Ken O’Keefe: Become a World Citizen and Starve the State!

By Jeff Berwick

Jeff interviews well known freedom activist and advocate for the Palestinian people, Ken O’Keefe. Topics include: the nefarious workings of the state, freedom and self ownership, US purveyors of violence, the shattering of illusions and dawning truth leads to the attempt to renounce US citizenship, on the run from the state, Max Igan and Palestine, Gaza, people take their lives in their hands by speaking out, those who speak up are imprisoned and tortured, absolutely vital to speak truth to power, US congress is treasonous and entirely unconstitutional, attempting to initiate world war three, the truth about Iran, the people are sick and tired of war and are waking up in droves but we are responsible and we need to effect the change, the Israeli ownership of the US government, Zionism is not the problem, Jewish supremacy the Talmud and nuclear holocaust, it is imperative to stop the funding of mass murder by not paying taxes.


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63 Comments on "Ken O’Keefe: Become a World Citizen and Starve the State!"

  1. TPTB want us to think of ourselves as world citizens. Obama has said he is a world citizen. The discussion appears to be loaded with psy ops.

    • There is a distinct difference between thinking of yourself as a world citizen (which you are in fact because you live on planet earth) and thinking it includes world governance (which no one here is advocating). Being a world citizen can include anarchism.

      • The distinction here is the typical connotation, thus why Obama’s well known proclamation was cited. The meme being inserted into our culture is world governance and the term citizen is most often tied to its definition of “a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth” and “a person who owes allegiance to a government”. If the word inhabitant is meant, then that should be used. I didn’t even touch on the more questionable descriptions – which have now disappeared down the memory hole as this article was quickly edited, and the comments (temporarily?) disappeared. We all need to keep each in check.

    • SaywhatsReal | April 10, 2017 at 4:04 am | Reply

      I think that you are rather the psy op troll here. And make factual points before judging. Because the social contract can be read and it makes absolute legal sense. Bigots and Govt shills of course dont get that

      • I make well researched in depth factual points all the time, unlike yourself, scanning your commentary, for instance, you often make statements about cryptocurrencies but limit it to one or two sentences, no context, no links, etc.
        If you don’t know about the elites’ goal of a world government via Agendas 21 and 2030, then you either need to get informed or stop making inane accusations. ….I guess you don’t know about Ken O’Keefe’s nosedive and public squabble with Max Igan. “Ken O’Keefe’s Betrayal” & “Has Ken O’Keefe Been Exposed as a Fraud?”.
        “…Some suggest that this woman wormed her way into Ken’s mind and corrupted him, but Max now thinks that the whole project was always set up to fail, so as to serve as a way for Ken to make a lot of money quickly, and that looking back, Ken has always been an agent. It was not even Max who originally wanted to make this public; the team members who were working with Ken went to Max to voice their concerns, but Max held them at bay for some time so that he could talk to his old friend about the evidence and allegations against him.”

        • SaywhatsReal | April 10, 2017 at 9:14 am | Reply

          you gullible joker, these are some trolls and shills for APAC to defame him and you call this well researched..ha !

          • Why would I want to do deep dive researches on someone like O’Keefe? I research geopolitics and macroeconomics, not nickel and dime shysters. The links were for you in case you weren’t aware O’Keefe’s “project” experienced a Hindenburg crash. Did he refund the donations once he found out his idea wasn’t tenable as a legal gambit? No. You can draw your own conclusions. I have no interest in your hysteria.

          • He left his wife and children to hook up with a 23 year old woman of questionable character. He posted this video on the internet. What do your EYES tell you? Maybe you’re Ken O’Keefe licking your wounds running low on cash looking for a year old article to bash someone who made a simple comment pointing out memes which you’re too dumb to understand.


          • Your ‘idea construct’ is simply that…a ‘construct’ with absolutely no solidity other than supposition, conjecture & speculation…get the Facts before spouting off at uber-knowlegable researchers

          • SaywhatsReal | April 15, 2017 at 7:55 am |

            uber knowledge researchers 😀 you’re the most pathetic old man that I have ever seen in my life. This is your PHD thesis here now on the comment section or what? Uber knowledge requires a free mind and not just word acrobatics or your lifelong classroom obedience now erupting in major illness of ego and nothing else. What is the source of these so called facts? Indoctrination nothing else. Lies. You dumb slave of evil doers.

          • Look in the mirror at someone who is pathetically attacking a person for no good reason. Is that how you were raised?
            Seems like you really are bipolar. Your life is going to be filled with turmoil, bitterness and anger if you continue to lash out at anyone and everyone for no good reason. Eddy has done more to help people fully wake up than you could ever accomplish if you live another 60 years. You are forever a petulant seven year in the body of an angry bitter man.

          • Hahahahahahahaha!

          • He’s his own worst enemy. He doesn’t need trolls and shills for ADL to make him look bad. He did that to himself.

          • hahahahahahaha!

        • SaywhatsReal | April 14, 2017 at 5:42 pm | Reply

          There is something called intuition and people skills, which is beyond some biased intellectual indoctrinated analysis of a persons character. I listen to what he says and what impact he has on people. He can be on heroin for what its worth I dont care. His arguments are solid and intelligent. Apart from that he has been on the scene to make such statements as opposed to some self.proclaimed intellectuals who probably think it is enough to vote every 4 years to solve all their problems.

          • hahahahahahahahaah!

          • SaywhatsReal | April 16, 2017 at 4:02 pm |

            almost close to stepping into a coffin and going to hell but still behaving like a dumb school kid..bravo old man. You are the best example how we all should never grow up to be.. loser

        • Coming from a guy with 44 posts and 5 up votes. He must be one of the new hires on assignment hey? :-))

          • LOL. You’re getting the hang of it, my friend. 🙂

            What’s odd is he found a year old article to lob a dumb-bomb at me.

          • I posted to him from that link and offered basically, you and Eddy are not alone out here in blogoland and that we come here for enrichment of knowledge not adolescent squabbles.

          • I saw that, thank you kindly. 🙂 My sense is that’s what we are sorely lacking, some type of continuity and a sense of working together, sharing, and having each other’s backs. You have been a breath of fresh air, Joe.

          • Thanks. Now, in with golden light and hold, now exhale shill exhaust. 😉

          • Love it!

          • Cash or credit card? :-)))

          • A way to get this to you. Sent the same to Eddy…

            Tonight on Tucker his guest was Sebastian Gorka, a inner circle guy to Trump. Asked about the MOAB thing. Rambled a bit and said Trump “Has unleashed the military.” Then a summary of “Trump on November 7th last year is the same Trump as yesterday. The neocons aren’t running things.”

            Now looking at that I get the distinct feeling they do read all the alternstive buzz and he was trying to be a fireman on the issue through the now most admired Foxcaster. The neocons aren’t running things!! Har! No really, they aren’t, no really. :-)))

          • I suppose the irony is the neocons aren’t running things in the sense they are not the ones making the Big decisions. They’re the henchmen for the top of the pyramid cap, i.e. Banksters et al.
            What Gorka said won’t be believed for a nanosecond by asleep Dems and will only placate the Trump-bots who still believe he is anti-globalism…. while his administration continues to expand the NWO plans right under their noses with, for example, Trump’s proposed $1 Trillion (plus or minus) infrastructure project that is intended to emphasize public-private partnerships – a cornerstone of the NWO’s new economic paradigm of supranational fascist control over all resources, property, and infrastructure.
            Thanks for keeping me apprised of what’s being said in the MSM, Joe. I look over my increasingly flimsy newspaper each day and that’s not enough to keep my finger on the “pulse” of the Pravdaganda. 😉
            Happy Chocolate Bunny Day to you! ?

          • Thought you might not have seen that. Tucker and Watter’s World on Fox are the only two cable TV news shows I sometimes watch. Fox has a group of pundits that are boring and predictable. Leftists who have learned how to grandstand or filibuster and eat the clock with packaged talking points. The conservatives are quite similar.

            The term neocon and idea of thugs running things isn’t that common in TVland and for him to mention it seemed significant as it puts the “hidden hand” idea back in the meme.

            Have you noticed how many pics of the North Koreans show them clapping?? A happy group of officers I guess?

          • “You will clap and smile and be happy, or else!” LOL 😉

          • PS, I am well tutored.

      • You’re in the shallow end of the pool …Blue is in the deep end.

  2. yEshUA ImmAnUEl * ben-'Adam | January 6, 2016 at 4:55 pm | Reply

    John 10:
    27. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
    28. And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.
    29. My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.
    30. I and my Father arc one.
    “All who are willing to obey the Voice of God, the Divine Law, will, as a result of willing effort, find within themselves the Soul, and by their obedience (works) bring Him into manifestation; thereby, and as a result, becoming as one with Him.”

  3. Any information on getting a World Citizen passport?

  4. I’m starting to mistrust this stuff. World Citizen? Might this be a lure into support for ‘globalism’?
    NEVER! The Soros fist logo on the World Citizen emblem/shield? Hmmm.
    I’m regretting making that large donation to the World Citizen project. Trusted Ken and hope to continue doing so but … not so sure now.

  5. Can anyone really say what is in another one’s mind or their true intention? I hear the World Citizen and a flag is raised immediately. But then I hear what Mr O’Keefe is saying, we are on ONE planet and to date I know of no other planet we can live on. I am tired of the fighting, bleeding, crying and dying of children, brother,sister, parents and grand parents suffering for the wealthy top 1% of 1%. His directness on the issues and desire to cut to the chase is a starting point. The tack we are taking, walking today isn’t working I am opened to another direction. It’s the responsibility of all of us, not one person, who could possibly carry all of that responsibility but together we can share the load and move forward to a better future for humanity and our little blue marble we call earth. note: I donated too, time will show us!

  6. Deborah Mahmoudieh | March 8, 2016 at 1:15 pm | Reply

    we just need to face reality, we’re living through a global coup imposed by a sadistic collective that is the produce of an antiquated consciousness of thought. It is dead and it was replaced after the terrible sacrifices it forced us to endure through 2 world wars after which, humanity thought we had at last, established our Human Rights – but no, now we find that the sadists had their dead-head on secret life-support all along and it’s been literally, draining our planet of life, hope and vitality. Sorry guys – the blood-sucker-machine is being switched OFF and our heads & hearts are getting TURNED ON – “Let there be light!” Oh yes – the CHILD is our VIP!

  7. davidfulton3 | August 8, 2016 at 6:11 pm | Reply


  8. That would be the proverbial pot calling the kettle black (lol)..resorting to misanthropic aspersions to add ’emotional’ vacuous meaning to hot air?

  9. SaywhatsReal | April 14, 2017 at 5:47 pm | Reply

    Oh so you think some sharp looking intellectual words are going to talk over me? Humans have emotions and when it comes to intelligence, the first rule is not to try to boast cause than you are just a fake with little self assurance who has a high need to proclaim himself. Not impressive. And further, there is something called walking around with your eyes open and awakened mind, which a hard wired pseudo-intellectual cognitive bias would not be talked out of. So I’ll just spell it out to you in street english: get a life mate.
    And if you find back to any sense of your own humanity and find some bit of emotions and away from thinking that you must be better than the next person to feel better, maybe you start to sound like someone who is not a owned by someone. Have a nice life Grandpa

    • YOU need to get a life “mate”. So what’s going on here? You’re in Australia groveling as the Zl0 Cabal took away your guns, your right to refuse vaccinations for school kids, and now the Cabal is merging the Australian army with authoritarian Technocracy Singapore… for starters.
      But you would rather attack people who actively oppose the NWO because you’re not smart enough to know what we’re saying. That’s brilliant, Dude! Now you know why we are losing the war for freedom, people like you misdirect your energy into mindless rude assaults on strangers and you make zero attempt to understand what my simple post was about.

    • Hahahahahahaha!

  10. SaywhatsReal | April 14, 2017 at 6:02 pm | Reply

    Ps: Im 14

  11. SaywhatsReal | April 14, 2017 at 6:03 pm | Reply

    and still smarter than you

    • Keep speaking oh ‘Toothless One’ (lol)…& keep digging yourself a deeper hole to bury yourself in…speaking of ludicrous & absurd.

      • SaywhatsReal | April 15, 2017 at 7:38 am | Reply

        what are you 120 and still a loser that needs to keep stalking me..sad life man..get a life you idiot

        • You started this and now you can’t stop babbling with your BS. You’re the nutcase harassing me on a year old comment of mine about Obama calling himself A World Citizen.

          What kind of person does that on an old post? Seems like you need to get a life and a brain and a conscience.

        • GFYS…considering you’re already doing exactly that LOL!

  12. You’re the fetid A-hole who replied to me. People skills, like you have? Little wonder your friend Ken stole people’s hard earned money and left his wife and children for a woman like that. You call that people skills too? All you have is a shallow mind and rude demeanor, plus a $hitty memory that YOU were the person who attacked my simple comment and made it an issue. I didn’t even look at your profile much less “stalk” you, you paranoid freak.

  13. Are you schizophrenic or bipolar? You definitely are manic and paranoid, and apparently a “useful idiot” as well to not understand my original comment noting Obama calling himself a “World Citizen” was said to prepare the hypnotized minds of the sheeple for a NWO/JWO/ZWO – whichever term, same thing.

    Integrity matters. If you think someone is going to reliably fight the good fight for a free humanity and rip people off at the same time, then that’s your “movie”. Guess what? That’s what the Zios believe, the end justifies the means and the Golden Rule does not apply to them because they believe in Elite Rule. If he honestly spoke truth to power in the past, kudos to him. This is now, not the past.

  14. You’re such a classy guy with a high IQ – NOT. Shouldn’t you be watching WWE or on your smart phone seeding a glioblastoma?

  15. There are more of us around than you can imagine. Your posts are filled with anger and disrespect. Most of us come here to participate in a knowledge exchange for growth and expansion of our data base of facts. You don’t appear to be in that catagory do you??

    • SaywhatsReal | April 16, 2017 at 3:56 pm | Reply

      more of you absolutely, Millions of dumbed down morons. No its not hate nor anger. That is in your mind and I am just reflecting what you people are. And people like you are the cause of all the shit in the world

  16. hahahahahahahahaha!

    • SaywhatsReal | April 16, 2017 at 4:03 pm | Reply

      everytime it hurts someones ego to almost traumatic effects, they react with a dumb hahahaha. Got you 😉

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