33 Unanswered Questions on Sandy Hook’s 3rd Anniversary


By Makia Freeman

As the Sandy Hook 3rd anniversary rolls around this December 14th, 2015, it is well worth remembering what a strange, unique, manipulative and horrific event occurred on December 14th, 2012. When I say horrific, I am not referring to what you may think was the horrific aspect of the event: the gunning down of 20 innocent children and 6 innocent adults. That is unquestionably horrific, but to date there has hardly been enough evidence to prove beyond all doubt that actual people were gunned down.

Sandy Hook has become colloquially known as the Sandy Hook Hoax or Sandy Hoax, the first false flag in recent history to be exposed as an entirely fabricated event, replete with a fake setting (a fake school) and fake victims. It marks the first in a series of false flag hoaxes where fake victims and fake victims’ families (crisis actors) have been used. Since the majority of people still cannot fathom that Sandy Hook was a staged event, the template of using crisis actors has been used again and again (e.g. at the Boston Marathon). Now that we are passing the Sandy Hook 3rd anniversary, it’s time to turn back the clock and re-examine some unanswered questions pertaining to the event.

By the way, if you think Sandy Hook no longer matters, ask yourself why Amazon (on behalf of the US Government) felt so scared it had to engage in censorship by trying to ban Jim Fetzer’s book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (available for free here). Sandy Hook is still very relevant, because it was a scam of massive proportions. Take a look how many false flag mass shootings are still being carried out monthly and even weekly (e.g. Paris, San Bernardino) to terrorize the public, push gun control and achieve other political and geopolitical aims.

Sandy Hook: 33 Unanswered Questions

There are still some who cannot bring themselves to believe that criminal elements within the US Government could pull off a false flag hoax like this. Yet, it must be remembered that in this day and age it is all too easy to fake photographic and video evidence. Photoshop and other software programs allow the user to construct any kind of photo they want. If you want to know some of the truth about what really happened at Sandy Hook, 2 of the best documentaries (out of many) that expose the absurdity of the official narrative and provide alternative theories are We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook (various independent media analysts) and Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4 and 5 Dimensions (Sofia Smallstorm). Here is a list of 33 unanswered questions about Sandy Hook:

Sandy Hook: Foreknowledge and Preparation

1. Why was a Facebook webpage for the alleged dead teacher Victoria Soto of Sandy Hook Elementary School posted before the event occurred?

2. Why was the United Way charity webpage for Sandy Hook posted before the event occurred?

Sandy-HookGoogle caught evidence of foreknowledge: this United Way charity website page was launched on Dec. 11th, 2012, a full 3 days before the mass shooting at Sandy Hook actually occurred!

3. How did the Arlington Red Devils website post the book on Talking With Children/Students About the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting on 12/10/2012 (which was contained in the page url), 4 days before the event occurred? If this were some kind of technical glitch, then how did Google’s bots manage to record a cached page for 12/13/2012, still 1 day before the Sandy Hook shooting happened?

4. How did John Trentacosta (whose house was next to the Lanzas with a lot of activity occurring there at the time), who was CEO of the local Newton bank, start a victims’ fund on the same day so quickly after the event, after receiving in his words “countless requests” to do so? Is it just a coincidence that Trentacosta was also a member of a new council of the New York Federal Reserve, the Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council?

5. According to various researchers, why was the Newtown community seeded with new families in the years leading up to the event?

6. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why were 16 state troopers pre-positioned 45-60 minutes before the alleged shooting?

Sandy Hook: Media Switching Stories

7. Why did the media keep switching its narrative as the story unfolded regarding the actual weapon used? Finally they settled upon a rifle. But how could a rifle kill 26 people in such quick succession?

Sandy Hook: Inconsistencies with Witness Stories

8. Why did known actor and Sandy Hook witness Gene Rosen keep changing his story about how he encountered the 6 kids who allegedly came to him? In different interviews he variously claims he found the kids just after feeding his cats in the loft, just after going to breakfast and just after coming home from breakfast. His testimony completely conflicts with that of the school bus driver and the official report. There is also video of him near the fire house walking around slowly, plus a video of him rehearsing his lines with the cameraman …

Sandy Hook: Lack Of Evidence

9. How was a skinny 19-year-old boy with no military training capable of killing 26 people clean while injuring none? (Trained military veterans have claimed it was highly unlikely or even impossible for someone with the weight of Adam Lanza to execute that many people in so short a time.)

10. Why was there no evidence of blood? A total of 26 fatalities (children and adult) would produce at least at a conservative estimate 20 gallons (75 liters) of blood. Thus would require a concerted blood cleanup (blood is considered a biohazard in this type of situation), yet when Sofia Smallstorm asked who did the cleanup, all the departments were ignorant of it and even claimed that no one did the cleanup.

11. Where are the alleged 600+ children of Sandy Hook Elementary School? Why is there absolutely no photo or video evidence of any dead bodies? Why did coroner Wayne Carver say the following?

Uh, we did not bring the bodies and the families into contact. We took pictures of them, uhm, of their facial features. We have, uh, uh—it’s easier on the families when you do that. Un, there is, uh, a time and place for the up close and personal in the grieving process, but to accomplish this we thought it would be best to do it this way and, uh, you can sort of, uh … You can control a situation depending on the photographer, and I have very good photographers. Uh, but uh—

12. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why do the records show no social security numbers for the dead students?

13. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why do the records show no report of actual shots fired?

14. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why does the Sandy Hook shooting crime not exist on the FBI 2012 crime report?

15. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why does the tax accessor’s website shows the victims’ families got free houses on Christmas day when all Government offices are closed?

16. Why were all the ambulances parked at the fire house away from the crime scene (except one on Dickinson Dr. which was also too far removed to be helpful)? Why were so few EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) allowed in the school?

Sandy Hook: Faked Photos and Evidence of a Drill

17. Why does the iconic image of the teacher leading kids out of school contain evidence of Photoshop doctoring and fakery?

sandy-hook-false-flag-hoax-iconic-image-fakedThe iconic image of Sandy Hook – the evacuation – shows numerous signs of fakery, from Photoshop doctoring to EXIF data.

18. Why does the Sandy Hook Timeline of Evacuation not match the video evidence from the trooper’s car stationed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School car park?

19. Why was there a big electronic sign erected at the entrance to the Sandy Hook Elementary school stating “EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN” if the event were real and not a drill?

20. Why was there an active shooter drill at around the same place and the same time as the Sandy Hook event? Every recent false flag since at least 9/11 has had this element.

21. Why are people walking around the Sandy Hook fire house in circles like a movie set? Why was there such a lack of urgency in the emergency personnel who were responding for many hours after 10am when people were still unaccounted for (e.g. nurse Sally Cox who claims she hid in a closet for 4 hours until 1:15pm)?

Sandy Hook: Coverup

22. If Sandy Hook Elementary School was a legitimate and operational school at the time of the event, why is there evidence that the school shut in 2009 due to asbestos, was reinspected in 2011, and was flooded again with Hurricanes Irene and Sandy? We know FEMA and the US Federal Government supplied money to Newtown to revitalize it. Why does the local business Apex Glass claim they were using the school premises for their glass business (apologies but the interview revealing this information has been taken down by YouTube [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9vLEzNsI00])?

sandy-hook-drill-everyone-must-check-inSandy Hook: If this were a real mass shooting and not a drill, why must everyone check in?

23. Why were the entire school grounds of what we were told was “Sandy Hook Elementary School” demolished and rebuilt? Does this remind you of how the metal scraps from 9/11 were immediately shipped off to China before they could be examined for evidence?

24. Why did Town Clerk Debbie Aurelia and Connecticut State Attorney Kevin Kane refuse to release the death certificates and the names of the “victims”? Why did Connecticut officials conspire to pass an unprecedented bill banning FOIA requests and access to death certificates and other information, normally part of the public record as a matter of course for centuries? Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed the bill on June 5th, 2013.

25. Why were there so many black and silver (Government-type) cars around the school and fire house in place before the event?

26. According to Sofia Smallstorm, why were the exact number (26) of Christmas trees for the memorial already sitting outside the fire house before the event occurred?

27. Why do so many of the victims’ family members appear to be acting, smirking, giggling, snickering and outright laughing after the event, such as Robbie Parker?

Sandy Hook: Strange Comments by Officials

28. How does one explain the highly strange behavior of Wayne Carver, the chief medical examiner and coroner? Why did Carver say that “You can control a situation depending on your photographer, and I have very good photographers”? Why did Carver say that “I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their heads later”?

29. Why did Lieutenant Paul Vance threaten to prosecute as a crime anyone who reported information that contradicted the official narrative?

30. Why did the Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy say that “The Lieutenant Governor and I have been spoken to in an attempt that we might be prepared for something like this playing itself out in our state”?

sandy-hook-one-eye-signEven Sandy Hook is infected with one eye Illuminati-Masonic symbolism. Just a coincidence?

Sandy Hook: Aftermath

31. Why did no one sue the school or the estate of Nancy Lanza?

32. How is it that no parent wanted to see the dead bodies of their children in the school?

33. Why were all the funerals conducted with closed caskets?

Conclusion: Sandy Hook – The Template for the False Flag Hoax

Sandy Hook smells rotten, and just as 9/11 was a template and justification for future transgressions against liberty, so too was Sandy Hook to become the template for the false flag hoax. Let us always remember what happened and continue to investigate it, so that future false flag events, and false flag hoax events, can be quickly spotted.


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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative news / independent media site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the global conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.


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236 Comments on "33 Unanswered Questions on Sandy Hook’s 3rd Anniversary"

  1. 33 questions? freemason? which means that both the event and the conspiracy around it are psy ops lol

    • ben franklin [pre death] | December 16, 2015 at 11:19 am |

      It makes sense given all the evidence that is directly provided by the media themselves. I think all of these hoaxes / false flags are purposeful in their obviousness to allow for the division of the society. Those who question ‘authority’ vs. those who follow it blindly. It’s working wonders.

  2. yEshUA ImmAnUEl * ben-'Adam | December 14, 2015 at 5:16 am |

    Listen ye, O man, to he who comes to you.
    But weigh in the balance if his words be of LIGHT.
    For many there are who walk in DARK BRIGHTNESS
    and yet are not the children of LIGHT.
    Easy it is to follow their pathway,
    easy to follow the path that they lead.
    But yet O man, heed ye my warning:
    Light comes only to him who strives.
    Hard is the pathway that leads to the WISDOM,
    hard is the pathway that leads to the LIGHT.
    Many shall ye find, the stones in your pathway:
    many the mountains to climb toward the LIGHT.
    Yet know ye, O man, to him that overcometh,
    free will he be of the pathway of Light.
    For ye know, O man,
    in the END light must conquer
    and darkness and night be banished from Light.
    Listen, O man, and heed ye this wisdom;
    even as darkness, so is the LIGHT.
    When darkness is banished and all Veils are rended,
    out there shall flash from the darkness, the LIGHT..

  3. yEshUA ImmAnUEl * ben-'Adam | December 14, 2015 at 5:59 am |

    ”There are no problems, only opportunities to grow.”

  4. not to mention Connors on CNN had interviews w/ completely complacent and non emotional and dry eyed parents and that the little girl was photographed w/ the puppet president the next day AND Connors showed a picture of a perfectly drawn a colored owl (no 3rd grader would/could put together) – Molech (moloch) – the owl that is at Bohemian grove.
    how much did the scum involved get paid…greenbergs – wanna confess up or is it – get their guns at any and all costs…lying scum one and all.
    You would need ear plugs of the best kind – firing anything like an AR inside and how did “Adam Lanza” get access to full body gear (not cheap) and then go to all the trouble to put it on only to off himself…???

    BTW: great points – ty

  5. You would do better to avoid references to 9/11. Sandy Hook has a serious lack of eye witnesses and no dead bodies. 9/11 has TONS of eyewitness evidence and actual dead bodies.

    • Too many idiot/cowardly denizens of this dying nation “do better to avoid…”. The people are in this predicament because they DO sit silent while a co-opted/treasonous government, military and police continue to grow in arrogance and treachery. the more they discover they can get away with, the more their masters will demand of them and they will deliver until we stand disarmed, disenfranchised and beaten by what was once our own. Answers must be demanded and the responsible need to be made to pay in full, in blood if necessary. there’s no more “moving on”. If we allow this to continue, what will our children have? What chance at freedom/prosperity will they have? We are being duped backward into a feudal system where the criminals rule and we (barely) exist.

    • There are dozens of eyewitnesses (medical personnel at the school and hospital, teachers, children, officers, parents) who gave sworn statements that they saw bodies and or blood. One person was shot and lived and has given sworn statements. We never saw pictures of the bodies up close but that doesn’t mean they didn’t exist.

      • It does not mean that the bodies existed, either. Caught by your own rope, why? If you did not see bodies that were genuine, oozing real blood, what are we talking about here? How about fraud?

        • No. Not seeing some evidence doesn’t mean something didn’t happen. Sorry, but not seeing the bodies is common, graphic photos are often withheld from release. We have plenty of evidence to conclude this did happen. There are photos of blood, bullet holes, found slugs, DNA evidence, ballistic matches from slugs found in med exams of victims matched to the weapon, sworn witness statements, medical records (remember one person was shot and survived and others were transported to the hospital how does that happen if the whole thing was a fraud?) and so forth.

          • Who said the “whole thing was a fraud”? Can you tell us about photos of cops drilling holes in the glass windows? Can you tell us why FOIA has refused to function in behalf of various people? Can you tell us why Malloy signed a bill to preclude giving out information about deceased, a procedure used and accepted for nearly 200 years? Can you also tell us why the state has stacked the deck against people trying to get at the truth?Was Gene Rosen a “sworn witness”. Robbie Parker? Can you prove these things you have listed by getting other experts to sign off on these alleged findings? Can you tell us why Lt. Vance overstepped his rank and position to say that he would prosecute people whose opinions were different from the state’s? Why has he not been reprimanded, reduced in rank, excoriated?
            Sure looks like lie after lie after lie….you are attesting to a lot of things but can you prove anything and will you thusly go to the public with articles in various publications to spread your alleged truths for the people?
            Unconvincing, very unconvincing. The burden of proof is thusly on YOU, now let’s see you present these truths, betcha can’t do it…..

          • FenceSitter82 | December 14, 2015 at 8:47 pm |

            “Can you tell us about photos of cops drilling holes in the glass windows?” No such photos exist, although that claim has been made. Please provide the photos or doc name and number for that…

            “Can you tell us why FOIA has refused to function in behalf of various people?” Not true, Halbig asked for docs and got what he asked for from the town. Some things he asked for either didn’t exist or didn’t belong to the town.

            “Can you tell us why Malloy signed a bill to preclude giving out information about deceased, a procedure used and accepted for nearly 200 years?” He didn’t. The original bill asked for death certs and 911 calls to be suppressed but that was removed from the bill before it passed.

            “Was Gene Rosen a “sworn witness”. Robbie Parker?” Not that I referred to.

            You’re 0/4 so far so I won’t continue. You have apparently believed everything you’ve been told by conspiracy theorists without checking anything for yourself.

            “Sure looks like lie after lie after lie” yes it does, but those lies are being told by your sources of information.

            I have no burden of proof. This was a crime. The crime was investigated and a conclusion was reached as a result of that investigation and most of the evidence has been released for you to look at yourself, but you won’t do that. If you want to challenge the findings of the investigation you have the burden of proof to show evidence that their conclusions are wrong.

          • You skimmed right over my comments on “Noah Pozner’s” picture being used to represent a victim in the Pakistan school shooting. You also didn’t critique the donation and memorial webpages created BEFORE the shooting. Are you going to ask your pals at Media Matters or Huff Po how to reconcile these inconvenient anomalies the “far right” are questioning? Or down the Memory Hole…

          • FenceSitter82 | December 15, 2015 at 6:30 pm |

            I didn’t skip anything. The Noah Pozner pic wasn’t used by anyone in any sort of official capacity. Someone took a bunch of photos from online of school shooting victims as a tribute and lazily included Noah. The donation pages being up ‘before’ the shooting is simple nonsense. It’s an issue with inaccurate time stamps on webages or web crawlers and there are countless examples of it online.

          • No, the date stamp was proven the same day of Sandy Hook. As soon as it happened, several people who questioned the veracity of the event went into overdrive and found the pages within four hours of the shooting and found the date time stamp from the previous day.

            Four hours is pretty fast given no one would have known the names of the victims at that point.

          • c_chandler | June 18, 2016 at 9:56 am |

            there are also radio transmissions that do not mesh with the official “story”.

          • Someone “lazily” included Noah’s picture to represent Huzaifa Huxaifa on at least five different large poster sized memorials and on the Pakistani Army Public School Peshawar Memorial webpage?

            Funny how the CIA and ISI seemed to work hand in glove on the 9/11 operation.

            I bet you never dug into 9/11 Truth research and tell your pals WTC 7 fell symmetrically in near free fall collapse into its own footprint due to some moderate office fires and NIST has good reason for not releasing its full report even though if what they say is true that means skyscrapers around the world can come down far easier than architects and engineers ever believed was possible. Endless rationalizations.

          • You are shilling, plain and simple. You have zero interest in justice. You talk about “crime being committed” yet you actually support legitimacy of the Warren report and 911 report?
            It’s clear to me that the shills have been called in to mouth off, jeer, insult, and call for some Salem witch trials.
            The state of Conn. refuses to allow detractors to have their day in court.FOIA court has become a laughingstock in their refusal to abide by the rules. The governor has dirty fingers and there are many deep, dark intrigues about this case.
            Enough said.
            The people that have come out against the slipshod and bogus Sandy Hook explanations are ready, willing, and confident that their detractors will NOT take them to court because that would mean the facts would have to be presented. The PTB do not want to go to court, think Malloy does? Wrong. It’s a coverup and they don’t want to be forced to provide detailed and in depth facts related to the case. They prefer to try Tracy and Dr Fetzer in the court of public opinion, just like you.
            Your side can only win by using the well known kangaroo courts of Connecticut and this country. You talk but you have no substantiation and we are on to you.

          • FenceSitter82 | December 15, 2015 at 6:26 pm |

            If there’s so much evidence, why hasn’t anyone pressed charges for fraud? Not to mention the countless felonies that would have been committed in perpetrating the crime. You telling me that NO lawyer out there will take a chance? Maybe it’s because there’s no case.

          • Who can make fraud charges when the government was the one who orchestrated it?

          • No amount of medication is ever going to make you sane.

          • I am in tiptop shape, don’t need meds.

          • Thereby proving beyond a shadow of a doubt how crazy you are.

          • There is no proof a crime was committed. No dead bodies. No photographic evidence. Google earth showed the school to be boarded up in the August/September run. The lack of evidence coupled by the inconsistencies of the official statements and the dates of the fundraising pages on Google cache indicate that no shooting took place. A crime did occur, though, Those who fabricated a story committed a heinous crime against the US population. Some would call it treason.

          • Protip cupcake. You can’t “drill” a hole in a glass window. Just another one of your delusions.

          • We saw graphic footage of Columbine. Why not Sandy Hook?

            There is no evidence that a shooting took place. We are supposed to take the word of crisis actors and muzzled officials who constantly contradict themselves.

            It is interesting that the shills have not responded to all of the 33 questions.

            There are far more tan 33. The photos of Adam Lanza’s bedroom show first that it was tampered with and second there video games are ancient. I seem to recall a dot-matrix printer, too. There is nothing indicating a teenage boy lived in that room.

            There are so many inconsistencies.

            Gene Rosen. The bus driver wouldn’t have picked up the kids and dropped them (including young girls) off at the home of a stranger and potential predator. There was a fire station next door that served as a command center. The man’s story has changed several times.

            And the Lanzas? What happened to the father? And the brother? In this day of reality TV and paparazzi’s, there is no way they should be able to go about undetected. Why wasn’t the father sued by the fails of the victims?

          • FenceSitter82 | December 15, 2015 at 6:25 pm |

            Columbine footage was leaked, not released. And Sandy Hook didn’t have security cameras anyway.

            the 33 questions have all been answered or are simply malformed or baseless questions.

            If I answered let’s say 10 of them, what would you think? Would you think, “so what, there are 23 more.” Or would you think, “damn, maybe these aren’t a bunch of unanswerable questions?”

          • You are merely a shill paid to come onto this board.

            The Columbine footage is all over the internet. Claiming that Sandy Hook was too graphic to show is pure BS. If it really happened, the media would be showing the footage over and over again. Look at the movies that come out in Hollywood. Look at the video games. Are we to believe that seeing a covered dead body of a child is too traumatic? That is just BS.

            No, you didn’t answer even one question. You are merely a shill attempting to redirect the discussion. If you answered the questions, feel free to put the number of the question next to your response to demonstrate how you answered the questions. So far, you haven’t proven anything really happened and you cannot because Sandy Hook was a psyop, just like the Boston Bombing, where coincidentally the fake Sandy Hook students were standing nearby. And incidentally, in the Boston Bombing, one of the witnesses was one of the Sandy Hook parents. Crisis actors. When you run psyops, you scrape the bottom of the barrel, which is why mistakes like this are frequent and obvious.

            And even if you could refute 10, 23 more anomalies means it couldn’t happen. One or two anomalies, it is coincidental. 33 plus anomalies, it’s a coverup.

            Perhaps you should send message to your employers. The jig is up. Any half way intelligent person can see that you are full of crap. Your pathetic responses make your employers look bad. That’s the best you can come up with?

            Time to cash your paycheck so you can pay the rent for your troll cave.

          • FenceSitter82 | December 15, 2015 at 10:10 pm |

            The media cant show footage, there were no cameras in the school.

            What if all 33 had answers?

          • Why wouldn’t the school have had video? Doesn’t make sense.

            The media can could have videotaped the crime scene, but there is no such footage. No photos of the dead bodies.

            Try answering all 33 questions. You can’t.

          • They are not baseless questions. You cannot answer them because your employers haven’t told you hope to respond. That’s what happens to shills. See, only a desperate moron would be drawn to that type of work. You cannot even come up with some good lies for fake statistics to prove your point! Hope your employer fires you. In terms of trolls, you rank about a 2. Your employer isn’t getting a very good return on their investment.

          • The images appeared in the media. They weren’t too violent for publication so to claims o for SH doesn’t fly.

            You did not answer the questions. You didn’t answer any. If you could debunk them, you would You can’t. Shill.

          • Not seeing the bodies isn’t common. There are plenty of graphic photos out there. the press printed Columbine photos.

            You are just making up crap. There is no evidence, hence the questions.

      • If you Google Sandy Hook Elementary prior to the shooting, there is no evidence that there was any activity there. The photos show supplies stacked in the hallways, disheveled rooms, lots of OSHA violations. No newspaper articles about the school, no summer schedule or back to school activities. No stories about students or teachers, visitors, playground improvements, holiday parties save for an article in 2010 that shows Dawn Hochsprung replaces Donna Page as the principal in 2010. Donna Page was one of the alleged Boston Bombing victims, too. The same photo used for her in Sandy Hook was used in the Boston Bombing. There is no doubt that it is the same photo.

        There are 7 ratings for Sandy Hook on a school rating site, all by parents, no names attached.

        No information about fundraisers, bake sales, school drives, bus routes, new teachers, conferences, school plays….Nothing.

        The office building at the end of the street has more than 20 businesses registered to it (ll with intel-like names), including a senior community center. The building itself isn’t big enough to be community center, let alone one of the offices.

        Newtown is a staged intelligence training ground, combination Stepford Wife-CIA creation.

        Again, tell me why a bus driver happened to be there, picked up a few kids (where were the other 400 plus kids?) and dropped them off at an old man’s house NEXT TO A FIRESTATION. Absolutely no way would that have EVER happened.

    • Are you legitimizing ALL witnesses, even those who sounded like shills? When you talk about “eyewitness evidence”, perhaps you might not imply that all are telling the truth. Many sounded very suspicious and they should be acknowledged as questionable.

    • 9/11 was a false flag nonetheless. Those deaths show how truly cold blooded the .01% really are. You need only see with your own eyes the perfect, professional implosions of the three buildings to realize that this was an inside job and that those “airliner” impacts had NOTHING to do with those buildings coming down. It had to take months for professionals to place and wire all those explosives, and this is adequately explained by building residents who said there were often large crews working in the buildings and even times when the buildings were closed for a day for “renovations,” all over a period of months prior to the “attack.” This alone puts the lie to the whole 9/11 scenario, telling us that it was NOT an Islamic attack, that the 19 so-called terrorists existed only as patsies if at all, etc.

      There are many, many holes in the “official 9/11 conspiracy theory,” but the buildings being professionally blown to bits is all you need to know to prove it was nothing but a big and terrible lie. Why did they do it? To provoke chaos in the Middle East, to install a fascist government in the USA via new and oppressive laws and agencies in order to CONTROL the American people, and to speed up the disarming of the population in order to totally solidify that control. What comes after that is far worse.

  6. The one thing I don’t understand is no whenever brings up the spent casings. To the amount of ammo left in the magazines and the weapon itself. Or casing from the handguns do to he supposedly committed suicide.

    That brings to the autopsy reports they never released accurate data on gunshot wound of amount used per child and adult. Due to the fact 26 people supposedly died and 152 to 155 rounds were fired. The reports are all over the place. Then the Attorney General of Connecticut had to release information about the magazines.

    No one still has explained the bulletholes found in the car in the parking lot of the school or who’s vehicle it was.

    Then the report of The shooter supposedly going to Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy a firearm. If I’m not mistaken Dick’s Sporting Goods normally doesn’t carry those types of weapons they may be different state to state. But you know tape was ever released of him talking to someone in that store. Or what vehicle he got out of in the parking lot with was he driving the vehicle.

    • “No one still has explained the bulletholes found in the car in the parking lot of the school or who’s vehicle it was.” That’s not true, it’s all in the report. In fact there are multiple vehicle reports. A total of 5 shots struck 3 different cars, remnants of slugs were found for I think 2 shots and there were 5 holes in the window of room 10 at an angle that would put those 3 cars in the line of fire from their exits.

      • Again who owned the car names addresses make model of the vehicles location in the parking lot.

        Why was only one car shown if it was 3 vehicles? Oh where is that in the police report ? Please explain how you think it was two rounds were covered. Oh please explain why the parking lot is horizontal to the building the car that i’m referring to is the one that was on the news.

        • “Again who owned the car names addresses make model of the vehicles location in the parking lot.” I don’t know off the top of my head all of those details, but it was a green honda civic sedan, a silver toyota camry, and a silver or something close toyota sienna minivan. The tag numbers are in the report as well, along with the photos. I’m not sure that they kept the names of the owners there but you could probably find that info using the tags. One was a teacher’s car, the civic.

          “Why was only one car shown if it was 3 vehicles? Oh where is that in the police report ?” Shown by whom? There are 3 cars in the police report. The photos are in the folder marked “22 assorted files” in the photo set “Meehan Parking lot” and the ballistics report regarding the bullet strikes to the cars is in the supplemental reports CFS_1200704597 document 00050860.

          “Please explain how you think it was two rounds were covered.” From memory, looking at the photos I seem to recall 2 slug fragments recovered but it could’ve been 3, I don’t remember. There may be something in the ballistics report as well. 00050860

          “Oh please explain why the parking lot is horizontal to the building the car that i’m referring to is the one that was on the news.” I don’t know what you mean. Yes the parking lot was parallel to the face of the school.

          You’re asking a lot of questions but I wonder if you’ve looked for any answers. I found all of these answers in the reports released.

          • You wouldn’t happen to be Dale’s SPLC understudy would you? With your Media Matters “far right” characterization of people who don’t go along with establishment group think and spending time at WND and Infowars endlessly trying to argue with readers there. What’s the point?

          • FenceSitter82 | December 15, 2015 at 9:58 pm |

            Im not whoever you have imagined me to be. I dont do anything endlessly. I sometime challenge people to think about the things they say.

          • You should take your own advice and think more deeply about the things you say. It’s a shallow mindset that stereotypes anyone who is concerned about the destruction of civil liberties, to include gun control, as the “far right”. Same with those who stereotype “conspiracy theorists” as paranoid and uninformed. If you had taken the time to thoroughly study the history of false flags to include the long running Operation Gladio and understood what has grown out of Operation Mockingbird in terms of sophisticated media psy op brainwashing, then you wouldn’t be so quick to judge people who analyze Sandy Hook anomalies. The audacity of the 9/11 false flag should resonate with you in a profound way and its merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of exposed govt / elite criminality (JFK, RFK, MLK, other researched assassinations, CIA drug running, elite run pedophile rings and coverups, MK Ultra, etc. – flowing in clear patterns and agendas) but you would rather keep your head in the sand. That’s on you, not us.

          • mayday911us. | December 15, 2015 at 9:37 pm |

            Oh yes that you actually read that report from the Connecticut state police wow.

            The exact words for the police report no explanation whatsoever. Or where the vehicles Were parked in the parking lot or what vehicles they were. There is nothing about fragments recovered from the vehicles.

            Like I said the one vehicle had three holes in it one look like a 45 the other 223 or 5.56 in the upper portions of the door rail that connects it to the roof. Which is a very strong part of the vehicle so if they got fragments from that good luck. Yes the rounds to look like they came in at a 45° to a 55° angle but again two different calibers.

            The only report of the shooters death was the autopsy no casing etc of final total.

            The shooter was not a very Big person from the autopsy report so we carried 35 to 45 pounds of equipment into the school. With no apparent loadbearing harness or backpack to carry that much weight. With doing it under 7 minutes with no military training no tactical training. Just supposedly shooting with his mother on a shooting range. With no survivors that were shot.

            Plus some of the magazines were set up into a tactical stance as in they were taped together. Yes that is the redneck way of doing it but unless you have some understanding of weapons how did he know that?

            But the reports of been not accurate because news has reported to 233 rounds the police report 5.56.

            But use can’t seem to explain the other 33 or 38 as some people asked?

            So nothing seems a little odd to you about the entire incident?

      • It was a hoax. Many people profited from it. It was not a school at the time. Cars can be placed with bullet-holes before time. Look up sandy Hook shooting. The Government admitted it was a drill….

        • “It was a hoax” No evidence of that. “Many people profited from it.” Not enough to keep everyone quiet. “It was not a school at the time. ” Yes it was and there are hundreds of docs to show that and ZERO showing its closure. “Cars can be placed with bullet-holes before time.” One conspiracy to explain another, sorry, ain’t buying it. The cars were in the right location for the bullets to hit them and the slugs recovered from those cars matched the murder weapon.

          “The Government admitted it was a drill….” Only in your delusional fantasy. No such admission has ever been made and substantiated.

          • “No evidence of that.” ??? Are you insane? No you are a paid troll. ESAD.

            34. Why did they not call helicopter rescue with a flight surgeon just in case a child was alive? No room to land? For 20 children? BS.
            35. Why were the children not taken to the hospital to be declared dead which is protocol? Hospital staff waited for the onslaught.

          • FenceSitter82 | December 15, 2015 at 6:20 pm |

            Answer to both: They were already dead, and therefore “black tagged” and presumed dead by first responders as a result of having injuries incompatible with life. This is only a mystery if you choose not to look for the answer.

          • jamieobomber | December 15, 2015 at 9:51 pm |

            Are you just trying to get a rise out of the critical thinkers who only have shown common sense reasoning? You can’t be serious but if you are – WTF! What will it take?!

          • FenceSitter82 | December 15, 2015 at 9:56 pm |

            I dont agree that you are critical thinkers. I think these questions represent a collection of lazy speculations and false assertions. What would it take? Positive evidence of a hoax, not just having people assert that it is.

          • Again, a shill deflects the argument. He cannot answer one question. There sis positive evidence it is a hoax because there is no proof that it happened. If you cannot produce a dead body, it didn’t happen.

          • hey kelly….I would be much more interested in finding the LIVE bodies of fake dead bodies….they must be somewhere if the whole thing was a psy ops …….all this speculation and scenerios over dead bodies…nobody interested in the live bodies….I don’t get it

          • Again, shill, you say nothing, but that is what you get paid to do, WHy would their be faked bodies if it didn’t exist in the first place? SHow us the bodies. The dead children have not been added to any database and are not included in the FBI homicide statistics.

            If you cannot answer these 33 questions, go away.

          • Peter Walker | June 1, 2016 at 3:45 am |

            6 months old post but I’ll reply,the dead victims are in the FBI database you just havent bothered to look any further than the screengrab online.

            Show me the bodies from numerous other school shootings,released by police.

          • First responders didn’t have time to check a school of 400 alleged students to make the determination that they were dead. Some of the kids could have been alive. Nope, you cannot spoon your way out of this one, shill.

          • FenceSitter82 | December 15, 2015 at 11:55 pm |

            No one said they checked 400 students. They checked 2 victims in the hallway and the rest in two rooms.

          • This shill reminds me of the anti-truth 9/11 trolls who show up like clockwork in discussions of the 9/11 false-flag attacks, claiming there’s nothing unusual about three skyscrapers collapsing straight down, AGAINST the path of greatest resistance, at near-free-fall acceleration.

            These shills sometimes spend all day attacking everyone who questions the “official” narrative, like they don’t have jobs to go to. They’re on someone’s payroll.

          • againstcorporaterule | December 21, 2015 at 12:08 pm |

            So, who were those “first responders” who tagged them dead? The CIA? Because the actual first responders were not even allowed onto the Sandy Hook crime scene!

            Nice attempt to revise history, but Sandy Hook was the first crime scene in American history where protocol was not followed, and first responders were not allowed onto the crime scene and stood waiting outside the entire time.

          • Christopher Greer | January 24, 2016 at 4:41 pm |

            First responders do not have the authority to declare even themselves dead let alone anyone else.

          • FenceSitter82 | January 24, 2016 at 5:25 pm |

            It wasn’t a declaration of death, which would require a doctor. It was a ‘presumption’ of death done in accordance with CT state law regarding SMART triage procedure during a multiple casualty incident, MCI, as the victims were (with only 2 exceptions) not breathing or responsive and had wounds “incompatible with life.” Once they were so presumed dead or “black tagged” there was no need for helicopters or a load of ambulances. It’s sad, but that’s they way it was. Nothing illegal or negligent. Don’t forget that among those first responders were 5 paramedics, 4 EMTs, and a registered nurse. All of that happened with ~15 minutes of the FIRST CALLS.

          • Christopher Greer | January 24, 2016 at 5:40 pm |

            Presumed dead?

            Christopher S. Greer

          • FenceSitter82 | January 24, 2016 at 5:59 pm |

            Yeah, it means a “black tag” in the SMART triage process, it basically means the body is beyond the point of meaningful resuscitative measures. So after an assessment, they black tag the victim and move on to the next one as they look for survivors.

          • Christopher Greer | January 24, 2016 at 6:11 pm |

            I have seen all your responses that you have
            done to try to debunk anyone the has questions
            about Sandy Hook and man….your really quick with
            your replies. This has got me thinking…..
            Either you have no other function in life but to
            sit around all day long replying to random people
            about how you think Sandy Hook really went down
            or you get paid to do this. So, what person has so
            much damn interest trying to educate people in the
            way Sandy Hook really happened? I would led to believe
            that you get paid to do this or a sane person
            would not have so much interest to just sit around
            trying to prove there version of how things really went
            down at Sandy Hook.

            Christopher S. Greer

          • FenceSitter82 | January 24, 2016 at 8:12 pm |

            “This has got me thinking…..” Like so many people that think this was a hoax, your imagination has gotten the best of you. I’m not paid to do anything. I do a lot of work on my computer and I keep my email open. Disqus sends me emails when someone replies so I see it immediately and if I want to, I will click reply. I’m just interested in why people think things. In this case things that either can or have been proven wrong. I’m also interested when people ask questions but don’t seem to have looked for the answers. There are 33 examples in this article and a bunch of people in the comments basically saying “amen” to them, but all of them have answers. Why hasn’t ANYONE in this section challenged themselves to find the answers if they really want to know the truth?

          • Christopher Greer | January 24, 2016 at 11:48 pm |

            Wel, I don’t think your ever going to change anyone’s view about Sandy Hook through your comments or emails.
            It is not like your going to respond to someone and they ever going to say “Your Right”. Like, I will never say to you “Your Right” So why even try?
            Also, when you say ” Why hasn’t ANYONE in this section challenged themselves to find the answers if they really want to know the truth?”
            Wolfgang Halburt set out to find the truth and you can watch the FOIA hearings on the net, and you can see what kind of lawyer they brought in to challenge him. If they do not have anything to hide, why don’t they just take him into a room, show him all the photos etc etc and let it be done with.
            But no, they let it go to actually having that hearing(s)….

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            “This has got me thinking…..” Like so many people that think this was a hoax, your imagination has gotten the best of you. I’m not paid to do anything. I do a lot of work on my computer and I keep my email open. Disqus sends me emails when someone replies so I see it immediately and if I want to, I will click reply. I’m just interested in why people think things. In this case things that either can or have been proven wrong. I’m also interested when people ask questions but don’t seem to have looked for the answers. There are 33 examples in this article and a bunch of people in the comments basically saying “amen” to them, but all of them have answers. Why hasn’t ANYONE in this section challenged themselves to find the answers if they really want to know the truth? 9:12 p.m., Sunday Jan. 24 | Other comments by FenceSitter82 |   |
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            | FenceSitter82’s comment is in reply to Christopher Greer: |
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            | | I have seen all your responses that you have
            done to try to debunk anyone the has questions
            about Sandy Hook and man….your really …Read more |

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          • FenceSitter82 | January 25, 2016 at 7:26 pm |

            I’m well aware of Wolfgang Halbig’s FOIA hearings. Of course they only had the hearing for 2 reasons: 1) Halbig and his attorney (first attorney) refused to clarify some of his vague requests and 2) Because he didn’t believe the responses he got.

            The hearing officers concluded he had gotten everything he asked for.

          • Christopher Greer | January 26, 2016 at 6:17 am |

            He got some of what he was requesting and that was after that lawyer keptobjecting to everything and some people that was subpoenaed didn’t bother, orwas told, not to show up. Like I said before, why didn’t theyjust bring him into a room, show him all the evidence and be done with it. Whyeven let it go to a hearing(s). The reason so many people think SHdidn’t happen is because there is so many inconsistencies. I look at what main stream media putsout, I have some questions about it, and everyone gets in an uproar over it. I know, just accept what your told bymain stream media and don’t question anything. Just have your eyes wide shut. From: Disqus
            To: amarilloreserves@yahoo.com
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            I’m well aware of Wolfgang Halbig’s FOIA hearings. Of course they only had the hearing for 2 reasons: 1) Halbig and his attorney (first attorney) refused to clarify some of his vague requests and 2) Because he didn’t believe the responses he got.The hearing officers concluded he had gotten everything he asked for. 8:26 p.m., Monday Jan. 25 | Other comments by FenceSitter82 |   |
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            | FenceSitter82’s comment is in reply to Christopher Greer: |
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            | | Wel, I don’t think your ever going to change anyone’s view about Sandy Hook through your comments or emails. It is not like …Read more |

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          • FenceSitter82 | January 26, 2016 at 1:53 pm |

            Halbig got EVERYTHING he asked for and that’s what the commission said too. No one “let it go to trial,” there were hearings because Halbig refused to clarify certain requests (and refused to believe certain responses) and instead took an appeal which requires a hearing. It was all explained in those hearings that you point out are available online (mert melfa media has the best recordings). In terms of the inconsistencies, why on earth would you listen to the media? You say on one hand that that’s where you got so much of your info and saw inconsistencies but then say we shouldn’t believe them. If we shouldn’t believe them, why use them as a primary source? I don’t believe everything I hear from the media at all, and I question anything and everything that sounds funny. Difference is, I then look for the answers. At this point I NEVER have a need to go back to media reports about the incident, why would I, but I instead go to the police records, evidence, and sworn witness statements. Of course the media will be inconsistent when reporting breaking news because they are competing with one another to put out ANYTHING, and it’s better to a new piece of inaccurate information than no new information at all so they can say “breaking new development” and keep you from changing the channel. But when everything settles down, and things are checked and rechecked, the good info is sorted from the bad. Then the police eventually release all of their reports and we don’t need to wonder anymore. It’s all there.

          • fortran4ever | May 20, 2016 at 9:06 pm |

            He asked for the school maintenance records. What’s so hard about giving him those records?

          • FenceSitter82 | May 21, 2016 at 2:44 pm |

            Nothing is hard about it, that’s why he got them. He just didn’t believe what he got, he thought there should have been more. But he got work orders he asked for.

          • fortran4ever | May 20, 2016 at 8:53 pm |

            Let me get this right: So there is a traffic accident and the police arrive first. As the paramedics arrive a police officer tells the paramedics, “They four occupants of the car are deceased. There is no need for your services now and it will be a while before our investigation will be finished and so you might as well go to your station to take other calls.”

          • FenceSitter82 | May 21, 2016 at 3:02 pm |

            No. If the police that first arrived had medical training (which some of the Sandy Hook first responders had) and they evaluated the victims determining they were beyond help then they might tell the ambulance workers what they’ve found and therefore there’d be no need to rush them to the hospital.

          • The fact that the deceased were declared dead on scene by the “police” is the biggest red flag. Only a medical doctor can pronounce an individual dead. And that’s done at the hospital in most instances.

          • The official Connecticut Government website lists a drill on 12/14 on their calendar, The FEMA L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters.

            It lists the info as:

            Location: 2800 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT, 9AM-4PM
            Contact: Christopher Ackley
            Phone: 203 696 2640

            5 of 40 seats still available

            Last day to register: 12/13/2012

            Sorry, you may not register for this event.

          • The state’s official website shows:

            December 14, 2012

            FEMA L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters

            The goal of the course is to enable participants to improve their community’s mitigation and emergency operations plan specifically regarding the needs of children. The course will provide them with the information needed to address the unique needs of children prior to, during and following disasters. It will also provide them guidance and direction on how to form coalitions and how to become advocates for the unique needs of children in all aspects of emergency management.

            After completing this course, participants will be able to:
            • Articulate the importance of providing for the needs of children in disasters in your community’s current emergency management plan.

            • Explain what is required to keep children safe in emergencies and why those needs are unique.

            • Explain the assumptions, concept of operations, organization and assignment of responsibilities that address the unique needs of children prior to, during and following disasters.

            • Explain the planning components necessary to address the unique needs of children prior to, during and following disasters
            • Incorporate the unique needs of children in disasters into Emergency Operations Plans

            • Identify stakeholders and organizations that can assist in preparing for the needs of children in disasters.

            • Initiate steps to form coalitions and build teams that have a stake in keeping children safe in disasters

            The target audience for this course is local and state emergency managers and planners, Child Services Agencies, NGO’s, Child Care Providers, Schools, and Faith-based Organizations.

            1. As of October 1, 2012 anyone applying for FEMA courses must obtain a FEMA Student Identification (SID) number. For more information and to obtain a SID go to:

            You will need this number to complete the course application form (119-25-1) that will be filled out at the beginning of the class. FEMA certificates will be mailed to participants after completion of this course.

            2.Class size is limited to 30. Please sign up as soon as possible to guarantee a spot in the class of your choice.

            3. There are no prerequisites for this class.

            4. There is no cost for the class and lunch is on your own.

    • I read this… astounded that there are actually so many of you crazy-ass people that believe this. Why don’t you spend your time with something productive like putting this kind of effort into a cause that actually helps people. you need help

      • People are looking at the facts. You call that crazy? Hmm

      • Do you know anything about firearms?

        Do the math of the magazines to spent Shell casing? Let me know what number you come up with more than explain how he killed himself with what was left in the magazines and why the number jumps around so much on the news reporting and the so-called facts?

        Plus if you look at the photographs that have been released the magazines were set up in a fashion of someone that had training. When supposedly he only had shooting ranges with the fact he did have mental conditions.

        Plus if you also look at some of the other photographs that I’ve been released some of the casings were 5.56. When the news media and reports have been to .223. Now the weapon in question the bushmaster mod xm15-e2s is chambered in both caliber as in the barrel can use both. The configuration of the weapon is different based on laws based on where you purchased a weapon etc.

        Then you want to say I am not a productive member of society oh that’s your story and you’re sticking to it. Let’s see II do have a job yes it is full time thanks for caring. I’ve been productive by serving in the United States military In Iraq and Afghanistan. Having had friends and comrades in arms killed and maimed. So what have you done that so Spectacular in your life?

        Oh are you a licensed psychiatrist is just this your opinion?

        So you can just proved everybody is wrong on everything please do it I would love to read this. So you think the government doesn’t lie to people?

      • Shill. You should be offended that a government would lie and create a wag the dog scenario.

        People like you don’t randomly stumble upon articles like this and spend your days fighting a useless battle.

  7. 4 dynamic steps to begin a better world:
    1. Educate – a massive educational outreach to those in uniform, the mercenaries. Perhaps the most difficult step due to the historically successful profiling and screening to filter applicants .
    Don’t count on the moral values or the courage of the uniformed generals or admirals – they’re quite comfortable ruling their kingdoms of armies, ships, aircraft, resort area’s, personal housekeepers , and personal drivers (for themselves as well as their families). All this with diplomatic immunity to roam the earth as royalty – above THE LAW – war lord kings. Read Smedley Buttler – United States Marine Corps major general.
    This education of those wearing uniforms can begin with you communicating with your own social network. Explain to the mercenaries their role is not noble. Nor are they on the moral high ground they are programmed to believe. But instead, they are directed to be the boot on the neck of their own families’. Solely to protect the so called “1%”, and to continue to provide the enforcement for these few parasitic, taxpayer subsidized oligarch’s and their families, to maintain global control of the planets’ life essential, natural resources (not to mention THEIR relative callous, and obscenely opulent lifestyles).
    Explain to those in uniforms, how they are protecting and perpetuating their parasitic oppressors. When the uniforms understand this, and those that can – grasp it, hopefully they’ll lower their weapons or point them in the other direction — toward the oligarch families and their minions. THOSE parasites then lose THEIR offensive dogs of war – their uniformed protectors. The parasitic ruling class is then enervated ,and they are incarcerated for crimes against all living species.
    Have you noticed the rush for militarized robots and the corporations behind that?
    The .01% know that when their end is in sight, they will always play the “martial law” trump card to save themselves. THEY do this in the name of “restoring order”. That’s code for when THEY fear their loss of control of the order of things. This calling on the uniforms to protect THEM accelerates when civil society begins to resist, which is blowback for the relentless greed and oppression from these oligarch’s. THEY know they can always pay half of the poor to kill the other half. Or at least until now they knew that. But – new, more truthful, alternative information sources across the planet are collaborating to awaken the masses from the matrix. Global solidarity is increasing in momentum. These few ego driven sociopathic, psychopathic rulers fear they are in their death throws, but would rather see this planet and its’ people disintegrate, than lose their power and position and become “common”.
    2. People – people of the planet: take back control of the earth’s natural resources which provide life to all species. When the people, the public, own and control these resources, the value of any currency, stocks, bonds, debt, will have little impact on the masses who now have dominion over the natural resources and means of production. Sharing these global resources in an equitable and sustainable manner is what is necessary for living life with true freedom.
    Owner Directed Companies (coops), where all workers are owners and share in the rewards of the products or services their labor produces (not necessarily equal pay) . An economy no longer controlled by a few parasites at the top of the pyramid, owned by the “1%”, which control 90% of the planet resources. End the feudal system and the bailouts!
    3. Money – start switching to alternative currencies and barter. Trading locally where possible. This leads to the demise of the financial control of the masses. Start now, as your fiat paper currencies are worthless and the banks are insolvent and maneuvering toward another bailout.
    It does not matter what color ink or pictures are on the currency – it’s what “you believe” and will accept, that has true value. Is that a pretty rock, or shiny piece of metal?
    End the system which allows these few in control, to repeatedly pick up their welfare checks from the taxpayers of the world. THEY, THEIR heirs (and minions) – all parasites!
    4. Identify – WIKIBOWL an online real-time database of the 0.01% (and ultimately the 1.0%), their families photos and last seen coordinates. The ax must fall to the root of the “THEY’. When any of these subsidized humanoids are located, try to meet with them and share your perspective on life. Let them know you forgive them .
    May take a little time and it may get messy, but the beneficial results are highly probable.

    • One of the most intelligent and reasonable comments that I have ever heard…as a matter of fact….I have said the very same thing. Thank you for putting it in a bullet format….and thank you for understanding what needs to be done in order for real ‘change’ on planet Earth.

  8. First there was Fast and Furious, and then he didn’t get the results that he wanted so another false flag was thought up, that didn’t work and he keeps trying and trying. Same as this to get the end results he wants. Meet the dictator of isis. He can’t stand our 2nd amendment. And he will do anything to get that deed done . This his how low he is. Then with the the Calif. he had the nerve to tell the FBI to down play that. He can’t stand the truth when it hits in the face. He will put us in danger until this is done. Everyone call congress and say enough of him. I don’t care if we get the you know who in this place. His orders have to be stopped.!!!!!

  9. “Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The prohibition of private firearms is the goal.”

    – Janet Reno, former US Attorney General, 1993.

    • Yeah, we all remember how liquor prohibition went on to be a success for 13 years… If passed and enforced, the firearms prohibition will live to see the very same fate. But this time, the time will be counted in days, as one would need to re-write the constitution to ban the firearms.

    • I can’t find where she said that. That quote appears to be a hoax (yes, I realize you posted this a long time ago).

  10. These Sandy Hook nut cases are despicable.
    Some people are just so sadly craving attention that they are willing to use the bodies of dead children to get it.
    Fortunately, the only ones willing to give them that attention are their fellow sad sacks. Everyone else treats them with the disgust and contempt that they so richly deserve.

    • What about the declassified Northwoods document or congressional confirmation the CIA was involved in large scale drug sales in US cities?

      • Has what to do with Sandy Hook?

        • Knee jerk reactions against “conspiracy theorists” are unfounded. Searching for the truth doesn’t make people despicable. A lot of people who attack 9/11 activists get irate too and have never even heard of the Northwoods document. I would have asked him what he thought about the same picture of “Noah” being used to represent a victim in the Pakistan school shooting if I thought he was open to a fair and open examination of facts.

          • FenceSitter82 | December 15, 2015 at 6:28 pm |

            I’m not irate about anything, I’m asking how one conspiracy proves another.

          • I was explaining my comment to Jeff Swiney whose comment was full of angry highly emotive language (irate) and nothing else. Since you asked, patterns of behavior of individuals and groups are consistently used in criminal investigations and also in psychology and ethology for good reason. My original point directed to Swiney about proven large scale nefarious govt conspiracies was more subtle – it’s about assumptions made by those who limit their knowledge base.

    • The Sandy Hook crisis actors are despicable, I have to agree. So sad that some people need so much attention that they would lie about being a parent and losing a child to get the attention they so crave. Or maybe it’s just a paycheck.

      By the way, where are all the other children alleged to have attended the school that day? Why are there no interviews with them? Or other teachers? It’s the same pathetic frauds paraded in front of the cameras every time gun control legislation is pushed. The SUper Bowl and the Boston Marathon and a bunch of other PR stunts. What do these people do for a living that they can parade themselves around the world, pretending they are victims?

      • It must be hard living inside your head.
        You really have to work very hard to maintain this delusional reality.
        If your ears are ringing, or you get a headache, or hear voices in your head, it’s just me messing with the nano chip implanted in your head.

        • You cannot prove that it happened. SImply because it was n the mainstream media doesn’t prove it happened. It is a wag the dog affair.

          If you have to resort to name calling as opposed to providing evidence to answer all 33 (and them some) questions, you have already lost your argument.

  11. Why was the photograph for Noah Pozner used again in the Pakistan shooting? The same victim in two different school shootings on two different continents. Noah’s mom just happened to be a UN gun grabber?

  12. Some of these operations are so sloppy makes you wonder if TPTB are in a hurry and making big mistakes, don’t have the sharpest tools in the box organizing these operations, are too arrogant to care if we figure out the scams, giving awake plebs the finger, or all of the above.

    • …or they don’t care if we know. The insanity continues anyway.

    • ben franklin [pre death] | December 16, 2015 at 11:13 am |

      They do it on purpose. They achieve a great deal of polarization in society by making hoaxes obvious so that those who would scrutinize authority are at odds with those who simply accept authority’s statements. Those who are distrustful of authority are incredulous at the gullibility and sheepishness of mainstream society while those in the ‘mainstream’ consider those who scrutinize authority to be “crazy”, “paranoid”, or “conspiratorial”. It is very polarizing and has been quite successful in its dividing of the proles. Of course, divide and conquer is a hallmark of strategic thinking as is “know thine enemy” both of which the ruling elite are quite successful in.

  13. Can’t believe its been 3yrs already, RIP.

  14. Considering what LIARS Obama and is Administration are, the Sandy Hoax theory is probably spot-on.

  15. NICE JOB !! Thanks.

  16. One thing our “elected” government managed to figure out decades earlier. . . You don’t control Americans with force of arms. Which would simply lead to a long and bloody civil war. You control the American people by subtle and not-so-subtle BRAINWASHING, and by feeding them ton after ton of misinformation! Most of all, by dumbing down Americans from Kindergarten onwards — through all their educational years!

  17. Then you ain’t looking. There’s a photo with Hochsprung and Sherlach lying in the hall, at least one photo of part of Adam Lanza, and there is blood in many photos released. No helicopters because the victims were dead, and you don’t call helicopters to transport dead bodies. There was another mass shooting in CT a few years before in hartford where the choppers are and guess what? They didn’t call them then either.

    • Show a link to the photo. It doesn’t exist. Don’t you remember the media blackout, claiming that they are too traumatic? That’s because no photo exists. Link to it if it does. Lots of Columbine photos exist, though.

      How would they know that everyone is dead? What about the other 400 kids? Where were they? Who knew that they were all okay?

      Who pronounced the kids dead at the scene?


      • Colubine photos were leaked, not released. I’ll have to find the exact pages for the photos but i think one of them is in the Walkely set. Have you looked at those?

        Ems and paramedics assessed the victims and determined their woulnds were incompatible with life and therefore black tagged them as part of triage protocol.

        The rest of the kids escaped evaced a number of ways, most video of it was redacted but you can find bits and pieces here and there. I’ll link you to a vid that debunks tge claim no evac happened.

        • Funny that Google hasn’t cached them. The photos don’t exist. We were told they were too graphic. Never been released, nor was anyone called to clean up the blood.

          • FenceSitter82 | December 15, 2015 at 11:26 pm |

            And the hits keep coming. Google didnt cache what? The photos are in the report you have to download it. And yes, someone WAS called to clean up the blood it was Clean Harbors and its been kmown for more than a year (when the report was released). I guess youre such a truth seeker that you heard someone say no one cleaned up the blood and believed it without checking. And isnt that one of these supposedly unanswered questions?

          • The FBI contracted Clean Harbors on 12/31/2012 (strange time to start the work), which removed 64 containers of contaminated material form the site on January 4, 2012.

            Meanwhile, Al Barbarotta of AFB Construction, started removing furniture from the school the day after the alleged autopsies were conducted. Why was he instantly granted access to a crime scene? And if there was blood everywhere, why wasn’t the Hazmat team called in first before picking up furniture that could be contaminated?

            “Instantly, on Saturday, we started bringing in cleaning crews and moving crews to get the furniture out,” Barbarotta said. “I’ve seen things I don’t even really want to talk about. There’s markings on the floor. There’s blood everywhere. You can see the broken windows in the classroom in the whole area where the shooting took place.”

            To keep the crime scene at the school uncompromised, Barbarotta said his crews built plywood partitions isolating the scene.

            “Our job is to facilitate a move and get those kids back in a building where they can start bringing back the normalcy in their lives,” Barbarotta said.

  18. christmas tree count was verified wrong to my knowledge..32 unanswered questions..im sure i can add to the a list

  19. Great Alamo. Great. What can you do? I wish I could experience being one of the SH believers just to know why they can’t/won’t see and hear the evidence which would change their minds. Maybe they just can’t believe our government would pull something like this. Perhaps it has to do with open-mindedness and not being able to accept the possibility of false flags.

    • Our Government is capable of many things. Did you know that our Government knew when, within days the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor. One tip off, was that all our air-craft carriers were at sea at that time. We could afford to lose a few battleships, but no carriers. The British warned them. They sacrificed our servicemen and women, just to get us into WW-2. Then there is the JFK assassination. The Gulf of Ton-kin episode. How about our Government paying Panama to take the Canal, when we owned it lock stock and barrel. It seemed that Panama owed the Rockefeller’s a lot of money, but couldn’t afford to pay them. So they came up with this little scheme. Then there is the famous Fast and Furious, where our Government shipped weapons to the Mexican Drug Dealers. Eric Holders little screw up.

      • You’re right. I guess it’s about time to revisit the term and meaning of the word ‘Government’. I am sure everyone thinks of something ‘good’ when people say ‘Government’ and nobody expect anything sinister. Well, after trying to analyze the events and ‘connecting the dots’ of the things happening in the past 100 or so years, I had to sadly conclude – the only term which can be used to describe the upper echelones of any political/military institution in any country would be a ‘Terrorist organization’ working to defend economic and political interest for a handful of people, but definitely NOT for the people they claim to represent in their ‘constitution’. What a brainwash world we are living in. The enemy is not out there, the enemy IS every ‘Government’. The treason is not done by someone who you don’t know, it is done by someone who is on your side – and in this case the only treason against the people is done by each and every ‘Government’.

      • Ever look up Operation Northwoods?
        That’s a beauty.

        There has been a criminal element in every gov’t since gov’t began.
        Seems things are more exposed these days and/or easier to research.

    • They just don’t care, women are all wrapped up in animal rescue, men are Trumperinas on Twitter at all hours, those people don’t care about Sandy Hook.

    • Give me actual proof and I will consider it. But real facts not doctored photos with random red circles on it.

      • Just look up Allison Wyatt and that’s all the proof you’ll need. MSM stole a picture of ‘Allison’ from Cathy Gaubert’s Flickr page without her consent. The picture was of her daughter Lily Gaubert. The photo was then changed to another child and then stuck with that photo when no one came forward with information about that child being alive.

  20. yEshUA ImmAnUEl * ben-'Adam | December 16, 2015 at 6:24 am |

    ”Strive constantly to serve the welfare of the world; by devotion to selfless work one attains the supreme goal of life. Do your work with the welfare of others always in mind.”

  21. Let’s not forget the list of people that died after the event that were directly connected to someone or something in the story. First responders, photographers, witnesses, friends, relatives, employees… I bet people would be astonished to see the list! And then there are the fake character witnesses like the hair salon owner (the original owner was kicked out in 2009 when they started setting this up. How about all the articles that were wiped from the internet with the locals fighting over which elementary school they were going to get rid of? Heated arguments – all gone now.

  22. Yeah……I think you have it wrong. Even if, and that is a mighty big if, these are false flag attacks, they aren’t serving to further gun control. They are making everyone run out and buy guns.

    Sorry, there is just no way that something on that scale could’ve been pulled off without the truth coming out. By truth I don’t mean unsubstantiated, lunatic fringe web sites.

  23. Having looked at just a couple of the reasons given this is just half-baked silliness. Why would conspirators allow a google hit before the master plan occurred? A ten year wouldn’t do such an idiotic thing. Why would an actor change his story if he’s part of a conspiracy? Again, a ten year old wouldn’t be so stupid. The amount and kind of people needed to pull this conspiracy off makes it so far flung as to be impossible and it failed miserably if it’s aim was to enact stronger gun laws. You can find a conspiracy in anything you want because the that’s the nature of conspiracies. If you look at the individuals with the most acute sense of conspiracy you’ll find they’re paranoid schizophrenics. Are there conspiracies? I’m sure there are. Was this one of them? Only those whose income depends on it being so, the lost and mentally ill would think so.

  24. hey kelly……i am not a shill…that is a rash judgement on your part…..i don’t believe a government narrative about absolutely anything anymore , and i hate the government’s guts far more than you do, i will bet……i am just trying to figure out where the alleged victims disappeared to….if the sandy hook school location was a fake and nobody died at that location, then if the victims are no longer to be found anywhere then either they were murdered somewhere else and never entered in a death database, or else all the victims are still alive but hidden out of sight somewhere, with no reason to enter into a death database…seems to me simple logic…once again i am more interested in finding the live people of a staged shooting than proving over and over nobody was killed at sandy hook

  25. Question #34: Where is the CCTV security camera video footage? And, why is it that not a single MSM journalist asked about it?

    • ” Where is the CCTV security camera video footage?” -They didn’t have a camera system for recording. They only had a single camera at the entrance and it was only used to see who was at the front door to buzz them in, but it doesn’t record.

  26. The treadmill activism spirit of the CREDO phone company rings clear in their use of Sandy Hook as a justification for advocating tighter gun control laws. But if the corporate power structure can get away with 9/11, then they can get away with anything.

    This is why it is essential for anti-war activists to support the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and get the entire world community of architects and engineers to stand up for the basic laws of physics, and tear down the 1%’s justification for a one-world police state that only benefits the corporate power structure.

    As the tobacco “science” fiascos of yesterday show, it takes an average of 50 years for honest science to prevail over corporate lies. We cannot afford this when it comes to 9/11 and the push to give over control of weapons to the most sadistic psychopaths of them all- the police and military.

  27. So, although war profiteers have multi-billions of dollars at stake, you think they would invest it in trying to end the war?

    However, with people like George Soros providing the funding for MoveOn and now Black Lives Matter, there may be something to some of that.

    As the Just-Label-It campaign clearly showed, controlling the opposition is an age-old tactic of the 1% -making activists feel like they’ve won when they’ve really lost. (classic example- “we sure showed those republicans” as they support puppets like Obama who serve the 1%, like the Koch brothers, who then provide endless funding for the republicans. Treadmill activism indeed.)

  28. If this was a hoax, someone darn well needs to pay for it!

    • If the figures are correct the donations people sent to the united way site that was set up for the families of the victims probably went for that and to pay all the participants.

  29. *****STANDING OVATION!!!*****
    Although there was the use of many profanities I thought they were very necessary.
    Think about this, our own family members prefer to trust those that they have never met nor know the character thereof. They prefer to align with celebrities and social icons. They prefer to align with their alma mater and favorite sports team. They prefer the comfort of their social media formats and fake screen names. They prefer the false reality….the socially engineered one…. to intimate relationships that require bonding at a profound level. Disgusting!
    No more can one tell someone the truth about ANYTHING without being called “negative” or a “conspiracy theorist”. I suppose all of that new age guru garbage has socially engineered ‘truth’ right out the back door. It is impossible to teach a truth in such an environment of arrogance, stupidity and inanity.
    “There just isn’t a cure for stupid”….so true.
    Circling the drain we are………..

  30. Here are the issues I have with Sandy Hook:

    1) When the story first broke, and we starting seeing the overhead shot from the camera from the Helicopter or drone on TV, the camera kept showing the firehouse and then it would pan over to the school and then pan back over to the firehouse. The camera showed that there was one road leading into the school parking lot and that was the only road in or out.

    A. Why would the police allow that road to be blocked in the first place, and then allow it to stay blocked? If I was in charge, the first thing I would have done was clear that road leading in the school parking lot.
    B. With the amount of vehicles that was blocking that road, it would take about 30 Minutes with people sitting in those cars with vehicles in reverse, and someone directing them out of that road. Or about 1-2 hours to call in tow trucks to start clearing those vehicles off that road.

    -Those videos, from the police chopper weren’t taken until about 11:20 am. Also remember the shooting ended before 10am and the victims had been presumed dead shortly after, say by 10:15. After that, it doesn’t much matter that it’s clogged, the biggest bottlenecks btw are police cars which look to me like they’re purposely parked to obstruct the path (maybe that was an attempt at stemming the flow of traffic.

    that road was completely blocked by motor vehicles, meaning no one was going to drive in or out.

    -Not true. There were vehicles that could and did make it by (including a couple of large trucks around 11:30 – noon), they may not have had an easy go but it was possible. And remember the most important point here: there was no longer an emergency when that aerial footage began.

    C. I saw a video, and damn if I can find it now, that showed a State Trooper loading cases of water and snacks on the hood of the patrol car the morning off the shooting in the school parking lot. So the state trooper was racing to the scene and someone radioed in to that State Trooper to stop off and buy cases of water and snacks and then continue on the school? Law Suit…..

    -IF those things were brought be a first responder then you might have a case for a law suit. They were certainly NOT part of the first response. That video was hours after the event, there’s one on dashcam around 12:30 pm. Also, we have dashcam from the first responders and they were hauling azz and got there fast.

    Or was the state trooper at the school and someone told him to go buy cases of water and snacks and then come back meaning that road leading into the school parking was by then cleared of the parked vehicles?

    -Don’t know if he got them on the way or left and returned. I assume the former but I’d have to look into that. They knew they’d be there for a long time and they had a lot of families coming to the scene as well as LEOs so it makes sense to have water and food.

    …The school was cleared and everyone was accounted for even though later on, it came out that the school nurse was still hiding in the school bathroom.

    -The nurse in the closet was strange but that’s all I can say about it. If it were a giant hoax / staged event / drill would it make any MORE sense? I can’t see that it would, in would make even less sense.

    2) Dr Wayne Carver stating in his interview when he was surrounded by all those state troopers, and he said, “They brought in this magnificent thing”…..why is there not one picture of this magnificent thing ever recorded. How come to this day, we have no idea what this magnificent thing even is?

    -We know EXACTLY what the “magnificent thing” was. It was the temporary mortuary tent and there are photos of it in the police report and you can see it in some of the video that was taken of the scene that night. It arrived sometime in the evening.

    3) Here is a video: Police at Sandy Hook School Filmed Walking over Blood Evidence

    A) So there was blood at the entrance of the Sandy Hook School? I am not even going to ask whose blood that is. But the video clearly shows Police walking on that blood when entering the school.

    -Yes. The major trail of blood apparently came from a female juvenile victim that was carried out by an officer and was seen by multiple witnesses and mentioned in at least one 911 call, and can be seen briefly while passing in front of a dashcam with the girl in his arms, and then from behind in a photo. She died before arriving to the hospital.

    So at that point, was the school cleared?


    If so, why was the police entering the school in that fashion?

    -I don’t know.

    Why are Police walking right through the blood?

    -The blood was in a very limited area as can be seen in the crime scene photos. It’s possible that officers did walk over it though, it’s tough to say for sure from the video. If they did, they may not have noticed that it was there as they were probably, and appear to have been, more concerned with what was inside. Also, it was almost certainly dry at that point, and it was from a victim so the risk of contamination was low. What would it have contaminated?

  31. This is what happens when the government controls the people, and not vice versa. Our Founding Fathers would be disgraced!

  32. Three years have gone by and it’s still a hoax. More people have got to come to the understanding that we are being propagandized by a gang of criminals in suits. The goal is the disarming of the American people and they are trying to accomplish this using our tax dollars and the cooperation of their fellow criminals in mainstream media. Help spread the word.

  33. Sounds like Alamo can’t take it any more.

  34. At first i believed it happened but that is only because i did no research into the event. There are so many inconsistencies with this story it leaks through the cracks big time. Like the medical examiner smirking and not being able to answer some simple questions. Also closed caskets for all the alleged victims and not allowed to look at the bodies? Complete rubbish. Sandy hoax!!!

    • they purposely demolished it to coverup the evidence…the coroner was forced or threatened to say what he was told. then all closed caskets and parents not wanting to see their loved child (b.s.)

  35. You are a sad truther. This was a real shooting.

  36. Ive got a question why is Wolfgang Halbig a proven liar who claimed to have been assisting Martin Luther KIng on a visit to Florida?.Why in 3 and half years, and with a lawyer,not uncovered any evidence of a hoax?

  37. What you believe and what you can prove with actual evidence are different things.

  38. 36. So blogs and youtube videos werent made about where dead children were found ,and the state the school was in blood/gore etc they were in,no biggie is it really?
    37. Please prove gallons of blood were spilled,seems you listen to videos and not reality.
    If”we ” have all the things you have listed why has no one hired a lawyer and busted it open? Lets face it enough idiots believe it and Halbig has managed to hire one with donations and spent all his time asking for work orders! Wow thats really digging the dirt! I bet CT State was quaking in their boots.
    You say no one died please provide evidence of this. Your claim no one else’s.

  39. Governments use lies all the time to promote their agenda .It all started with the Gulf of tonkin Incident

  40. “9. How was a skinny 19-year-old boy with no military training capable of killing 26 people clean while injuring none?” People WERE injured during the shooting. My mom is a Newtown teacher and she is friends with a women who was shot in the foot and leg as the principal and psychologist were killed by these wounds. There are some children who did have gun wounds and survived. Just because YOU never learned all of the evidence doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I am familiar with many conspiracy theories, and yes, there are some that are a bit believable. But Sandy Hook DID happen and I know a lot of families who have suffered from this tragedy. It is insensitive of you to pretend that their sorrows are unjustified. It is disgusting how you have no empathy.

    • hoping you are not passing 3rd hand info as truth.

      • yes and your wild conspiracy theories and photoshopped evidence are definitely much trustworthy sources. you people are awful and insensitive and incapable of sympathy. conspiracy theorists like yourself go to newtown to harass people, including school children, by yelling about how it is fake. how would you like to suffer and have people, rather than empathize, yell cruel words at you and claim that you are a liar? it’s absolutely revolting and i hope you are ashamed of yourselves

  41. what about the missile fired at flight 93 to down it?

    • I am sorry, exacly what missile are you referring to?

      • I’m not aware of any proof of a missile hitting flight 93, although I certainly assumed that was what happened back on the day it happened (my thought was that they had to shoot it down, but didn’t think the public could handle it). A while back I went and watched all of the news footage from the day on youtube, and there wasn’t any rubble “bigger than the size of a phonebook” according to a reporter on the scene, although there was a giant hole in the ground. Perhaps Alex Jones can provide some enlightenment on that. He was an early “truther.” Not sure where he stands on that these days. I don’t pay him much mind anymore, as everything can’t be a conspiracy.

  42. There are many more questions also, such as how was it that Paul Vance was there as well as at Columbine? And the weather was not correct for that time of year in Connecticut either! According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the temps were a low of 30.6degrees F and the high was 49.3 on the 14th of DECEMBER, 2012 and on the 15th, 32.2 and 46.8 respectively. Nearly a MONTH earlier in Connecticut, a blizzard had come through that almost left a school bus stranded, and some of the larger kids had to get out and help push it free. One kid had to take refuge in a McDonald’s restaurant and another walk home because the bus driver said she couldn’t take him any closer to his stop without risk getting stuck again! The boy’s mother was very worried when her son was late getting home and called the police. He showed up over an hour late, shivering and chilled to the bones because he wasn’t dressed for such a day in the snow! You can check these facts about the bus and snow storm in the Daily Courrant, and you don’t see even a WISP of breath fog from anybody on what was supposed to be DECEMBER 14, 2012!! Why was that?? Connecticut is like an icebox that time of year, why was there no snow on the ground??

  43. too much does not add up…..laughter and joking around of the ‘parents’ of dead children is the clincher.

    • Dude, not only is laughter in times of grief healthy, it’s the *norm*. Why do you think we evolved a sense of humor to begin with? It’s a shield against depression and hopelessness that go hand in hand with the human experience. Assuming someone who smiles and laughs at a funeral is not really grieving is beyond ignorant; it’s harmful. Look at the fallout it’s caused because people don’t understand the mourning process. In other cultures, funerals are *celebratory* events full of mirth. Saying one must show outward grief without relief in order to be “really mourning” is a western cultural thing…. Almost like people grieve in different ways!

      Repeat: Smiles at a funeral are not just common, they’re the *norm.*
      I’m going to assume you’re just ignorant and not a disgusting human being.

      There are several articles I could link, so instead just Google ‘smiles or laughter at a funeral study’ without the quotes. Peace.

      • I have had family die, i have had friends die, and not once did i feel like laughing about their death or even laughing about a memory. Of course youll say, “everyone grieves differently”. But i have never seen any of my friends or family act that way when they have lost someone close.

        Especially to say that this persons 6 yr old supposedly just died the day before. Its disgusting to hear people like you say that laughing is normal. Have someone die that is close to you and you’ll know.

        • He wasn’t laughing about his kid’s death you disgusting assholes, he was just laughing. You guys have no clue about human psychology at all, as witnessed by your refusal to research human grieving and your total lack of empathy. Know wh lacks empathy? Fucking sociopaths. I mean I get that you’re brainwashed by far-right conspiracy mumbo jumbo and are probably not actually psychopaths, but you should take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are so damn gullible to magical conspiratorial thinking. Obviously facts won’t change your mind, which is why you’re the slime balls of the internet. Spreading hate and vitriol… Refusing to see logic even though this truther bullshit has been debunked many times over. This is why everyone ridicules you and why so many people in your life talks about you behind your backs. Since you’re obviously completely cold and irrational, people don’t like being around you. You don’t respond to facts. This is why you gullible idiots stick to your tiny little in-group and jerk yourselves off to dead children. It’s fucking disgusting and you should be ashamed. What if you’re wrong? The fucking HUBRIS it takes to laugh at dead children because you’re so sure you’re right is appalling. There is no reasoning with conspiracy theorists unfortunately… Luckily you’re a tiny disgusting minority that can be completely shunned… But you will never be forgiven for twisting in the knife, salting the wound, spitting on the dead, and causing massive pain to all the grieving families. Can only hope one day you’ll look back and realize how utterly worthless you are

          • Nate Barker | July 1, 2017 at 8:01 am |

            Wow, 6 months for a reply? Dwell on things much? You dont get to be the disgusting human being and then call everyone else disgusting human beings! Not how things work.

            Its pretty apparent that you dont have children. Because if you did, you would know that you sound like a complete and utter moron right now. If you laugh about anything the day after your 5 year old was supposedly brutally murdered, then you are the sociopath plain and simple. Please seek some therapy and hopefully some day you will look back and realize how willfully ignorant you’ve been this whole time.

          • portangeles1 | October 26, 2017 at 2:24 am |

            …wow, you are a very verbally violent person if people don’t believe your totally stupid statements. aren’t you?….either that or you’re part of the government operation that produced the whole Sandy Hook fairy tale in the first place, thereby have it in your best interest to bully people into believing the unbelievable., But I hope not….I hope you’re just an angry little fellow who accidentally put salt on your cornflakes one morning…..and that you don’t have kids or pets

          • Jamie Santos | November 19, 2017 at 3:18 am |

            I have first hand experience with the loss of a child and personally know two others who have a lost children. You have no idea what garbage you are spewing. No one responds to the eviscerating loss of a child with such callous and shallow emotions.

            While it may be true that people grieve silently or openly…and some may even be in denial….not one person I know, who loved my son, showed any kind of emotion akin to what Parker and his fellow Sandy Hookers displayed just days after having their babies ‘butchered’.

            You are the one who needs a re-alignment. Perhaps you’ve misplaced your heart and soul? Maybe your mind?

            I just recently watched an old video called ‘The Extraordinary’ wherein a woman recalls the loss of, not even her child, but, her nephew. I will attach it so that you can see what a real human does in recalling the life of their loved one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXsgBds49q0&t=214s

            Does not even remotely resemble the responses of the entire Sandy Hooker Crew.

          • You are the perfect useful idiot. Project mockingbird has warped your mind. I’m sure you still think FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc aren’t a means of control. Sad. MAGA

      • Right, the guy is laughing about his kid’s slaughter the next day shit for brains. Wake the phok up.

      • Were you rally born this stupid, troll?

      • You are a dolt.

      • y=ou ar=e a fkn mor=on.

  44. Points 1 and 2 are easily explained. What Google shows is the date that page was published. Each time you update the page the date will not change. So someone has updated an existing page with the Sandy Hook details which is why it shows the older dates. If there was a true date issue, the website owner would know about it. Have you ever heard from them? No you haven’t. Why? Because they don’t have a problem with the dates probably!

  45. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac for December 14, 2012, the temps were a low of 30.6 degrees F., and a high of 49.3. On the 15th, they were 32.2 and 46.8, respectively. There is NO way that you could have those temps on those days, and not see even ONE wisp of breath fog or any snow flakes on the ground. Connecticut is like a huge ice box at that time of year, as is shown by TOFA. So why are all of these people dressed like it’s only autumn/fall, not typical December weather for that part of the country?? Someone evidently forgot to check all of their data points when they pushed out this pile of B.S.

  46. You people are insane, how you can prefer to believe this conspiracy nonsense than face the horror of gun deaths in your country ? And to make death threats to a person who is mourning the loss of a CHILD??!! I suppose you all deny the holocaust too. I think you people are afraid of the more prosaic truth, and should ask yourselves why you need to believe this utter rubbish, and ask yourself, is there any amount of proof that would satisfy you? If they dug up their children’s’ graves and showed you their rotting corpses would you believe then? Of course not, you’d come up with some other conspiracy theory. Feel free to be delusional but you should be ashamed of harassing parents whose children have been massacred, show some decency.

  47. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the weather in Newtown on the 14th of December, 2012 was bitterly COLD, with a low temp of 30.6 Degrees F. and 49.3 for a high. On the 15th, they were 32.2 and 46.8, respectively. So why with temps that low on those days, don’t we see ANY breath fog at all or steam from car exhaust pipes or even one snow flake anywhere? Surely with temps that low, there would be some amount of snow fall, right?

  48. I would not put it past our government to stage an event such as this. Nor would I put it past them to be behind several of these shootings. Why hasn’t anyone questioned why these shootings have INCREASED under the Obama regime? Perhaps it’s due to his and his parties anti-gun agenda? Create enough tragedies that the public WILLINGLY hands over a Constitutional right. We are already seeing a renewed push for Australian style gun legislation and every time it starts to lose steam another shooting happens.

  49. Send in the FBI polygraphers to polygraph every Newtown, CT and CT State Police regarding the Sandy Hook school shooting.

  50. YEA, boobus americanus. An ignorant people have never been nbeen free.

  51. You’re an absolutely moron. Do the world a favor and jump off a bridge. Despicable human being.

  52. Bull post. No facts. Only hearsay. Not one thing here has ANY basis.

    My wife read it freaking out. We went through each bullet and at the end she was laughing. Since this is an attempt to get hits on our wonderful internet.

  53. After watching Sofia Smallstorm’s documentary just now, I am convinced this was a total scam based on all the inconsistencies and circumstances, especially the parents with their puzzling reactions and the milling about scene in the parking lot, there was no hugging or crying like you would see in a similar situation, no one laying on the ground in despair, no one rushing about, just calmly walking……at least they could have gotten better actors!! And my question is, did Adam Lanza actually die? Was there any actual fatality at all????

    • Did Adam actually live? Was it “his brother”?
      There is not a thing in this case that looks realistic.
      Fraud, scam, crisis actors and criminals all over.
      Thanks to Sofia Smallstorm, Jim Fetzer, Wolf Halbig and all the photographers, bloggers and researchers (Dan Bidondi
      is one name I remember doing great job).

  54. You’re a bunch of morons. Do the world a favor and drop dead or move to North Korea. You’re useless people who need to be beat. Uneducated f***tards. PS…I don’t get paid to post but you morons need to get back in your basements and take some more stupid pills.

  55. Our government has no respect for us. I saw that too, at the Superbowl. People can’t think, you have to realize. I remember on 9/11, my husband was at the Pittsburgh airport. He drove home, and promptly told me that the plane in Shanksville went straight into the ground (no rescue efforts were made). You can think, so why are you so jaded? I know why I am, something bad must have happened to you, too.

    • You ‘saw’ at the Superbowl the government does not have any respect… I’m really trying hard to understand what you are trying to say here.

      ‘… drove home and promptly told you – the plane went straight into the ground…’ I guess any law of physics simply does not apply to Flight 93.

  56. Im now informed on Sandy hook, but 9/11 actually killed people, don’t bring it up. It makes you sound crazy.

    • People died at 9-11, no doubt, but the operation and the collapses were done completely differently as told.
      Fires or plane crashes did not take down the three buildings. Explosives or other kind of technology did. The 100% smoking gun was WTC7, but WTC1 and 2 came right behind. Free fall acceleration for highrise made of steel construction dont fall that fast. Its impossible as long as Newtons laws still works. Tons of experts can tell you that. AE911TRUTH.ORG e.g.

  57. Can anyone repost the link to the free book? The link above is dead. Thanks.

  58. LOL put down the tin foil hats and hand over your murder tools (guns) before we take them in 4 years after we get that clown out of office! Hillary would have taken them next month, still pissed about that.

  59. Two things I didn’t see mentioned here was the early video released by media & then never seen again of two men that appeared to be in fatigues running out the back of the school into the woods. Also one of the women [actors] crying on video at Sandy Hook was also taped crying at the Boston marathon.

  60. I’ve looked everywhere and NO ONE has ever posted this information: The Sandy Hook Hoax was perpetrated by The Dept. of Homeland Security! This was set-up as a school invasion drill. They were there all week training for this event. Yes, there were actors brought in for the drill, but it got press coverage (someone forgot to tell them Homeland was doing a drill). Then someone at the top (Obama maybe) said “let’s roll with it” and see where it goes. I am not a believer in conspiracy theories, but this one was FAKED and too many Americans have fallen for it!!!

  61. Did you seriously insinuate that the Boston Marathon was a hoax too? I was in Downtown Boston when it happened. I know multiple people who were at the scene.

  62. What a bunch of garbage. I have friends who lost their daughter in this attack. I was at her funeral. You people that trade is your conspiracy theories (without any evidence, mind you) are a scourge on this nation. You should be ashamed. I can guarantee you that your parents are.

    • I’m not a bit ashamed to ask questions about all the oddities of Sandy Hook. Neither should you be, and perhaps even less so, if the whole thing affected you personally, as you say. But most ppl can’t imagine only being shown a photo of a deceased child of theirs and told that had to suffice. I don’t believe I’ve ever even heard of that before SH.

  63. Thank U!

  64. Have you ever shot an automatic weapon?

  65. And YOU do??

  66. Obviously, “you can’t handle the proof”.

  67. All your questions have answers, provided by the *real* skeptics, but you plug your ears. You people are mentally ill. The cognitive dissonance is astounding. I’m going to go throw up now; you loonies disgust me.

  68. I read these a couple years back (think its was 20 some questions then). Seeing that we have 0 answers and only more questions now, seems this can be put to rest as a hoax.

    I know if my kid died i would be extremely depressed and quiet for months if not years. But 4 years down the road and no one has shown a death certificate, a report card from that school from that year, not a single photo with a drop of blood in it. We have proven hoaxed evacuation photos. Nothing more to see here people. If it was real, no one is trying to convince you.

  69. Is this you in the avatar? What a beautiful pile of leftist libtard sh&t you are. You know what happens to a pile of sh&t? It stinks for a while, but then comes a rain and washes the sh&t away and nobody remembers of it’s existence anymore. Ever…

  70. It’s so boring in your momma’s basement playing xbox…

  71. What seems more likely: a government conspiracy involving hundreds if not thousands of people, many of whom would be low-level government workers with little incentive to keep quiet and not blab once it became clear it was not a “drill” OR an emotionally stunted and disturbed individual took guns from his parents house and killed a bunch of children and teachers? It’s way more likely that the government orcasteated some sort of massacre to take our guns right? Wait they didn’t take our guns? Wait they actually made it EASIER to purchase firearms after sandyhook? Seems like maybe it was just the disturbed young man….

  72. I personally know someone who lost their kid in this tragedy so kids actually did die

  73. This post is so full of insults about other people , and the author even calls himself a moron in one place, that one is not inclined to believe anything he says. One wonders what keeps him alive, as life is so worthless and people so stupid, and no can survive without curse words at others every five minutes. It makes me glad that I don’t live in America

  74. bunch of f’in morons.

  75. Behold .. the idiots who elected trump and what they concoct in their tiny little brains when they are not polishing their guns. INNOCENT CHILDREN DIED … LIVES WERE DESTROYED AND YOU’S ALL NEED TO TAKE THE TINFOIL OFF YOUR HEADS AND WALK INTO THE REAL WORLD

  76. Orly? “Federal employee who’s [sic] team was called in”….

    Very convincing, and nice righteous indignation. I guess you told them. LOL

  77. If anyone has video of 400-600 students evacuating from the school that would be appreciated, also PDF links for SHES Yearbooks for 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

  78. Your words from 2 years ago sum up exactly how I feel. Most people are really, really stupid.

  79. No idiot troll, you are! How do you live with yourself, troll?

  80. No, it is you that is the idiot troll here.

  81. Seriously, were you born this stupid, or did your inbred parents pay extra? Did they know you were going to become an idiot libturd troll?

  82. The community agitator’s gun grab show (after this production) didn’t turn out as planned but seems apparent that a bunch of folks in Corrupticut got wealthy on the taxpayers dime. That new school is quite the enigma for an elementary school for certain.

  83. I only saw three bullet holes in one room not a drop of blood or a single dead body.

  84. This was what convinced me… why would they have needed this. One year before……
    https://www.cga.ct.gov/2011/TOB/S/2011SB-01054-R00-SB.htm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxFUk_-i_LA

  85. Can we quit whining about all of this mess and identify those responsible for orchestrating all these messes? Seriously! Give us names and proof of criminal involvement and lets come together as human beings and free ourselves of the tyranny. Lets hang people for God’s sake!

  86. Troll

  87. You must be blind or just involved in the fabrication of the “tragic event”.
    Sandy Hook ES Shooting will forever be the most obvious fake-job ever.
    Someone called you troll. You wonder why?

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