Automaton Factory

zombies_2Op-Ed by Melissa Dykes

I found it incredibly hard to write about anything this week. For the first time in a long time, I found I really didn’t have that much to say.

Society is going the way of all those dystopic films. Willingly. Not the ones about the police state or the panopticon; the omnipresent surveillance state is already here, has been for a while now. The death of privacy. The tyranny of total transparency for everyone else, national security for the State. A place where information is constantly being extorted from us. A place where police look up your color-coded threat score based on your social media posts before they ever lay eyes on you during a traffic stop or 911 call. A place where they know it is you based on four credit card purchases. A place where computers can decode your thoughts and translate them into sentences without you saying a single word. A place where we spy on ourselves and spy on each other while the system spies on everyone, every minute, every hour, every day, day after day after day.

No, you may have seen some of the films I mean. Not the zombie apocalypse programming. Not the 2012 apocalypse programming. I’m talking about the ones where people have been stripped of their emotions and individuality to bring order out of the chaos of nonconformity, to do away with the danger of outliers. The ones where people have been sold a mockery of “peace” built on uniformity. Where sameness saves and individuality is certain doom.

Have you seen The The Giver? Divergent? Or Visioneers maybe?

It all goes back to Brave New World, albeit with electronic soma, and people learning to love their servitude.

The pathway to this place has been lined with low expectations. Setting the bar so low, it’s almost on the ground.

Have you thought about what you want out of life? What your goals are? Do you have a goal? Most people don’t have the time anymore or inclination to think about what they really want out of life or what their life means. Most people have been socially engineered to believe that the only worthy goal in this world is material wealth anyway. Consumerism. The American Dream, as hijacked and sold to us since World War II by Edward Bernays.

But in a society where the 62 richest people have amassed more wealth than half the planet (and they aren’t even counting the Rothschilds), a lot of human beings have been forced down to the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

maslows-hierarchy-of-needsThe physiological rung of the ladder. Treading water to make sure the most basic needs for survival are met. “I just want to be able to pay the bills” or “I just want a car that doesn’t break down every other five minutes so I can get back and forth to the job I don’t really like but am forced to go to every day so I can pay the bills.”

If you have that covered, the next level is safety. Security. Health. Stability. Children aren’t even raised to know what stability is anymore. Considering we live in a society based entirely on fear, mostly fear of death, this one is hard for the majority to get past. Without fear, the perpetual terror programmed into us, the constant state of emergency that justifies more and more centralized power over a society programmed to be paranoid so it will passively hand off its rights, well… they couldn’t justify more and more and more control mechanisms without that constant fear.

And those bottom two levels of the pyramid are where more and more people are living out their entire lives in our modern, techno-driven world.

If you call it living. I’m not sure what it is sometimes, to be honest. Sleepwalking might be more appropriate. Instagram. Tweet. Vines. Bite-sized chunks of our day passed off in a sentence or two on a social media platform. If someone hits “like,” guess that means you exist. Jack Handey had deeper thoughts.

The other day a woman on her cell phone almost walked right into us in a store. She was completely oblivious to the world happening around her. The store could’ve been bombed, she could’ve been mugged, a dragon could’ve swooped down from the skies and snatched her up and she might not have even noticed any of it. Aaron turned and apologized, as if he had been in the wrong, then realized she wasn’t paying attention anyway. He remarked, “Never mind, you aren’t even paying attention are you?” The woman just continued to drift away from us, dreamily, like a ghost. It took her at least 20 to 30 steps before she turned back and shoot a stern look in our direction, like the comment finally caught up with her brain, long enough after the fact that we weren’t even sure if she fully knew why she looked back at us to begin with.

And people have walked into walls this way. Light poles on sidewalks. Or they’ve drifted off those sidewalks and into oncoming traffic while talking on those phones. They get on the phone behind the wheel of a car, turning it into a death machine on wheels. They’ve checked out. They’re neither here, nor there.

Where has everybody gone?

It’s happening earlier and earlier. The social engineering that it’s normal to have a smart phone/palm-sized supercomputer on your person at all times anywhere you go. Seventy seven percent of two year olds now use mobile devices on a daily basis, according to a recent study. Can you believe it? On top of that, parents use these devices as stand-ins and babysitters: 70 percent give their kids mobile devices to keep the children busy while they do household chores, 65 percent do it to keep their kids calm in public, 58 percent to run errands, and 28 percent to put their children to sleep at night. Wow. To say nothing of the effects of children absorbing microwave radiation in higher amounts than adults, if a cell phone could cook dinner, put bandaids on boo boos and give hugs and kisses, would kids even need parents? (Oh wait, that’s what the robots will be for…)

And I feel old for remembering a time when people went to the grocery store and made it through the produce section without calling someone. Fancy that.

Worse, however… recent studies have also shown that babies raised by cell phone/technology distracted parents may actually be missing vital social cues in a biological window that — without that undivided attention given at the proper time — it is detrimental to the development of the child’s nervous system. If missed, it may literally effect the child’s ability to process pleasure properly for the rest of his or her life.

We’re right back to that dystopic society of emotionless drones…

And there it is. The cybernetic new world order out of chaos… the churning out of automatons, living things turned into and programmed like and by machines, assimilated into a network, a system where the “smart” devices are the millions of micro-mechanisms of control over the masses.

What reality are we crafting? What is this place gonna look like in ten years? Five?

Will we become less like ourselves, even as we become more obsessed with ourselves? Know thyself? Or know thy Facebook profile version of thyself?

This place feels more like the Matrix by the day. Oh, and now DARPA is working on a microchip implant (aka wetware, to make it sound cool) that will use the electrochemical signals in our brains to control computers. DARPA who designed the Internet I’m typing this on right now. A brain implant. Can you see people lining up for this hip, trendy new tech? Stories on this new and exciting development described it with lines like, “The federal government wants to read your mind…” Yep. In real time.

I wonder, if the brain can control the computer, can they make a computer that can control the brain? Do I even have to ask at this point?

Does anyone even realize or care how far down the rabbit hole we’ve fallen?

Hello? Hello??

Is there anybody… out there?

Melissa Dykes (formerly Melton) is a co-founder of She is an experienced researcher, graphic artist and investigative journalist with a passion for liberty and a dedication to truth. Her aim is to expose the New World Order for what it is — a prison for the human soul from which we must break free.

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15 Comments on "Automaton Factory"

  1. We have become a society of haves and have nots–those that have the ability to think critically and find real information and those that have not.

  2. Hello Mellisa, Yes, we are here and there are more than you might realize.
    Even though it seems like a bad dream, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
    This phase we are going through within our society and people, has many shaking their heads in disbelief. At times it is surreal and seems too absurd to be real, hence the disbelief, but when the actions of the people caught up in this zombie behavior, (for a lack of better definition) proves we are slipping away from independent critical thinking it becomes somewhat scary. It’s like watching a psychological thriller movie come to life, and I believe there is a deliberate intention of making life look like a movie and when people cannot define reality from TV fiction they are very vulnerable to control. Also the fear has the herd mindset huddling together more than ever as to secure themselves. The herd is now conditioned to censor themselves. Anyone without a phone that they are constantly looking at is seen as weird or bad.
    As you have noted 2 year olds with phones now show the conditioning will be quite complete by the time they become adults/drones.
    All of these people that are allowing themselves to be turned into mindless followers know better.
    They know what they are doing and they will have to face the consequences.
    We have a filter taking place where the followers will be led to their own demise.
    Those that know better are calling warnings to them but like the lady in the store they are responding too late.

  3. The zombie-like followers have always existed, only the technology has changed.

    • No. We have never had anything like this in our society ever.
      The combination of peer pressure to get the latest gadget, social media, companies pushing sales at any cost along with a weak minded populace that uses escapism as a form of self distraction to keep from being responsible.
      All of this has never existed before and has driven this to addiction levels.
      The phones are in charge because people obey when it rings no matter the situation, and they are constantly checking it.
      Somethings make good servants and bad masters.
      The addiction has grown to the level that they had to make laws against texting while driving.
      People have lost the ability to discipline themselves.
      Like pavlov’s dog they respond to the command without even thinking.

      • The combination of peer pressure and the risk of enduring condemnation and hell-fire made millions of moronic people reach for their last pennies in churches around the globe. Organised religion was invented to prevent people from maturing into self-reflecting, autonomous beings with the freedom to explore their own truth and spiritual path. Those people were undisciplined and easily led, and would eagerly bay for the blood of anyone accused of being on the devil’s side.

        They were just as vacuous as the tech-addicted young today, but infinitely more violent.

  4. We reap what we sow, stop blaming elites and/or aliens. Its our fault. Ours.

  5. Hey Missy, Wha’ happened, you never got past your first two tiers?

  6. Do not despair! Accept the fact that we are but Neoterics.

  7. thecellphoneburn. | January 25, 2016 at 9:26 am | Reply

    big bucks are spent on keeping the zombies zombiefied.

  8. We’re out here and are just as frustrated and outraged as you are.

  9. Dimitri Ledkovsky | January 25, 2016 at 6:12 pm | Reply

    I used to know some 20 to 30 important telephone numbers by heart. Today I know only my own. If I lose my i-phone I’m screwed. Won’t be able to call anyone. This is sick.

  10. above is the article that I would have written myself, apparently many of us would have written it. During many years,my comments written via twitter or bloggs would show that I have already written this article many time over.
    what is new? As a consequence of information technology we have fallen into a “deep rabbit hole”, we also have benefited from the technology, there is no denying of that. In comparing to what we have lost as a consequence, our gains, I would say, are very trivial: We have lost the big way; the control of our own life; the control of our social and private life. We have lost our friends whom would have been real friends, in ordinary circumstance, but they could not be now, because of this false security that apparently they have found from face book or etc.. We have lost family relationship, because of this destructive toy.

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