Why the American Revolution Against “Lockdown” Must Begin Now

revolutionlockBy Bernie Suarez

Is America now caught like a deer in the headlights staring at one “lockdown” event after another not knowing what to do? Or is everyone happy that lockdowns are happening so that the government can keep you safe? Are we not paying attention to what is slowly becoming the greatest freedom crisis ever in American history where every day is now 9/11? What’s missing now is an idea for a revolution against “lockdown” to declare it illegal and unconstitutional once and for all. Until this idea catches fire we are all in for some very dark days.

I came across a story this weekend about a shooting that took place at a Denver Colorado motorcycle expo between potentially two rival motorcycle gangs. The report was not conclusive about who the people involved in the shooting were. The mass media reported that there was one person killed and at least seven others wounded. It was a fight that ended ugly. For bikers and members on both sides it was likely a very emotional and very tense situation that at least for now had ended.

Unlike the typical modern day often scripted mass shootings, there was no search for a gunman or suspects on the run who no one can see or confirm their identity until long after they are announced dead by the police and mainstream media. There were no patsies for the police to hunt down then murder. No sharpshooters taking aim at random people and no disgruntled shooters on the loose.

Despite the missing elements that would normally make this a mass shooting or a “terrorism” related event, despite the missing “domestic extremists” element, the crazed lone shooter on psych medications and despite the missing “ISIS” component, we heard the term “lockdown” used; a word describing a police tactic that until just a few years ago was reserved for special situations.

The fact of the matter is that in America today, (as I have been writing about lately) with every passing week, “lockdown” is increasingly becoming a very common tactic, and this should concern all Americans. According to reports surrounding this latest shooting incident, the hospital where some of the wounded men were treated was immediately put into “lockdown”, meaning innocent people were immediately placed on temporary in-house arrest without being allowed to leave.

Sooner or later Americans will have to take a stand against lockdown because lockdown is tyranny and lockdown is martial law and neither has any place in America.

As I’ve said many times the idea of “lockdown” was mostly introduced in 2013, primarily via two events that occurred just a few months apart. In February 2013, the Chris Dorner manhunt was nothing more than a planned assassination, then in April of 2013 we had the Boston bombing aftermath where they officially and boldly rolled out “lockdown” to the national audience. The control system has not looked back since.

Since that time, what we are seeing is an alarming and progressively increasing use of “lockdown” in late 2015 and early 2016 and nobody seems to be complaining. Where are the marches against lockdown? Where are the street rallies to end lockdown? Where are the Americans holding signs and banners in the streets reading things like “lockdown = martial law return to the legal system of rules now” or “ordinary arrests don’t require lockdowns, stop abusing the constitutional rights of Americans” or even “Hitler did lockdowns, why are we doing it?”

These activists it seems don’t exist yet because we (America) are being fully conditioned to accept tyranny by the day. No one is even realizing that this past week is one of the first times if not the first time we’re hearing the term lockdown used more than once in one week in America. It was just a couple of months ago when the mass media used lockdown in Paris and then a few days later in Belgium to describe their “international manhunt”.

Will your neighborhood be “locked down” tomorrow? There isn’t anyone reading this article that can confidently say no, and that is serious cause for concern. It’s time to face the tyrannical reality America is in. They sold “lockdown” to Americans when no one was looking and everyone bought it. No one complained, no one thought it was odd, no one questioned it, and now martial law lockdown is here.

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Millions of Americans should have taken to the streets after Boston bombing demanding justice for the people of Watertown, Massachusetts but no one did. Millions should have taken up the cause of justice on behalf of Chris Dorner’s tyrannical manhunt but no one did. And we all watched in 2005 as FEMA approved the unconstitutional invasion of American homes following hurricane Katrina in 2005. All of these events were leading to one thing:  introduction of martial law in America. Now it seems too late. Martial law is apparently here. After you read this article and as you sleep tonight, realize that the police can declare lockdown in your neighborhood and there is nothing you can do to stop this. No one apparently saw this coming, no one protested, no one stopped it and no one took action. So now we all have to deal with this new reality.


So let me be the first to suggest that its time to raise awareness, make noise and draft legislation in your town to STOP lockdown dead in its tracks. Start thinking of how and when you want to take action, how you want to word your letters to your elected officials and what you want to say in your city council meetings, but start doing it. Otherwise, realize that your home is no longer a safe place from government. Realize that the constitutional protection you thought you had against illegal search and seizure is one lockdown away from going up in smoke. Which means that you are ONE crisis actor staged event away from having police enter your home. Realize that you are one false flag event away from having police rummage through your home at will. Think about that!

More importantly, realize that it’s time to end lockdown. Understand that America did just fine before lockdowns began and it will do just fine after lockdown is completely abolished and ruled unconstitutional.

I want to be part of the revolution to abolish lockdown, don’t you? If revolution today starts with the freedom to spread revolutionary ideas then let me suggest this idea. Let’s abolish lockdown before it’s too late. It’s time to take a stand against lockdown in your local community. Let’s challenge our local community leaders to demand that local and federal police prove to us the effectiveness and purpose of their lockdowns and how they make America safer. Let’s challenge them to give us one example when lockdown was effective. It’s time to force “lockdown” itself into the court system for its day in court.

Picture an America and a world without lockdown. Recall the days when police went about their business of searching and arresting suspects based on the information they had and their failure to capture wanted suspects was dealt with by implementing standard police investigation operations. We saw these police investigation techniques in every cop TV show growing up. What we’re seeing now is a lust and obsession to want to catch every suspect dead or alive now or never. We’re told that all of life must stop until their suspect is apprehended or as we commonly see today, murdered. We’ve put such a high value of importance on police searches that we’ve relinquished our rights to them and bowed at their alter. This police worship has now come at the highest price possible, costing us all our natural born rights and freedom from tyranny and illegal government searches and quartering in violation of the third and fourth amendments.

Lockdown has forced me to change how I think. It really hits home when you think of the possibilities of what could happen at any moment and it forces me to re-evaluate what my priorities are when it comes to activism. For anyone who thinks this issue is no big deal or that we can’t stop lockdowns so we might as well accept it, I want to challenge you to show me any other government action that is immediately more threatening than lockdown. Lockdown is equivalent to having someone point a loaded gun at your head in real-time. When its happening, all of a sudden nothing else matters. Once lockdown begins, you are it. During lockdown you could be mistaken for someone else as occurred in the Chris Dorner assassination manhunt and your words and actions could be misconstrued in a different way. During lockdown you could more readily be accused of resisting; and if you are a gun owner attempting to protect your home not realizing what is happening, all your rights just went out the window and you could pay for this misunderstanding with your life or jail time.

Will America and humanity around the globe stand up to lockdown or do we not have the will? What does your local community think about the morality, legality and constitutionality of lockdown? Has the issue been brought up yet? Does anyone have the courage to push back on the police state? Now is the time for action if you care about freedom. If you agree please share this message.

Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generation.

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55 Comments on "Why the American Revolution Against “Lockdown” Must Begin Now"

  1. I think you are so right. I was appalled to see what went on in Boston & the fact that they cheered for the police. It was a civilian that found the guy anyway.
    Most people are afraid to put a target on themselves & don’t know how to begin. Having a strong group to back you up would be essential not only to survive the authorities but the MSM programmed mob mentality that is so afraid & willing to give up freedom for so called safety.

    • When I saw the sheeple cheering USA! USA! in Boston with police going door to door, ripping people out of their homes at gun point, I knew right then and there it is mostly over for America. The sheeple will run up to the edge of the pit, kneel down, hands on head and wait to be shot in the back of the head. It’s not like it hasn’t happened in history.

    • “I was appalled to see what went on in Boston”; You mean that Tsarnov was videotaped leaving the Boston Marathon route wearing the undamaged backpack he arrived with, while the backpack worn by an FBI agent, destroyed by the explosives it contained, was also videotaped and distributed by the independent media?
      I was certainly appalled to see the US public agree to sentence an obvious scapegoat to death for a crime committed by a terrorist government.

      • I know . Not to mention the same crisis actress at the Marathon on camera that was at Sandy Hook. Too many false flags.

  2. We’ve been out on the point on this issue, and it’s awfully lonely. Most people and local officials have absolutely no understanding or concern about this or anything else. We accept our responsibility and understand that our destiny is to be branded as the bad guys and outcasts.

    • Put some windex on it. The sting of the brand doesn’t last more than a few days with a little bit of that blue magic. The good guy brand doesn’t hurt. We just use a wet paper towel and captain crunch tattoos. I guess you guys always get the shirt straw. Pity.

  3. “…. the typical modern day often scripted mass shootings,…” This is where I stopped. With over 32,000 gun deaths a year and over 300 mass shootings,the claim that someone (the “government”) is scripting shootings to promote gun laws which 85% of gun owners support (universal background checks)or to “confiscate guns,” which no leaders are proposing, it is pure lunacy to assume that the 300 plus mass shootings are typically scripted. Such lunacy has the effect, whether by design or not, to poison the well of evidence based allegations, such as the murders of JFK,MLK, and RFK or the government lies about 9/11, as exposed by the Republican heads of the 9/11 Commision, documented in books by Kean and Farmer.

    There are real conspiracies (WMD in Iraq,humanitarian crisis in Libya, Syrian govt CW attacks on civilians, the Ukraine coup) based on evidence but those which defy all logic can be assumed, for lack of any other explanation, to exist in order to make all conspiracy allegations poison.

    How would benefit from poisoning the well? Anyone with something to hide. Who benefits from conspiracy theories about mass shootings being scripted hoaxes? The gun makers and their paid shlils, who profit by shifting blame for gun violence from those promoting fear and the need for more and more guns, to the government, in order to thwart the will of the people for rational gunlaws like UBC. According to all polls,90 of the public supports UBC and according to 2 studies,74% of NRA members support UBC, which the NRA itself opposes, on the logic that if a law with huge loopholes doesn’t work, how will closing those loopholes possibly work?

    Stand with the American people, gun owners, and 3/4 of NRA members in supporting such basic laws as universal background checks and banning those on terrorist lists from buying guns legally. Do not accept the lies about the “typical” mass shooting (there were 350 last year) being scripted, which is intended to distract attention and shift blame. By doing so, you will not only help enable putting into law the overwhelming will of the People but you will be rescuing the real, evil conspiracies which create pretexts for war and start criminal wars based on lies from the CIA (masters of conspiracy and assassination) about those crazy “conspiracy theorists.” Do NOT those with something to hide poison the well with claims that defy logic.

    Usually, when I present this viewpoint, I am smeared as a “paid shill.” How I wish I were paid to tell the truth. My response to such libels is to remind folks that those who smear views they dislike with such accusations are probably paid to do so.

    Instead of throwing out absurd accusations, why not support the campaign to force Congress to enact the will of the people, which is its mandated job? Why not support democracy in the interests of promoting saving lives with rational gun laws instead of enabling the merchants of death to increase their profits by promoting fear, paranoia,and political paralysis? I welcome constructive dialogue but will treat pesonal insults and accusations as admissions of intellectual and moral corruption.

    • TOO LONG you sound like OBOMA the trator

    • I believe there are more knife deaths than gun deaths, no?
      So do we ban knife sales from “terrorists”?
      Do you realize that there is a no fly list that you can be put on and can’t defend yourself to get off? So what if I am erroneously put on a no fly list and they come to take my guns, is that fair and reasonable? Do you realize they are constantly promoting veterans to seek “help”. Now they are saying they are mentally ill! Most combat vets that saw “action” come back with some feelings of uneasiness – but does that make them unable or unqualified to own a gun?
      Watch the slippery slope my friend, you may find yourself, with nothing to hide, suddenly on it someday.

      • No: 2/3 of all gun homicides are with guns. Sharp objects,including knifes, account for about 20%.

        In fact,there are in many areas laws which regulate knives.

        So you are factually inaccurate;you are also logically inaccurate. Most knives are bought for kitchen use, much less commonly for self-defense. Guns,on the other hand are almost always bought for protection. So if you learn that each year, 15,000 gun deaths in the home (5000 murders of family and friends, 10,000 suicides)occur while only 50 home invaders are involved in a murder, you can see that you are much better defended by NOT having a gun in the home. How about the home invaders chased off with guns: the fact is that 65% of homes do not have guns and yet the murders by home invaders is only about 50 a year. 15,000 deaths in the home by family or friend vs 50 deaths by home invaders. Only a reckless fool would gamble against such odds.

        You can get off the no fly list, which includes very few Americans, thru an appeal process. There have been several court cases where govt was shown to be wrong and the appeal procedure has been made simpler.

        ” only about 2.3 percent of the 1.1 million people on the consolidated watch list are American citizens or legal permanent residents. “U.S. Persons (including both citizens and legal permanent residents) account for about 25,000 of that total,” the NCTC fact sheet says.”

        I am not defending or denouncing the terrorist list but reporting the facts which many have distorted. Nor am I defending or denouncing the proposal to ban guns to those on the lists but reporting that the majority of the public supports this idea.

        Many veterans ARE mentally ill,since PTSD is common result of combat. Those who are suicidal or commit domestic violence should certaitly be carefully checked before allowing them to have guns. No one should have gun rights taken away for being “uneasy” but think that is a straw man fallacy. How about a vet like Track Palin who has been involved in a drunken brawl, punched his girlfriend down and then kicked her, and threatened to kill himself in front of her. Wouldn’t you agree that goes beyond uneasiness?

        The slippery slope of allowing guns to people without any background checks (in 42 states) or to those with a pattern of domestic violence or suicidal tendencies has already led to 400,000 gun deaths since 9/11. Making all gun sales be subject to background checks or limiting guns to people who are not violent or suicidal is not a slippery slope, as these laws exist in all other (34) advanced nations, where gun murder rates are 85-99% lower than in the US. The slippery slope towards being the most homicidal of all advanced nations, by a factor of 9, should be repaired with rational gun laws which 85% of gun owners support.

        My friend,you must learn the facts and avoid illogic; I have taken the effort to help you gain perspective. Please educate yourself and do the rational thing and join the 9 out of 10 Americans who support UBC and banning guns to those on the terrorist lists, 97% of whom are NOT US citizens.

        • Your gun death figures pale in comparison to the number of people who die in hospitals each year due to human error. Somewhere between 200,000 and 400,000 annually for 34 million annual hospital admissions. Educate yourself and do the rational thing- background check doctors to make sure they’re not homicidal eugenicists.

          • You are guilty of the fallacy of dismissing a mere 32,000 deaths a year because other causes kill more. Doctors are in fact registered and disciplined, but this is a red herring. It has nothing to do with thousands of preventable deaths by firearms.

            I think we can both seek solutions to medical errors AND pass rational gun laws, or is your argument that we must do one or the other? That is the fallacy of false choices. It’s not a choice. We must prevent as many deaths as possible, in auto accidents, with guns, with medical errors, etc.

            Since 9/11, 400,000 have died by gun. No other problem areas can erase that carnage, most of which is preventable, as the other 34 advanced nations have 85-99% lower gun murder rates than the US.

            Your logic is fallacious and so must be dismissed as a distraction from the problem of laws to reduce gun violence.

          • There is no fallacy of false choices here. If unavoidable deaths were your real concern, seems you would seek to remedy those areas where the most deaths occur. But that’s not really the issue, is it? If gun sales were the issue, perhaps you should be citing the statistics showing the huge leap in gun sales that occurs after each false flag shooting event, or the fact that every time Obama utters the words, “Gun control” a few more million guns are sold in the US. Odd, isn’t it? Not really, when you consider the fact that the United States government is the largest purveyor of weapons of all types in the world. If our perfidious government were to somehow manage to get back the 300+ million guns already out there, they would probably hand them over to terrorists like they’ve been doing for the last several decades. You may have heard of Fast and Furious, which is the government talking out of both sides of its mouth. This country prides itself on violence and destruction in the many countries that we bomb into rubble, and in fact, when you face the actual facts instead of the spurious ones you cited, the entire gun control ideology is the real red herring, is it not?

          • You are presenting a false choice. I have no idea how to reduce medical errors…I support any rational laws or regulations that would do so. I do know how to reduce gun violence and so I presented ideas proven to work.

            The spike in gun sales after mass shootings,which you call false flag without evidence, is the result of 1) gun lobby propaganda that the government is going to grab guns and 2) fear mongering by the gun lobby, while ignoring that every day 90 people die from guns.

            Also, consider that the percent of households with guns had steadily decreased in the past generation, as gun sales grow, meaning the average household with guns now has about 8 guns. This illogic assumes that if 7 guns are not enough, an 8th gun will provide protection. In fact, homes with guns have nearly 3 times more gun deaths than homes without, totally destroying the premise that guns make our families safer.

            The US has the majority of private guns in the world (and is 9 times more violent than the other 34 advanced nationis) AND is the world’s largest vendor of weapons of war. This clearly points to a culture of violence and a powerful industry of making weapons.

            As for Fast and Furiious, this was a program started under the Bush administration in 2006 with the goal of allowing sales (which are allowed everyday in 31 states anyway) and tracking them back to the ultimate purchasers. It failed under -Bush; it failed under Obama. It is a failed program, which has nothing to do with passing rational gun laws such as UBC.

            I have fought against US miltiary aggression for over 50 years, and I find the struggle against US war crimes and the struggle for rational domestic gun laws consistent, with the goal of reducing violence,abroad and at home. Once again, you argue with the fallacy of false choices:without understanding that the goal of ending violence involves changing both foreing policy and domestic gun laws.

            Gun control is not a red herring, with 400,000 gun deaths since 9/11. It is a central feature of the effort to create a safer country and reduce violence and preventable deaths. I will continue to promote rational gun laws, which 90% of the public supports, by presenting factual information and promoting democratic government that would enact the will of the People.

            I urge you to join the overwhelming majority who support universal background checks with no loopholes and limits on selling guns to dangerous people. This is totally consistent with fighting against US imperialism and working to prevent deaths in other areas such as car safety, medical protocol, etc.

          • I see where you are coming from, Dale, and I strongly share your feelings on ending the violence in all forms, but the fact of the matter is that until our country stops being the world’s largest supplier of arms, stops providing arms to terrorist groups, stops militarizing our police forces, stops killing innocent people in foreign countries, stops removing our freedoms to keep us “safe” from all the weapons WE have manufactured and sold or given to terrorist groups worldwide, and stops violent TV and movie programming, THEN perhaps people will stop feeling the need to arm themselves against a government gone rogue. We already do background checks and you cannot believe in your heart that strengthening them will somehow keep weapons out of the hands of people who can get them on any street corner in the world cheaper than they can buy them legally.

            That old bumper sticker from years ago “If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns,” rings truer today than it ever did because it’s now a fact and not just a slogan. Everyone understands this simple, infallible logic. So I’m not sure what the term “rational gun laws” actually means in your world, especially since your world seems to include something called a “democratic government,” which surely does not exist in the USA any more, if it ever did.

          • 1. We will not have either a change in foreign policy or gun laws until we have more democracy, since neo-con military adventures and a Congress unwilling to even vote on rational guns laws, such as universal background checks, are both symptoms of oligarch rule, with gun makers (and their shills like the NRA) and weapons makers buying politicians to serve their interests (profits).
            2. That old bumper sticker from years ago “If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns,” rings truer today than it ever did because it’s now a fact and not just a slogan. ” is false for two reasons: the first is that rational gun laws will not ban guns but regulate who is allowed to obtain them. This is an example of a straw man argument, a fallacy.

            The second false hood is that where guns are banned (or nearly so), that only outlaws have guns. The two most nearly gun free zones in the world both have gun homicide rates 99% lower than in the US. The UK has about 40 gun murders a year and Japan has about 10 (2 in 2006), showing that where guns are very rare, even criminals do terrorize the population with guns. In nations with many guns, such as Germany and Switzerland, the result of very strict gun laws is a gun murder rate 95% lower than in the US, showing that even in societies with many guns, strict laws do not lead to criminals terrorizing the population. The evidence of 34 advanced nations, since WWII, is that those nations with the least guns have the least gun violence, including criminals, and those with strict laws, even in the presence of many guns, have much lower rates of gun violence. Clearly, this is overwhelming evidence that the myth you repeat above is false.

            I have led you to the evidence; I cannot make you accept it.

          • You keep forgetting that in the places where there are no guns, the murder rate is lower because there are no guns at all. We have millions and millions of guns in circulation, so you are beating the straw man, not me. Here’s why “rational gun laws” won’t work in an irrational society: Bubba just got out of prison after serving his term for armed robbery and assault. Bubba’s cousin passed his background check with flying colors and has 36 guns. He gives one to Bubba as soon as he gets out. If you can elucidate a law that will prevent this while still allowing law abiding citizens to own guns to protect themselves against Bubba, I’m all ears.

            You like statistics and I like pointing out that the problem is an ethos, a culture of violence that is perpetrated by the same people you want to make laws to curb their profit motive (I’m talking about Congress here) and you are simply whistling Dixie because the law makers will not shoot their golden goose. I’d like to discuss this further but it’s my birthday and I’m going skiing.

          • I have not forgotten that point, Robin. That is MY point: when the gun murder rate goes down, the overall murder rate goes down. Germany has 1 gun for every 3 people and a gun murder rate 95% lower than the US and an overall murder rate 80% lower.

            Japan, with hardly any guns, has a 99% lower gun murder rate and an overall 80% lower murder rate. Rational laws which are proven to bring down the gun violence rate also bring down the overall murder rate.

            Examples: Australia, passed stricter gun laws in the mid 90s and since, the gun murder rate is down 60% and the overall murder rate is down 50%.

            Japan passed strict gun laws bringing its gun murder rate down 99% over 50 years, as well as reducing its overall murder rate by 80%.

            Even in the US, after the Brady Act (even with its loopholes) took effect, within 5 years the gun murder rate declined by 40% and the overall murder rate also had a drastic reduction.

            The logic is simple: guns are the most efficient method of murder; therefore, if you reduce guns, or have strict regulation, you reduce the overall murder rate as the gun murder rate does down. I have not forgotten this: this is the strongest argument for stricter gun regulations…that it reduces the level of violence.

            How do you think nations like the other 34 have solved the problem you pose?
            If you give bubba a gun and he uses it to commit a crime, you go to jail with him.
            I guarantee that will deter passing on guns without background checks.

            It’s absurd to argue against the successful reduction (9-fold) of the other 34 advanced nations with silly examples which are easily resolved (ie the other 34 nations have already solved them!).

            I like facts. The fact is that the culture of violence and the lack of democracy both enable a society which is by far the most violent. I urge creating democratic governance so that the will of the people to have rational gun laws will not be blocked by paid servants of the gun lobby. Japan was once a very violent society; so was Germany: today Japan has reduced gun homicide by 99% and Germany has a gun murder rate 95% lower than the US. The evidence is undeniable that gun laws work when they are universal and strictly enforced. The longer they are in effect, the evidence also proves, the more effective they are. The reduction in violence is gradual but increases over time.

            We must work to create a more democratic government in order to enact laws with robust public support, such as universal background checks (and other popular programs like public options in healthcare, immigration reform, etc). These issues are all interconnected. I have studied political science for 55 years and gun laws and violence seriously for 3 years. I will conclude by pointing out that statistics are abstractions which describe real facts: We don’t need laws curbing the profit motive but rather laws making bribery of politicians illegal, as it once was. We need, above all, to complete the American Revolution and create democracy.

            Enjoy you day skiing.

          • So according to you we need a whole pile of new laws enacted by a Congress that has stated over and over they simply will not do what you want them to, which is why Obama wrote some EO’s that do nothing but wallpaper existing background check restrictions. It’s all a farce, Dale, and another duality play, dog and pony show to keep people like you and me divided into factions when we should be united. I’m sorry you cannot see that.

            The countries you cite all confiscated guns. Not “stricter controls,” they just took them (or bought them back) thus, once again, severely reducing the amount of guns overall. Are you advocating confiscation? Because otherwise all your stats and so-called “proofs” of decreased gun violence are moot. There is no possible way the government can confiscate 300 million weapons and they know it. It’s all farce.

            I personally do not feel safe in a country that turns kids coming out of high school into paid killers, cities where the police are armed riot squads with zero accountability, where the military conducts combat training in heavily populated areas and declares martial law so they can raid homes without warrants because there is one criminal on the loose. We also disagree on the false flag issue. 350 mass shootings under President Peace Prize? If you don’t smell agenda there, your old nose is defective.

            Bottom line: stricter gun controls will do nothing to stem the tide of violence engendered by a society that profits from arming rogue regimes, drug lords, warlords, and terrorists, and literally makes war on its citizens. Ain’t gonna happen your way, Dale. The die is cast, the horses are long out of the barn, and while you were researching and compiling your stats, America was arming itself. Fact.

          • No! We need to get rid of 50 state laws and replace with one national law which can be stated in a short sentence: all gun transfers must have a background check.

            8 words to replace 50 state laws.

            Stricter gun laws work in all other advanced nations, and where they exist in the US, they are correlated with lower gun violence. Your logic is that we can ignore the evidence. I don’t buy it. Why do you?

          • Robin Raven | February 2, 2016 at 6:37 pm |

            You are ignoring the evidence that Congress has never passed an eight word bill in its entire history. You are also ignoring the evidence they don’t listen to what people want because they work for the corporations now and the only laws they pass involve someone or something putting money in their bank accounts. This should not come as news to anyone with even one eye open. I’m not sure what LaLaLand you live in but the US hasn’t worked the way you seem to think it does for a long time. It’s a corrupt, paranoid empire that takes great pride in its ability to bomb other countries into rubble. This is why, I keep telling you over and over, people have armed themselves for good reason, and will continue to do so, and yelping about a laughable law involving “transfers” is not going to fix what is coming down the pike. If anyone is ignoring the evidence, it’s you.

          • You are being silly. The 2nd Amendment is 27 words. My point was that the hundreds of pages of state laws can be replaced by one, simple, short, unambiguous law. I won’t waste anymore time with you. Most people are not armed. In the past 25 years, households with guns have decreased from over 50% to about 35%. Over 90% of the public supports universal background checks, as do 85% of gun owners. Go waste someone else’s time; I seek intelligent and serious people to discuss issues with. I happen to agree we live in a corrupt empire, but part of the corruption is a bought and paid for Congress will not even bring up for a vote common sense laws which 9 of 10 Americans support.

            I wish you well but seek constructive dialogue.

          • Robin Raven | February 2, 2016 at 7:12 pm |

            OMG… Do you even know what the 2nd Amendment says?

            “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free
            State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be

            Do you see the words “shall not be infringed?” See anything in there about registrations, background checks, transfers, anything about certain types of weapons being permitted and others not? No, because that was not the intent. You could have owned a trainload of cannons when this was written if you wanted to. The men who wrote that meant each and every word because they argued about them for months. You don’t need constructive dialogue, you need a dictionary and some history.

          • You are dodging the issue which was the ability of Congress to pass a short law

            Do you understand the 2nd word in the 2nd Amendment? “Well-regulated?’ And here is what the mliitia is, per Article 1/Section 8 (have you ever read the Constitution?)
            “The Congress shall have Power….
            To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

            To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;”

            The militia is thus called forth, organized, armed and controlled by Congress. To arm and control the militia implies that it be well-regulated, which obviously includes regulating firearms.

            The irony is that a duty to obey Congress is disguised as a right; another contradiction is that the right of Congress to draft the militia violates the 13th Amendment prohibition against involuntary servitude by anyone, including the government. At any rate, the courts have long recognized that regulating guns is not infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens.

            I have given you the gift of knowledge; I can’t make you drink.

            The original point holds: your complaint about hundreds of pages of gun laws can be remedied with one simple sentence. Please don’t waste any more of my time. As a teacher, I feel an obligation to teach, but unless you are able to learn, it’s a waste of time.

          • Kerry Jackson | February 2, 2016 at 8:38 pm |

            Today we have a military to guard our borders. L.O.L. Our militia or “armed citizenry” will jealously guard our bill of rights. Rights that come from God. And congress will have no real power nor will any “executive order”. We will arm ourselves and “repel invasions” from those who would “BUTT IN” to our business. Our progressive friends from both right and left should re-visit all of their failed policies of the last hundred years, that have allowed the seeds of immorality to rule the minds of “surface dwelling” people whose research into such things consists of 30 mins. per week with CNN or FOX. If you people have such wonderful ideas on how to stop violence, please start by fixing the progressive “guff” that is between the ears of most anti-gun elitists and leave gun control to those of us who can keep it in the 10 ring.

          • Learn from experience: The other 34 advanced nations have 85-99% lower gun murder rates (and 80% overall lower murder rates) than the US. We can use the kind of regulations they have used so successfully for many generations.

            If we are unwilling to learn from experience, we will continue to have 9 times more gun murders than our peer nations, tho we know what works.

            Use what works. Since 85% of gun owners and 74% of NRA members support the most important law, universal background checks, all that is lacking is a Congress which is able to enact the will of the people, which is based on overwhelming evidence of success. But sadly, Republicans (and a few Democrats) are bought and paid for servants of the gun makers, whose goal is not public safety but profits, driven by propaganda which mongers fear. Fewer and fewer people are buying more and more guns. The evidence is that rational gun laws reduce violence without infringing of the rights of law abiding citizens. When the evidence is so overwhelming, only lies which evoke fear can block rational thought.

            But in fact, 9 of 10 Americans support universal background checks but sadly, we are not ruled by the people but by Big Money.

            I stand with the 85% of gun owners. Do you?

          • Kerry Jackson | February 2, 2016 at 8:59 pm |

            I do indeed believe that we should enforce all laws currently on the books. From there, we should allow the government to stay out of our business, as they are not very good with their own (18.5 with a lot of 0’s debt). That said, people are broken, the guns seem to work fine. Don’t throw the hammer away just because you hit your thumb.

          • Existing laws allow sale of semi-automatics in 42 states to anyone, criminals, terrorists, crazies, with no background checks. Universal background checks are meant to close these loopholes to prevent dangerous types from buying guns with no records or checks, as in all other 34 advanced nations.

            You are using the internet to trash government, a development using taxpayer money by the government.

            Bush increased debt in his 8 budgets by 117% . Unnecessary (ie criminal wars), tax cuts for the rich, and a healthcare system which wastes 600 billion a year by not being single payer (as in all other advanced nations, which have superior results with total coverage at half the cost) have created this huge debt. We could reduce it by having single payer, ending 220 billion a year in subsidies to rich corporations, and cutting defense to twice that of the 2nd highest: all this would save a trillion a year.

            Guns kill 32,000 a year: is that fine. For contrast, each year, the US has over 8000 murders while the UK has 45 and Japan has 10. Even nations with many guns like Switzerland and Germany have 95% lower gun murder rates because they have rational gun laws such as universal background checks. The evidence is overwhelming and the solutions are obvious and public support is robust.

            Unfortunately, Congress is bought and paid for (mostly Republicans, in fact) and therefore blocks rational laws and the will of the people.

            Guns are not hammers. Hammers are not bought for protection; guns are; when the gun laws (or lack thereof) leads to a nation 9 times more violent than any other of the 34 peer nations, its time to face the facts: guns do not protect us; they subject us to the highest level of violence in the developed world. So we can at very least have the kinds of laws that Germany, with 1 gun for every 3 people, has, which reduces gun murder to 95% lower than in the US.

            What is the cost of 32,000 gun deaths a year?
            We know how to reduce that number, based on the experience of 34 other developed nations. it is sheer greed which has perverted our democracy so that even laws which over 90% support, cannot even be voted on.

            Since 9/11 400,000 Americans by firearms, as many as in
            WWII, 99% m,ore than killed on 9/11. We know what works: but rule by wealthy corporations, such as the weapons industry, has sabotaged democratic government and so the will of the people is dismissed.

            We can have rational gun laws without infringing on the rights of law abiding gun owners, which is why 85% support universal background checks. Wake up!

            We are the least safe nation of all 35 advanced nations. The 2nd Amendment is not a suicide pact. Rational gun laws, as in dozens of other developed nations, do not infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens.

            Stop believing the lies of the gun lobby, whose job is to create propaganda to sell more and more guns. Wake up! We have proven methods of reducing violence, and it is stupidity or madness to ignore them. I can present no more evidence or logic: if you choose to promote gun violence by opposing rational laws, you are complicit in a gun murder rate 90% higher than our peer nations.

            If you have a gun in your home, whose purpose is to protect your family and you learn that homes with guns have nearly 3 times more gun deaths, you would understand, as a good parent, that you have no right to subject your family to these kind of odds. Draw you own conclusions if you have the rational ability to do so.

          • Robin Raven | February 2, 2016 at 9:27 pm |

            As an American, I feel an obligation to tell you that the statistics you keep cut and pasting are actually wrong. I went and looked them up, all of them, and they’re all false. 85% of gun owners this, and 74% of NRA members that… all made up horseshit. You don’t know squat about anything that can’t be cut and pasted from some anti-gun website and you’re wasting everybody’s time.

    • Dale, If you really feel that way, gtf out of here. You are neither supplying constructive nor intelligent reasoning. I suspect and only suspect that you are a common core-educated idiot. You are a shill and most likely an unpaid one. So what is your motivation? Again, I suspect and only suspect that your boyfriend left you for another man, you found out you have herpes, the clap, crabs etc and you want to blame someone. Be nice Dale. I know, I know that with a name like Dale everyone bullies you so you sit behind a computer and become a keyboard warrior. Have a good night Dale and call a doctor.

      • He is a shill, and you can bet he’s paid quite handsomely…..

        • He is a well educated professional-level disinfo agent (a volunteer ideologue?) who appears to be, at the very least, networked to the SPLC (CIA front and Globalist propaganda outfit known to write guidelines for police and MIAC fusion centers describing anyone who opposes the dismantling of the Constitution and govt tyranny as being dangerous “right wing extremists”). He pretends to be pro-democracy when in reality he is pro-NWO-Technocracy (UN globalist rule, forced vaccinations, climate change laws, et al.). These agents attempt to divide and confuse awakening activists to impair the constructive sharing of information and ideas.

        • And you are a guttersniper…..probably paid by the NRA.

      • Do you believe in free speech. I am supplying objective information, which you clearly do not want to see. Your assumption of my background is also idiotic. I am a 74 yr old with a world class education. I have a duty to my grandchildren to educate people to create a less violent society.

        Your personal insults demonstrate both your lack of intellectual ability and your moral degradation. I pity you.

  4. I oppose the lockdown mentality but suggest that basing it on paranoid assumptions will only defeat the movement to demilitarize the police.

  5. I think if a “lockdown” is called for more and more, after a while we will see it as “normal”, If the gov’t does it with regularity and we stop screaming about it because “they always do that”, then, mission accomplished, they win.

  6. It seems Bernie, that you have one thing most of the rest of us don’t have. The wherewithal. Many of us have the inclination, but are sorely lacking the wherewithal. Unless we get some support from media, it’s not going to go anywhere. Even all of the alternative news sites are astoundingly mute in any efforts to coordinate any rallies or protests. Why is that? Put your money where your mouth is and learn to walk your talk, or quit trying to instigate mass protests without any plans.

    • that was leftist. He’s trying to call attention to this even if it’s a few thousand people who read his article. Being aware is at least better than being ignorant of anything going on around us. I’m glad he wrote this because it certainly got my attention.

      • Look at the primaries in Iowa. Over 80,000 people voted for 2 candidates who were ineligible, and also again that many voted for a socialist (BS) or voted for a fascist (HRC). Not a single politician, celebrity, talk show giant, or media outlet has offered a rally cry against this type of corruption or even attempted to support any such action or help coordinate such action. exception for maybe Alex Jones. You just can’t compete against government financed agitators like we saw in Misery, Mexifornia and the occupy movement. There are just too many people here now who know nothing of our constitution or our Christian heritage and the government gives them freebies and citizenship. But I digress!!!
        Did you really need another article of issues that were dominant ten years ago to just now be bringing it to your attention. And then again Bernie agitates for rebellion without so much as a plan. Well, I’m glad it has finally been brought to your attention. Which makes me wonder; How long have you been politically aware?? Two days? And you have the audacity to label me a leftist. It’s apparent you have no idea what a leftist is, and it’s no surprise to you that Bernie never addressed my question? We have the inclination, where’s the wherewithal?
        P.S:I usually don’t answer immature posting like this, next time you should think before you post.

        • He is a bit older so he probably can’t hear you screaming from your basement. Try a telephone. He’s quite an open door guy so I’m sure he would oblige you.

  7. Turn off the program dispenser [aka TV]. If you are NOT being empowered, the you are most certainly being enslaved.

  8. Bernie,it does not matter if you want to stand up, because the American people are being suppressed. I know personally there is a international terrorist organization, here in America, along with our government that are tramping down anyone who is vocal and forget the media. I also believe Obama will not leave office as he will declare Marshall Law and will be our last president.

    • P. Lentz, I feel the same as you do about Obama not leaving office. I think the writing is on the wall especially with the Senate wanting to give Zero power to use the military any time any where. It is breathtaking in it’s scope when you realize the Nazis didn’t even give Hitler that power.

      • With so many being raptured September, I am now a true believer in conspiracy theories so you’re probably right. Obama will stay in office until JC decides to finally nuke the planet. He does have mighty powers being Satan and all. Aging will cease in January now that the rapture has occurred. Crack is whack!

    • Lay off the crack. He will declare Marshall Law what? Last I heard he was quite happy being a character in the Tekken fighting game series.

  9. Thanks to TV’s incestuous relationship with mass shootings, most people live in such a perpetual state of fear that lockdown sounds safe. “There is a terrorist running around loose! We should all get out of the way so the cops do their jobs!” That’s what happened in Boston. Pity the poor sovereign individual who refuses to be locked down, steps into the street and is shot by the cops doing their job, because the fearful masses will shout, “He deserved it! He didn’t obey!” This is how people think and getting them to see the dangerous slippery slope they’re all sliding down is pretty hopeless, I hate to say it.

  10. yEshUA ImmAnUEl * ben-'Adam | February 1, 2016 at 4:19 am | Reply

    “Discover what will destroy life, and you are a great man ; what will prolong it, and you are an impostor. Discover some invention in machinery that will make the rich more rich and the poor more poor, and they will build you a statue : Discover some mystery in art, that will equalize some physical disparities, and they will pull down their houses to stone you.”

  11. yEshUA ImmAnUEl * ben-'Adam | February 1, 2016 at 4:51 am | Reply

    “Though Hope be a small child, she
    can carry a great anchor!”

  12. Government sponsored death events complete w/ crisis acotors and (perhaps) real murdered patsies seems to be the norm.
    On a bright side there were over 185,000 backgroundalbeit unconstitutional) checks during the consumer push of black friday (day after U.S.. thanksgiving).

    BTW: DALE RUFF it is obvious that they are not random acts.

  13. You misstate the FBI definition: a mass shooting is an incident in which at least people are shot. It does require a killing. You are confusing mass murders with mass shootings.

    Pbs reported: “According to the Tracker’s data, which defines a mass shooting as an incident in which at least four people are killed or wounded, there were 372 mass shootings in the U.S. in 2015, killing 475 and wounding 1,870.”

    ” FBI used to consider someone a “mass murderer” if they killed four or more people during one event, regardless of weapons used. But starting in 2013, federal statutes defined “mass killing” as three or more people killed, regardless of weapons”

    The commonly accepting meaning of a mass shooting is an incident in which there are 4 or more victims, whether wounded or killed. You can choose to use mass shooting to be an event with 4 or more killed, but a more meaningful label for such an incident would be mass murder.

  14. No worries, we will be a okay. Lollis are delicious!

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