EMF Health Alert Issued by Former Silicon Valley Tech Expert: “Wireless Wake-Up Call”

jeromy_johnsonBy Kevin Samson

Awareness continues to increase surrounding the health dangers of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) emanating from our daily gadgets, as well as from the rise of the Smart Grid.  Over the last few years we have witnessed a range of experts declare their concern about the current path we are on.

A prominent neuroscientist has gone on record in a lecture to the medical community itself where he exposed the many health risks as well as an industry-wide attempt by telecom to cover up the negative consequences. A world-renown biochemist has sought to abolish WiFi in schools. And a British ER physician has made it her mission to educate people about what steps they can take to minimize exposure and damage to WiFi. A slew of peer-review scientific studies have supported the warnings of these experts.

It is also becoming clear that it is not a purely anti-tech “Luddite” crowd who distrusts the bill of goods we are being sold by the government and industry about the safety of modern devices. Case in point is the must-see video below – the first ever TEDx talk which has focused on the health risks of wireless technology.

The talk is given by Jeromy Johnson, a former Silicon Valley tech employee with a master’s degree in engineering who, himself, began to feel negative impacts from his exposure to wireless radiation. What has come to be known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, hundreds of thousands of people have reported mild to severe symptoms from exposure to EMF sources. In fact, the condition has been officially recognized as valid in Sweden where a peer-reviewed paper documented a large survey that established the veracity of the claims. Please read Catherine Frompovich’s excellent article detailing the specifics of these “Environmental Refugees” HERE.

Adding emphasis to Jeromy’s personal story is the fact that his wife is a medical doctor – hardly a duo of conspiracy-inclined paranoiacs.  Jeromy’s “wake-up call” comes at a critical time, as we are seeing a massive roll-out of city-wide initiatives that will blanket public space with WiFi, essentially eradicating any possibility of opting out. Combined with smart meters and the entire smart cities agenda, we are looking at millions upon millions of people who will be crippled by Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, and possibly killed by the carcinogenic properties of microwave radiation.

Most importantly, this TEDx discussion focuses on solutions. As you’ll see, regulatory agencies are not to be relied upon to protect our health; we must take responsibility for our health unto ourselves.  This is also not about returning to some pre-tech age, but simply ensuring that the technology we are employing is properly – and independently – tested. In fact, the solution to this compromised tech, Jeromy asserts, is tech itself – but used in a much more responsible way.

Please learn all you can and share your findings with others who certainly won’t get this information from establishment sources.

Are you suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity? Please share your story, thoughts and solutions in the comment section.

Please visit Jeromy Johnson’s website EMFanalysis.com to learn more about how to protect your family from EMF pollution.

H/T: Take Back Your Power

Kevin Samson writes for ActivistPost.com. This article may be freely shared in part or in full with author attribution and source link.

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3 Comments on "EMF Health Alert Issued by Former Silicon Valley Tech Expert: “Wireless Wake-Up Call”"

  1. Monsanto loves this. I suspect Monsanto might even be behind this guy. Said it before and I’ll say it again – humanity has been living in an ocean of EMF for almost 70 years and during that time live span has increased. You can take that for a flippant correlation or not. Unless you stick your head into a microwave oven and turn it on, there is no proof low level EMF is harmful.

  2. I’m glad he’s bringing attention to this very important issue. This is yet another slow-kill way of depopulation. We still have wifi at home but I always turn it off at night. At the very least we can sleep/regenerate with lesser exposure.

  3. Culling of Mankind. Evil knows no boundaries. Be careful what you think you need.

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