The Manipulation of Our Water Supply and Fracking

water shortageBy Paul A. Philips

On visiting supermarkets you see them stacked, row after row, brand name upon brand name … we’re spoiled for choices … but it can indeed be quite costly when added up after a while. It’s better to choose the glass option as opposed to plastic which leaches out toxic chemicals such as Bisphenol A which could affect health when taken frequently and long term.

I’m talking about bottled water supplies, which leads to my question, why should we have to buy bottled drinking water?

I remember as a child in the ’60s the idea of someone charging for water in bottles would have been quite laughable. To this day I still have a somewhat sinister regard for the fact that we’re being charged for water, and not without reasoning: There is in fact something covertly sinister and devious going on.

Before explaining, the first thing to realize is that there are indeed a number of people who have educated themselves enough to realize that they don’t want to choose drinking tap water with fluoride and other chemical impregnations. But why should we have to choose the more expensive bottled water option and put up with the chemically-treated tap water? Surely, it’s up to us to do something about this?

A question

In recent times why has the dangerous process of fracking technology been allowed to carry on?

Fracking technology is a process whereby hydraulic pressure blasts some 40,000 plus gallons of water containing over 600 toxic chemicals to fracture shale rock allowing the rock’s contents of gas and oil to be extracted. A large percentage of this toxic chemical water containing methane, formaldehyde, mercury, uranium, lead and carcinogens is never recovered. It then finds its way into the nearby groundwater and can pollute wells, thus polluting our water supplies.

And that’s not all. As well as environmental damage, the reckless insanity of fracking has been linked to earthquakes and ill health with people and animals living in nearby areas because of the above-mentioned pollutants.

Yes, the fracking corporations can have their way by buying off the politicians and people connected to give it the okay to go ahead … but staying on the subject of water, as I’ve already said there’s something far more sinister and devious going on. This links tap water to fracking.

Orchestrated by the world’s ruling elite, water, one of the most essential of life’s commodities is deliberately and secretly becoming more and more precious to obtain.

As the saying goes: when you control the water supplies you can control the people.

So I would say that the reason for fracking with its water-polluting deadly toxic chemicals going by unchecked is that it puts the people in a situation whereby their local water supplies in wells and taps is not longer usable so they have no other choice than to go to the stores and buy the corporation’s water supplies.

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Think of the astronomical amounts of money the manipulators of all this could make from the quantities of water needed from folks all over the world in their everyday lives!

We do indeed need to get active here to stop this insanity. Spread the word as to what’s going on here, lobby politicians, get people to come together and take action. Then there’s the cheap technology option of using desalination plants for those living on coastlines where seawater can be treated. The plant can be powered up by the tides acting as generators. The desalination occurs through electrolysis. All this can be done on a shoestring budget.

What action could you take right now?

Image Credit: “Water is Life” By JonasForTheArt

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5 Comments on "The Manipulation of Our Water Supply and Fracking"

  1. Im not a violent person but i honestly believe the politicians who say there is little to worry about when asked about fracking should be stuck on a pile of wood and incinerated. How can any sane person who supposedly represents us support this evil, stupid fracturing process?

  2. Most of the water wells were probably already polluted before hydraulic fracturing occurred. Fracking fluids are pumped through several layers of high strength steel casing with cement sealing to well below any water well tables, typically ~5.000 feet or so and normally into a depleted older oil reservoirs. In some locations, natural oil and gas deposits are near the surface and are called “tar pits” and have been known to “leak” into water wells. Ancient cultures used this substance for sustaining fire and lubrication. On the issue of quakes, there are minor fault lines all across America that eventually will cause minor quakes. The Earth’s crust and mantle are anywhere from several hundred feet to several hundred miles thick and floats on molten (~2,000 *F) rock. The Earth’s surface is constantly changing due to “plate tectonics”. The problems of faulty water wells can be cured by the well drillers drilling and completing a new well or replacing old water well casing with new casing and cementing.

    • It’s been proven that the cement sealing doesn’t always seal. Fracturing gases have surfaced, and so have the injected «secret-formula toxic» fluids used to fracture shale and other surrounding minerals. Nobody can guarantee that injection and fracturing with such high pressure can keep the injected mixture down below. Water wells that were perfectly safe have suddenly turned into kind of inflamable water-gas mixtures, accompanied with a distinct chemical smell. In the Gulf, with all the attempts to plug the BP’s underwater well, leakage has started again. The happening of earthquakes and their number has increased in many fracking areas in the US. Anyone trying to deny it is either making money from having had a land use agreement with a fracking company or is working for a fracking company, or worse, is owning a fracking company… The surface leakage of inflammable gases increases the climate warming danger for us all. More costly and murderous tropical storms, floodings, desertification, rise of the sea level, etc.

  3. This also supports Agenda 21 goals of depopulating rural areas and to some extent far flung suburban areas – herd them into the stack and pack urban work camps and declare remote areas designated “wilderness zones”.

  4. I can’t help but think the Saudi’s have done the environment some good by lowering oil prices, which has slowed down the fracking industry…

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