including people. He’s an idiot.

          • Well if facts won’t convince you, what do you call it if not brainwashing?

          • I was studying biology in college when DDT was wreaking havoc on earth and Molyneaux was probably still wearing Pampers. Facts are watching things die in massive numbers with own eyes. Or you could get your facts fed to you by some guy on YouTube.

          • “I was studying biology in college when DDT…”
            So you got your brainwashing in college. That explains it.

          • Ya, okay. Since I am still working in eagle rehab to this day, I guess I don’t know squat.

            There is quite a discussion on YouTube involving flat earth theory, go get some facts.

          • Wow, working in eagle rehab. It so encouraging to see those eagles wanting to get off of that crystal meth and live a clean life! Perhaps you should try it yourself.
            You’re a true environmental wacko.

            And you’re a flat earther too. Devastating what that meth does to people.

          • I am not a flat earther, I was making a point about the kind of BS that’s on YouTube, duh.

          • Well you may think that because he put this on YouTube that it’s BS, but did you bother to check his source material? Didn’t think so. So much for that “college education.”

            “DDT: A Case Study in Scientific Fraud” by J. Gordon Edwards, Professor Emeritus of Entomology at San Jose State University in San Jose, California from the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Fall, 2004, based in part on his 34-page manuscript discussing fraud in acid rain, ozone holes, ultraviolet radiation, carbon dioxide, global warming, and pesticides, particularly DDT.

            Today, the greatest killer and disabler is malaria, which kills a person every 30 seconds. By the 1960s, DDT had brought malaria near to extinction. “To only a few chemicals does man owe as great a debt as to DDT. In little more than two decades, DDT has prevented 500 million human deaths, due to malaria, that otherwise would have been inevitable,” said the National Academy of Sciences.

          • Oh BTW, your brilliant researcher, Mr. Molymouth, says, “Snow kills bacteria.” This is not only untrue but it serves to demonstrate how FOS he is. Look for yourself. In the little search box you have on your computer, type in “Bacteria that live in snow,” wherein you discover how stupid your YouTube Dude really is.

          • Once again, you misdirect as if that is my argument and then once again attack YouTube, as if I care. The real research on DDT proves it has saved millions of lives, and the propaganda was based on faulty research that has long ago been exposed.

          • Once again, Mr. I Can’t Tell The Difference Between a Bird and a Rock Band, DDT kills everything, including the humans you pretend to care about so ardently. Your sole source of information on this topic comes from a man who can’t tell a snowflake from lint. His sources are 100% a mainstream media trying very hard to convince the world that this problem comes from mosquitoes when it does not. That is the real propaganda here and if you think spraying DDT all over the world is the answer, then you’re just as screwed up as Mr. Snow Kills Bacteria. Geesh, the stupidity is incredible.

          • Actually his sources are National Academy of Sciences and the late J. Gordon Edwards, Professor Emeritus of Entomology at San Jose State University.

          • Hahaha… is San Jose State a brainwashing university? I bet all those nice scientists at the NAS also studied biology like I did. All brainwashed too, no doubt. Regardless, since you obviously didn’t go to college, you cannot understand what they do and the findings they make, and must rely on Mr. Snow Kills Bacteria to tell you what to believe. This is the twisty conundrum the uneducated person faces when blasting someone who actually goes to college. Perhaps you’ve learned your lesson and will be more polite from now on.

          • Your twisting and assumptions does nothing for your argument. I never said that San Jose State is a brainwashing university but that J. Gordon Edwards, was a Professor Emeritus of Entomology there. Do you have a reading comprehension problem? And you assume I don’t have a college degree, which I do, but I was able to think for myself and question what I was taught rather than just accept everything said there as if it were fact.

            Nevertheless, the National Academy of Sciences and J. Gordon Edwards, Professor Emeritus of Entomology at San Jose State University are pretty good sources. You should read what they have to say about DDT.

          • You are the one with the reading (and logic) compression problem. You claimed because I went “to college” I was brainwashed. That was insult #1. Then you cite another college as a source. Are some colleges brainwashing colleges? Or all of them? This is called a fallacy. Putting that aside, my position is that most colleges (including their vaulted “Emeritusae”) today are nothing but corporate mouthpieces, paid to say whatever someone pays them to say. Instead, I trust my eyes. When DDT was being sprayed all over tarnation, birds were unable to produce viable egg shells and the eggs fell apart. Once DDT was banned, birds were able to make eggs again and now we have eagles, not the rock band. Perhaps you don’t care about birds but there is this notion called “The canary in the coal mine” which means that birds let us know the condition of the earth. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to you that Ex-Professor Edwards might have been paid to refute the earlier tests in order to forward the notion that DDT should be unbanned and put back into the food chain by the corporate behemoth that still holds the patent, in order to “save people,” when it’s patently clear they are trying very hard to kill people.

            My position is that all chemicals are harmful to life in some fashion, so advocating that the prior DDT studies were flawed and the new studies are real is, how shall I put this…. stupid. When someone says something like “snow kills bacteria” that’s your BIG CLUE they are full of bullsheet. All the education in the world does not trump intuition and logic.

          • The argument was that DDT saved millions of lives and whatever damage it caused was well worth the price and that damage was far less than what was claimed.

          • And I’m saying there is no argument because the entities bringing the argument are interested only in profit motive not saving people. There is a global eugenics program going on, perhaps you’re not aware of it. It places profit over human lives. It’s real and it is happening all around the world. Putting DDT back on the “safe” list would signal the eventual end of all life on earth. If this is your idea of a good idea, you should take your rightful place in the line up of genocidal maniacs. Animal life is just as important as human life, and the phrase “well worth the price” is the precise language used by the psychopaths who insist price determines value. You are on the wrong side of this issue, Mr. Warrior, and your karma will not be worth the price. Give it up and stop spreading this BS around like you have a clue what you’re talking about.

  2. And the purpose of the Zika psy op comes into view. I’m a heckuva lot more worried about the “solution” than the so-called problem, as should everyone. There is no way there won’t be unintended consequences of attempting to wipe out a species of ANY kind. Of this I am sure. I also have the feeling that vaccines and any other considerations are secondary to the extermination via gene editing agenda. That’s an opinion. There may be more revelations to come, or multiple agendas may be equal, concurrent, and possibly all under one over-arching umbrella program. You could argue that last proposition exists almost by default.

    Great reporting on this, THANK YOU J. Rappaport, Activist Post, and any other outlet that carries this series.

  3. Jon R, this article actually doesn’t make any sense, sorry. What would they gain on extinction of mosquitos? No, they have something else in mind! I bet there will be a world wide mandatory vaccination of women of child bearing age and the vaccine will be tainted, just like the “free” vaccines B Gates Foundation gave to countries in Africa, which made the vaccinated women to automatically abort every fetus for 10 years. World depopulation agenda.

    • It does make sense if you’re insane, and they definitely do have something in mind. They would be using the pesky mosquito as a test because no one likes mosquitoes, no one speaks up for them, even though they are an integral part of the food chain for many species. After they’ve run their death test on mosquitoes, they can move on to spiders, rats, snakes, sharks, and other species that people find annoying. They have to start small and work their way up the food chain until one day there won’t be a food chain. That’s the end game, wipe out everything in existence and engineer all new stuff because humans can do it better than nature, especially once we’ve traded in our pesky brains for computers.

      • Singularity extinction.

        • Exactly. Did you make that up or did you read it somewhere?

          • It kind of come into my mind. I’ve read of the singularity a little. Not enough to know more than the basics. Seems eugenics ultimately seeks a ‘final solution’ and that would only logically be extinction. The trans-humanists seem keen on pushing toward singularity, add in a eugenic ‘solution’ = singularity extinction. I see robotic mosquitoes in our near future, equipped with injectable genetically altering nano-bots. Yay! Go team!

          • I have read a bit of this myself, not too much though because I don’t want to give it more attention than it deserves. The statement I made came just from my “knowing” things, and along with that I know that some people will willingly choose to couple with AI because being bionic will be the next cool. What they won’t realize is that this technology will start out affordable but will soon become extremely expensive and only the rich will be able to afford it. Non-elites sucked into it will be the slave class, that road is already being laid out and paved by smart technology. Those who choose to remain fully organic beings will either be eliminated or choose to ascend by a different evolutionary path, but there will exist a transhuman dimension on earth in the future because those who develop it and those who choose it will create it with their intentions.

          • I can see it as a sword of Damocles type of situation. There are benefits to appropriately using technology, any technology. There are also detractions in using technology, any technology.

            One also needs to consider … who decides what is appropriate or not? How is that decided? At what point does use of technology become abusive of others? A lot of various aspects to consider.

            “With great power follows great responsibility”, an Ubuntu Linux reminds me when I use the sudo program to do admin work on the computer. Ergo, it’s difficult to forget. Even the technology itself reminds us. 🙂

            Not exactly fearful, nor exactly welcoming robotic overlords here. Not a Luddite nor am I some Shadow Run ‘decker’ either. Guess my kind of folks will be the first to be herded to the death camps, we’re too adaptable to control otherwise. So much for the spiel that mediocrity was a safe bet. *chuckles* 🙂

          • Hahaha… yes, I also bought the mediocrity safe bet BS!

            As much as the sound of AI appalls me, people are going to choose it on a soul level, as is their right. It’s quite possible the singularity will occur on a major timeline split, or perhaps the singularity will create the timeline. An interesting novel on these lines is The Bone Clocks, by David Mitchell. One of the characters is AI.

            I see elsewhere you are going to buy a homestead. I have such a place now and I hope that dream comes true for you. It’s a wonderful life and I highly recommend it on all levels. Helpful advice: always make room for sunflowers. They attract lots of birds and bees to your garden, and you can use the dried seedheads to feed birds all winter.

  4. ok – they can edit genes in the mosquito. Imagine what they could put in a vaccine.
    and folks still say ‘gimme that there shot in the arm that’ll fix me up’.
    I’m sure that a mosquito producing an abortion is a wet dream of the all seeing eye crowd.

    AMA,WHO,CDC not your buddy.

  5. President Barack Obama is asking Congress for $1.8 billion to develop the ‘gene drive’, prop up Puerto Rico after defaulting on banksters, and fund obie-care with 1.48 billion going to the Department of Health and Human Services. An easy task considering the 5.4 billion Congress allocated to ebola….. another false flag.

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