Drones Could Receive “Neural Microchips” to Think Like the Human Brain

DroneProtestBy Cassius Methyl

The Pentagon’s “mad scientist” division DARPA is trying to replicate the human brain in a microchip, to equip drones or satellites with the ability to quickly sort intelligence and come to conclusions mid-flight.

Normally data acquired from surveillance drones must be sorted out on the ground manually by “hundreds of human analysts,” according to Sputnik. The process of gathering and using intelligence is surely more complex than can be easily explained.

What we know is that if successfully developed, these drones will essentially be flying robots of war armed with artificial intelligence. The microchip is dubbed “Eyeriss.”

According to Sputnik:

The concept relies on “neural networks;” computerized memory networks based on the workings of the human brain. A palm-sized neural network chip could be installed in drones or satellites, allowing these units to conduct their own learning in real time, without the need for human analysis.

But Eyeriss could change the way the game of war is played. Packing more processing power into a much smaller space, the microchip could allow our handheld devices to become even smaller, and allow drones and satellites to operate without a need for massive server warehouses or hundreds of human analysts.

According to DARPA:

Human observation and analysis of [intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance] assets is essential, but the training of humans is both expensive and time-consuming. Human performance also varies due to individuals’ capabilities and training, fatigue, boredom, and human attentional capacity.

The exponentially increasing technological capabilities of the demonstrably corrupt powers that be, whether on the U.S./NATO side or China/Russia side, demand our attention.

Last year it was revealed that 90% of U.S. drone strike victims are innocent civilians, so would it make sense for citizens to turn a blind eye to this ever increasing acquisition of technological military might?

If you look at every move made by DARPA over a long period of time, a pattern starts to emerge.

Behind the geopolitical curtain, on either side a technological arms race is raging: everyone wants the ability to wage war without convincing soldiers that participating is a positive thing.

Of course these are just additional nodes of progress on an infinite timeline of this human “arms race”: but doesn’t it feel like technological developments are exponentially increasing, piling on top of each other, spiraling into some kind of incomprehensible form?

Propaganda is being obliterated by the very type of technology that oligarchs originally wished to utilize for their own purposes: we have the great Internet, not an “ARPANET.”

Hopefully we can continue to battle consolidation of technological power with underground innovation and decentralization.

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