Biometric Banking: Iris Scanners Coming to ATMs, Developed by Company Accused of Election Fraud

Biometric-Security-Systems-shutterstock_118793329By Kevin Samson

Regular readers will be aware of our ongoing chronicle covering the increasing use of biometrics in a range of security measures from standard police use, to travel, to banking.

The video below makes the same plea to embrace new technology that is always heard when discussing a solution to the very real threat of identity theft. However, it is worth noting that in this case the company which is developing the solution is Diebold.  This is the company that has been charged with hacking democracy during an investigation into bribery, fraud, and a “worldwide pattern of criminal conduct.”

Diebold’s latest solution involves registering transactions with your smartphone, then having your iris scanned at the ATM. Major banks such as Citigroup have begun testing.

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24 Comments on "Biometric Banking: Iris Scanners Coming to ATMs, Developed by Company Accused of Election Fraud"

  1. Glad I never use ATMs.

  2. The mark is coming like a freight train

    Always be a light that is shininginthedark

    • incremental genocide | February 3, 2016 at 7:00 am | Reply

      That the stupid sheeple would allow a LAZER to scan their retinal tissue every time they want access- to few bucks or daily living (and this will be become widely used to get into schools, shopping etc).
      LAZER burning into your vision to blind you??? Like the TSA scanners that instigate cancer w/ backscatter DNA shredders?

      Outside of politics, morality or freedom- this has got to be the most ASSININE, dangerous tech to be yielded against us.

      Blindness care of tax dollars, corrupt govt and docile, infantile populace who utterly refuse to fight back and say NO!

      • Agreed… but think of this, when you cannot get food or water (and you do not have Yahweh to take care of you) then it is easy to see how people will flock to this…

  3. I rarely use them

  4. Just get a paper check from the employer. Cash it at the bank. Keep your cash and send money orders. Let’s get out of debt, and not have to use banks or ATMs to get cash. NWO and control is here, how long before we have to get chipped to drive a car, purchase groceries, pay utilities, buy gas, enter buildings, subways, commuter buses,trains,air p!anes. Big Brother is on steroids….

  5. Further proof of a fascist government.

  6. Screw this stupid system! My brother uses my ATM for me when I am too busy to go to the bank, this will cause problems. My bank charges $9.00 to inside and talk to a teller. More invasions by a corrupt government and banking systems!

  7. Mindy Robinson | February 1, 2016 at 9:53 pm | Reply

    Don’t and won’t own a smart phone, also, will not submit to iris scans. They can stick it.

  8. We don’t have too much more time if you read revelations 17and18 you’ll see that the sleeping bear will destroy this country in 1 hour russia labia turkey iran and syria.
    Read psalm 53 God lol at us!

  9. Simple muggings and Identity Theft will now escalate to murder for Iris. It’s not like people don’t get killed for their wallets and ID already; only difference will now be that the bodies will be eyeless since the eyes to the soul now have to be the eyes on the money. All puns intended… since there’s no bigger JOKE than the election fraud company essentially handling your money AS WELL AS YOUR VOTE!!

  10. this is when ill get all my out of the money..

  11. Yes, to go forward you need to see with your eyes. Hence, forehead.

  12. noZENTRALbanks | February 2, 2016 at 9:08 am | Reply

    more big bro creep…biometrics will track your every purchase from Kradel to grave.
    It would be nice if everyone would start keeping money out of the banks.
    The sooner they collapse the sooner a thousand years of peace will commence.

  13. @Rob Reiken Re: Hacking the ATMs

    LOL Excellent hack FTW! “It’s your birthday! Go you! It’s your birthday! Go! Go! Go!” 🙂

  14. @CAWS As best I’m able, let my wife handle everything regarding money. In the past year, I can recall only handling actual cash maybe three times. I have a stipend which goes to a debit card. I use that stipend to purchase vaping stuff & as a back up for stuff needed for our critters, or emergency situations.

    Doubt I have ever had over $100 at any given time, on that card. I just simply try to avoid all forms of our current ‘money’. I can grow food, either plant or livestock in some form or other. I can build stuff out of wood, can weld a little with a torch, can hunt, fish, forage, trap. I can pour and set concrete, know basic maths, can read.

    I can also think & learn. These are vital to survive as they allow you to adapt. See @Rob Reiken’s hack in these comments. That’s a perfect example of ‘thinking on your feet’ & adapting. The system effs with ya, eff with the system right back, better yet make your own effing system. It is well beyond we all started.

    May be atheist, but do tend to agree with the Bible thumpers a bit regarding end times. It’s going to get worse before getting better. All we each can do is light candles in the darkness. Cursing the darkness does not help a thing. And no offense intended to any religious people. You got religion? Good, keep it for yourself and enjoy. I don’t need or want it, thanks. We all find our own way in life, I live and let live, hope you can too. After all, we kind of all need to do that.

    So yes, get out of the system if and when you can, as soon as safely possible for yourself and loved ones. It’ll seem frightening at first. You’ll gain courage as you go, though. Remember, patience, little steps. Have these with yourself as well as your situation, other people. Plato said it well; “Be kind to everyone because we’re all walking hard paths.” That includes yourself. Don’t debase yourself for mistakes, you’ll learn, grow, adapt, survive. 🙂

  15. chaslittle pupil ofJesusChrist | February 2, 2016 at 8:14 pm | Reply

    Then you trust a devil . For mr gates is one .

  16. What a dumb a$$, as Fukkerberg says. You actually believe an “signed agreement” w/ criminals gets any protection? Or they will honor it cause they say so? lolol As far as your lawsuit? It will be thrown out as obstructive of National Security /Patriot Act legislation. “…then its safe and provides me and my personal info the highest level of security.”
    Good god, what a fool- or a paid troll. lolol

  17. Jumped over from reblog, where I commented:
    And so it begins. JUST like “the war on drugs” gave them an excuse to
    decimate Habeas Corpus with profile searches. Fascist ideas, all.



    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)

    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –

    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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