Narcotics Cop Who Ruined Countless Lives for Weed Possession, Busted with $2 Million in Marijuana

pot-copBy John Vibes

A California police officer was recently busted after driving 247 pounds of marijuana all the way across the country. Yuba County Deputy Christopher M. Heath was caught in York, Pennsylvania with a shipment of marijuana that was worth over $2 million. Heath was reportedly on vacation from his job at the Yuba County Police Department at the time of his arrest.

The York County Police Department has been cautiously silent about the investigation, and they have refused to comment on the details of the arrest, and how they became aware of the shipment.

York County District Attorney Tom Kearney admitted at a recent press conference that this arrest was a part of a large investigation that included various different police departments. Penn Township Police, West Manheim Township Police, Hanover Police, Northern York County Regional Police, York Area Regional Police, Springettsbury Township Police and the York barracks of Pennsylvania State Police were all involved in the arrest and present at the press conference.

“One has to be both saddened and angry that a law-enforcement officer was allegedly involved,” Kearney said, adding that “This was a very sophisticated operation, and obviously a large one.”

Investigators also had no idea that Heath was a cop until after the bust.

“I will tell you prior to the stop we were unaware that this individual was law enforcement,” Kearney said. “We did not become aware of that until we made the stop.”

Heath, along with two other men, Tyler N. Long, and Ryan J. Falsone traveled across the country in two pickup trucks where the marijuana was stashed in vacuum-sealed bags.

Chief deputy prosecutor David Sunday said that while marijuana is not the department’s main focus, they are still targeting marijuana dealers in their investigations.

“We spend a majority of our time focusing on heroin and cocaine (dealers),” Sunday said. However, he defended the arrest by saying that the men were caught with “a startling amount of marijuana.”

Undersheriff Jerry Read.of Yuba County said that Heath was an “adequate” officer.

“He was assigned to a narcotics task force … (for) almost three years. Conditions are very good in Yuba County for the growing of marijuana. We take down high-poundage dealers with some frequency, and take down growing operations sometimes with as many as a thousand plants,” Read said

This case is especially interesting because Heath was an officer on a narcotics task force, meaning that he was responsible for putting nonviolent people in prison for using and selling drugs. Meanwhile, he himself was selling drugs and taking part in the same actions that he was locking people up for.

Of course, it is the view of the Free Thought Project (and Activist Post – Ed.)that anyone should be able to possess marijuana, as it is an incredibly beneficial plant. While those who would lock up morally innocent people for possessing a plant are bad enough, it takes a uniquely vile individual to ruin the lives of countless individuals while at the same time committing equivalent acts.

This hypocrite is currently on paid vacation from the department in Yuba despite admitting to transporting the marijuana from California to Pennsylvania. Heath is free on a $1 million bond.

John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can purchase his books, or get your own book published at his website

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10 Comments on "Narcotics Cop Who Ruined Countless Lives for Weed Possession, Busted with $2 Million in Marijuana"

  1. What a flippin’ hypocrite. I hope he rots in prison.

  2. We need to go back 70+ years to the Two Major “men” who are responsible for cannabis to have been declared illegal. The companies and families of these two men should be ordered to remunerate the persons and families of all who have been convicted for possession of cannabis.
    The thug in subject and his partner should be required to restore all the cannabis in their possession to the rightful owners, wth assistance of Yuby County, CALIF and at the cost of the two thugs and Yuba County, CALIF.
    Prosecution ? I would not support the death penalty.

    • Names of the two major “men”, please? Their families are no doubt very wealthy and highly respected today. All criminals, dead and alive, must have their crimes exposed and the American people educated as to the lies told and lives stolen by their actions. The vilification of this plant and those who take advantage of its many benefits is a perfect example of the few corrupt ruling the many honest for far too long.

  3. Sparky McBiff | January 5, 2016 at 4:46 pm | Reply

    “I will tell you prior to the stop we were unaware that this individual was law enforcement.”

    Well obviously, because if you were aware that this individual was law enforcement you would not have made the stop at all.

  4. What he did is entirely normal. Drug squad detectives are all licensed to take drugs, and even give drugs to their own chosenite drug dealers to sell, and then the sellers inform on the buyers, the drugs are often recovered, and recycled the same way, and at the top of the tree, the Queen’s Opium Wars continue, with heroin production under British military supervision in Helmand Province in Afghanistan, with the drugs used to destroy youth in Iran and Russia, and in America and Europe, but the government wants to be the group totally in control, to have total knowledge and total grip on all of society from the very top, to the very bottom, so that NO one is outside ‘society’, people only think they are, and anyone who tries to stay outside of this system, they get informed on and busted. So EVERYONE remains in the system, or in the grip of it. Howard Marks, the famous drugs dealer, used to work selling drugs for the CIA and MI6, wrote about it in his book, ‘Mr Nice’, and gives public talks on it. The ‘authorized’ drugs dealers and the police are mainly chosenites, or their lackeys, as are the royal family.

  5. figures…the police in metro’s every where – same-o-same-o. Abolish the police. Give a man a uniform and a gun…and he will take every bit of power over the helpless.

  6. paid vacation???…. give me a break !!

  7. I see nothing wrong in trading in cannabis
    what bugs me with this story is the blatant hypocrisy and conflict of interest

  8. Legalize It! | April 1, 2016 at 6:50 am | Reply

    One more reason that marijuana should be totally legalized …

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