When Did People Stop Believing in Freedom?

libertyBy Truthstream Media

Almost every college student we asked today said that it is fine to give up their privacy to the government if it will keep them safe, especially from terrorists.

Whether you believe in their ideologies or not, people used to fight for what they believe in with greater conviction in this country. Once upon a time, people actually stood up for their natural rights and protested. Now people are quietly going about their day just hoping to stay off the radar, or worse, they have been taught and actually believe that giving up liberty for a sense of security is a good trade off “to keep them safe” with misguided lines like “I’m not doing anything wrong so I have nothing to worry about.”

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11 Comments on "When Did People Stop Believing in Freedom?"

  1. What freedoms are you referring to? People of this country are not free and have never been free. Today is a perfect example.

    The media lambasted private owners of these lightweight plastic drones. The hype is that airports are constantly filled with drones flying around and it may just “cause a airliner to crash”. I knew what was coming. They, the PTBs, create an (faux) issue and take your freedom away….immediately. So what happened today?

    Anyone? Well the FAA came out and said all drones must be registered. And get this….for a fee. The same fee they charge a small Cessna single engine plane. So there ya go! Another right taken away immediately and the funny part is that THEY ARE GONNA CHARGE YOU NOW FOR THE RIGHT THEY JUST STOLE FROM YOU.

    When americans (the ignorant ones) speak of our culture and heritage I wonder what they speak of. There is no culture or heritage of america besides the mindset of ignorance, arrogance, self-righteousness and greed. We are a country that kills and destroys, and we create the “citizens” to complete this work whether they work for government, the police, the military, the MIC and other private entities.

    When people are asked whether they are free, the context is always one as compared to a less privileged and less civilized country. Please tell me how you are free here in the USA, Inc. I think you are dreamer if you say we are free. You have no idea what freedom feels like. But enjoy the dream because that’s all it is!

    • A few years ago a poll was taken in China. the people were asked if they were free and a vast majority of them said yes. As with the majority of Americans, they also believe they are free. When asked to explain these freedoms, no one can answer. The only right we ever had here in America is the right to remain silent. Alas, even that right has been taken away. The American dream, you have to be asleep to believe it.

  2. John Michaelson | December 14, 2015 at 10:47 pm | Reply

    It actually much worse than that. These same dolts who think it is okay to give up their own liberty for a false sense of security (from a virtually non-existent threat) are more than happy to give up their own and restrain others (arguably) most fundamental freedom – freedom of speech – in the name of safe spaces, political correctness, and the ludicrous false right to “not be offended.” I wish they could understand how much this pathetic and cowardly attitude offends those of of who stand for freedom and fundamental rights.

    The true terrorists are the bought and paid for press who pump up the threat of terror and poison the minds and spirits of the young. A nation of cowards will have a government of terrorists. Stop being afraid, and terror stops working.

  3. Freedom and liberty are two different things. I want my freedom but not their dog collar liberty. Life, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness. Liberty is for those who like paying fees, taxes and asking permission to go here or there. Freedom is unalienable and liberty is inalienable. No matter how hard the alien/military/industrial/complex tries to ruin my day, the planet and enslave the masses; they cannot stop my spirit from moving and doing.

  4. yEshUA ImmAnUEl * ben-'Adam | December 15, 2015 at 7:18 am | Reply

    ”What is spirituality?
    It is the undoing of what you have been doing since ages. You always thought of selfish motives of eating, preserving your life, and for that every need, attending to it with zeal. All these lives you have made a habit of looking to yourself. If the slightest thing goes against your habit you are upset.
    Now, to undo all these selfish bindings, you have to do what you have not been doing, or not to do what you have been doing. What you have been doing always is thinking of yourself; so now you must not think of yourself but think of others. This is what is called love. But it needs character, poise, perseverance.”

  5. yEshUA ImmAnUEl * ben-'Adam | December 15, 2015 at 7:36 am | Reply

    Hard is the pathway that leads to the WISDOM,
    hard is the pathway that leads to the LIGHT.
    Many shall ye find, the stones in your pathway:
    many the mountains to climb toward the LIGHT.
    Yet know ye, O man, to him that overcometh,
    free will he be of the pathway of Light.
    For ye know, O man,
    in the END light must conquer
    and darkness and night be banished from Light.
    Listen, O man, and heed ye this wisdom;
    even as darkness, so is the LIGHT.
    When darkness is banished and all Veils are rended,
    out there shall flash from the darkness, the LIGHT.

  6. Vlad TheSkewerer | December 15, 2015 at 10:33 am | Reply

    Men and women have been broken physically, mentally and spiritually in wars to protect our freedoms. Rights pissed away to make the line go faster.

  7. apparently, yeshua immanuel is being used as a proxy for a muslim with insightful thoughts. However, his only objective appears to be off topic blathering that moves relevant and substantive comments to the bottom. Perhaps so they may not be read.

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this is just another tricked use by AP to neutralize comments.

  8. You are mixing apples and oranges.
    Prescott’s false flag Reichstag fire was not the same as his son’s and grandson’s 9/11 false flag.
    The Reichstag Fire Decree was written in a different language that Dubya’s “patriot” Act.
    Germany invading other countries was somehow different than Dubya invading other countries.
    Germany spying on its citizens does not hold a candle to the U.S. spying on its subjects/slaves.

  9. Just because it was the same crooks and their descendants using the same tactics to enslave their populations, it doesn’t matter.
    It was done decades apart and in different countries so is somehow different.

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