Unbelievable: Media Allowed to Ransack Crime Scene at San Bernardino Shooters’ Apartment

By Melissa Dykes

Just in case you weren’t sure, the dog is definitely being wagged in San Bernardino. How do you know something is fake? A reporter stages a baby crib at the crime scene. When you hear someone say it’s unbelievable, sometimes it’s because it literally cannot be believed.

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13 Comments on "Unbelievable: Media Allowed to Ransack Crime Scene at San Bernardino Shooters’ Apartment"

  1. andrew johnson | December 4, 2015 at 8:09 pm | Reply

    According to NYT, the killers were masked.
    How are Farook & wife connected?
    Maybe they did have bombs & guns, but what is the proof they they killed 14 people in San Bernadino?

    • I tried to post a video showing the SUV chase scene which was a completely staged set up and taken from live news footage. Two SUVs were used – one for the chase scene and the other staged miles down the road already having shot out windows and what looked like a body in the road to give the impression it was the same SUV – but it wasn’t. TWO SUVs used and you could see the aerial shot of it all. Unfortunately it was deleted for whatever reason. I’m new to this website and was under the impression it was a truth-seeking site.

  2. I have no doubt that “farook’ and his wife are alive and well and living in an Argentina mcmansion along w/ the greenburgs.

  3. Hey, I have those same coffee cups dirty in my sink (Walmart junk). Does that make me a tururorist?

  4. The globalists are getting smarter at this ‘false flag’ drill stuff. I noticed that the camera’s were distorting the faces of the evacuating ‘crisis actors’ so we could not identify them from previous or future events.
    I have a possible motive for Ms. Malik shooting up the Inland Center; this was revenge for the killing of her son, Noah Pozner, in Pakistan two years ago, for the second time.

  5. I think the FBI dropped the ball on this – why in the world would they not keep this apartment fenced off instead of allowing public to go in – who knows if they got all the evidence out in the short time they were in there? Sickening – just as sickening as the FBI saying – “We don’t know what to make of it yet” when they found out the two shooters were having phone and social media conversations with people being investigated for terrorism by the FBI. I’m pretty sure they do know what to make of it but can’t say for fear of offending Obama – I’m sure he wants it to be a domestic work place incident like Fort Hood

    • Dropped the ball?

      They left photos behind? They left shredded documents in the wastebasket? They left the ‘perpetrators’ PC behind? With the likely treasure trove of co-conspirator contacts, potential future plans that may be in the works with co-conspirators?

      I am going to be polite with you, since it’s the holiday season. So I’m just going to gently inform you that you are pathetically naive, and are one of the infamous ‘Useful Idiots’ that the perpetrators of this, and all the other HOAXES rely on to get away with these attacks against ALL of the American citizens freedoms.

      Thanks for that, and have a great holiday.

  6. okay, so all of these terrorist attacks are fake, false flags? So the one in Wisconsin which is getting close to me, not to worry???? Just how do you know real from fake or are they all fake? Did 9/11 happen?

  7. People that can see thru the bullshit are again outnumbered by the ‘Hypnozombed Sheeple’ that still haven’t figured out that the sheep herder & his dog are actually working together….considering that the tail is & has been wagging the dog in every recent global False Flag… that’s always accompanied by an ancillary ‘DRILL’ conveniently in progress nearby…..people are finally demonstrating that they are so utterly under the influence of deliberate mind mush state sponsored delusional propaganda…… that they can’t tell the difference between fantasy & reality anymore….Sad indeed, that it has come to this pathetic state of miasma.

  8. paulbraveheart | December 5, 2015 at 9:39 pm | Reply

    Two words, false flag!

  9. All this as a 1970’s vintage Russian military transport with an IFF transponder that said so, was flying an erratic pattern over California and southern Nevada without a peep from NORAD, the FAA or the Air National Guard. Then suddenly it dropped off the radar between Sacramento and Reno, Nevada. Could it be slight of hand?

  10. Socrates Wilde | December 6, 2015 at 12:50 pm | Reply

    Video removed

  11. F

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