US Military Accused of Manipulating Intel on ISIS

ISIS-militantsBy Joshua Krause

Our government’s complicity in the rise of ISIS is so obvious now, and yet the mainstream media continues to push the patently false notion that a bunch of lunatics in the desert managed to carve out their own nation, without any outside influence. This sort of thing simply does not happen in a vacuum. It would be no more ridiculous than if the Manson family had recruited, trained, and equipped an army of followers to take over Los Angeles, all by themselves.

Frankly, it’s horrifying that our government and their lackeys in the media can continue to tell the same lie over and over again and still get away with it, though it’s not all that surprising. At the top, our system is run by pathological liars and murderers, while the citizenry of our nation are far too mired in entertainment and poverty to concern themselves with the state of our government.

But, like all criminals, they leave a paper trail of evidence for those of us who are concerned about their unsavory deeds. The latest evidence has come from several anonymous intelligence officials, who claim that the Pentagon-run CENTCOM has been covering up the true strength of ISIS in the Middle East.

Senior military and defense officials who refuse to provide details because the information is classified tell NBC News that officials at United States Central Command possibly “manipulated” intelligence regarding ISIS in Iraq.

While the officials have personally seen no evidence of intelligence manipulation, one senior official predicts an investigation by the Pentagon Inspector General could still lead to a “shakeup” of Central Command (CENTCOM) intelligence personnel.

The allegations, which were first reported by the New York Times, involve possible manipulation or outright dismissal of some intelligence analysis that determined ISIS posed a more serious threat in Iraq than had been previously reported. The accusation is that senior military or civilians officials at CENTCOM in Florida altered or ignored the analysis and downplayed the threat from ISIS to paint a more positive picture of Iraqi and U.S. military progress against ISIS.

The U.S. military receives intelligence from a large number of analysts from a variety of agencies, both military and civilian, on any given subject or target — much of it contradictory — which leaves the information open to subjective interpretation and possible manipulation at more senior levels, both civilian and military.

Essentially, senior members of CENTCOM manipulated the information they had on ISIS to downplay the severity of the situation. They kept everyone in the dark about ISIS’ capabilities, and concealed our military’s failures in the region.

There are two ways you can look at these claims. On the surface, it sounds like these anonymous officials are informing us that CENTCOM was simply telling our elected representatives what they wanted to hear, rather than the awful truth. They wanted to make it look like they had everything under control for the people who cut their checks, so they kept DC out of the loop.

Of course, this idea completely ignores the evidence that our government had a hand in the creation of ISIS. There’s no real reason for them to cover up the strength of this organization to the people who are using them to topple Assad. In reality, they’re not covering up failure and incompetence.

They’re concealing the fact that our military was never supposed to make any progress against ISIS. They’re just trying to make their records look clean for anyone who is nosy enough to dig deeper. At best, our military’s mission in the region is to contain ISIS, not defeat them, and they cooked the books to make it look like our military was kicking ass.

Staff members at the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence are also poring over years of Centcom intelligence reports and comparing them to assessments from the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency and others. The committee is not just examining reports about Iraq, Syria and the Islamic State, but also about Afghanistan and other areas under Centcom’s purview. The insurrection inside Centcom is an important chapter in the story of how the United States responded to the growing threat from the Islamic State. This past summer, a group of Centcom analysts took concerns about their superiors to the inspector general, saying they had evidence that senior officials had changed intelligence assessments to overstate the progress of American airstrikes against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

While the mainstream media has reported on this cover-up, they’ve yet to offer any real explanation for it. They dare not say the obvious. The DoD and the White House don’t want the public to know what the military is really doing in the Middle East, and how they’re willfully failing to defeat ISIS. So don’t expect the masses to wake up to this fact anytime soon.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger.

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  1. What! No way…………the CIA and CENTCOM manipulating evidence!!! This is he biggest shocker of the century!

  2. smoke and mirrors – it’s all hocus pocus all the time. yet – we keep sending them tax money for their back door pursuits – all the whilst twisting the knife in our backsides.

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