Now Among Largest Firearms Investors, Soros in Gun Control Scheme to Dump Stocks

soros_davosBy Mac Slavo

Do you see the puppet strings?

The plot to disarm Americans and suspend the 2nd Amendment is working with furious pace. But it is anything but head on.

The 2nd Amendment makes gun ownership an inalienable right and guarantees armed and formidable populace. The NRA and other lobbies have gun rights firmly entrenched in the Republican party.

So the other side works the back door. Infiltration, sabotage and other dirty tricks.

Is that what is happening?

By all appearances, Soros, the elite wolf in sheep’s clothing has been investing in firearms companies not to profit from them, but to destroy them, and destroy the access of people to guns and ammunition.

Via the International Business Times:

Advocates for divesting from the firearms industry got a boost from Wall Street titan George Soros last week. The billionaire investor is in a strong position to make such a call: He’s one of the leading financiers of the gun control movement, and the fund he leads recently owned a piece of the firearms industry.

On Thursday, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Soros expressed interest in the divestment idea. Asked by International Business Times if investors who support gun control should sell their holdings in firearms companies, Soros responded: “I’m very much against guns. And if it can be organized on a large enough scale, I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

Securities and Exchange Commission filings reviewed by IBT show Soros Fund Management as a top institutional shareholder in Vista Outdoors — considered the country’s top ammunition manufacturer — and Olin Corp., which makes ammo under the Winchester name.


Many of the biggest Wall Street donors to President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — who have both called for stricter gun regulations — are among the largest institutional investors in guns and ammunition manufacturers.

If all these Wall Street donors moved in unison against gun stocks, there is every sense that a great firearms pump-and-dump could be underway to cripple the market, and force firearms, ammo, parts and accessories off the shelves.

Is that what is happening?

George Soros is effectively advocating a policy of economic sanctions against the firearms industry – using a tactic of war to, ultimately, limit guns in the hands of the people.

In 2011, an email chain letter circulated among the right claimed that Soros was controlling a hedge fund buying gun and ammunition manufacturers and wanted to “restrict or ban all civilian guns.” The email was false and widely shared. The National Rifle Association condemned it and urged its members not to pass along a rumor that had “caused a great deal of unnecessary concern for gun owners.”

But for all of the worry from gun owners that Soros might try to keep weapons out of their hands, a firm run by Soros purchased shares in ammunition companies last year without causing any stir.

The price of ammo has been driven up drastically in recent years with pressures on supply. Meanwhile, gun sales have soared to new records each time President Obama has announced new gun control efforts. But will gun control policies ultimately tie the guns into knots with red tape?

It remains to be seen how it will play out.

But there has been a war of propaganda underway on the gun effort throughout the Obama Administration. There has been a great deal of toying with supply and demand and using public fear and outrage as marketing models.

Who does this ultimately serve?

This pattern parallels many deceptive political movements to undermine the rights and sovereignty of this country. The Council on Foreign Relations publication Foreign Affairs published this quote by Richard Gardner in 1974 describing how billionaire operatives like George Soros would conspire to undermine American freedom:

In short, the ‘house of world order’ would have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion,’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.

Another CFR man, James Warburg – whose father oversaw the creation of the Federal Reserve system – bluntly stated:

The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.

Stay vigilant; the right to keep and bear arms is under sneak attack.

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21 Comments on "Now Among Largest Firearms Investors, Soros in Gun Control Scheme to Dump Stocks"

  1. “Stay vigilant; the right to keep and bear arms is under sneak attack.”

    You gunowners are a joke! And if they “sneak” your right to bear arms, WTF are you going to do?

    Judging by what I’ve seen so far, its just boys with toys. No one really has loyalty to some mantra that we have a right to have guns, because virtually no one will stand up against the gov and its criminal affiliates with their guns. No one is willing to sacrifice their livelihood, career, family, etc. to argue with what the gov. tells you what to do and how to do it. Americans are lackadaisical, heartless, gutless and ignorant.

    What do you need those guns for? To protect your liberties? That’s a joke because your freedoms are essentially gone. What can you do in this country WITHOUT the permission of the government?? They have already stolen your freedom, and you sit idle stroking your guns and mumbling like puppets about gun rights.

    If you are so interested in your guns rights, then do something about it or STFU. I’m sick of hearing you cry about it like a bunch of useless babies. From my observations, americans care about nothing since they are not united behind a single issue including gun rights.

    You are a slave. You were made a slave when they told you they were abolishing slavery. What do you think US citizenship is all about? You don’;t get nor will you ever. You have literally no rights to do as you please.

    • Don’t worry. You’re just basing your opinion on what you see of the useless lard of society. You don’t know anything about real patriots and people who would fight and sacrifice their lives to defend this nation.

      Just go back to loving Hillary and the others. You’ll be welcome there.

    • WOW……………stupid much?

    • I hate guns, but…
      if Americans being armed is of no consequence – then what’s the resolve about to disarm?

    • A dose of learned helplessness? Better to follow the lead of the activists in CO who kicked the state RINOs to the curb and recalled gun grabbers. The proles can kick butt IF they fully understand.

      • But they dropped the ball. When Dudley Brown of RMGO sent out his solicitations for funding their fight against the proposed legislations in our house, I replied back that what was needed was a recall effort on those responsible for introducing the legislation and supporting it. His reply to me was “that’s too expensive”. I replied back “How much do you think it’s cost us already?” He never replied back after that. Lo and behold, a few days later 3 groups petitioned for recall the three legislators. Surprisingly one of the legislators kicked one of Dudley’s lieutenants’ out of the senate and pressed charges against him for assault. Immediately Dudley jumped on the recall effort. One of the recalled was a repub, the other two were demos. It doesn’t matter as they were all commies. Now, here’s where they dropped the ball. One demo, and the repub were recalled and the people elected replacements (both were replaced by repubs ). But they were never indicted for breaking their oath and they should have been. The voters were satisfied enough that they lost their perks. Personally I would have liked to see them go to jail. The third one was a fiasco that lickenpooper jumped into the middle of. As soon as she found out that the recall was a done deal she resigned and lickenpooper replaced her seat with another demo which kept the dems in the majority. (illegal and unconstitutional) , the voters only have that responsibility. She got to keep all her perks, didn’t go to jail and can still run for office in this state. The people in that county should have demanded the election but were just satisfied she was gone, and they dropped the rest of the recall by not following through. If they had followed through with their constitutional obligations it would have sent a loud and clear message to every pundit in the entire country that if you don’t honor your oath you’ll go to jail and also could quite possibly be charged with treason. But, alas!!!

        • Thank you for urging the recall. I had no idea where the idea originally came from. After seeing an article on Activist Post about the harassment of petition signers submitted by someone involved in the recall, I hoped that was a sign RMGO had some very awake people in its ranks, if not Dudley himself. Last year when RMGO announced a guest speaker who was clearly doing the NeoCon propaganda line about terrorism (similar to the BS offered by The Cell in downtown Denver), I wrote to Dudley and told him this kind of Establishment propaganda was self-defeating and getting RMGO members to see the bigger picture on tyranny was critical. I also included some basic information on Technocracy and the real purpose of the surveillance state. He didn’t respond but at least he didn’t sponsor any more talks like that. Seems like RMGO is a mixed bag of staunch resistance to attacks on the second amendment, paired with too much political correctness in calling out the banksters, along with endless solicitations for donations. IMO, activists from various causes antithetical to the NWO need to network. I’m thinking about putting together some kind of meetup group or simply post an ad in the group section of Craig’s List. I would welcome any ideas or feedback you might have. I’ll go ahead an post something today for the Denver CL if you’re interested. Thanks again.

  2. Let Soros follow through with his actions. What will be left after his disaster plan are the core of righteous corporations and organizations. We don’t need the big names to survive.

  3. He can pump and dump all he wants to, the equipment, demand and man power will always be there to keep the machines running……….

    Hasn’t this old decrepit power hungry maniac died yet?

  4. Soros hates all things that are free from oppression…

    Always be a lightshininginthedark (expose them roaches)

  5. Soros and his globalist buddies have been reaping a financial bonanza every time they, or one of their cutout puppets, announce another attempt at weakening the 2nd Amendment. We are being played like the banjo duet in “Deliverance”. Post Sandy Hook, when Malloy was going after tighter registration and confiscation of AR15’s, Georgie was heavily invested in Freedom Group, which manufactured the Bushmaster. He’s laughing all the way to his Swiss bank account.

  6. The worst and most recent “gun violence” incidents have been in the states, Illinois, Conn, Oregon, that have some of the most restrictive laws on the books so wouldn’t it be prudent to follow the leads of the states that have the least restrictive laws?

  7. Or maybe his real plan is to make everyone think he’s coming for their gun so they will arm themselves and he will make money in the process. Then when everyone is armed he will collapse the economy so there will be no food which is the second phase of his depopulation control plan. When everyone is hungry and armed, they will kill each other for the food that is left after the financial crash.

    Get it?

    • BanishedJester | January 30, 2016 at 11:03 pm | Reply

      Good point and a real possibility. Others have expressed this sentiment as well. I think that there is more truth to it than fiction.

  8. Important distinction: “The 2nd Amendment makes gun ownership an inalienable right…”

    No, actually the Declaration of Independence uses a different word with a key difference in meaning: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men
    are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain UNALIENABLE Rights…”

    Inalienable rights can be transferred or ceded by contract. Unalienable rights cannot be alienated (separated from the sovereign being) under any circumstances.

  9. Does anybody know who the proxy buyer was? It was dan quale. He’s been buying for five or so years now, for the company he works for which is owned by soros. You remember dan don’t you? Tomato – tomatoe, potato – potatoe??? Aaahhh, another gift from the bush crime family.

  10. David L. Allison | January 31, 2016 at 2:20 pm | Reply

    Silly right wing NRA kiddies are so very scared of big bad Mr. Soros. The wining and weeping and gnashing of right-winger teeth is terribly cute. As Fox and Hannity would say: “Be afraid, Be very afraid”.

  11. David Lawrence | February 1, 2016 at 6:25 am | Reply

    So he is buying huge stakes in these companies, this causes a panic, people buy as much of what they are selling and he makes a fortune. Sounds like the free market, stop buying into the hype and stop buying there products and buy the stock in the company instead and the problem will be solved.

  12. eddie littlejohn | February 1, 2016 at 7:54 pm | Reply

    The day will come when you are without food and no guns to protect yourself or your loved ones, all the while we the Patriots are stocking up!

  13. You can go ahead and limit supply. Demand will still be there and will probably increase. Any companies that fail will just cause other companies to do even better.

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