Global Patriot Act? UK Seeks Authority to Serve Warrants in America

nsa worldBy Melissa Dykes

Britain has been negotiating a plan with the United States which would allow the UK to directly serve wiretap warrants on American communications companies for national security and criminal proceedings.

Via USA Today:

The talks are aimed at allowing British authorities access to a range of data, from interceptions of live communications to archived emails involving British suspects, according to the officials, who are not authorized to comment publicly.

The claim is that everything has gone global and terror is no exception, so this is the only next logical step in combating it.

“Such an agreement would ensure U.S. access to data stored in the United Kingdom in support of law enforcement, terrorism, and other transnational threat investigations and support our partners’ ability to investigate serious crime, as well as terrorism and other transnational threats on a reciprocal basis,” that official said.

Considering how many threats they’ve known about and been able to actually thwart, this surely isn’t about further chipping away at everyone’s privacy along with American Constitutional protections as well as national sovereignty at all.

It’s amazing how fast our borders have disappeared in the technological age.

Congressional approval will still be required, but since this is a “you pat my back, I’ll pat yours” kind of deal, it’s not likely they’ll say no.

(H/T: Joe Joseph)

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Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Wake the flock up!

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15 Comments on "Global Patriot Act? UK Seeks Authority to Serve Warrants in America"

  1. More all seeing eye crowd shtick – take ’em away so that the others will toe the line. Make a few examples and the rest of the populace will keep the status quo by elite edict.

  2. National security/terrorism I can ALMOST agree with. Garden variety crime, you’re on your own to do old-fashioned police investigation. I’m not willing to give up my right or sovereignty for robbery or even murder.

  3. So UK warrants are going to be valid in the USA, and where does that stop? Are North Korean warrants also going to be valid? What about the Constitution?

  4. ABSOLUTELY NOT! We need to descend on DC in massive numbers and drag every political traitor out into the streets and arrest every one who supports this treason!

    • Arrest? I can think of a much more concise way to deal with them that they will never plague our streets again…….and send a message to the rest of their type of filth.

      Thats not violence – its communication.

      • I would like to see you two geniuses try that. Yeah, go ahead. See what happens to you when you attempt to storm Congress and drag politicians out to the street to either be arrested (by whom? ) or executed on the spot. Do you think law enforcement will be on your side?

        I dare you two to try it, or are you too afraid to do ANYTHING? You are all talk and no action. You would feel like an idiot when you got to the front door and were either stopped from entering or arrested for your obvious bad intentions as evidenced by all the weapons you were bristling with. You know why you would feel like an idiot? Two reasons, (1) you failed right at the start and (2) You are an idiot.

        Go ahead, I dare you.

        • The time may not be right for a revolution now. But that could change in the future. The FBI claims there are 1000 different anti government groups, that they know of. One is said to have 300,000 members. With the Internet these groups could consolidate for a common cause in the future. I think it would take a series of events. One of those events may even be stimulated by the government. Clearly a taxing war, economic failure or even natural disaster might be initiating factors. Red October occurred during WWI. As long as they wish to protect the constitution they may garner public support. We see there is a large group of voters who are tired of this government. Could there be a Red October event here in the US. America’s ” Blue November “, time will tell. Many say its to late for votes, to early for bullets.

        • No one in the Empire, Inc will ever do that – it would require courage and morals – something the ‘Merikan populace doesn’t have anymore. Now go watch your Rambo movies and fantasize how “tough” you all are. LMAO

        • You’re even dumber than an idiot because you don’t know that you’re mentally challenged. Take some mental floss and wipe away those cobwebs from your mouth. If you need help finding it, just make another left.

  5. Is this so that when the ‘Murkans agree to or are ordered by the courts to stop infringing on their subjects privacy, the vassal-serf Brits can provide them with what they wanted?

  6. Screw the UK. Muslim suck ups just like the Obama admin.

  7. I thought the Sons Of Liberty threw King George and his laws out of here years ago.

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