Officials Secretly Added Cancer-Causing Chemicals to City’s Water Supply

water-supply-cancer-causing-chemical-sacramentoBy Cassius Methyl

In 2013 and 2014, the City of Sacramento performed a water treatment experiment at the expense of residents of the city “to save money,” according to a local news investigation.

Area residents were never informed about the toxic chemical contamination of their water that resulted from the experiment. “Cancer, miscarriages, and birth defects” are the consequences of consuming those chemicals, but the extent to which Sacramento residents are likely to experience these symptoms is not yet known.

City officials allowed the experiment to continue for an entire year — despite knowing early on that very process was creating carcinogens. For how long that contamination will be suspended in the water supply is up in the air.

Officials experimented on the water with a new added chemical to aid in removing sediment, silt, and other impurities in the water supply: aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH). It was due to replace the chemical known as ALUM that was regularly used to take the larger particles out of river water to treat it. Both chemicals weigh down the sediment to make it easily removable.

However, the addition of ACH to the city’s water supply wound up being ineffective as a treatment — so an excessive quantity of chlorine was added to the water, as well.

An astonishing failure, the combination of excess chlorine and aluminum chlorohydrate ended up yielding carcinogenic toxins known as “DBPs” — disinfection byproducts. Specifically, these are in the class of chemicals known as THMs, or Trihalomethanes.

According to Water Research, THMs are in the same chemical class as chloroform; and, although this water experiment ended about a year ago, the THMs remain in Sacramento’s water supply in levels that exceed EPA regulations. Several readings of THM levels provided to ABC10 exceeded 80 parts per billion, the EPA limit.

The ABC10 investigation says,

data showing dozens of readings in excess of the EPA standard of 80 parts-per-billion during the year-long trial. In the Westlake neighborhood, near Sleep Train Arena, during a two-month period between August and October 2013, 11 of 13 readings were above EPA limits. Then in March of 2014, readings were way up across the city. Some people were drinking water with DBP levels above 130 parts-per-billion.

Sacramento’s Utility Director, Bill Busath, told ABC10 the entire issue had to do with saving money: “There was an expectation that we would be able to save quite a bit of money.”

Bob Bowcock grew up working in the water treatment industry. His description, as reported by ABC10, is telling:

This community was basically looked at as a laboratory guinea pig, in that they were exposed to violation level trihalomethanes for up to one year without any proper notification whatsoever […] Every corner you turn, on this particular project, it’s red flag, red flag, red flag. It’s like peeling back an onion. There is just another layer. The closer you get to the center, the stronger the smell.

According to an ABC10 news report:

Pregnant women and unborn babies, Bowcock said, are especially vulnerable to DBPs. In first trimester pregnancies, there’s a significant rise in miscarriages, and in third trimester there’s evidence of low birth weight,” he said, describing how the DBP-tainted water is even more dangerous when its mists are breathed in while showering or washing dishes.

This isn’t the only  water contamination that affects greater Sacramento — Northside residents need to be aware that McClellan Air Force Base is rumored to be the source of contaminated water, as a “chromium plume” of groundwater contamination radiates from out from the base.

Our water, in other words, is polluted with cancer-causing chromium-6.

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According to a June article from the Sacramento Bee:

Water from six of 11 wells in the Rio Linda-Elverta district tested above the state’s maximum contaminant levels for chromium-6 […] Wells closest to the former McClellan Air Force Base have the highest levels of hexavalent chromium, or chromium-6, a known carcinogen […] Exposure to chromium-6 can lead to skin irritation, occupational asthma, and kidney and liver damage, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

A woman from North Sacramento lamented: “I know [the water] gave me cancer.”

Rio Linda resident, Anna Marie Tomlinson, hasn’t touched her tap water in years — because she was the fourth person on her block to get cancer. “I drank it every day,” she said.

How do we allow officials to blindly add chemicals to our water supply? Unfortunately, most of us probably weren’t even aware the first chemical, ALUM, had been added to our drinking water — much less the insane chemical soup that resulted as a byproduct of this reckless experiment.

Editor’s note: If you were involved with or have any additional information on this experiment, please contact the author of this article (who lives in Sacramento and takes special interest in reporting further) at

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19 Comments on "Officials Secretly Added Cancer-Causing Chemicals to City’s Water Supply"

  1. In the article there’s one part that mentions breathing in the mist from this water is even dangerous. This is something I have always been worried about. I have always known better than to ingest any water from a public source but most of the time I have little choice but to shower in it in order to maintain hygiene. I have been quite curious as to just how detrimental that is to my health and well-being. Especially when it comes to fluoride and how much I could possibly be absorbing through my skin.

    • When I last lived in a city (maybe eight years ago) I distilled the tap water for cooking and drinking, and used a special shower head designed to filter out fluoride and, I think, chlorine. They weren’t cheap, and required filter replacement on some sort of schedule, as I recall (my girlfriend thought I was crazy). Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the company making them, but I’m sure a simple internet search would locate them, and perhaps others.

      As for hot water vapor from the kitchen sink, I don’t know. Certainly wear rubber gloves, but as for inhaling the fluoride (and chlorine and whatever), if someone doesn’t make a filter which fits the faucet, an under-counter dual filtration system should do the trick. Or perhaps simply setting up a fan on the countertop to blow the vapors away from your face would help.

      Horrible that we’re having a serious discussion about how to avoid having tap water ruin our health, treating it like it’s poison. But that’s what it is, in fact several added poisons. (Fluoride, chlorine, fecal matter, pharmaceutical overflow, petrochemical and pesticide runoff, god knows what else.)

      I now drink, cook, and shower with my own tested well water, but I still distill it for consumption because the well doesn’t tap into an aquifer, rather into underground streams from mountain rains and snow melt. We get a lot of chemtrailing here. I have to breathe it, I’ll be damned if I’ll drink it as well.

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  3. Sacramento is a member of ICLEI (International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives), the group that is evilly pushing behind UN Agenda 21, which is the Blueprint for Population Control. See Take the Free Course on this site about opposing UN Agenda 21, and help wake up more people!

    Everyone who lives in or around Sacramento should be outraged, and should pressure city hall to do two things:

    1) Stop committing mass genocide by allowing the water supply to be contaminated with carcinogens, and

    2) Quit its membership in ICLEI!!

    (Anyone who lives in ANY City or County that belongs to ICLEI should pressure their city or county to quit!!
    3) There is a bipartisan movement against UN Agenda 21 in the USA, but it needs to grow much faster, see

    If you aren’t aware, UN Agenda 21 is a stealth agenda emanating from the Club of Rome, which was created in 1968 by David Rockefeller for the purpose of culling the human herd, reducing world population. The Club of Rome is the driving force behind the UN’s so called “Climate Change Treaty” which is a massive scam.

    See my expose here See my archived e-alerts here To subscribe please go to and scroll down to sign up menu. Questions? 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific or

    • We need to make showing up for council meetings the go-to default place where folks that want to connect / engage go.
      Once we teach the language of the Agenda, learn to reconcile what’s happening in our community with same; council looks like an A21 implementation meeting.
      Turn them into town hall meetings.
      Most of our ‘leaders’ at city hall are followers, we need to give them something bigger to follow.

  4. Rain water people. Its not rocket science to divert rainwater from your roof to a holding tank. A 12-volt pump will pressurize it. Then filter it afterwards for good measure. Too much trouble? You won’t believe how much inconvenience cancer is. Til you contract it.

    • Rain water and a gravity filter like the Berkey units. Plus have the heavy metals filters on the Berkey as well. Rain water is mixed with the chemtrail junk too. Lately the chemtrail agents have been enhanced with the deadly lithium hydrates to kill off the population even faster! Organic crops are greatly affected by this too. The Health Ranger growing system maybe one of the way to remain totally organic.

    • Haven’t seen rain here in quite some time. Drought.

    • I have both a Big Berkey and a counter top distiller…

    • Chemtrails w/aluminum and Barrium. Looks like voters are getting a first hand course in medical examiner analysis “science” as some corporate science department lab rat.”
      Hmm… can we fire these DC Renfields and egors out this year before more experimentation takes place on our children. I can only imagine the contracts of food cronies that put in these additives also.
      Who or how can you trust them when they sell the safety of our health, to he highest bidder?

  5. Agenda 21 alive and well.

  6. Class Action Lawsuit. 60 minutes, 20-20 should be clamoring to put this in their lineup. But I won’t hold my breath .

  7. Damn! I just so happened to live there in 2013!!!!! Extremely PISSED off!!!!

  8. Incompetents – another reason to abolish government. Sending them money (taxes) is not in anyone’s best interest. I’m sure the average water guy was not told anything about this – but ya’d think that all of the tests these guys do would have found something.

  9. http://www.Represent.Us — big meeting today in Columbus, Ohio
    We Must grow together & fight of the Evil corruption of the very top of the USA government !!

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