22,000 Nurses Refusing Flu Shot Could Face Termination

By Experimental Vaccines

Tens of thousands of nurses are coming under fire for having the audacity to refuse a supposedly mandatory flu vaccine that they don’t feel is safe or necessary to accept. Kenny Valenzuela breaks down this latest vaccine news.

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To see more of Kenny Valenzuela’s informative videos, please visit his site ExperimentalVaccines.org.

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12 Comments on "22,000 Nurses Refusing Flu Shot Could Face Termination"

  1. With the current belief that pharmaceuticals solve everything and discrediting anything else, I think its time for for any/all medical professionals to have a backup plan .

  2. They must know something you don’t. I have not been vaccinated in over 20 years and will not be again. Sure, I have had various infections over that time but a well cared for body with proper nutrition can fight off most things.

    I’ll give you one guess why allopathic medicine is the only one for which you can get coverage and it ain’t because the owners have your best interests at heart.

  3. Old man me, never had the flu but was told by my doc that I should get one due to my age of then 72. Shortly after that I caught the flu. No one will ever scare me into that again.

  4. Silver solution = no flu = no colds. No bacterium or viruses will grow on silver. Silver coins in raw milk will keep it fresher longer. Has been used for thousands of years. I recommend Now brand Silver Sol. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now with no problems whatsoever. You may experience a Herximer reaction when you first start using it, but it will pass quickly. Silver and honey are now being used to treat wounds caused by MRSA as those bugs have mutated due to the overuse of antibiotics. Honey is also great for treating wounds as nothing will grow on it either. The Good Lord has given us the natural tools to take care of our health. It is man who has f’d it all up with their synthetics.

  5. Kudos to the nurses – they should be allowed to keep their jobs.
    vaccines are not our friend – checkout the word nagalase and gcmaf.
    ALso small brained children being born due to invitro vaccines given to Moms the world over.

  6. I haven’t ever taken a flu shot. The first time I considered it was when Gerald Ford was in office. The swine-flu shot caused enough trouble that I decided I had been wise to hang back and see what happened. I probably had flu 4 or 5 times in my life, or at least what is commonly referred to as “flu”. It came at 7-10 year intervals and I found I could sleep it off and get over it in 24 hours. I once trusted blindly in the medical profession and medicines, long ago. Today, I simply don’t trust in either, anymore.

    • Good for you! Smart move!

      • We simply don’t know the full consequences of many things that so many people are so trusting in. As heretical as it might sound, we extend way too much faith in the medical profession. 3-4 generations back, I truly believe the doctors and nurses still had a healthy respect for both their knowledge and their limitations and tried to do their work well. That isn’t to say that there aren’t good and dedicated professionals today, because I’m sure there are. However, the medical profession today seems driven by profit to the point that they make unsound decisions in some cases, based solely on a lust for money. Since the pharmaceutical’s is part of that medical industry, they too are so driven and the net overall effect is that we consumers must not accept just anything this industry hands us. There is enough evidence to suggest that we simply must ask for objective study of our concerns about a lot of vaccines and flu shots, and the FDA is not taking this seriously. As an agency of the government that should be solely concerned with the public health, it appears to be in bed with the drug manufacturers. I will quote my mother who had her own concerns with the medical profession. She used to say, ” they bury their mistakes”. I would add, “and who’s the wiser?”.

  7. That’s 22,000 Filipinas about the get a job in the United States.

  8. Finally, someone in that field is growing balls…too bad it’s only predominantly women. Nearly everyone in that world is so pliant and submissive to the dictates of the “top,” they wouldn’t bat an eye if they were commanded to drink Jonestown style kool-aid because it was safer to suicide staff than keep them alive. Wake up, ALL of you dang sheeple.

  9. Oh, my saying is “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”. If anyone would just learn all the chemicals that are being put in the 95% of the food and drinks of your grocery store, the junk (1.Flouride) that they put in the city water, the chemtrails (nanotechnology) that are sprayed almost every day, everywhere, that we breathe in. If people would just start eating as much organic foods and drinks, as they can, they wouldn’t need anything else. My other motto? Pay the price for organics, or pay a doctor in the long run. Yes, you have to be educated on which organic companies are in bed with monsanto (monsatan, i call them). There’s plenty of online websites that care, and will keep you informed of the good and the bad. Corruption is everywhere. But I can’t tell people enough of how better they’ll look, and feel, if they would just change to honest organic companies, foods and drinks. You won’t need a vaccine, when your healthy with good vitamins and minerals and other things, your body needs. If you put diesel fuel in a car, that takes gasoline, it won’t run for long. So the same for your body. Your body can heal itself, with the proper nutrition. I proud of these nurses for standing up like that. But that many? How can they be replaced? I pray the city or town they live in, will figure out that this vaccination demand, will have to go.

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