Paris Shooting: 10 Ways It Looks Like a Hallmark False Flag Op

isis-oilBy Makia Freeman

The Paris shooting of November 2015 which just occurred on Friday 13th November bears many of the telltale signs of a false flag operation. Now more than 48 hours later, we have some clues that the New World Order manipulators are up to their old tricks again – which are getting very predictable by now. Here are 10 signs that the Paris shooting is yet another false flag attack designed to scare the common citizen (in France and everywhere), demonize Islam, provide “reason” for Governments at G20 and around the world to waste more money and take more liberty fighting terrorism, provide justification for the French Government to increase surveillance, and provide France and NATO with an excuse to escalate violence against Syria.

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #1: Drills on Same Day

How many false flags in recent history have all had the same feature: drills at the same time at the same (or a nearby) place? 21st Century Wire reports that Dr. Patrick Pelloux was “a ‘survivor’ of the Charlie Hebdo shootings” who just happened to be on the scene at these shootings. That in and of itself is a coincidence, but Pelloux actually stated that a “multi-site attack exercise” (i.e. a drill) was taking place during the shootings!

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #2: Terrorist Passport Magically Found

Stuart Hooper of 21st Century Wire also reports that many mainstream media outlets (AFP, RT, Reuters, ITV, Sky News, AP, Fox News and Sputnik) have been claiming that a Syrian passport was magically found at one of the scenes of the Paris attacks, either on or near the shooter’s body. Remember the terrorist passport on 9/11 that somehow managed to survive heat and fire that could supposedly burn steel, and landed unscathed on the streets below? Remember too the “lost ID” of one of the terrorists in the Charlie Hebdo getaway car? The false flag script is showing signs of predictability …

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #3: Terrorists Already Known to French Authorities

It turns out that some of the terrorists were already known to French security agencies, as the Daily Mail reports:

French police are hunting 26-year-old Salah Abdeslam, from Brussels, who is accused of renting a Volkswagen Polo used by the suicide bombers who killed 89 people at the Bataclan music venue on Friday. It emerged on Sunday night that French detectives questioned Abdeslam as he crossed the Belgian border and let him go after he showed them his ID card. Detectives soon realised heir blunder when they discovered that Abdeslam had rented a hire car abandoned near the scene of the massacre inside the Bataclan theatre.

One the hallmarks of a false flag operation is the way it is “allowed” to happen. People in high places have the power to direct, control and call off people in lower positions in accordance with the overall plan. Were certain known terrorists allowed to gain entry to France?

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #4: Terrorist Declares he is from ISIS

As Brandon Turbeville reported, one of the Paris shooters just blurted out “I am from ISIS”, giving us a short and concise soundbite which tells us everything we need to know about the killers. Is it just a coincidence that the Israeli Mossad intelligence front SITE (which have been busted before releasing “ISIS” material that was actually generated by Israel) were the ones to let us all know that ISIS is claiming responsibility for the job?

And, if it is really is ISIS, we know what this means: the controllers are now using ISIS in Western nations to further their goals. Bernie Suarez puts it best:

Realize that as soon as they suggested that the attackers claimed they were killing “for ISIS”, given what we all know about ISIS, this constitutes 100% proof that the CIA and the West was involved because they are the ones who created, trained, funded and run ISIS. Realize that exposing and destroying ISIS is exactly synonymous with destroying and exposing the new world order, which is why ISIS will never die. Yes, ISIS is now the lifeline of the new world order!
>CIA’s ISIS is now the driving force of the new world order and no one should be surprised that as soon as U.S. special forces “advisers” were sent to Syria and the CIA’s counter strategy against Russia began recently, now we have this attack.

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Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #5: Terrorist States Reason for the Shooting

Conveniently, we are also told in reports that one or some of the shooters screamed, “This is for Syria!”, meaning they were killing innocent French people because of France’s involvement in aggressively attacking Syria, alongside the US, Britain, Israel, Turkey and other Gulf states. If the shooters really are from ISIS, why not attack Russia, since Russia has been actively bombing and obliterating ISIS stations? Russia has done far, far more to destroy ISIS than France ever has. Why not a Moscow shooting instead of a Paris shooting? However, that’s a question the mainstream media would prefer you don’t ask or consider.

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #6: Shooting Occurs Right Before G20 Summit

Another highly strange coincidence with this Paris attack was that it occurred right before G20 conference which began on November 14th in Turkey. As the NY Times noted:

The official economic agenda in Turkey and Asia was already likely to be overshadowed by a series of intense meetings between Mr. Obama and his counterparts about the Syrian civil war, the refugee crisis in Europe, disputes with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and ongoing tensions in the South China Sea. But the Paris attacks are certain to push even those topics to the side, at least temporarily, as world leaders confront the scale of the terrorist attacks in the French capital. The leaders will grapple with the rising threat of the Islamic State.

Now those behind the attacks – the same NWO manipulators who are behind ISIS – will have the chance to push their “anti-terrorism” agenda onto other nations and leaders at the summit. Since the war on terror itself is a gigantic fraud, any anti-terrorism agenda will by definition also be fraudulent, and a cover to centralize power and control.

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #7: Shooting Also Occurs Before COP21 (Paris UN Climate Change Summit)

This Paris attack, the 2nd one in 2015, has occurred just 17 days before COP21 – the upcoming Paris Climate Change Conference scheduled to begin on November 30th. COP21 already has the horrifically ambitious goal of trying to craft legally binding, universal climate change laws for the whole world. You can imagine the kind of protests and resistance that such a plan will be met with, since it is a forerunner to a worldwide carbon tax, a World Court and a One World Government. Now, the French Government will have the perfect pretext to increase surveillance and military presence in Paris right before the event and quash any protests on the grounds of “maintaining security”.

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #8: Charlie Hebdo Precedent

The fact that another highly suspect shooting already occurred earlier this year in Paris is yet another mysterious coincidence to this November 2015 Paris attack. Many researchers have done a great job compiling evidence that Charlie Hebdo was a false flag attack (see here).

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #9: Numerology

As noted in the earlier article Paris Attack November 2015: Question Everything, the numerology of the event is strange. Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but the date of 11/13/15 – as it is written in American English – is numerologically significant, as is the fact the Paris shooting took place on Friday 13th (with the number 13 being a very significant number for the Illuminati, Freemasons and other secret society initiates). According to Vigilant Citizen, it was possibly foreshadowed on the cover of the Economist earlier this year.

Paris Shooting False Flag Sign #10: A Long List of Beneficiaries

There is a long list of beneficiaries who stand to gain something from this horrendous Paris attack, such as the French Government, G20, Islamophobes, Zionist Israel and the New World Order manipulators. In addition to these, there are international and geopolitical ramifications to this. French militarists and NATO who have been wanting to attack Syria will now have the perfect excuse to increase their military presence there, on the heels of sending their only aircraft carrier (the Charles de Gaulle) to Syria – which is leaving Toulon on November 18 for the Persian Gulf.

Look closely at what will be rolled out in France and elsewhere in the coming days and weeks. Chances are high the elite will use this Paris shooting – which has all the appearances of a manufactured crisis and a false flag operation – to further the New World Order agenda.


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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative news / independent media site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.


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56 Comments on "Paris Shooting: 10 Ways It Looks Like a Hallmark False Flag Op"

  1. George_Costanza | November 16, 2015 at 8:28 am | Reply

    Seems like the new paradigm of hybrid MIHOP-LIHOP.

  2. The Paris attack was a hoax, not a false flag.

    1. ‘Nohemi Gonzalez’ an ‘American student’ supposedly killed in the attack turns out not to exist. This is the same MO used at the recent hoax shooting in Roseburg, Oregon- made up victims who never existed.

    2. Seven suicide bombers- who killed no one? If you wanted to kill someone, a steak knife would suffice.

    3. The ‘American’ band at the theater where the ‘massacre’ took place are actually Zionists.

    4. All the venues where violence allegedly took place are Zionist owned or controlled. Charlie Hebdo showed the same pattern- every place from the magazine office to the printing plant where the kouachi brothers were allegedly killed- all owned by the same folks.

    5. No video. Yes, there are a few of the usual low res, shaky-cam videos- but Paris has 5 million video cameras.

    6. No perpetrators- as usual, as always.


    • Hoax, false flag….aren’t they the same?

      • No, they are not the same, because in a hoax few if any people die. This was street theater,
        Gran Guignol a la Nutanyahu- I doubt if anybody died.

    • how do you know Nohemi Gonzalez never existed?

    • Your comment is more interesting than the actual article, Mr Mudhole. Would be nice if you supplied links to the sources of your info. Especially since the champions of “legitimate inquiry” (Ole and ruff) seem to think it is your responsibility to disprove or debunk the official accounts, which they apparently accept on faith as complete and truthful. I have yet to see any credible evidence that the so-called massacre was anything but a staged event. I mean, where can I find scenes of actual carnage? All I’ve been able to find are supposedly dead bodies lying under clean, very clean sheets; firemen clumsily carrying supposedly wounded but not very traumatized-looking victims; and bungling police trying hard to look like they’re doing something useful. Looks like a drill, if you ask me, and I’m for legitimate inquiry.

      • Nohemi Gonzalez does exist.
        You can find the story about Nohemi Gonzalez on Jim Stones web site. He talks about after the shooting Nohemi was fine. Got out of the theater and her parents called her boyfriend who reported she was was safe. The went to a un-named location safe place was taken into custody and turned up dead with others. It was reported by the Mexican media since Nohemi from Mexico.


      • There is a video of people running out of some building and you hear a guy yelling in ENGLISH, (american accent) “GET OUT” and then screaming and some more people speaking in English! Funny how the French speak English in their time of crisis! I have no doubt this was the work of our State Dept!

      • Consider this- the AK-47, the weapon allegedly used to kill 140 people, while a sturdy, reliable weapon, has very low lethality. The most well documented shooting with an AK happened in Stockton California in 1989. 37 little kids at a school were shot with an AK, but only 5 died. Remember, these were just small children, average weight 25 kilos or less. Now project this ratio of killed vs. wounded on the Paris shooting and you get about 1,000 wounded people. Do you see many wounded people in those videos? Anyone writhing in pain, calling for their mothers, begging God not to let them die? Any pools of blood, spurting arteries, blood trails?
        No- then it was a hoax.

        As for Ole and ruff, they are likely the same paid troll, sent to keep watch on the thinking percent of the population. The Pentagon has 27,000 sworn personnel engaged in propaganda operations, and many more contractors. The British army has an entire brigade, 77th Brigade, engaged in lying and cheating online.
        Israel has the largest online propaganda operation, known as Hasbara. How many Hasbaraniki there are, I don’t know. Tens of thousands would be my guess.

        My sources are Zabasearch , Russ Winters tweets, American Everyman blog, 21st Century Wire stored docs on my computer, many videos and pics I encountered while researching this hoax.

    • She must be related to Noah Posner who was killed at Sandy Hoax, then was killed AGAIN in Pakistan.

    • ALL of these Fake shootings fail to produce a video, which is nearly impossible to do in this day and age! Especially in France where they have cameras everywhere! People need to confront their congressman’s office with this, and tell them you do not support the Green Screen Terrorist war they want to use as an excuse to topple 1 more country that refuses to submit to hand over their freedom, money, and rights to the US PuppetMasters, Bankers, Monsatan, and Drug Cartels, which are the only real reason they want to create this fake boogyman in order to justify toppling their country for not submitting to the US demands. If more people called their office to speak out and demand the truth, we will never stop this fake boogyman BS

      • Notice how the ever-frugal French managed to schedule BOTH their terrorist hoaxes during low season, so they don’t cut into the tourist trade? The probabilities of one attack during
        low season? A little less than one in three. BOTH attacks in low season? About one in ten.

        • Interesting, how did you calculate these odds for attacks during low season? Or do you have a source?

          • Low season in Paris is early November until 9 or 10 days before Easter Sunday. You do the math.

          • You offered some very specific odds.

            “low season? A little less than one in three. BOTH attacks in low season? About one in ten.”

            I would like to know how they came about. Did you calculate them yourself? If yes – how? What data are they based on?
            Or do you have a source for the numbers? If so, I’d be thankful if you could provide it for me and the others.

          • Google ‘probability’ and the calculations thereof. I am not a math teacher.

          • Neither am I, so I was hoping you might clarify how you came to these specific numbers. It could seem to some people like you just made up the numbers since you don’t offer any evidence to back them. I just wanted to give you a chance to prove those people wrong.

          • If low season is slightly less than 1/3 of the year, then the odds of one independent event occurring in low season are roughly 1/3.1. Two independent events, both occurring in low season- 1/3.1 x 1/3.1 = 1/10. To put it differently, there is a 90% chance that the official story is bullshit.

          • This makes no sense whatsoever. You treat terrorist attacks like random events which could happen out of thin air at any time, like a number on a ten-sided dice. They’re not, they are planned events and depend on a plethora of factors.

            Also – how does it follow that because of these meaningless odds, the whole thing was staged? What do you even mean by “official story”? Everything about the attacks? Part of it? The media coverage? The witnesses?

            Lastly – back to the calculation of the odds – you used decimals in fractions. Like I said, I’m not a math teacher either, but that’s not how fractions work, is it?

            You say the chance for the official story being bullshit is 90 percent. I say the chance for your reasoning being fundamentally flawed and pointless is 100 percent.

        • Also notice how they choose Paris. If you had to choose one international city that will “tug at the heart strings” of your typical western consumer-slave, it would be Pareee, of course. Brussels, Moscow, Bern, etc – people wouldn’t even bother caring. But, ohhhh, Parreeeee. Well played, psychos.

    • Excellent post.

    • Putin on the Ritz | November 18, 2015 at 10:54 pm | Reply

      I’m buying most of what you’re saying except for the Eagles of Death Metal being Zionists! LOL, they’re a bunch of tweeker white trash guys from Palm desert…I’ve been following them for years!

    • Brilliant post – all six points factually wrong. You do the art of lying good service sir

    • But what about those 80+ people supposedly killed? If you go on ukdaily mail you can see their pics. Are they not really dead?

  3. This article is an incoherent mixture of relevant questions/suspicions and utter non-sense. As such, it tends not to illuminate the deep truth but to poison the well of legitimate inquiry. Who would be behind poisoning the well? The very forces claimed to have orchestrated this tragedy.

  4. All the world’s indeed a stage
    And we are merely players
    Performers and portrayers
    Each another’s audience
    Outside the gilded cage

  5. It is not being claimed, that the syrian passport found on the floor belonged to any of the terrorists.

  6. The terrorists seem magicians who show up out of nowhere to attack transported and loaded without never know who transports and supplies.

    who pays the logistics and armaments? .For also point to the murderers.

  7. In France it is always necessary for non-EU citizens to carry their passport. Otherwise they cant identify themselves, when asked by the police. That can mean trouble.

    • So if the terrorists were pulled over by police, they had to ask the cops to hold their Kalashnikov’s, spare mags, and ignore the suicide vests while they produced valid fake IDs?

  8. Very good article and well written and resourced i posted it on Wake Up Australia a ANTI – New World Order Group on Facebook and so far a few likes for the story, keep up the great work Activist Post and people book mark this site and support this great site

  9. The latest press reports state, that now 2 passports with same details have been found. One near one of the Paris shooters, and another belonging to a refugee in Serbia. Both are considered fake. Nothing strange in that. A non EU citiizen usually carries his passport in France. Nothing supporting false flag theory.

    • I don’t know guy… Israel is a police state, the USA is a police state. True. And it’s all because of the so-called war on terror.

      Every time there is hope for peace in Israel, Bibi sabotages the hope by announcing new settlements. If it sin’t Israel, it’s Hamas launching new rockets. Coincidence? Unlikely.

      911 had very real victims, but the results of WTC building that were downed suggests something way hotter than jet fuel. And one building, didn’t even get hit and there were reports of what appeared to be sequential explosions. And then there is the Pentagon. The one area hit was where the investigation into billions of unaccounted for expenditures was going on. Coincidence? Doubtful.

      Getting the USA into a Police state was a real win for the NWO. Now the NWO friendly (i.e. Police State) Republicans look like a bunch of fools. Paris was needed to stir-up the fear to give the Republicans advantage.

      No these are well planned events. AND ISIS who supposedly wants a caliphate state is just the patsy that is needed. A STATE where last century (State vs State) weapons can be used.

      • Sure Jerry, 911 was an inside job.But I have seen no documentation for the claims that ISIS is just a patsy. ISIS does what Muhammed did. They have been doing jihad for 1.400 years. They were at the gates of Wienna in 1529 and 1683, where we defeated them. Now they are back.

        • And where did they get their weapons from? USA indirectly, of course. The weapons we left behind to allow the Iraqi army to defend themselves, right? So we didn’t know any better that the Iraqi’s didn’t want to fight ISIS? A hand full of ISIS fighters takes the weapons away.?? Or was that planned?

          And then there is the funding. Russia claims that conflict oil is been routed thru Turkey to fund ISIS. They claim to have aerial surveillance footage of extremely long caravans. IF true, why haven’t we targeted those oil tankers? We had to know this was happening? If not true, where is the funding coming from? Putin claims he has names of US and EU backers. The plot thickens.

          NOPE, too many coincidences, too many obviously bad decisions. All this is planned to enrage the American public right before the new military / Israel backing bills go forward. And bills go forward to limit domestic spying. Coincidence AGAIN and AGAIN? And most of this is NOT reported by the major news outlets?

          Na, I don’t buy it.

  10. Are French people as clueless as Americans in general? What percentage of them are in the know?

  11. A lot of mildly interesting anecdotes that amount to no more than some genius in the government deciding to take advantage of a crisis. While governments often use a crisis to its benefit, the idea that they caused the crisis on purpose is usually just barroom speculation.

    Even if the passport was planted, it doesnt mean they were behind the attack.

  12. Adriaan van Ginkel | November 17, 2015 at 5:30 pm | Reply

    Dutch premier Mark Rutte, as some of you might well know one of the most faithful lapdogs of German chancellor Merkel, stated that it was a “modern kind of war”. Which is hogwash. War is war. Making the story all the more dubious.

    Some tell-tale signs that the Paris killings reek from any angle you look at it:

    a) The deluging of the Paris killings news item on all world media, drowning out the horrible massacre that had taken place in Beirut only 24 hours before.

    b) The Facebook thingie with the French flag. Media hype and induced mass hysteria at the same time, pushing people to side with whatever measures would be taken in Syria.

    c) The bumbling war declaration by French president Hollande – in the name of whom? France, or the 26-nation EU? Hollande declared war on World Islamism, stating it is a “global threat”. Who in his right mind will declare war on a global enemy? Isn’t the EU in fact in a real world war, considering the statement that ISIS is a global enemy? Either Hollande has no idea what war is, or he knows exactly what he was saying – because it’s a phony war against a phantom menace. The perfect excuse to clobber Syria to oblivion with more and more strikes.

    d) War? Then why isn’t Schengen revoked? If two of the terrorists were so-called refugees who came in from Greece, then why wasn’t the German border sealed off? Merkel still is welcoming hundreds of thousands of what are nothing more than migrants. The true refugees – the Christians and Yazidis who survived the holocaust – are for the biggest part holed up in the region and unable to get out. My question is, if those groups are being persecuted by fanatical Muslims, then what is the EU doing with opening the borders to a whole migration consisting for the biggest part of Muslims? What are these Muslims running away from? And now we know more and more that there are enough wolves among the sheep to justify a shutting down. There is a war going on. Then why aren’t the outer borders of the Schengen Treaty region closed?

    To me, it sounds all more and more like a hoax. I side with the article, adding my own observations here, and let the rest of you ponder what is going on, and what should be done next.

  13. You guys are dangerously stupid!

  14. Basically describes you retards!

  15. Ohh…kay…ya had me until the “numerology” bit. I fully believe that ISIS was created and or manipulated by the CIA, but…when you start talking about numerology and the Illuminati? Well, that’s the kind of thing that makes anyone who question the official narrative of things look like a tin-foil hat wearing loony. Maybe that’s the point…?

  16. Cassandra Keller Burroughs | November 18, 2015 at 3:51 pm | Reply

    Paris: Girl and guy with blood covered shirt
    Sandy Hook girl on phone

    Is it my imagination?
    Do they kinda of look alike to you.. Strange.

  17. It’s interesting to notice that the majority of people believe the media-brought ‘facts’ and quite blindly simply believe the story as it is layed down.

    Those same people are generally reacting really really critical to people who tell that they see something as a hoax or a false-flag attack or some other dillussional ‘news’ or ‘common believe’.

    And i am thankfull they do, because we should never easily believe what we are being told, or even that what we conceive through stories, images and videos. And i believe it is always fruitfull to be cautious of whatever information is coming to you.

    What i would really like, is when those people being very very critical to ‘alternative versions of (the perception of) the media-brought news’ also, would be that critical to their ‘own current versions’ as well.

    What i mean is that as soon as someone points out to a ‘tear’ in the media-brought story, for example the many things about the 9/11 attack facts coming or being brought out, raising questions and different theories or explanations for certain events, > than those theories are always VERY critically approached by the mass of people that quickly label that “conspiracy theorie thinkers”.

    And this is a good thing, because we all need to keep eachother on our toes making sure we never overlook certain other possible explanations. Making sure we never too quickly believe in something, and have a better chance to have the right judgement in the end, by delaying our moment of judgement to the moment ‘facts’ or even theories are heavily critically tested and investigated, and slowly becoming more clear or obvious.

    So, what i hope for, is that all those people, also you, will apply that SAME critical questioning and the will to ‘debunk it’, to the versions that mainstream-media brings you, or whatever truths you so far believe to be true. It is perfectly fine that when i would post some ‘in my eyes evidence’ of ‘something else going on’ or some lie, that i get than many reactions saying “yes, sure, but that does not have to be true, there are other explanations possible for that”. And that is good. But i do not see those people reacting in that way to the news brought by msm, or what they have learned about history. Besides the execptions i see most of them never apply that criticalness to the facts told in historybooks or on the CNN or other western mediachannel.

    When i would state that VS/Israeli services are behind Paris, than most people would even laugh at me, call me crazy and a fantast,…which may be so, but i never ever see them hold the same attitude towards ‘the official story’ , saying “yeah, sure IS might have done this, but come on, can you first provide us with real true evidence and proof than?” .

    When i would show a picture of an IS soldier with a tattoo of the US Army, it will never serve as proof for the 95%, and they wil debunk it as being photoshopped, or at least don’t connect it to certain conclusions. But when msm says “they shouted Allu Akhbar” it is by the same 95% taken as TOTAL PROOF that it were muslims. This is inconsequent critisism.

    When someone posts a picture of something trying to debunk the version in the newsmedia, it will get many comments stating “it easily could have been photoshopped, and probably is”. And that’s good. But please people, keep also thinking that way about the photo’s that are on the official newsmedia.

    When someone states a theorie, it is really good others are defensive to it, and can call it bs, unless some more substantial evidence is provided to support the claims. But if that same defensiveness would have been even a little bit there from the mass of people when Bush stated that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass-destruction and we should go fight him over there with bombs so that we would be finally safe over here, than we would now not have a war in Syria, and most likely Paris would not have happened, but that is just my theorie.

    When something turns out to be an older picture, taken out of context, people find that out and debunk it as fake and bs-theorie and misinformation. And i am happy for that 🙂 But when a picture appears in every official newspaper from something, than suddenly only 5% of people think of the possibility of the picture being staged or photoshopped for other purposes.

    It is the ‘for other purposes’ , the motives, that the 95% do not want to or can not believe possible, or maybe they are even horrified by that possible outlook or version. This makes them primarily only interested to debunk the alternative versions of the probable scenarios taking place in this highly disturbed worldstage and society. Fears are leading, with as defense a very effective way to stay out of too much discomfort> it’s easier to judge because thinking makes tired.

    I do hope for that 95% they start to have an equal healthy critical attitude to ALL stories, theories, facts, photos and videos. We need to help eachother to as much as possible knowing the truth behind things, instead of that we compete with eachother 😉

  18. The contributors to these sites also have hallmarks, including:
    a) the psychopathic conviction that they are far cleverer than ‘ordinary people’ (or ‘sheeple’ ),
    b) ignorance of basic facts – how could the writer here ask why Russia wasn’t attacked when it was, the previous week?
    c) weak on logic – why on earth would terrorists being previously known to police necessarily mean that it was a false flag operation? And how can two terrorist attacks in the same country in a year qualify as a ‘mysterious coincidence’ – does that mean that if attacks don’t follow a purely random pattern they must therefore be false flag operations?
    d) the B-film crazy stuff – in this case it’s numerology and the new world order (they don’t realise or care that this will alienate the general reader)
    e) the appeal to ‘cui bono?’ – who benefits? – the idiotic assumption that if you benefited from an event then this is proof that you must have caused it, e.g. your uncle gets killed by a car, leaves you money, therefore you must have arranged the crash QED.
    To believe all this the authors have to be more than stupid, they have to have a paranoid obsession with control. For them nothing happens by chance – either they are in control or it is the huge world conspiracy of the NWO that is in control

  19. 2013 NDAA declares propaganda by the US government legal.

  20. YouCan'tMakeThisUpIfYouTried | November 20, 2015 at 5:43 pm | Reply

    Friday 13th is an important date for the Knights Templar. It was on Friday 13th October 1307 that King Philippe IV of France rounded up the Templars and imprisoned them for high treason and the worship of Baphomet which is a rams headed bisexual figure and manifestation of Satan. 7yrs later their grand master Jacques de Molay along with his conspirators were burned at the stake. So the Paris date was no coincidence, it was carefully planned and executed by the masonic recorders of history that are employed by the govt to stage these events. The number 33 is also everywhere on the news bulletins and govt vehicles present at the scene. It was also 311 days since the Charlie hoax. Of course 3 elevens make 33. They are telling us they did it in plain sight. The leader of the Zionist pop band playing that night is known as The Devil. You can’t make this up if you tried.

    Let him that hath wisdom reckon the number of the beast. Rev13:18

  21. “the French Government, G20, Islamophobes, Zionist Israel and the New World Order manipulators.” This comment says it all. This is the typical writings of mentally ill conspiracy theorists who believe anything any anything is a “false-flag”. They always play the “who benefits most from the attack” game. In legal jurisprudence, no country has ever used the “who benefits most from the attack” as a standard to use as a criminal defense. This is a nutcase site referred to me by a friend. I will read my friend the riot act

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