Burning Skin From Bathing: Detroit Activists Record Testimony of Flint Water Victims

detroit_water_crisis_credit_Curt_Merlo_otu_imgBy Cassius Methyl

This is video recorded by New Era Detroit, an organization founded to restore power, love, and community to the communities of Detroit and greater Michigan.

The video below is testimony from members of the community in Flint, describing how one man’s child received chemical burns from trying to bathe about a year ago. The man describes watching the city pop fire hydrants and do suspicious things without ever warning the community not to consume or bathe in the water, long before this became known nationwide.

NED has been delivering water to Flint residents by the truckload. According to Era of Wisdom:

Activist group New Era Detroit took thousands of bottles of water to Flint, Michigan on Sunday, successfully providing residents with clean drinking water in the face of an unprecedented water contamination disaster.

Heart breaking testimony from a Flint resident

Posted by Keith Horton on Friday, January 29, 2016

New Era Detroit is known for helping people and building strength in the community, holding meetings and actions, holding events where they flood local independent businesses with their money to support people in the community. They also protect and help those who have found themselves under the coercion of force, whether the state is imposing the force or it is another threat.

Subscribe to their YouTube here, and you might be inspired to try this type of activism yourself.

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2 Comments on "Burning Skin From Bathing: Detroit Activists Record Testimony of Flint Water Victims"

  1. I’m in contact with an old friend who lives in MI, and, according to what he’s told me, this all started when the mayor decided to tap into the long-polluted Flint River to supply the local water system. I don’t personally know what the original circumstances were that polluted the river, but the bottom line is that these severe problems didn’t start until the river was tapped into. Prior to that, I understand that Flint had a municipal water supply that drew from a different source.

  2. It is disgusting that these families are going through this kind of poisoning. What is the intent of the government there that they are not communicating with their constituents (every human being in that city) that they don’t have the guts to communicate with them about the condition of the water; causing people to be poisoned. Is their intent to anhialate the citizens of Detroit? If so, why? What’s the real reason for inaction as to comminicating with their public? Is this being done to prepare for the Muslims to come there? The Muslims hate the Blacks and would kill them all if they had the chance. What is the intention of the government in Detroit? Kill first, then ask questions? If it is the Flint River water, then the people need to rise up and demand that the city cease using that water and find a better way to provide clean, pure, fresh water from other sources. If necessary, Detroit should get pure clean bottled water from whatever source and pay for it, instead of poisoning the citizens as they currently are doing. STAND UP FOLKS FOR YOUR COMMUNITIES! Maybe it’s time to replace those bastards in office; especially the mayor and the water department heads!

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