Cop Says Life “Ruined” After Pointing AR-15 at Journalists Saying, “I’m Going to F***ing Kill You!”

Ray-Albers-FergusonBy Matt Agorist

A petulant public servant is now playing the role of ‘victim’ after he pointed his AR-15 at Free Thought Project live streamer, Rebel Z, aka John Zeigler.

The entire incident was caught on film, showing St. Ann police officer, Ray Albers with his gun raised pointing it directly at Zeigler, who was live streaming at the time.

“Oh my God, gun raised, gun raised,” stated Zeigler.

“My hands are up bro, my hands are up,” he says before Albers responds, “I’m going to f***ing kill you, get back, get back!”

“You’re going to kill him?” asks another individual before Zeigler asks, “did he just threaten to kill me?”

When Albers is asked for his name he responds, “go f*ck yourself.”

A week after he was caught on video committing assault with a deadly weapon, Albers resigned, but has avoided any form of discipline – until now.

While it’s unclear as to whether or not Albers will actually be found guilty of anything, the Missouri Department of Public Safety is attempting to hold this privileged member of society accountable for his actions. Had Albers been a mere commoner, he would most certainly already be in jail.

The state of Missouri says Albers acted “without legal justification” when he pointed his assault rifle at a crowd of people, and that his “threat to commit a felony” — specifically, murder — violated Missouri law.

Albers’ attorney, Brandi Barth had the audacity to claim that her client “showed great restraint” when he took to assaulting multiple innocent individuals with a deadly weapon.

“There’s selective enforcement against Mr. Albers, in a situation where we have now seen at least a dozen officers in the selected photos having their rifles raised,” Barth said. “This situation of 30 seconds in a 20-year career has literally ruined his life.”

By Barth’s logic, because multiple other cops all committed assault with a deadly weapon, Albers should be free to go.

This man pointed a loaded AR-15 at the heads of multiple innocent people. He then threatened to “f**king kill” them, and now he’s trying to claim that he is somehow the victim.

It seems that the thin blue line is not only code for a privileged and skewed form of ‘justice,’ but it can now be considered a euphemism for insanity.

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44 Comments on "Cop Says Life “Ruined” After Pointing AR-15 at Journalists Saying, “I’m Going to F***ing Kill You!”"

  1. yEshUA ImmAnUEl * ben-'Adam | December 20, 2015 at 10:29 am |

    “He who has awakened to the truth, whose mind has become imbued with the Divine Law, will recognize nothing but his duty to man. He will obey the Laws of the Father, as does the workingman obey the directions of the one who is above him and gives the orders. He knows that the Father understands; and the voice within tells him that it is well, and he obeys. His is not a blind faith; for he walks not in darkness, but walks in the light. And the light teaches him all things; for the light comes from God, because it is the light of the Father.
    For this reason, no man who knows the Father can uphold destruction of life, whether guilty or not. He knows that all life is sacred and that no life can be taken without incurring penalty upon the guilty one. For this reason, the man who has awakened, who has found the Path that leads to Divine Illumination, cannot uphold war. War is not made right simply by being sanctioned by organized society, which is called a govern- ment, but which in itself is composed of individuals who are themselves personally responsible to God, and who, though combined, have no more right to sanction murder than has the individual man who stands alone.
    Might, under the Divine Law, does not make right. And it is just as evil, just as destructive to the soul, for many men in combination to commit wrong as it is for one man alone.”

  2. The main reason for police to use deadly force is that they feel that their life is in immediate danger or the life of innocent people are in immediate danger. Any police officer who thinks their gun and badge give them the right to kill someone under any other circumstances needs to be removed from their job.

    • Yet that will probably be his defense. He was scared for life.

    • No, he needs to be prosecuted and jailed for assault with a deadly weapon.

    • freewheelinfranklin543 | December 21, 2015 at 11:39 am |

      The guy needs to go to jail for aggravated assault with a firearm. About 30 years will do nicely! Cops in LA were caught dropping a throwdown on an unconcious man they beat and then murdering him with numerous shots to his back and head. Those perp cops should be candidates for death row! You okay with that one Jeb?

    • In 70 years no dog has killed a police officer; start with the ones killing pets, or to paraphrase F. Gump, “Psycho is as psycho does.”

      • I would love to see so many police officers fired, sued for emotional distress, and even arrested for destruction of (forgive the inadequate wording) “property.” However, the fact that no dog has ever killed a police officer is actually no basis for your argument. As the dog is (again, apologies) merely “property” and not a “person,” the officer needs only fear bodily harm, not death. Your broader point stands, however: in so many cases, the officer brought the danger upon himself.

        • No, YOUR dog is property. But by some magical formula, when a police dog is killed, it’s a “fellow cop”. Ownership issues are only the problem of the plebian classes, armed criminal gangs wearing flying colors make up their rules as they go.

          Book’em, Snoopy.

    • Most of these unusual killings by the police are from so called professional police officers who should have been taught to look at the situation and being professionals should be able to handle them without the strong arms being so strong, To me that is unprofessional. You could send thugs in and get that kind of job done. All these cop shows that everyone loves so much rooting the police on high speed chases that puts everyone in the path in danger. Then when the car they are chasing smashes into someone, “oh look what this criminal did”. ??? A lot of the crimes these police chases are all about are not bad enough to put the citizens in danger by them forcing them into a high speed chase.

  3. “Everyone” should use deadly force if they feel that their life is in immediate danger or the life of innocent people are in immediate danger.
    Put this criminal in a cage where he and some of his comrades belong.

  4. His life should be a living h e l l with that level of stupidity…………..

  5. With a lawyer that can turn logic on its side like that, he may get off.

  6. The issue is that the officer does not realize that he has to be held top a higher standard. The gun and badge are tools provided for the public trust, but when idiots get them and abuse that trust, they should not be allowed to wear the badge. If they violate anyone’s rights, or break the law, then they should be held to account just as anyone else, and like the author states, had it been a citizens legally armed that did that, they would still be in jail.

    • The higher standard has nothing to do with it. Everyone’s held to the standard of “Don’t point guns at people and threaten to kill them.”. He needs jail time, just like a “civilian”.

      • That’s just it, Putting on the uniform and wearing the badge made this officer feel as if he was the judge and jury, making threats against lives that were no threat to him. The problem is the training and the fact that even though 9/11 happened, it did not turn good people into terrorists over night, and primarily the American public that were being policed by peace keepers found themselves under the control of “law enforcers after 9/11.

        It did not mean that our police needed to head to Israel for their training, where the terrorists live next door. Police today are taught by the Israeli police which are all x-IDS military, and that mentality bleeds over to the training for police here at home. It is a good thing many still have common sense, but I read every day where veterans of the police force for 20-30 years commit acts of violence and lose their jobs, or is it that this was the way they have always acted, and with the advent of camera phones that are at the ready at all time, we are just now really getting to look into the actions of every day policing without any accountability?

  7. Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon | December 21, 2015 at 12:15 am |

    Without proof Putin has been accused of killing journalists. Here is a police officer threatening to kill one in America. In Turkey they are arrested and are found dead.Take notice MSM.

    • Police in America kill more Americans than terrorists do. Either change the definition of terrorism or put them at the top of the “domestic terrorist” group. Followed by private prison owners, investors and security for same. That would put Michael Jordan on the list though. Of course, for him its a twofer; makes money on his shoes, makes money off the thugs stealing his shoes. This qualifies him for public office…

  8. This is what happens when ya give a guy a uniform and place him above the masses. what’s hard to believe – the state of Missouri didn’t back the “officer” up. Score one for the journalists.

  9. The whole good cop/bad cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone’s anecdote about his Uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop. We need only consider the following: (1) a cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them; (2) many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked; (3) therefore every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked. There are no good cops. ~Robert Higgs

    • They are sworn in to up hold the constitution and they rightfully do not to in force unconstitutional laws.

    • An officer does not have to enforce a law he believes to be manifestly unjust, cruel or wicked. Technically, most 99%ers, BLM, and other protesters are violating regulations by their mere presence. Seriously: how many of those protesters are standing in the middle of the street? That’s against regulations, without a parade permit. But most cops most of the time do recognize that free-speech issues over-ride those regulations; that if they ticketed or arrested someone for no further violation, the’d never get it to stick; or at the very least, a misguided attempt to assert the regulations would exacerbate the situation. Such nonsense as Higgs’ only emboldens cops whose virtue is weak to become bad cops.

  10. Who in their right mind would want to be a cop?

    Most people that select this as a profession are exactly the personality type that should never be allowed, people with a power trip complex, people that need to be in control of others, with impunity. And this maniac is a prime example

    • That’s why, from the Founding, there were no professional police forces. . . which only came into existence in the mid-1800s.

      The potential for abuse, for police to become a standing army. . . were too great and too well-known.

      • There were political warnings against standing armies, but not standing police. The rise of the socialist police force was in the mid-1800s, but it was in response to cities growing too big for the previous system to be effective. That system was of constables, who were often little more than full-time bounty hunters; night watches, with tactics which would be considered vigilantism now; private security forces; and, in the South, slave patrols who hunted down and brutally punished escaped slaves.

  11. After f-ing ruining innumerable people’s lives for imbibing in an harmless herb, after ruining innumerable people’s lives for petty crimes, now this little crybaby is complaining that his life has been ruined just because he made a DEADLY THREAT against innocent people who were engaging in a constitutionally protected natural right.

    Gee. I guess I’m going to go stand in the corner and cry for this psychopath. Or maybe not.

    By the way. is he in the same prison now that he has sent so many other people to yet? WHY THE F* NOT!

  12. The Israeli Training and the low IQ requirement, under 100, are this fat pigs problem.
    His life was ruined the day he was born, fat stupid and ugly.
    He is a good excuse for eugenics.

  13. waaa I’m a criminal with a badge and now I’m the victim, waaaaaaaa!

  14. Dirty filthy criminal thug cop…..

  15. GOOD!

  16. …no shock to me…I grew up in a corrupt-cop family and culture….the only difference now is that everyone’s phone is a camera…Ha! Wait…watch, and eventually…they will try to outlaw putting cameras in phones or other devices…ha…ha!
    RJ O’Guillory

  17. Let’s hope so, that there’s a job at the local Wallmart pushing trolleys, for him ???

  18. ” Barth said. “This situation of 30 seconds in a 20-year career has literally ruined his life.” ”
    And we’re expected to believe this is the only time he acted violently and illegally? I would bet a year’s pay to a week’s that it wasn’t.

  19. I’ve been telling you, Middle Eastern terrorist are not
    the enemy, the American citizens are !!!

  20. The President of the United States’ job is to Enforce the laws that Congress makes. When people are given free reign to confront cops and not back up, there should be consequences for that. Obama and the mayor of Baltimore waited 3 days before they stopped the destruction. Obama said he wanted “chaos” in the streets and he got it. If police can’t use their weapons to make people back up, then the police should withdraw from the city and let the heathen rage. People can fast for 40 days and still live. Take away the benefits. Keep instigators like Sharpton from going into the cities. We need to stop this lawlessness. Civilized people don’t act that way. And to go out and loot and destroy and kill over some criminal shot dead in the street is ludicrous. People should just go home and mind their own business and they probably wouldn’t see a cop all day.

    • We have the most people per capita in jail than ANY OTHER NATION in the world (including N.Korea, China and Russia combined), our “cops” kill more citizens than terrorists do, and, even with video showing cops killing unarmed people restrained in cuffs and lying on the ground, their actions are ruled as “justified”.

      You want to stop lawlessness? How many people were murdered by drugs approved by the FDA? Bextra killed more people than all of the riots in the last century, who’s in jail for that? The drug company? The FDA officials now drawing 6 figure salaries working for the companies they’re supposed to police? Yeah, right.

      “People should just go home and mind their own business and they probably wouldn’t see a cop all day.” Since you’re probably a cop, or some cop’s family, you haven’t googled “police raid wrong address and kill people”. But if you’re not, or are actually intellectually honest, you might do so.

      Peace, out.

  21. Maybe if the welfare rats would not riot then maybe cops would not point the guns.get a job loosers stop crying about something 200 yrs ago you know nothing about or are connected to in any way ..its not yours if you did not earn it working for it.

    • Yeah, right. Funny though, how many of these so-called riots had their “protesters” bussed in from other locations and/or were PAID for their activities. Like the police shills in plain clothes who infiltrate these events in order to create the riots.

      I have yet to see any proof that the “something for nothing” crowd is restricted to welfare recipiants; the ones on Wall Street and Corporate welfare cost us far more.

      Here’s an idea; maybe we could cut defense spending (a term that, like “military intelligence”, means the exact opposite) to a quarter of its current levels (which is outspending the next 26 countries in line, 25 of which are our Allies.) It would mean that our gov couldn’t continue to be the Nazis of this century though…., tough decisions.

  22. Lysander Spooners’ example does not hold. A police officer makes an oath with the collective people of his jurisdiction. They, through the police department, do have a contract upon the subject. There is privity, mutual recognition, consent and agreement.

  23. I agree. Observing the last four decades, the bar for President is set lower than the one for the World Limbo Championships……..

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