China Unveils World’s First Autonomous Passenger Drone

phpli7o1aBy Activist Post

China has become fully involved in the global drone arms race kicked off by the United States.  While much of the race has so far been focused on keeping up with the latest high-tech war drones, as well as counter-drone technology, there is a commercial aspect as well … and China seems poised to take the lead in this area.

Chinese tech company, Ehang, has just unveiled the world’s first autonomous passenger drone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Amid the many drones present, the emergence of autonomous drones is receiving the most attention. The Ehang 184 definitely qualifies, as it is “flown” by any passenger who simply hits take off or land from the tablet mounted in front of the seat.

At this point, it is a one-passenger model that can fly to an altitude of 11,500 feet, and is designed for low-speed cruising for short duration.

Ben Gruber reports. Please leave your comments below.

Credit to Reuters.

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