Cops Fight Mandatory Drug Testing

By Vegan Gains

Recently the union representing Pittsburgh Police officers has condemned workplace drug and alcohol testing as a violation of the constitution. Why does the right to privacy only apply to themselves and not the public they serve?

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8 Comments on "Cops Fight Mandatory Drug Testing"

  1. yEshUA ImmAnUEl * ben-'Adam | December 13, 2015 at 7:59 pm |

    “Beloved now are we the sons of God.”
    — 1 John 3:2.
    “Now are we the Sons of God. This clearly indicates that there was a prior state when they were NOT Sons OF God, but that they had BECOME such. Man is not born a Son of God, but by application, by effort, by obedience to the Law, one may BECOME a Son of God.”

  2. yEshUA ImmAnUEl * ben-'Adam | December 13, 2015 at 8:04 pm |

    “As he grows in wisdom he will give up the old forms for others until at last, he will worship at the very throne of the Living Fire — Love— God.”

  3. Post this, you candy-sucking, PC censors.

    It’s heinous to abuse another human, but animal cruelty is, in my opinion, the basest act that a human might do!!! I saw a deer hit by a car the other night, and it upset me no end.

    Slit open this SOBs gut; nail his entrails to a post; beat him with a whip until he disembowels himself trying to escape. Everyone walk away and let him lay on the ground alone to bleed to death!

    He deserves no mercy!

  4. Oops! this comment was for the dirt-bag, puppy killing sheriff.

  5. as far as I’m concerned – all drug testing, forced or not is a violation of my inalienable rights.
    All corporate jobs should be performance based.
    btw: Coporations are second to worthless – right behind government – they both serve the silver spoon crowd.

  6. 4 dynamic steps to begin a better world:
    1. Educate – a massive educational outreach to those in uniform, the mercenaries. Perhaps the most difficult step due to the historically successful profiling and screening to filter applicants .
    Don’t count on the moral values or the courage of the uniformed generals or admirals – they’re quite comfortable ruling their kingdoms of armies, ships, aircraft, resort area’s, personal housekeepers , and personal drivers (for themselves as well as their families). All this with diplomatic immunity to roam the earth as royalty – above THE LAW – war lord kings. Read Smedley Buttler – United States Marine Corps major general.
    This education of those wearing uniforms can begin with you communicating with your own social network. Explain to the mercenaries their role is not noble. Nor are they on the moral high ground they are programmed to believe. But instead, they are directed to be the boot on the neck of their own families’. Solely to protect the so called “1%”, and to continue to provide the enforcement for these few parasitic, taxpayer subsidized oligarch’s and their families, to maintain global control of the planets’ life essential, natural resources (not to mention THEIR relative callous, and obscenely opulent lifestyles).
    Explain to those in uniforms, how they are protecting and perpetuating their parasitic oppressors. When the uniforms understand this, and those that can – grasp it, hopefully they’ll lower their weapons or point them in the other direction — toward the oligarch families and their minions. THOSE parasites then lose THEIR offensive dogs of war – their uniformed protectors. The parasitic ruling class is then enervated ,and they are incarcerated for crimes against all living species.
    Have you noticed the rush for militarized robots and the corporations behind that?
    The .01% know that when their end is in sight, they will always play the “martial law” trump card to save themselves. THEY do this in the name of “restoring order”. That’s code for when THEY fear their loss of control of the order of things. This calling on the uniforms to protect THEM accelerates when civil society begins to resist, which is blowback for the relentless greed and oppression from these oligarch’s. THEY know they can always pay half of the poor to kill the other half. Or at least until now they knew that. But – new, more truthful, alternative information sources across the planet are collaborating to awaken the masses from the matrix. Global solidarity is increasing in momentum. These few ego driven sociopathic, psychopathic rulers fear they are in their death throws, but would rather see this planet and its’ people disintegrate, than lose their power and position and become “common”.
    2. People – people of the planet: take back control of the earth’s natural resources which provide life to all species. When the people, the public, own and control these resources, the value of any currency, stocks, bonds, debt, will have little impact on the masses who now have dominion over the natural resources and means of production. Sharing these global resources in an equitable and sustainable manner is what is necessary for living life with true freedom.
    Owner Directed Companies (coops), where all workers are owners and share in the rewards of the products or services their labor produces (not necessarily equal pay) . An economy no longer controlled by a few parasites at the top of the pyramid, owned by the “1%”, which control 90% of the planet resources. End the feudal system and the bailouts!
    3. Money – start switching to alternative currencies and barter. Trading locally where possible. This leads to the demise of the financial control of the masses. Start now, as your fiat paper currencies are worthless and the banks are insolvent and maneuvering toward another bailout.
    It does not matter what color ink or pictures are on the currency – it’s what “you believe” and will accept, that has true value. Is that a pretty rock, or shiny piece of metal?
    End the system which allows these few in control, to repeatedly pick up their welfare checks from the taxpayers of the world. THEY, THEIR heirs (and minions) – all parasites!
    4. Identify – WIKIBOWL an online real-time database of the 0.01% (and ultimately the 1.0%), their families photos and last seen coordinates. The ax must fall to the root of the “THEY’. When any of these subsidized humanoids are located, try to meet with them and share your perspective on life. Let them know you forgive them .
    May take a little time and it may get messy, but the beneficial results are highly probable.

  7. Ahhh! Got something to hide huh?

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