Constitutional Attorney Explains the Actual Cause of the Oregon Standoff

By KrisAnne Hall

Let’s talk about what’s going on in Malheur Oregon. It seems like the media want to talk about everything but the real issue at hand. Attorney KrisAnne Hall explains why the narrative is being deliberately distracting. What does the Constitution say about this? What are the precedents?

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24 Comments on "Constitutional Attorney Explains the Actual Cause of the Oregon Standoff"

  1. Hasn’t she had the lawyer bit removed by the bar association due to gross misconduct ?

    • Why would she? What gross misconduct? Besides, the BAR association is nothing, not legitimate, has no power in this country, or should have. It’s a foreign (British) organization, requiring those that are accepted/passed to take on a foreign title (Esquire) that the Constitution forbids. Besides, the way the legal (which is not LAWFUL) profession twists things around, redefines words, in legalese the Constitution does not apply to you or I.

      Anyway, per the common use of the language, she’s absolutely correct. Read the Constitution for yourself. It’s a dry read. but when you understand it you will understand that she’s correct.

      Also note that The United States of America is actually a foreign corporation headquartered in Washington, D.C., and your eyes will REALLY open.


    • Unfortunately you have been lied to. The bar is just as fraudulent as our courts that have a railing and gold fringe flag. This represents maritime law. Once you step inside that railing you consent to it.

  2. There’s a LOT on this site that is definitely bullshit, but what this woman had to say, when using everyday language, is absolutely spot on. Not only is each individual “State” supposed to be more powerful than the Federal government, but each individual man and woman is supposed to have more power than the State, as we cannot delegate a right or a power that we, as individual sovereigns, have. That’s what an inalienable right is, something we cannot give away even if we wanted it, granted to us by the Creator as thinking individuals. Instead of just slinging hateful replies, why not actually contribute to the conversation?

  3. Unfortunately, not only the names you mentioned, but pretty much ALL politicians are already bought and paid for. The end-game is the same, but how they get us there differs from one controlling group to the next. The only way out of the system is to completely ignore the system…but, of course, we can ignore at our own risk. LOL


  4. Who invited Netanyahu to address the USCongress ? A dictatorial, international gangster addressed the UScongress and the bribed congresspersons awarded him standing ovations ? That activity clarified which religious clan has bribed Americans into submission.

  5. No Right Handed individual in their right mind would carry on the left especially in as low a position as the FBI is reporting via the video and people are claiming. Shoulder holsters for the Left Side Underarm Carry are tucked directly under the Arm Pit itself. Not low on the Left Side. All pictures you see anywhere online also show LaVoy carrying his Side Arm on the Right Side. The natural reaction to being Gut Shot on your Left Side would be to reach across to that side of the injury to stop the bleeding or to hold the wound. It is a natural human reaction. Have you ever been hit in the Ribs on your Left Side? Your Right Hand naturally crosses over to protect that side. Common sense prevails in this. He was first shot in his Left Side Lower Quadrant which naturally lurched him over to the Left Side and naturally reaching over to grab that Left Side and to Reach over to that side a Second time when hit the Second Time and directly after that is when the final fatal shots were delivered. A perfectly orchestrated shooting to make the viewer think LaVoy was reaching for a gun on his Left Side when in reality setting up the viewer with little knowledge of how ballistics work and repeated wounds will make the human body react in that instance. The perfect orchestrated Murder by our own government. He was invited to that meeting by our Government in that other town so why all the ultra heavy military type response in convoy? This was orchestrated from the beginning.

    • I guess we think alike because that was my first thought.
      But not knowing the man I figured he was a lefty.
      I’m like George Carlin in that I believe absolutely NOTHING the government tells me, with good reason….THEY LIE CONTINUALLY

      • I have been awake a very very long time. America needs to wake up. Time is short and TPTB are coming. No not just already here which they obviously are but they are coming.

  6. The United States of America is not a Limited Constitutional Republic.
    It has devolved to be below a Monarchy.
    It has devolved to be below a Dictatorship.
    It has devolved to be below an Anarchy.
    It has devolved to the lowest of the low to become a d-word and r-word government.
    d-word is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.
    r-word is the same idea but slightly hidden.
    With our d-word and r-word government, our enemies can use the force of the U.S. government, Nation States government, and local government against us.
    That is much worse than an Anarchy.

  7. The proper hierarchy is:
    Top to bottom:
    1. Creator.
    2. Rights given by the Creator that include one specified in the Declaration of Independence and ones specified in the U.S. Bill of Rights, and other that are not specified in either.
    3. The people.
    4. The Constitution for the United States of America.
    5. The branches of government.
    6. Laws passed.
    That means that no branch can overrule the Creator, rights of the people, the people, nor the U.S. Constitution.
    No matter what the U.S. Supreme Court claims, it cannot create laws that overrule the Creator, the rights of the people, the people, the U.S. Constitution, nor the other branches of government.

  8. Another misconception many people have is that the constitution gives us rights.
    That is not correct. The constitution LIMITS government.
    We the people are the government, why would we need to give ourselves rights.
    It’s there to keep government from doing what it did when we needed to become independent from england and that is, overstep it’s bounds and become tyrannical.
    The people have been lied to so long by the corrupt members in government that we no longer understand how this government is supposed to operate.
    Those in government are there to serve the people, not the other way around.

  9. Give it back to the Paiutes and go home. No one who breaks so many treaties can then come crying about “God” given constitutional rights. I just shared and followed this site that makes excuses for a white supremacist militia?! Time to go delete all that.

  10. We overfed our creature called Federal Government and now it’s devouring all of us.

  11. “We the people are owners of our property” yes, we as a collective people represented by the government are owners of the land. Therefore it is imperative that lands are set aside for the common good, to preserve wildlife and recreational space, to preserve lands and keep it open to the public. To keep it free of commercial exploitation. Much more land should be protected from the exploitation of a few rangers who use it for short-term profit. It should be set aside for all citizens to enjoy nature and wildlife and to preserve it for future generations. The government has many faults but preserving land for the common good is not one of them.

  12. That is all good, but Why hasnt any attorneys such as this lady got involved before ???? Why??? That is the part I do not understand….if problem arises with issues most people retain an attorney to represent them in such matters, its standard.

  13. Due to the bankruptcy of USA,INC in 1933, we are all indentured debt slaves. Check out what your birth certificate is REALLY all about.

  14. where is “our” James Madison of today?

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