The One Thing You Need to Know About ISIS

By Truthstream Media

Americans: please wake up. It’s hard to imagine a more insidious and disgusting fraud, but if you can’t see the charade by now, it may be too late for you. Ask yourself what the American people would do if they realize the brazen Orwellian lies that this government tells us.

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9 Comments on "The One Thing You Need to Know About ISIS"

  1. I’m just a dumb yucker in VT, but it seems pretty obvious our enemies are a lot closer that the middle east.

    • Our enemies are those that we have allowed to have all this control over us. You, your children and me and my children along with the rest of this nation are considered useful as long as we fulfill the needs of those in charge.We live to work for their ends, raise children to fight their manipulated wars. I’m hoping by your comment that it is a sign that the american people are opening their eyes to all of this, more people need to realize what’s going on because the powers that be like to smear the lone voices so their tyranny can continue.

  2. deception of the american people? you mean the slaves that are citizens of the USA? Those people? Those people have no say in the matter. They have been dragged down below the level of slave…as we have known it to be.

    You are merely slaves producing what you can so the military corporation, USA Inc., can continue its imperialism among foreign weakness. The USA places seeds of discord, racism and bigotry among the peoples of all countries to divide them among many levels. The cultural artifacts and historians are destroyed. People are displaced many miles from their home. This is how one attains a one world government with so many people divided among insignificant issues and renouncing their individual sovereignty by either accepting democracy or leaving their country. The new culture of the world and the only culture from this point forward is the culture established by those in power which is one of deceit, genocide, theft and inhumane treatment of the world’s population. You will serve your master according to this new culture or you will suffer and die. Soon this ultimatum comes to the more developed countries like the USA.

    My hate and disgust toward the powers-that-be is nothing to speak of when compared to us people who are easily divided, easily swayed and complicit in being ignorant to the harsh facts of the evil that rules us.

    Everyday death and destruction is aimed at the innocent people of this planet. We continue to cheer those responsible for this death and destruction, directly or indirectly, with nary a thimble of consciousness. From an evolution standpoint, its quite dangerous to have a brain and those species of lesser intelligence will survive more readily than you or I.

    We are our own worst enemy.

    Ignorance is not bliss. It will be our demise.

  3. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP TO THE FACT – OBOOOOMA – the magnificent FARCE – has done so much damage it will be hard to bring the US of A back without a 3RD REVOLUTIONARY SKLIRMISH being held on AMERICAN soil to take back our great nation . . ///////////////
    If this offends some of you – tooooo baaaad – you offend me with your ** STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES ** way of life . ///////////////////////////////////////.

  4. Fed up with the FED ! | November 22, 2015 at 4:51 pm |

    Some have written some very good comments on here, in regard to this issue, so I will only say it is up to those with this mindset to spread the word of truth.
    What needs to be dealt with is helping those who are suffering with cognitive dissonance.

  5. She doesn’t care because she is still a puppet w/in a bigger conspiracy & corruption. There are still handlers & bosses she has to answer to. She doesn’t operate in a vacuum. And so, since she is part of a bigger secret occult operation, she is obviously being protected by the same hidden hand. So,… What difference does it make?

    You’d like us to believe that It is less important Hillary,… because you had something to do w/ it. That’s why you’d like to shift the focus away from “why”, & you just want to divert attention to perhaps anyone that could be blamed. However,… the “Why” is very, very, important. We demand to find out “Why” they were targeted, & “who” is responsible for the “Why”,… That is like trying to fix the symptom of a disease, without fixing the “why” the disease that caused the symptom in the 1st place. It is very, very basic,… & very, very important. So don’t try to fool us away from a real investigation. So,… “What difference does it make?”,… I’ll tell you “what”,… it is the difference between “a random act of evil”,… & a “premeditated crime”,… Why? Answers the psychological motivation behind the act.

  6. Roman Catholic Jesuits commanded by The Black Pope seem to be behind every evil agency.

  7. You big anti-Semite!!!!
    (just kidding)

  8. The plan to split up the countries in the middle east is history repeating. This splitting up was also done after the first world war. Maybe it was the reason for the first WW and now is the reason for all this war.

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