The Growing Tyranny of Free Speech Suppression and What You Can Do

humanfreedomOp-Ed by Paul A. Philips

Some people need reminding that the principled 1st Amendment was written to allow the flow of free speech without government interference. The 1st Amendment allows a person in the minority to say what they want while protecting them from the opposing majority.

What we’re witnessing today on unprecedented levels is the denial of our self-expression through a number of uncompromising authorities taking away our right to free speech.

Consequentially, we’re facing a crisis where citizens’ ability to think for themselves, communicate opinions or disagreement is seriously under threat.

The growing tyranny of free speech suppression can be found:

In schools

Yes, get them at an early age so that they can be under the ruling thumb with ludicrous, moronic prohibitions and zero-tolerance policies making the schoolchildren too scared to say anything for the rest of their lives.

For example, I’m told that schoolchildren in some schools cannot say certain words like, for instance, gun (now referred to as ‘the G-word’). How will this growing word embargo affect the ability to communicate clearly?

Political correctness

Hordes of politically correct weasels and control freaks have been allowed to run amok on citizens of all ages enforcing their petty word characterizations.

Here are just a couple of examples:

Some UK hospital staffs have been severely ticked-off for stigmatizing patients: To avoid the so-called stigmatizing, ‘out-patients’ must be called ‘clients.’

Music teachers have been told that pupils cannot teach the song ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep.’ In line with political correctness it must be called ‘Baa Baa Happy Sheep’!

Reported for speech categorization

Besides political correctness citizens are getting reported for a number of speech categorizations considered to make someone feel uncomfortable, unsafe or cause offense.

College campuses are known to be the hotbed for this. Besides encouraging the snitch-community, students could be reporting each other for ‘trigger warning’,’ micro-aggression’ and ‘red light’ speech categorizations…

In schools besides hateful speech, offending ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, religion … teasing is now considered to be bullying. Bullying is deemed by authorities as tomorrow’s hate crime…

Social Media

Bearing in mind the effects they have on government policy, besides Google, for some time social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter (see video) have been at work on what speech needs online censoring. Taking the case where you’re not approved, deemed by these corporations as ‘anti-government speech,’ then you will be deleted on the basis of ‘extremism.’

Implications, implications??

The consequences of the suppression of free speech

1. Inability to think critically

Already mentioned, the suppression of certain words and speech categorizations will greatly hinder the ability to think critically and communicate views in an articulate manner because of a lack of vocabulary.

2. Easier to control and manipulate

As a consequence of 1, it will make individuals that much easier to further control and manipulate.

Where will it go from here?

3. Creates limited choices

Language and thought creates our reality; and when greatly restricted, our choices will in turn be based on limited or even false paradigms.

4. Breeds ‘unhealthy skepticism’

Typical of a totalitarian scenario, adhering to the establishment’s growing suppression leads to what I call unhealthy sKepticism where more and more people will become fixed, rigid and dogmatic in their beliefs. Instead of investigating, anyone seeing outside of the limited viewpoint will be ignored, ridiculed or rejected, labeled as someone to be ‘skeptical’ about.

5. Encourages intolerance

We’ve seen a number of circumstances where dissent and public opinion has been demonized unjustly. Aren’t the authorities the real extremists or bullies?  

6. Easier to whitewash

If speech is under the control of corporations such as the social media giants (or any other mainstream media outlet) acting on government policy, then it makes it easier to manipulate the general consensus … even to the point of whitewashing dubious or criminal activities.

7. Bottling-up effect

The bottling-up of free speech could lead to violence and rioting on the streets through frustration in the desire to take action.

What you can do to protect free speech

Don’t become an unquestioning, compliant docile sheep. Don’t live your life muzzled, glued to the TV. Don’t let the pillar of public apathy keep the suppression of free speech propped up and standing.

Educate yourself. Understand the bigger picture of the growing tyranny of free speech suppression and spread the word. Understanding the bigger picture ought to be enough to make anyone want to shout down from the rooftops.

The solution is to confront. More people need to muster enough courage to speak out about what isn’t being said than ever before. Confront those politically correct weasels. Confront any control freak with ulterior motives to shut people up.

Boycott the social media giants. There are a growing number of other social media outlets dedicated to alternative-view communities where you’d be better off spending your time.

We have to stand in the gap, maintain our constitutional right to hold up a protest sign, preserve public opinion … whatever it takes to protect our freedom to speak.

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10 Comments on "The Growing Tyranny of Free Speech Suppression and What You Can Do"

  1. Omitted is the banning of the scientific term climate change by the Florida Republican government, in a state where rising sea levels caused by climate change are causing major problems.

    The banned words in NYCity are a proposal for standardized testing

    . “For example, I’m told that schoolchildren in some schools cannot say certain words like, for instance, gun (now referred to as ‘the G-word’).”

    I’m told is hardly a reliable source, and the word is not banned. When you have to lie to make your point, it destroys your credibility.

    Teasing can lead to suicides and is a terrible example of bullying. Many forms of speech are not protected by the 1st Amendment, such as libel, incitements to discrimination or violence, and verbal abuse, such as bullying. Speech which destroys the rights of others is not free speech but hate speech, which is the enemy of free speech.

    Political correctness is a right wing concept which masks a resentment that racial slurs and other forms of hate speech are now disapproved by most people. Where are these anti-political correctness zealots on the banning of the term climate change in Florida?

    Do they really want to make racial, sexual, and gender slurs acceptable?

    • In a world where making critical comments or critiquing of others is deemed hate speech:
      HILLARY for PRESIDENT 2016!!!! If you don’t vote for her, this will constitute as misogynistic sexism as well as hate acts. Should you have any complaints about this policy, please contact the ignorant fellow above. This isn’t about making racial slurs acceptable or unacceptable, this has to contend with the double standards of enforcement and a blatantly clear favoritism of races displayed in our mainstream media. By the way, stopping bullying is along the lines of stopping human cruelty, aggression, or meanness of which none can be accomplished in any psychologically sound person. You will always have these things as they are natural emotions. This is coming from the bullied and oppressed, the loner.

  2. The terms “hate speech” and now “extremism” are Establishment tools to crush dissent by making anything the Ministry of Truth doesn’t approve of verboten. Even Chomsky got that one right when he went to France to argue the law forbidding Holocaust skepticism was absurd and counter productive in a free society where open and uncensored exchanges become opportunities to educate and create a foundation of critical reasoning.

    Not long ago, some nitwit Borg from the California Collective submitted a state level initiative to ban Holocaust skepticism. Totalitarian tip toe. I’d love to see this crap backfire.

    Note to SPLC operative below : automatons don’t have an evolved consciousness guiding them to follow the Golden Rule. They’re lobotomized robots. Interesting how you are concerned about what a FL politician deems to be proper terminology but have NOTHING to say about Gore et al proposing fines and punishment for skeptics of the Establishment climate change model. Hypocrisy! Already, a French meteorologist was sacked for having a contrarian opinion he expressed in a book. Shades of Sunstein (Cognitive Infiltration!) and Alinsky (Hillary’s mendacity mentor).

  3. PC favors idiots. Like hilary ‘what does it matter’ clinton. It was my experience that it tips the scales in favor of those that get ahead by quota. It is more than just free speech. It’s a snake in the grass waiting to pounce.
    I was told by hr (back in the day) …’if you continue to hire white guys you will have trouble.’
    Especially like #2.

  4. How can a child provide security against a bully? How can an individual provide his own security against a mob or even another nation?

    How can opposing hate speech, which results in discrimination or violence, lead to national suicide? Bigotry which incites violence is acceptable?

    It’s not about hurting feelings but about inciting discrimination, violence, and in many historical cases, genocide. I find your views suicidal.

  5. Point #7 is what I feel now! And, I think that will worsen with time!

  6. I will always call a spade a spade!

  7. Hillary for President is hate speech!

  8. People living in fear are not free. Freedom from fear is not the enemy of freedom but an aspect of enjoying. Fear pandering, whether by neo-cons, the NRA, or pandering politicians is however despicable.

    It is absurd to call me a bigot for pointing out that speech which is intended to incite discrimination or violence is the enemy of freedom. If individual libel is a crime, collective libel is a crime against humanity. Opposing crimes against humanity is part of the struggle against bigotry.

    You are very confused.

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