Government is Scary…But Freedom is Scarier. Rebutted

corporate govt cartoon

By Contrarian Dude

What’s a bigger threat, government thugs with guns or corporate board rooms? Oligarchs advocate giving the government more power because it strengthens the tool they use to control us. If we took away government, corporations would have to win our business by adding value to our lives, not by limiting our choices through regulations. What’s better? A corporate government versus a voluntary society?

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4 Comments on "Government is Scary…But Freedom is Scarier. Rebutted"

  1. The fact that govt Medicare does not allow any negotiation of drug prices – well, that says it all. Additionally, we are constantly slammed w/ pharma advertising, but only in the US and New Zealand. Now, I may croak from not taking corporate medicine, but I will find better natural alternatives or do without.

  2. Corporations are licensed entities and its about time citizens right to action included the ability to nullify a corporations existence. Municipalities should be able to write ordinance that could nullify a
    state granted incorporation if that corporation is harmful to municipal
    security. We need more whistle-blowers. If you see something say something; it’s what our president wants US to do.

  3. corporations should be abolished – they serve only the silver spoon crowd.
    I will not surrender to big pharma – there are many herbs, vitamins and minerals – that are better at boosting the immune system than any synthetic derived in a “lab”.

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