Is the Oregon Militia Standoff Another Psyop?

By Melissa Dykes

My gut says yes, but I’m asking your opinion here… You know I’m all for the Constitution and preserving and protecting people’s rights from a tyrannical government, but there’s a right way to do things and a wrong way — and everything about this seems like the wrong way. At best, this was just a hasty, ill-advised, totally disorganized idea that went too far… but at worst, we have a provocateured psyop that’s a big fat well-timed win-win for demonizing patriot militias and Constitutionalists as domestic terrorists, further fueling the race war divide and conquer agenda, and garnering support for more gun control the same week Obama just so happens to be announcing more gun control executive orders. And will all the false flaggery we’ve seen in the last six years, will this be Obama’s Waco?


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24 Comments on "Is the Oregon Militia Standoff Another Psyop?"

  1. Melissa, my guess is that you hit the bullseye here. Provoke a synthetic crisis and then kill some ‘militiamen’.
    Those killed might be actual people, or they might be the electronic constructs that the Evil Elite have used in previous shooting hoax events. A facebook page, a morphed photo, a few tweets and a crisis actor or two and they have another ‘terrorist incident’ to exploit.

  2. ‘I’m all for the Constitution…’
    I did not know that. I always assumed you supported the Liberty Movement.

    After 230 years, how’s that constitution working out for you?

    • Just so happens, just before i got on and read your post, i picked up a cheap guitar i keep in the back room for outside service, and sang Im A Good ol Rebel. It did not work out well for then either.

      • If you’ve read some of my posts, you may know that I’ve argued that the only peaceful solution for the problems facing this country is secession. Most people come back and say the results would be the same as last time but I’m not so sure the Feds can mount a bloody assault on say, Texas. (Not sure what happened with northern CA and the state of Jefferson.)
        What’s your opinion on a new secession movement? Is it possible without a sound money system? Or could a different fiat currency be used for a short period? What would the consequences be for a State to abolish it’s share of the zionist debt?
        Lots of people think they want civil war but they’re simply going to end up with a new set of rulers.

  3. its just a bit too coincidental isnt it, this going on at the exact same time Obama is trying to pus for more gun control, hmmm what a coincidence.

  4. Finally…someone with a brain. Yes. It is full scale Psyop to record the reaction of the American people- even with a little truth sprinkled as I was kind of amazed at that. But, in the end- this is for cataloging those who will come out of their “man caves” and DO something. IF any “shooting” begins? It will be blanks and those involved will be paid and relocated. The world is a stage my friends…and we are seeing pretty much the final act of a 2 part play.

  5. I would like to see all the several states dissolved – develop there own nonUsury funded banking system and a no tax policy (except possibly a gas tax to keep the roads up – but could charge import fees and capital gains tax.)

    btw: would it be possible to find out if DeCeipt is an actual unincorporated county of the U.S. or is it more likely incorporated w/ Peurto Rico.

  6. When the constitution was enacted they didn’t have the weapons available now. The constitutional framers were writing for a very different world.

    • they did have tyranny to fight back then though….weapons were the means but the sophistication doesn’t matter does it? Killing is killing…..and tyranny is still tyranny

  7. Everything is psyops – what isn’t psyops? Believe nothing until it’s been officially denied.

  8. Yes it was a badly devised plan but somebody needs to take a stand…..burning cattle and ranches is provocation.
    Let’s just hope they don’t get slaughtered because the govt. is not going to look very good… and nobody has forgotten Ruby Ridge and Waco.

  9. Ranchers work hard….I can attest to that….and you can’t ranch or farm if you are a drunk.
    Your characterization is ignorant

  10. Hmmm

    At first brush it all seems on the up and up. But then after a pause for reflection on what is going on in Washington things become less clear and less convincing. President Obama just signed a slew of executive orders on gun control. And what better back drop to foist them on the American people than what is going on in Oregon right now…. The timing of this “protest” is just a trifle to convenient for the government to be a coincidence. There have been far too many “coincidences” of late that turned out later to be false flags not to consider the distinct possibility that this is one as well.

  11. Melissa, your ‘gut’ is totally correct. This whole adventure in Eastern Oregon is a complete psyop false flag. I would place the Bundy’s in the same category as Trump……total diversion.

  12. I am not for the original document since it was made to simply protect white males, white male slave owners, white males as the landowner, and nothing more—people have struggled to get amendments passed to protect everyone not just a few—corporations are fueling this occupation of Paiute Land since with all the amendments stripped away as Bundy claimed yesterday—it will be the white males who will have manifest destiny over the world. hope they like themselves in the morning 😛

  13. Let them all take the oath! In public!

  14. Nuovos Ordos Seclorum: A WORLD WITHOUT GOD. The U.S. will be utterly destroyed by the almighty. The Anglo-Germans include the spawn of satan, host bodies (avatars), and hybrids, though hybrids come in all kinds. The SYSTEM is Anglo_GERMANIC..seed of satan. Christianity is a distortion of creators will. PSALM2, JEREMIAH 51, PSALM 37, ISAIAH 14, etc. The American has been conditioned like a dog, to be a race idolater…led this way…to his own shame..followers of men. Santilli, Jones, Graham, the Anglo-German will pimp his mother for a buck…fortunately, the people of creator cannot be hypnotized. You are breathing ….mind control. Those who were first…will be dead last.

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