Paris Attack November 2015: Question Everything

paris attackBy Makia Freeman

A Paris Attack just occurred hours ago on November 13th 2015. The most up-to-date news is that around 163 people were killed in an attack in central and northern Paris – at the Bataclan Theater and Stade de France – and that the attack was allegedly perpetrated by Muslim terrorists. However, as alert readers hopefully know by now, anytime you hear of an alleged Muslim terror attack, especially in Western countries like France, Britain, the US, Australia or Canada that are controlled to their core by Rothschild Zionism, you need to question everything about the incident. You need to look at the facts very closely indeed, for there is a very good chance that this Paris attack is another false flag to incite fear and hatred of Muslims and add to the demonization of Islam.

Paris Attack November 2015: Charlie Hebdo All Over Again?

Is this yet another false flag attack in France to be blamed on the entirety of Muslim people and Islam? There was already another Paris attack earlier this year in 2015 – the attack on Charlie Hebdo – an incident which bore signs of being a Zionist false flag attack. Remember how there was no blood even though people were being supposedly being shot at close range? Remember how French President Hollande admitted those behind the attacks were the “Illuminati”?

Although I believe in the right to free speech for everyone as a basic tenet of human freedom, that’s not at all what the Hebdo Paris attack was really about. Hebdo’s cartoons are unashamedly crude and to most people highly offensive. As the author of this article Is Charlie Hebdo a Western Hate-Machine? points out, they seem basically designed to cause the maximum amount of offense and anger possible, for no particularly good reason other than to irritate entire religions and ethnicities. No wonder that the Rothschilds bought the business – they know how to divide and conquer to stir up conflict and war … being doing it for centuries …

The whole massive campaign of “Je suis Charlie” (“I am Charlie”) would be better labeled “Je suis hoodwinked”. Did the French people realize what was happening? They marched in the streets in apparent defense of free speech, yet soon after the Charlie Hebdo Paris attack, the French Government passed new stricter surveillance laws, ultimately leading to less freedom for the French. The result was no different to another staged terror attack elsewhere – scare the people and get them to accept harsher laws and less liberty – no matter how many unthinkingly went along with the “Je suis Charlie” motif.

Cui Bono? Who Benefits?

Ask yourself the classic question which cuts through all the details and confusion in maters like this: cui bono? Who benefits? The answer is that the following groups benefit:

  • the French Government (who can now push through harsher laws under the guise of fighting terrorism, especially while people are in a state of shock and fear; ordo ab chao [order out of chaos] or problem-reaction-solution);
  • Islamophobes (who have more ammunition to denounce an entire religion based on the actions of a tiny, tiny number of extremists);
  • Zionist Israel (who will no doubt use the Paris attack to strengthen their claim that all Muslims are crazy, dangerous terrorists);
  • New World Order manipulators (who follow the general rule of thumb that the more division and infighting there is, the more opportunity for profit and control there is).

The Numerology of the Paris Attack

Finally, in an age where secret societies use hidden ancient knowledge to control and manipulate others (black magic), it is a strange coincidence that this 2nd Paris attack of 2015 should occur on the date of 11/13/15 – as it is written in American English – which carries numerological significance. It was also Friday 13th, with the number 13 being a very significant number for the Illuminati, Freemasons and other secret society initiates.

Stay tuned for more details. With events like this, it will not be long before the citizen journalists and researchers of the world begin to rapidly discover the clues about who really orchestrated this event – and you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a whole lot more to the story than random Muslim terrorists.


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Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative news / independent media site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.


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3 Comments on "Paris Attack November 2015: Question Everything"

  1. Proof with real concrete evidence is something I look for before making a conclusion but the following is just speculation. Please read….

    If I were sneaky and evil and wanted to infiltrate and take over an area I could interject trouble makers and allow planned and unplanned conflict to take place so the indigenous people would beg for military intervention to save them…. Viola. Bring in NATO troops.

  2. Stupid French like other Europeans, unable to think critically, for ex: you don’t close the barn door after the horse is out. Europe will soon be a Caliphate under Shiria law with Arab elitists ruling. Idiot Europeans, dumbed down lazy, like most Americans, refuse to act. The males are gelded cowards and will not protect the females from rape and soon forced marriages which will turn them into breeder sows for the spread of Islam.

  3. I was in the US Army Europe 1979-80-81. There came 6 months of precisely worded terrorist threats from two bastards (John P. Vogel and Spec. 4 Stavrinakis) claiming to have connections with terrorist cells in Europe and elsewhere. They reiterated many times about two events “arranged and guaranteed to happen,” one a derailment made to look accidental, and another obvious act of terrorism. Later, these events did happen, both in train stations in one 24-hour period, killing 104 people and wounding 270, many very seriously disabled for life and dismembered. I survived one of these slaughters, not by luck, but by being aware it would happen, and planning for it in case it did, and it did happen. The two terrorists were protected from arrest and prosecution. Believe it or not, I had known in detail about the attacks of 9-11 since 1997. The abuses you read of here and others were why your upper level authorities got no information from me during the 4 intervening years from 1997 to 2001. I did tell about 120 people during those 4 years. How do you like it when it happens to you? My condolences to all who bore the brunt of this latest unpleasantness in Paris. But don’t you all have any responsibility at all for the actions and policies of the governments you support?

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