Ron Paul on Syrian Proxy War: U.S. “Now Al-Qaeda’s Air Force”

ISIS ToyotaBy Mac Slavo

The deceptions of perpetual war have slowly but solidly come home to roost.

Most on the world stage are well aware of the farce that is the American War on Terror, yet few are willing to say so. Nevertheless, enough has come out to clearly show that with ISIS, the new terror prima donnas of the Middle East, the United States created its own enemies.

Former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul appeared on the Alex Jones Show to discuss the latest developments in Syria.

Now that the U.S. has held firm on the CIA-backing of the “moderate rebels” who are opposing Assad, while Russia has commenced bombing “ISIS targets” which are known to the West as rebel holdouts, a veritable proxy war is underway.

Ron Paul told Alex Jones that the United States was “now al Qaeda’s Air Force,” with the hypocrisy of American foreign policy now more stark than ever before.

The interview is well worth checking out, as Dr. Paul is always a source of common sense in a confusing sea of lies.

It is a turning point in the drug out civil war in Syria that has Putin fighting under the banner of eradicating ISIS, and the U.S. under the banner giving cover for ISIS, al Qaeda, al Nusra and other terrorist groups fighting in the region.

And there appears to be little chance of NATO/American/Western forces changing their position. Worse, the conflict could spill out into direct warfare between Russian and the U.S., should accidental fire, clashing planes or misplaced egos set things off.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ron Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul, who is still vying for the GOP’s nomination, told Newsmax ISIS was getting U.S. arms via blowback:

“Most of these people do not have the sophistication to make arms so they get the arms from other folks.”


“Right now ISIS has a billion dollars’ worth of U.S. Humvees, they have a billion dollars in cash they stole from us and they pay their soldiers with but they have anti-tank weapons and missiles they fire from the shoulder that were basically given to people in the Syrian civil war and taken by ISIS.”

“So really if we don’t want weapons to get into the hands of folks, we should be very careful about who we give the weapons to,”

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Steve Watson reported on the comments from Rand Paul about the U.S. arming ISIS, now for several years:

The CIA has shipped weapons to al-Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria since at least 2012, a fact reported by The New York Times.

Up until late 2014, the US still claimed it was arming “moderate” mercenaries in Syria to fight against ISIS and the al-Assad government in Damascus despite the fact there are no longer any moderate forces active.

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6 Comments on "Ron Paul on Syrian Proxy War: U.S. “Now Al-Qaeda’s Air Force”"

  1. Imagine. The USA attacks Russian planes based on a crooked issue, a false created “situation”.
    Total media silence, or one sided false info.
    Then Russia counter attacks, legit such by all means.
    Politicians in hysterical tantrum and the MSM all catastrophic mayhem..
    So the USA “retaliates” and WWIII is a fact..
    From there it is all psy-ops on the public opinions.
    “Patriotism” rises , actually Corporatism..but folks are DUH.. drooling on the MSM mantra’s.
    As simple as f**k..
    Business as usual..

    • Well spoken Pablo! Unfortunately the sheeple are reading your comment and thinking, “What is he talking about? All we need is 20% awake to cause a revolution, so far I think we’re at about 5%. What do you think? Is my percent sound about right?

      • Well, i guess many are awaken in a certain way, but fear to get lost if they cannot be controlled anymore is quite deep.
        Fact is, most have experienced the “ruling hand” above their heads as comfortable. They felt “protected”..
        Awakening can paralyze those that just woke up, we need the spark to ignite their fury..
        That means them 5% you wrote about are them that are no more submitted to fears.
        If you are from the USA for example, fear is based on some different issues than The EU, or Asia.
        Sarcastically said. If MacDonald goes broke and closes all their restaurants, it will even go that far that some might commit suicide. And not because they lost their income.. Imagine crowds op sheeple demanding the government to reopen all MacDonald’s?
        Tear gas, shootings and pillaging..

        • Yvonne Forsman | November 7, 2015 at 11:06 pm | Reply

          What you say sounds totally insane but it is not b/c I remember when they were talking on US TV news about the end of Twinkies (b/c the manufacturer was possibly going out of business in 2013) and how there was a group of women protesting against the end of Twinkies. It was unreal! Twinkies are garbage, not food, nobody should eat it but ppl eat it b/c they are addicted to the sugar, not even understanding the addiction! So yes, I can imagine street demonstrations if all MacDonalds restaurants closed down!

          • Well, not exactly the USA did taken the SU24 down, but an “ally”.. USA knew the flight plan, and the SU was ‘expected’..

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