Larken Rose Full Speech At Anarchapulco (raw 2016)

By Press For Truth

Larken Rose comes out of retirement to speak at the Anarchapulco conference about “the littlest thing” that needs to take place in order for the world to be a better place.


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3 Comments on "Larken Rose Full Speech At Anarchapulco (raw 2016)"

  1. This guy must not understand that Quran teaches Muslims to kill all non-Muslims. BBC Radio4 did a survey which revealed that Muslims living in England support the Paris massacre (130 dead) and all and any assault on Western interests! English police found out that Mosques in England promote Jihad. Surprise, surprise! The current migrant movement thru Europe is organized by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Muslims tried to take Europe back at Attila’s time and now they are at it again. Libya’s dictator Gaddafi predicted that in the future Muslims will take Europe w/o firing one single bullet. That’s what we are seeing now! They don’t fire bullets, but in Sweden they set police cars on fire, destroy ambulance cars, throw rocks at fire fighters, mug the elderly and sexually assault teenage girls in public swimming pools (b/c Quran teaches that non-Muslim girls are “dirty” and it is okay to assault them). Wake up ppl!

    • Johanna CUrious | February 28, 2016 at 2:30 am | Reply

      your comment is one of ignorance of such huge proportions that ou will not even be able to see it. You are so wrong. It drips of having lapped up the propaganda against Muslims , against Islam without doing any further research, none at all. Sad but just for your information,you are the one who is the problem, you have given up thinking for yourself and can’t see the propaganda, you are one of the weaklings governments are hoping for will follow all their orders. So far so good. By printing what you do, you are spreading the government’s propaganda to further the zionist goals.

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