6,000 Cops, Checkpoints, Snipers, K-9s – Celebrating the New Year in a Police State

k9-nypd-police-state-new-yearBy Andrew Emett

Like an Orwellian wet dream come to life, the NYPD has announced that more than 6,000 cops will be herding Times Square attendees into spectator pens this New Year’s Eve while violating their Fourth Amendment right prohibiting unreasonable searches and seizures. Instead of deterring further acts of violence, the excessive show of force merely reinforces the notion that the terrorists have already won by utilizing fear to turn the state against its own people.

Armed with rifles, radiation detectors, and bomb-sniffing dogs, over 6,000 uniformed NYPD officers will descend upon the one million spectators expected to attend New Year’s this evening in Times Square. Roughly 1,200 probationary cops and plainclothes police will also be assigned to either watch the perimeter or infiltrate the crowds while working undercover.

Instead of being allowed to walk freely, the crowd must enter Times Square at one of the 14 checkpoints and submit to body inspections with magnetometers and hand wands as counterterrorism officers armed with long guns stand by. After enduring a secondary screening, people will be allowed to watch the ball drop from one of the 65 massive spectator pens while surrounded by snipers and K-9 units.

“We’ll have over 5,000 officers assigned to Times Square,” NYPD Chief James O’Neill stated. “There will be hundreds of traffic agents, plus additional mobile cameras, chemical and radiation detectors, specially-trained police dogs sniffing for traces of explosives, cops on horseback, helicopters, and police boats.”

Although the NYPD and FBI claim that there are currently no threats against Times Square, the additional security measures are clearly a knee-jerk reaction to recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. With police militarization and mass surveillance both having failed to prevent a single terrorist attack, the state continues to justify using these vile weapons at home and abroad in the name of fighting terrorism.

On December 20, Lakeisha Holloway intentionally drove onto a sidewalk in Las Vegas, killing one and wounding 30 other pedestrians. On April 15, 2013, security at the Boston Marathon failed to stop two brothers from setting off bombs that resulted in 3 people killed and an estimated 264 wounded. Throughout 2015, several videos recorded Israeli soldiers failing to prevent multiple knife attacks throughout Jerusalem.

Even with Big Brother having access to over 1,000 surveillance cameras covering Times Square, the police cannot stop a psychopath armed with a gun, a car, acid, a homemade explosive device, a kitchen knife, or a Molotov cocktail from suddenly attacking the crowd. This excessive show of force is merely an illusion of safety that actually diverts resources from other parts of the city, leaving many neighborhoods virtually unprotected in areas with high crime rates. When asked about these vulnerable neighborhoods, NYPD Commission Bill Bratton replied, “The ability to protect everything all the time is not possible anywhere.”

Andrew Emett writes for TheFreeThoughtProject.com

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17 Comments on "6,000 Cops, Checkpoints, Snipers, K-9s – Celebrating the New Year in a Police State"

  1. These 14 checkpoints with their long queues of people are where a real terrorist would be setting their bombs off for maximum effect. How dumb is this security procedure ?

    • Anti Everything | January 1, 2016 at 7:24 am | Reply

      You are so right! I see a car crashing into the crowd! Oh wait that was Vegas. I see a bomb placed by CRAFT blowing up at a crowded event,… crap, that was Boston,… A shooting in a dark room, no, no that was Colorado……………………..

  2. c’mon….how ridiculous can it get??? People really want to crowd an intersection to watch a ball fall from a tower. How thrilling. Sounds as thrilling as sitting on your butt while eating Doritos, drinking beer and watching football for 2+ hours.

    For what? New Yorkers are stupid people…at least those that attend such an event as this. Why don’t the people make a statement and boycott the stupid ball drop? Imagine the strength in that reaction to the overkill on supposed counter terrorism.

    The PTB are scaring the entire world with their islamaphobia BS. I think the real truth is that most of these strikes are done by the governments to scare the people.

    Have fun New Yorkers! What a bunch of imbeciles. You get what you deserve.

  3. I remember back in the 1980’s we really had fun on New Year’s Eve. We bar hopped we club hopped, and we crossed Times Square multiple times with beer Champagne and whatever. The people today don’t even know that they are being treated like cattle. Expect the police state to grow. If no one showed up on Times Square things would improve very quickly but people are just too stupid to boycott injustice.

  4. Team Leader; “Just MAKE SURE you don’t hit the White mercs’, posing as ISIS terrorists, okay!?”

  5. New York is such fun! The rest of the world hates you for your freedoms NYC. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

  6. USA !…#1 !… USA !…#1 !… USA !…#1 !… USA !…#1 !… USA !…#1 !… USA !…#1 !…

  7. anyone dumb enough to go there deserves to be herded like sheep because they are lambs

  8. Disregard the Craft Services International operatives with backpacks….

    • Finkelstein, how many times must I tell you? You shout ‘Allah Akbar’ not “Mazel Tov”
      Oy vey, what a nebbish..

  9. Anti Everything | January 1, 2016 at 7:16 am | Reply

    I’ve been to Time Square many times, I see no place for 6000 pigs without them being shoulder to shoulder and tripping over each other wasting space that real people could occupy. I stopped going to events on, what I call ‘Amateur Night’ e.g. xmas eve, new years eve, valentine eve, Ishter eve, or any ‘big event’ where the ‘STATE’ may need to test new weapons on a group of folks.

  10. This does not have anything to do with terrorism since it is used as an excuse to implement the police state that is, the NWO..

  11. the good part – they are all willing to accept bribes – maybe even set up a future boston marathon flash bang event.

    ffe (false flag event or government sponsored shooting) for sell buy blue they’ll ensure the outcome.

  12. When the MUSLIM RADICAL BARBARIANS can kill when they want – – JOHN Q. PUBLIC CITIEN has every right to expect POLICE PROTECTAION during such a CELEBRATION . ///////////////
    You can’t trust any of those MUSLIM”S – – any where – – – any time . /////////////////////////
    If this offends these MUSLIM’S – – – to bad – – they offend me by their BARBARIC ACTIONS . ////////////

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