Is This the Real Story of What Happened Regarding Nagalase?

cdc-cover-up-1024x569-1-1024x569By Catherine J. Frompovich

So many strange things have been happening regarding matters that seem to be the vested interests of establishment controllers, especially when whistleblowers and journalists become involved or researchers apparently find dirty little secrets thought hidden and obviously considered proprietary, which they don’t want known nor mainstreamed.

During several months of 2015, numerous physicians, who were researching the causes of autism and successfully healing autistics, suddenly met with untimely deaths, or what’s been referred to as “suicided.” Who knows what really happened; all we know is that those physicians no longer are on Planet Earth.

Two doctors, Bradstreet [3] and Gonzalez, were planning on publishing their findings, which centered around nagalase and GcMAF, a definite “smoking gun” if they would have been able to pull the trigger on their alleged findings regarding nagalase in vaccines.

Dr Ted Broer of tells the story, as he knows it, in two exceptionally remarkable videos below, which I think everyone who is undecided about vaccines and vaccinations ought to listen to carefully, as Dr Broer explains some of what happens to infants, in the way of reactions after vaccinations, is explained plus why it, “the encephalitic scream,” [1,2] happens biochemically. Pediatricians and family doctors say that’s “normal” and to let baby cry it out! See what you think!


Almost 300 new and safety-unproven vaccines are coming onto the market very soon. This article by Gary G Kohls, MD, ought to make everyone, especially state legislators, think more than twice about what they will be mandating to be injected into pregnant women, babies and the rest of humankind when they kowtow to Big Pharma’s lobbyists and accept their handsome campaign donations. Can those actions on the part of both entities be considered a conspiracy prosecutable at law?




Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes In Vaccines All Found Murdered

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

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40 Comments on "Is This the Real Story of What Happened Regarding Nagalase?"

  1. So they, tptb let’s call em, catch on to small-time US Citizen doctors and take action quick-like to prevent the publishing of research… But they can’t stop 9/11, years in the making, involving known terrorists, red flags everywhere, the lone superpower with its sophisticated system of intelligence and homeland defense failing at every level. Outwitted by a few guys led by a man on dialysis operating out of a cave. If you believe the official version that is. But seriously, assuming they were offed as the result of spying on US Citizens, this is illustrative of their capabilities and argues against anyone being able to commit any atrocity on U.S. soil. I guess it’s possible the govt isn’t even involved however, given the power of Big Medicine and proliferation of private intelligence. THEN of course it’s hard to tell where those guys end and govt stops. I’ll stop there before I completely destroy my own arguments.

    • Too late!

    • Yes, it’s a convoluted mess to those who haven’t been following the story line for many years. You have some of it right and some if it not, but you’re getting warm. First you have to understand that there are Beings in charge of the world who are not human beings. The governments (most of them) of the world are run by these Beings using humans and hybrid humans as puppets (think British Royals, the pope, Obama, Merkel, etc.) These Beings feed off fear, war, poverty, hatred; virtually all negative human emotions are food to them because they have no emotions of their own. Next you have understand that we live in a 3D virtual reality stimulation a/k/a a holographic matrix that we think is reality but is really not. This CGI-generated matrix is crumbling for a variety reasons having to do with a convergence of cosmic/galactic forces. So it’s really a lot bigger than murdered doctors and SCOTUS justices, bigger than 9/11, and it’s all going to form up into a big, aching headache as WWIII gets cranking… and that’s why it’s hard to tell where “those guys end and government stops.”

      • I don’t believe that there’s anything besides personal testimonials and unverifiable circumstantial evidence to support the alien-in-control view, and I doubt there’s any way to prove “our reality” is cgi-generated, since everything that we perceive takes place within that reality, hypothetically speaking- making those views as much belief as any religion imo. I don’t dismiss that stuff out of hand and doubtless I’m not 100% right about anything period, much less what I said in that sloppy comment I wrote, point being- respectfully- it takes a bit of chutzpah to be that confident about it. I live with a student of Ramtha so I get a lot of info along those lines. Aliens anyway, who’s existence I do believe in. I actually saw a ufo once- whether alien or the fruits of a secret space program (proof of which I think is undeniable) Think shooting star that stops on a dime and makes sharp turns, three or four times in my case before departing out of sight, the wrong way for a meteor.

        I hope I get some leeway for my lack of reasoning power today and ability to state that diminished capacity in less than a thousand words, I’m recovering from a two day 1200 mile drive with day two coming after 2 hours sleep. The noodle’s a little soft.

        • Trip caveat understood and happily accepted. Neither of these topics I mentioned will submit themselves to scientific testing, at least at this point in human history. Waiting for proof is going to be a long haul, though I disagree that they constitute a “religion.” One must use their intuition in such matters, as well as plugging the theory into all the places that have unanswered questions and see how it well it might answer them. We have to do this ourselves because no one is going to do it for us. There is, however, more than just testimonial and circumstantial evidence, existing in the form of ancient texts for the Archon question (Nag Hammadi texts in particular) and Michael Talbot makes a strong case for the holographic matrix in his book The Holographic Universe. Chutzpah helps in these matters as well, good thing because I have plenty of that.

          PS: I have seen UFO’s as well. No telling whether they were ours or theirs.

      • OldeSoul, consider that a WWIII scenario would undermine and possibly destroy TPTB’s technological control grid infrastructure they have been actively working on for over a century. If they want to depopulate, then they can use multiple tools already at their disposal, indeed, geoengineering is the perfect set up and already well underway. I totally agree the Matrix has become a simulation of real life – 100%, with the caveat of letting humans act out many of their natural impulses to keep the herds functioning. It’s N-dimensional reality, beyond 3-D.

        • Tactical nuke strikes (similar to the Tianjin explosion) could preserve vital portions of the infrastructure. I do agree it will be a mixed bag of death (radiation,vaccines,food,water,
          EMFs,chem. trails, allopathic medicine, etc.), to go along with the standard means of depopulation in a time of “crisis”.

    • It’s a good bet in 2001 TPTB already had so much surveillance intel they didn’t bother to clamp down on the porous US border after 9/11 because they knew no foreign terrorists, inspired by 9/11, could possibly slip through their dragnet and set off an independent (non elite sponsored) mass scale terror attack that could seriously damage any of their systems. That’s also explains why a naive mid level Bush admin official’s public calls for extreme security around US petro-chemical plants were largely ignored despite evidence he presented that arson at these plants could release gases killing tens to hundreds of thousands of people.

  2. The vaccines are toxic bioweapons because of Planet X.
    The entire government are evil treasonous criminals. The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran, America will be destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil government.

    • Why blamed on Iran? Iran accepted Agenda 21 and IMF restructuring in the late 90s. Iran’s elites formally signed Agenda 2030. Already, Tehran is touting itself a Smart City and introducing Smart Cards to its citizenry, claiming they will be modeled after Hong Kong’s Octopus biometric Smart Cards for virtually all transactions and purchases, a step towards the cashless Orwellian technocratic global tracking system. Russia has been going down the same path in the same time frame. China is leading the way with its Social Credit System, Agenda 21 and 2030, and also recently announced they too will move to a cashless society. While portions of the “awake” community become fixated on 2-D doomer scenarios, the crushing wheels of totalitarian World Government move forward.

      • In TX the media is promoting the idea of going and getting yourself chipped. Lambs to the slaughter….

        • Surreal! In CO, the local media is increasingly bold pushing elite memes. Then nationally, there’s a Bloomberg article calling for the end of the $100 bill. The psychopaths are getting in our faces with their agendas.

          • When I first heard David Icke about 25 years ago I thought he was a nut. 15 Years ago many of the things he was saying were starting to become apparent. Now all that “nutty” stuff he was saying was going on is in your face. I have never seen a shape shifting reptile though but the political class certainly does behave like reptiles…

          • Very true. Yet their behavior can still be explained with psychopathic inbreeding – Occam’s razor, also, written at length about as Political Ponerology. Though, at this point, nothing would surprise me

          • I just ordered Political Ponerology. Thanks, it looks very interesting. May I suggest Democracy, Inc. by Sheldon Wolin?

          • Excellent, thank you very much. I already found an online PDF version (btw, there’s also an online PDF version of Political Ponerology). A quick skim and I can see Democracy Inc is well written. My first impression is it provides a good exoteric explanation of the drive to destroy representative govt, whereas, a deep state history underscoring the bankers and the now more than a century old ideology of Technocracy (still controlled at the top by the same cabal) would be the esoteric plan behind the plans that was never revealed by mainstream historians. I’ll start reading Democracy Inc now. Thanks again. So many books and perspectives, time to connect the dots, otherwise, humanity will always be the proverbial blind men touching a part of the elephant – then it will be too late.

          • You’re most welcome. Wolin’s discussion of the writing of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is just fascinating. I can also rec Voltaire’s Bastards by John Ralston Saul.

          • Fascinating trail of breadcrumbs. 🙂 I first heard of Saul after hearing about his 2005 book The Collapse of Globalism, it seemed to be philosophically interesting but not reflective of the reality of how fast globalism was expanding into all sectors of life around the world. I heard of Voltaire’s Bastards but never checked it out until now and upon doing so I see that Saul was an assistant to uber UN Globalist Maurice Strong and helped him set up Petro Canada in 1975 – a bit odd given Saul’s education. If you don’t know much about Maurice Strong, last year James Corbett produced a great short video about his life and work and a UN insider. Makes me wonder if Saul was set up to be controlled opposition for intellectual questioning globalization, in the process playing a role in an ideological Hegelian dialectic synthesis. My book recommendation is for one of my all time favorite reads – Doomsday Men; The Real Dr. Strangelove and Dream of the Superweapon by P.D. Smith. The underlying subtext is power elite connected writers such as UN proponent H.G. Wells wrote early 20th century novels about futuristic WMDs that would force the world to accept global governance, a form of early predictive programming in the eventual drive to create atomic weapons. The format is similar to the collection of mini-biographies in terrifically written books such as Founding Brothers and Team of Rivals. In Doomsday Men, take note of the dark Tennyson poem Truman carried in his wallet for decades. Of course, it was Truman who gave the order to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki despite the fact that the Japanese had gone through several diplomatic channels attempting to surrender, thus there was no need except as a demonstration to maneuver a shocked and frightened humanity towards a “World Federation of Man” (in Truman’s wallet).

      • Bread and Circus, bread and circus…. ‘People are catching on to us, we need more distractions, the whole armageddon (rapture) thing isn’t quiet cutting it. Any ideas? Planet X, Flat earth, Global warming… Just keep the muggles distracted!’
        Blue579 it’s good to see someone has their logic radar still plugged in 🙂

      • I agree, this soap opera will end in WW3, just like the elite(and their delusional followers) planned. All sides in every war since WW1 have been orchestrated by .01%. Good guys? Bad guys? It matters little, except who will be demonized by history.

        • Yep, it’s a never ending soap opera. Although, my point is I’m confident the WW3 meme is strictly a psyop given TPTB’s control grid is too fragile and too important to them to wreck with a major war – their global infrastructure build out is mind boggling. At their core, they are patient control freaks and the script has been 1984-esque all along to include faux rival superstates to keep the masses distracted with skirmishes in far flung proxy satellite nations. Moreover, the plutocracy controlling China and Russia have most of their trillions in private loot ensconced in western banks and investment vehicles.

          • So how do you think the NWO will push for a one world government? These battles aren’t enough to scare the world population in my opinion. Could use the “Alien Invasion” I guess.

          • It isn’t a case of either vs. or, it’s been an incremental takeover and, in many ways, we already have a de facto world government. ALL nation state political leaders are international banker puppets who follow Globalist mafia orders. The new main stream term for the puppets is TECHNOCRATS. The public is getting trained to accept the new paradigm. This week an MSNBC article referred to Obama as a “pragmatic technocrat”. Technocrats are not democratically elected leaders, they do the work of an authoritarian system. Malaysia, Singapore, China, Greece, Italy, other parts of Europe, and many other nations are using the terminology. Soviet Russia and Hitler’s Germany were early models of the same ideology. World government, at least in the beginning, is designed to be a collection of regional governments overseen by the international bankster cabal and their UN agencies. The banksters already control the entire worlds’ banking and the new cashless society will support their agenda for a global taxation system, which is what the carbon taxes were about and now the newer iteration of a global wealth or financial transaction tax (Pelosi 2009 and now Bernie Sanders). The EU was a big move towards regional govt, now we have newly formed Asian, Russian, African, and Middle Eastern regional governments – all linked by “trade treaties” that usurp national sovereignty. Putin, who supports the UN Agendas 21 and 2030, called regional governments essential “bricks” for the new international economic order = New World Order.

          • As far as scare tactics go, directed warfare is not nearly as precise or effective as targeted economic control and mini-crashes aimed at certain sectors to reshape the economy and redistribute resources and capital. If they need a dose of shock and awe, besides economic pain, TPTB can use biowarfare to force the public to accept a global authority – that’s what the Ebola psy op was testing. You mentioned Tianjin, however China is a top to bottom NWO entity created by the globalists, they are Brzezinski’s model totalitarian Technocracy. They are fully compliant, there was never any need to threaten them. Consider checking out Patrick Wood’s news articles and research on Wood’s mentor was Antony Sutton, the academic genius whose research proved the global elite funded and aided the rise of Hitler, the Bolsheviks, and the Russian Communists all the way through the end of the USSR, and even during the Korean and Vietnam wars when the Russians were arming and funding the Korean and Vietnamese govts warring with US soldiers.

  3. Unless you’re among the elite you are injected with an expiration date. We’re nothing but cattle to them. I have 0 faith in humanity.

    • The original Garden Sin insures the spiritual & physical deaths of the ungodly! HE said it, I believe Him – Our Holy Bible is Written w/out mistakes – I’ll (via Christ Jesus) challenge anyone who claims different! Everything’s going by the Book & yes, He’s in total control of all events – Only an agape loving Being could inspire the written Word’s of life – we left our first love, now He’s leaving us as a nation – we booted Him out of academia, out of our business our guverment just plain out – yes, this nation is under His Judgment – I too am troubled – our only hope as a nation is to return to Him – He made us great because we loved Him & His ways – yes, this nation was Founded on the Judeo Christian belief’s – even Judas had a seat at the last Supper table – George Washington warned us of the ill-loon take over – Scripture takes it even further! No, I’m on no horse, just repeating what He said!
      HE only provided one way, a way that cost God unbelievable pain – yes, Jesus Saves…

  4. I’m not undecided – vaccine are a slow death and in some cases a fast death.
    They are the enemy within, attacking the unborn at birth is a horrible way to come into the world.
    Moms – have your babies at home and stop kneeling before the ama alter.
    If they force vaccinate – tell them you want the blue kosher shot and that you are askanazi.

  5. freewheelinfranklin543 | February 26, 2016 at 12:12 pm | Reply

    What does it mean is a disinfo site! You got Sorcha Faaled.

  6. By using the term n-dimensional, I’m trying to describe layers of obfuscation that are not just domestic vs. geopolitical vs. apex elite puppeteering (sort of 3-D). Within each level of control, each construct whether physical or abstract, I see many sub levels of engineered chaos and they are not strictly linear, there is a vertical aspect and the entire system is fluid, yet still pyramidal. You can see it in the media, layers of limited hangouts, followed by layers of limited hangouts in “alt media”, a few sources bona fide, most highly infiltrated, others set up to be controlled op at the very beginning.

    • Hmmmm. I never thought of it that way before but I see what you mean. So would it be rude to ask you which sites you hangout in? Or perhaps which ones you feel are bona fide? Are you using just your intuition about this or some other source? I hope I’m not being too nosy, and I’m happy to reciprocate.

      • That’s OK , your question is not rude at all. I’ve been at this for 13 years and before that as a young person in college and even as an academically “gifted” kid, always reading and researching trying to put all the social constructs together into a coherent narrative. Hence, I think I’ve finally gotten pretty good at sorting the wheat from the chaff. It’s a process of searching for clues and patterns, then distilling it – day by day. Some sources that are bona fide, or at least have honest intentions, have biases like we all do and sometimes severe blind spots, you need to recognize that. Not to pick on the “left”, but some examples of great assets to our awakening that still blind themselves due to an inability to acknowledge the limitations of extreme statism, include William Engdahl, Webster Tarpley, and to a lesser extent Chussodovsky of Global Research (dot) ca. The strongest recommendation I can make for background knowledge is James Corbett, and even he can be cautious or limited at times, which I completely understand. He provides a lot of sources and has an archive at CorbettReport (dot) com, all of which may lead you to other researchers. You can find me here for now and later I can provide more contact info that might help.

        • Thank you, again. I have always listened to James Corbett’s reports. His research is top notch and I very much enjoy his energy.

          It’s interesting that you have been doing this type of “truth screening” for so many years. I’m afraid I didn’t wake up fully until 9/11, that very day it was like I was gobsmacked in the head with the realization that the TV, especially the news, and especially that event, was all scripted and fake. I lost a lot of friends trying to talk about it. Unfortunately I’m quite a bit older than you are and got sucked into the maelstrom of advanced education that wasn’t advanced in the least. So I’ve had to tear down everything I learned and start over. Long process, as you know, but the truth is worth the effort.

          I will look at these other people you mentioned. I’m familiar with all their names but not their reputations, so thank you. Again! You have been most kind to help me along.

          • Not at all, happy to make the connection. I understand, we are similar, I also got into the advanced education route, medical neuro science, and became appalled at what I was observing as a professional and before that appalled at something I stumbled upon as an undergrad – they were fractals of the larger system and I recognized it on some levels. 9/11 was the final Pandora’s box for me too and I agree it can be difficult being this awake. All those various movie metaphors apply. Like you, though, this is who I fundamentally am on a spiritual level. BTW, those examples will have limited use for you, probably not worth the time to check into, just illustrations. Great that you already follow Corbett. 🙂

  7. Looks like my earlier reply about the link you shared was disappeared. I wonder if you had a chance to read it before it went down the memory hole. I pointed out that the stories on that website are disinfo and the websites cited in the article are known cointelpro. I also gave the example of an article I spotted about Trump supposedly becoming a 9/11 Truther – what a farce. TPTB won’t release the info on their crimes until they are ready to create a certain level of disillusionment in the move towards dissolving nation states. There was a little more detail in the first post.

    • I did not see your earlier post. Sometimes things get hung up with the moderators or disappear altogether. I am appalled about The Millennium Report being disinfo. in that I did not figure it out on my own. Ugh. But at least I picked up on the Trump Truther BS so I haven’t lost it completely. Thanks for straightening me out.

      • You’re very welcome and I’m glad you made a comment because now, after scanning the entire thread, I see my comment to “AntiLieGuy” about Iran being NWO and providing some details has also been disappeared off the Activist Post site even though there was a reply comment and I can still see both on Disqus. I also often don’t get notices of replies from Disqus. Not surprising given Google and Facebook have been censoring for years, now Twitter too.

  8. All humans should have the right to refuse vaccination.
    Parents should have the right to decide regarding their children.
    BUT DO WE?

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