Welcome to the Dark Side: White House Admits America Is Officially an Empire

dark_sideBy Aaron and Melissa Dykes

This guy Josh Earnest obviously has no idea what the word “irony” means.

Just kidding, they did this on purpose and weren’t even trying to be subtle about it. Welcome to the Dark Side. Cue the Imperial March.

Earnest: “On behalf of the American government, we’d like to thank our corporate sponsor Disney…”

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2 Comments on "Welcome to the Dark Side: White House Admits America Is Officially an Empire"

  1. The dark side we don’t want. But I had a thought. If DC was wiped out, we would no longer have a dark side.!!! Maybe then we could get this country back to the founding fathers dream. Has does that sound DC and the WH.!!!!!

    • Exactly right. Then take down Wall Street, and remove all the uber-wealthy elite from their various seats of power.

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