Lifesaving Cannabis Oil Legalization Inhibited by Georgia Law Enforcement

cannabis_oilBy Cassius Methyl

To further accelerate the legalization of lifesaving cannabis oil in the United States and elsewhere, people may be well advised to stay up to date on the process.

Who is still in opposition to cannabis oil, after so many people with severe epilepsy, autism, or cancer have been treated successfully?

According to parents who treat their children with cannabis oil illegally to treat severe disorders, law enforcement are extending their tentacles of influence into the bureaucracy, in a vain attempt to ensure parents remain criminals in the eyes of the state.

According to Gainesville Times:

Law enforcement officials across Georgia are proving to be the biggest obstacle to a bill that would allow medical cannabis oil to be manufactured and distributed in the state.

‘From what we hear, law enforcement is our biggest opponent,’ Katie Harrison told The Times last month. Harrison is a Hall County resident who treats her young son with cannabis oil to treat his seizure disorders.

There appear to be enough votes in the House to pass the bill, but pushback from Georgia sheriffs and district attorneys have raised alarm bells in the Senate, as well as in the administration of Gov. Nathan Deal.

Lawmakers approved the use of cannabis oil last year to treat eight medical conditions. The drug is known to have anti-anxiety effects, among other beneficial properties, and strains lack the levels of the psychoactive ingredient THC that gets marijuana smokers high.

But with no manufacturing and distribution of the drug within Georgia, some patients have been forced to break federal law by acquiring the drug out of state and transporting it back, according to advocates.

Please share this little piece of news with anyone interested in fighting for our natural right to this plant material.

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5 Comments on "Lifesaving Cannabis Oil Legalization Inhibited by Georgia Law Enforcement"

  1. Something does not compute, when sheriffs and DAs interfere with the use of a natural herb that cures illnesses that prescription drugs only complicate. Georgia ? Hard to believe. Is it due to the numerous USGov installations and their stupid drug rehab programs ?

    • I think it is simple greed (for the property frequently stolen during raids) and power. They do not want to give up the power and control over others they have gained through criminalization.

  2. Only evil souls feel the need to keep children sick. Where is Jeeezus when you need him…

  3. The more laws there are the better off cops are.
    There is some idiot in Colorado, the captain of ft Collins that is suing the state.
    Never mind what people want – in some cases need. The miracles of cbd/thc is beyond all of the AMA drugs.

    • Fort Collins Colorado is full of Christian Conservatives and this Cop is no different. These Christian clowns come out in droves to save the children from the scourge of Cannabis even though the rest of Colorado is fully behind our Constitutional Amendments A-20 and A-64. It’s always the busy body Christians that want to impose there will on the rest of the State and I assume Georgia being a Bible belt State is no different. Like in Colorado you must stand your ground with these self absorbed Bible thumpers and do what is right for your State. Cannabis is one of the most beneficial plants on earth and it’s healing properties have been withheld from us by evil men for the love of money, power and greed. Time for you folks to vote out every Politician that opposes the legalization of Cannabis in it natural form, not some none THC oil crap either because it’s the THC that kills Cancer cells and believe me, the folks that are against it know it too. Big Pharma ties anyone!

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