MITRE: Architects of the New Manhattan Chemtrail Project?

chemtrailsBy Peter A. Kirby

Evidence suggests that under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a corporation called MITRE has been in charge of the New Manhattan Project’s systems architecture. Systems architecture refers to the organization and harmonization of all the different New Manhattan Project sub-operations such as: operation of the ionospheric heaters, control of the aircraft, collection of atmospheric data, satellite communications, etc.  MITRE can make all these things work together and create an elegant end-user experience to boot. If you do not know what the New Manhattan Project is, please see the author’s previous article “Chemtrails Exposed: A History of the New Manhattan Project.”

MITRE CenterMITRE Corporation headquarters. Image source: the MITRE Corporation

Along with designing and building technical systems architecture, MITRE designs and helps build military command and control centers. In fact, they have designed and helped build every major command and control center in America. From the National Military Command Center under the Pentagon to Strategic Air Command (SAC) in Nebraska to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) facility in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, MITRE has built all of them. The MITRE Corporation is the only American corporation with the right skill set to build the systems architecture and command and control centers of the New Manhattan Project; possibly the only one in the world.

Not only that, but the MITRE Corporation has extensive involvement in just about every sub-operation of the New Manhattan Project (NMP). From satellite communications to atmospheric monitoring to remotely controlling fleets of airplanes to supercomputing to operating ionospheric heaters, MITRE can do it all. The New Manhattan Project is operationally right up their alley. So much so that it makes one wonder if the MITRE Corporation was created specifically to be the New Manhattan Project’s development coordinator and technical manager.

Most of the information recounted here is contained within the pages of a 1979 book entitled MITRE: The First Twenty Years. It was written and published by the MITRE Corporation. There may not be a single book more important to the history of the New Manhattan Project.

MITRE probably designed and built NMP command center 1 at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. To learn more about the New Manhattan Project’s C4 base 1, please refer to the author’s previous article “C4: Command, Control, Communications, and Computers of the New Manhattan Chemtrail Project.”

MITRE was founded in 1958 with about 500 employees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory to resolve a technical mess made by the previous administrators of a system called the SAGE Air Defense System. MIT and the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories founded the project.

The RAND Corporation, the Ford Foundation, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were disproportionally represented on MITRE’s first board of trustees. Connections to the original Manhattan Project, Edward Teller, Rockefellers and Rothschilds are readily found.

The SAGE system was another tremendously huge covert effort involving radar, computers, command and control centers, and a fleet of some thirty unmanned, remotely controlled missile-like jet aircraft designed by Boeing to hit enemy bomber aircraft before they could reach American cities. This was all, of course, to keep us safe from the Russian nuclear threat.

It is this SAGE system from which today’s New Manhattan Project aircraft control system probably evolved. Over the years, MITRE has consistently developed many different air traffic control systems capable of remotely controlling large numbers of aircraft. It is this SAGE system that has most likely served as the nucleus of the New Manhattan Project; passed on throughout the decades.

For more about the New Manhattan Project’s fleet of proprietary drone aircraft, please see the author’s previous article “Death from Above: The New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleet.”

There was one MITRE air traffic control project that looks more like today’s New Manhattan Project than any other. It was called Position Location, Reporting, and Control of Tactical Aircraft (PLRACTA). Let us reference a passage from the aforementioned book “MITRE: The First Twenty Years:”

In the late 1960s, the activities being pursued separately under CNI [Communications, Navigation, and Identification] and CASOFF [Control and Surveillance of Friendly Forces] were combined into a single advanced development program called PLRACTA, standing for Position Location, Reporting, and Control of Tactical Aircraft, headed by C. Eric Ellingson. PLRACTA’s goal was to provide information exchange among a maximum of one thousand aircraft and other, ground elements of the control system.

PLRACTA later became known as Seek Bus, then later still as the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS). JTIDS is in use today. Here is the JTIDS Wikipedia page.

The NMP’s air traffic control is probably operated out of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. This location has been the most dominant North American air traffic controller and the site of intense MITRE activity over the years. NORAD is a joint U.S. and Canadian operation.

NORADNORAD. Image source: North American Aerospace Defense Command

MITRE did the big study that provided a scientific basis for the Environmental Protection Agency’s 1976 Toxic Controlled Substances Act. This is significant because, before they produced that study, MITRE worked with the Department of the Interior’s Office of Coal Research to produce a study about possible cleaner uses of coal. Not only that, but for the Interior Department, MITRE investigated methods for doubling or tripling coal production.

These facts are interesting because J. Marvin Herndon Ph.D. has come forward with a hypothesis that chemtrails usually consist of reconstituted coal fly ash. Maybe MITRE and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) worked together to make sure that plenty of toxic and otherwise illegal coal fly ash was removed by government mandated coal fly ash scrubbers and therefore available as New Manhattan Project chemtrail spray. We know that government has been mandating the scrubbers. Personally, I can smell chemtrails now and it smells like ash. Dr. J. is looking more correct all the time.

Since their founding and throughout the production of the New Manhattan Project, MITRE Corporation’s world headquarters has been in Bedford, Massachusetts. This is very interesting because Bedford is in the Boston metropolitan area. The Boston metropolitan area has an abnormally high concentration of organizations involved in the New Manhattan Project such as: the American Meteorological Association, Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and many more. In order to produce history’s largest scientific endeavor, it would be advantageous to have a community of some of the world’s top academic, research, and development institutions located within a 15 mile radius; all answering to MITRE the coordinator. The Boston area was the New Manhattan Project’s developmental epicenter and MITRE was probably the NMP’s development coordinator.

None other than Gordon J.F. ‘How to Wreck the Environment’ MacDonald (1930-2002) served on MITRE’s board of directors and later became a trustee. MacDonald was deeply involved in weather modification and the atmospheric sciences. He got his Ph.D. in geology at Harvard, taught geophysics at MIT and claims a hand in creating the aforementioned EPA. He has connections to the Central Intelligence Agency and Al Gore. Mr. MacDonald was an early proponent of the theory of man-made global warming. It is interesting to note that not only was Mr. MacDonald a science advisor to multiple presidents and a member of a slew of top-shelf weather modification committees, but that he was also an active member of something called JASON. It appears that JASON has planned and executed the New Manhattan Project above DARPA. We’ll have more about the JASON group and who runs them much later.

GordonGordon J.F. MacDonald. Image source: the National Academy of Sciences. Photo by Roy Porello

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Somebody had to plan logistics and iron out the New Manhattan Project. It didn’t plan and iron itself. There have been many technical difficulties to overcome. DARPA was in charge, but this job was probably too big for DARPA to do itself. They were busy with other things as well. They most likely needed a subcontractor.

There is probably not another corporation anywhere in the world more capable than MITRE; or even capable at all. In fact, as we have seen, the MITRE Corporation’s world headquarters is conveniently located very near a host of other organizations that have developed the technology most likely used in today’s New Manhattan Project. Not only that, but MITRE has an extensive record of working with just about every other scientific organization responsible for the NMP nationwide.

Once this Project became operational, it would be advantageous to retain the maintenance and support services of the people that designed and built it. It’s like buying a brand new car from the dealer and getting premium factory service. Doing it this way makes things as easy as possible.

As they are an ongoing concern, the MITRE Corporation probably continues to manage the systems of the New Manhattan Project to this day. They’ve been sucking up our taxpayer dollars this whole time. Where’s our congressional investigation?

Peter A. Kirby is a San Rafael, CA researcher, writer, and activist. Check out his ebook Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project



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  1. Activist Post and I bring you the Holy Grail of chemtrail research. We have long since wanted to know who is doing it. It took studying the entire history of weather modification to come up with this information. The most important players are apparently: MITRE, DARPA, Raytheon, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, and the Department of Energy.

    Please log in and up-vote comments from actual people while down-voting those left by the shills. Like a refreshing rain, it keeps the dust and dirt down. Thanks.

    • Peter, THANKYOU for this article, I have long wondered who is doing this. I’ll be reading your book about it. I have followed your writing for quite awhile now, your articles are ALWAYS good, well-researched and well-sourced. Keep on telling the truth!

    • P.S. Just went to buy your book, but link says it isn’t currently available on Amazon. WTF? Just thought you should know.

      • I just checked on it. Everything seems in order. Maybe you are not doing it correctly. Maybe you should try a different web browser. I’ve been selling plenty of copies lately. Is anyone else out there experiencing difficulties when trying to download my ebook?

    • Anyone who disagrees, including the entire community of atmospheric scientists, is a shill and should be censored. That’s fair.

      • Wow! Dale did you fall out of a tree? You have been denying that chemtrails exist on Activist post forever. What hapenned to all of your fabulous statistics you so strongly backed up?

        • I continue to promote actual atmospheric science. I do not know what “fabulous statistics” you mention as missing. I find your point pointless.

          • Your beautiful stats are melting. No one here is listening to your BS

          • My “beautiful stats” are a strawman, the most common type of logical fallacy used by cowards to slay imaginary enemies.
            What I have said is that atmospheric scientists dismiss “chemtrails” as a myth and I have pointed out that there is no motive to increase the global warming with creating the kind of cirrus clouds trails create and no way to target populations from 30-35K ft, since anything sprayed (or emitted) will be carried thousands of miles over months while being radically diluted (by a factor of millions) before falling to earth (most often into the ocean).

            You can cite no peer-reviewed atmospheric scientists to confirm the existence of chemtrails. If you could, you would, but there are none. Only the cynics who promote this junk science and the scientific illiterates who believe it are suckered in.

            If I cite what actual atmospheric scientists say, and everyone in a crowd of illiterates dismisses them, that does not make it BS. Science is science; facts are facts, no matter how many fools believe otherwise.

            Your arrogant assumption to speak for everyone “here” reveals the delusional state of your thinking. I await which “stats” are melting? Or must you cut and run because you invented this lie lacking any actual science to back up your absurd beliefs?

          • reports:

            Koch Group Dumps Half Million Dollars in Florida Anti-Solar CampaignBy Nick Surgey on November 13, 2015 — See more at:

            “Consumers for Smart Solar, the group promoting an anti-home-solar constitutional amendment in Florida, has collected half a million dollars from the 60 Plus Association, a group that has itself received at least $34 million since 2010 from organizations financially backed by the Koch brothers.

            Unlike most states, Florida does not allow homeowners to enter into contracts for the no-upfront-cost installation of solar on their homes. In other states, this freedom has contributed to the dramatic 80% increase in home solar installations across the US in 2014, and seen large financial investments from corporations like Google.

            Rival constitutional amendments are being proposed for the Florida ballot in 2016.

            One of these would allow homeowners increased rights to install solar energy; that one is backed by consumer and environmental organizations.

            The other—confusingly named Consumers for Smart Solar since it is actually about limiting consumer access to solar—is backed by the Koch-funded groups and the electricity utilities, and it would amend the Florida constitution to protect the fossil fuel industry monopoly in the state.

            In 2013, 60 Plus controversially ran TV ads in Arizona, opposing the development of home solar in that state by supporting increased costs for homeowners who can sell any excess solar energy they generate back to the grid. After initial denials lasting months, it was eventually revealed by a reporter from the Arizona Republic that Arizona Public Service, the state’s largest utility, had helped underwrite the Koch-funded group to run the ads.

            The Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has also railed against consumers who install solar on their homes,”

            – See more at:

            I am getting solar for my home Arizona. The cost is zero down and $70 a month for a 1600 sq ft house. Current APS utility costs are about $300. So I save thousands a year, not pollute, and sell excess back to APS,which is required by law to increase its renewable energy capacity. APS tried to get a regulation that such home solar installers pay them $100 a month to be connected to their grid,which helps them meet their mandated clean energy requirements. This was an attempt to destroy the solar energy industry,which has reduced costs by 90% in the past decade and is not only clean but cheaper than fossil fuels. The state gave APS a $5 a month allowance,tho in Phoenix,another power company got $40 a month.

            The Kochs, and other fossil fuel corporations, want to destroy the solar energy industry and keep us hooked on dirty,expensive,and lethal fuels they sell. That is why they spend hundreds of millions to block solar and regulation of pollution,whose costs (2 trillion a yr,according to the World Bank study) are shifted to the public to protect the 100 billion Koch fortune, based on externalizing the cost of their toxic products.

            You can stick you head in the sand and claim you are not listening (and if you are not,how do you know my documented facts are BS?)…but you only thus serve as useful idiots of rich and cynical polluters.

      • A problem with upvoting helpful comments but nothing to say about the blackout censorship of geoengineering in the media or, worse, proposals by Gore and others to fine, fire, or sue AGW skeptics. No open public debates or free speech? Free speech “zones”, right?

  2. “Personally, I can smell chemtrails now and it smells like ash. ”

    All alleged chemtrails are released in the stratosphere, 30-35K ft altitude, as anyone can observe on a daily basis. At this level, the emissions (whether jet fuel pollutants or coal ash) are carried thousands of miles by air currents over a period of months before falling to earth (2/3 into the ocean) diluted by a factor of millions.

    You cannot smell chemtrails because by time they fall to earth (whatever “they” are) they have been drastically diluted. What you smell is a product of your own imagination, since what you describe is physically impossible. If you smell real ash, you might just ask if it is not from the ordinary pollution from burning fossil fuels which kills millions each year and sickens hundreds of millions.

    • OK computer, although you’d probably rather play global thermonuclear war like the WOPR machine in “War Games,” let’s play chess. For once, you have not attacked me personally, so I will respond one time to your OP. For those not familiar with Mainframe Ruff’s modus operandi, he is one of the most prominent trolls. Thanks for the opportunity to attack you personally, then leave you by the side of the road like an empty beer can.

      In your opening paragraph, you write about the movements of sprayed particulate matter. You write that chemtrails do not exist, but you also write about how sprayed particulate matter can be observed, “…on a daily basis” behaving in a manner one would expect from sprayed particulate matter. I don’t know if it is intentional or not, but this line of reasoning produces cognitive dissonance (confusion) as this line of reasoning contradicts itself. According to your logic, we can observe sprayed particulate matter coming from airplanes every day, but there are no airplanes spraying particulate matter. That makes zero sense.

      Illogic aside, chemtrails can waft down into the troposphere and into our lungs anywhere on Earth. It doesn’t matter that the particles are so small that it takes them a long time to do so. It just matters where the chemtrails are sprayed. If chemtrail spray reaches the Earth after being sprayed thousands of miles away, then we will simply be breathing chemtrail spray that was sprayed thousands of miles away. Once this stuff gets into the atmosphere in such great quantities, we’re all bound to breathe it. What goes up, must come down.

      You write that I cannot smell chemtrails. As far as my five senses are concerned, you don’t have any gravitas. I can smell chemtrails. They are in the air and I can smell them. I’ve heard of others with this same ability. The Human mind and body is much more powerful than establishment shills admit.

      • As an air traffic controller, I was paid to watch the sky for at least 8 hours a day. I know that chemtrails are a relatively recent phenomenon. Prior to 1999, I had never seen an aircraft leave a trail that lasted more than about 30 seconds. The sky was NEVER criss-crossed with dozens of trails gradually spreading out into clouds.

        There are chemtrails. They spray at much lower altitudes than 35,000 feet – or an observer would not be able to see the aircraft spraying them – and I, too, can often smell them. To me, they have a faintly acrid or smoky odor.

        When you can make out the body and wings of an aircraft clearly, they are typically operating below 10,000 feet. Obviously, it depends to a great extent on the size of the aircraft, but 10,000 ft is almost two miles, and something has to be fairly large to see it clearly at a distance of more than two miles. When the local ceiling is 5,000 ft, according to reports, and the chemtrails are spreading out underneath that ceiling, it’s safe to say that they were not sprayed at 35,000.

        As to Ruff, I always find it best not to feed the trolls.

      • Your snide ad hominems expose your lack of intellectual substance and moral character.

        ” You write that chemtrails do not exist, but you also write about how sprayed particulate matter can be observed, “…on a daily basis” behaving in a manner one would expect from sprayed particulate matter”

        On a daily basis, I observe contrails which spread out (not down) into cirrus clouds; they contain the residue of unburned jet fuel (just as our cars do the same with unburned gas) and so are, by definition, a form of pollution. You cannot observe the jet fuel residue (nor did I say you could) but only the ice crystals which form in the freezing stratospheric environment and which appear as white trails. As they spread out (eventually for thousands of miles over months, meaning, you cannot smell or be effected by the trails you see in the sky), they actually slightly warm the atmosphere, as almost all cirrus clouds do. They do contained pollutants, which is why the EPA has proposed regulating jet plane emissions: “The Obama administration said on Wednesday that it would take the first step toward regulating greenhouse gas emissions from airplanes, but it acknowledged it would most likely take years before stringent standards are enacted.

        The Environmental Protection Agency said that emissions from airplanes endanger human health because of their contribution toglobal warming.” NYTimes 6/10/2015

        What you see above you, never at low enough levels to target populations below, but always at the level of cirrus clouds, in the stratosphere, usually around 30-35K altitude, are persistent contrails, water vapor which contains jet fuel residue freezing to form white trails which gradually spread out (NOT Down!) and whose contents do not fall to earth (2/3 into the ocean) for months, thousands of miles away. There is no physical way you can smell the “ash” from “chemtrails” at 35,000 ft which are drifting away from you. Can you smell the jet fuel? No… is 5 or 6 miles above you, being carried away not towards you. You are suffering from an overactive imagination, a form of hypochondria, an anxiety illness produced by your imagination.

        If you would look up the flight plans of US commercial flights (of which there are hundreds of thousands each year, thousands each day), you will find the exact paths on which you will observe those white frozen vapors which atmospheric scientists call persistent contrails. As more and more flights are take each day more and more contrails are created, gradually warming the atmosphere. The EPA seeks to regulate such emissions just as it regulates the deadly fumes that our combustion engines create. I urge you to support their efforts, whether to diminish global warming and/or reduce the amount of pollutants which, eventually, end up in our oceans, our soil, and our lungs.

        BTW, your reference to me as a computer and troll is pure logical fallacy, a demonstration of your inability to deal with facts, evidence, and science. I foregive you; you have been lied to by the fossil fuel industry, which seeks to divert attention from their destruction of human health and the environment with far-fetched lies about chemtrails and the “hoax” of global warming.

        • You can not trust the EPA nor any data coming out of it , that said i have great pics of the spraying over canada ( that does not happen ? ) , sry but it does happen and people are having breathing problems because of it . tc .

          • What is your evidence that the EPA data on greenhouse gases from jet fuel emissions cannot be trusted? You have pictures of contrails, white vapors which spread out to form cirrus clouds and warm the atmosphere. Breathing problems are caused by the trucks and cars passing by your house or place of work, not emissions 5-6 miles up which dilute slowly over months as air currents move them thousands of miles.

            Fossil fuels kill milliions and sicken hundreds of millions each year….from known sources, the production, refining and burning of fossil fuels in our vehicles and for energy. The dirty energy oligarchs want you to think the cause are those white trails in the sky, not the air polluted as you drive to work each day. Don’t be fooled again!

          • U.S. Health Burden Caused by Particulate Pollution from Fossil-Fueled Power PlantsIllnessMean Number of CasesAsthma (hospital admissions)3,020Pneumonia (hospital admissions)4,040Asthma (emergency room visits)7,160Cardiovascular ills (hospital admissions)9,720Chronic bronchitis18,600Premature deaths30,100Acute bronchitis59,000Asthma attacks603,000Lower respiratory ills630,000Upper respiratory ills679,000Lost workdays5.13 millionMinor restricted-activity days26.3 million

            » Read more about ‘The Human Cost of Energy’ in the September 2011 issue of Scientific American.

            Source: “The Health Costs of Inaction with Respect to Air Pollution,” by Pascale Scapecchi, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Environmental Working Papers, No. 2.

            This is just the damage from power plants and does not include the damage from the 250 million vehicles in the US. Worldwide, the damage is much greater.

            WHO reports: “Indoor air pollution from solid fuel use and urban outdoor air pollution are estimated to be
            responsible for 3.1 million premature deaths worldwide every year and 3.2% of the global
            burden of disease.1
            More than half of the global burden of disease from air pollution is borne
            by people in developing countries. Air pollutants have been linked to a range of adverse
            health effects, including respiratory infections, heart disease and lung cancer.”

            Here is another article which cites studies which document the catastrophic health damage caused by fossil fuels:

            The tobacco industry long claimed that tobacco was harmless and that the EPA was lying. Today, Exxon, whose own research identified human caused global warming as early as 1977, and other dirty energy producers finance propaganda campaigns denying climate change, claiming the EPA is lying. The EPA is not lying…and you are being used by cynical energy corporations which do not want to risk reducing profits by having their lethal emissions regulated or taxed. Instead they shift the cost to the public: according to the World Bank, subsidies to fossil fuel corporations are over 2 trillion dollars a year. Don’t be duped, dope.

  3. Mitre Corp was also involved in planning the 911 attacks. I read that they are owned by the Vatican….

  4. Where I live here in New York (about 90 north of NYC) they ChemTrail relentlessly. I’ve even seen them at night. When I point them out to people I meet when I am in public, they usually just laugh at me. When people see it with their own eyes they just dismiss it out of hand.

    • What you see are contrails, the result of commercial flights in freezing temperatures in the stratosphere. People laugh at you because they understand this. What you see are frozen water vapor (which includes greenhouse gases from jet fuel emissions, which the EPA has proposed regulating just as it regulates emissions of ground level vehicles). Ordinary chemtrails from the millions of flights each year do indeed contain polluting residue from jet fuel and greenhouse gases. Support the proposal to regulate them.

      • Dale, if you aren’t a troll no one is. Contrails evaporate within seconds. Same as when you can see your breath in winter. Chemtrails expand and expand. The jets crisscross to form a checkered pattern in the sky. Couple hours after Chemtrails the sun is blocked out and the sky is gray for hours. Chemtrails consist of fine particles of aluminum, barium and strontium. The U.S. Patent office has issued 10,000 patents on weather modification.
        And you sir are a jerk!

        • I am not a troll, just an individual who has listened to what atmospheric scientists have discovered about persistent contrails. You can call names but facts are facts and science is science. Persistent contrails are a well-established phenomenon;

          I know you will dismiss any source which contradicts your beliefs but you can consult

          which reports, based on the findings of atmospheric science, ”

          Persistent spreading contrails look like long, broad, fuzzy white lines. This is the type most likely to affect climate because they cover a larger area and last longer than short-lived or persistent contrails.”

          Wikipedia reports: “Depending on the temperature and humidity at the altitude the contrails form, they may be visible for only a few seconds or minutes, or may persist for hours and spread to be several miles wide. Persistent contrails are of interest to scientists because they increase the cloudiness of the atmosphere.[1] The resulting cloud forms may resemble cirrus, cirrocumulus, or cirrostratus, and are sometimes called cirrus aviaticus” “Aircraft Contrails Factsheet” (PDF). FAA.Gov.

          As a true believer, you will dismiss all sources, including those from actual atmospheric scientists, as lies and accuse those who cite such sources as trolls. Such is the nature of true belief……

          • Rudy Campilii | November 16, 2015 at 1:21 pm |

            You are citing Aircraft Contrails Factsheet” (PDF). FAA.Gov. Then you are citing the very people who run the chemtrails. And I see that you did not bother to check the U.S. Patent office for over 10,000 weather modification patents.
            O.K. how about going to youtube watch the video “What in the world are they spraying” There are scientists and other experts.

          • You are assuming without evidence that the FAA is conducting chemtrail spraying. Can you find one actual atmospheric scientist who believes chemtrails exist? Patents do not confirm the myth of government spraying of chemtrails. Cloud seeding was used by the natives of North America and is used all over the world to induce rain during dry spells. This is weather modification. Can you cite one logical reason why the goverment (or anyone) would want to exacerbate global warming by creating more cirrus clouds thru airline vapors? There is no motive and no evidence just the true beliefs of the 5% of the population that accept the myth.

            The video you are promoting includes no atmospheric scientists who have done peer-reviewed research on contrails and chemtrails. As such, it has no scientific validity.

            How about you finding a peer-reviewed atmospheric scientist whose research confirms chemtrails. There are thousands…..find one with the qualifying credentials. There are none. Scientists in other fields and self-proclaimed experts, not one of which has peer-reviewed research in con or chemtrails have no credibility.

            I await your citation of atmospheric scientists with relevant peer-reviewed research who agree with you. I have looked for years. There are none.

            We know what comes out of the millions of flights each year: water vapor, containing traces of unburnt jet fuel, which act as a greenhouse gas, which becomes white frozen particles when subjected to freezing temperatures in the stratosphere. That is why the EPA has proposed regulating these emissions just as they regulate ground level emissions and for the same reasons. Contrails are both pollutants (just as with terrestrial vehicles) and greenhouse gases. That is reason enough to regulate them without inventing wild fantasies which NO atmospheric scientists, who have expertise in this area, accept as valid.

            Like all fossil fuel emissions contrails are both pollutants and greenhouse gases. The fossil fuel oligarchs want to divert your attention from their lethal emissions from power plants, fracking and internal combustion vehicles to a fantasy in the sky, blaming the very agencies that have the power to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases for the alleged evil spraying. This is clever but easily seen thru by critical minds. Blame those trying to regulate your toxic emissions for sinister plots to “modify the weather” (why would the govt want to heat up the atmosphere?) or poison billions of people? This is cynical propaganda, promoted by the dirty fuel industry, and the chemtrail zealots have swallowed it hook, lie, and sinker.

          • Rudy Campilii | November 16, 2015 at 4:50 pm |

            Many years ago, President Johnson came on national television and told the American people that the U.S. Navy had been attacked in a place called the Gulf of Tonkin off the shores of Vietnam. Hence this was the excuse he used to start the war with the Vietnamese people.
            Many years later a man name Robert McNamara who at the time of the Vietnam War was the Defense Sectretary of the United States. McNamara was in a documentart called the “Fog of War.” In this documentary Mr McNamara stated that the incident in Gulf of Tonkin never happened. It was all made up by the government in order to take us to war.
            Ever since then I tend to not believe everything the government says.

          • I protested that criminal war based on lies. LBJ was probably, along with the CIA and the Mafia, one of the parties to the murder of JFK, who had issued a Presidential directive to withdraw from Vietnam. Johnson, the CIA and the Mafia all had the means and motives to bump off JFK. In the 70’s a Congressional investigation concluded the Warren Report was wrong and that the murder was the result of a conspiracy. I am always skeptical of government lies, but when government has no motive, there is no reason to suspect deception. To disbelieve all government agencies is as stupid as to believe all. Critical thinking and considerations of motive are essential in these matters.

            There is no motive for the EPA to lie about pollution or greenhouse gas emissions.
            There is no history of widespread lying by the EPA on these issues. Therefore, since their findings are supported by all atmospheric scientists and independent researchers, I see no reason to doubt them just because LBJ lied about the assassination of JFK over 50 years ago.

            We know the government lied about the events of 9/11 because the head of the 9/11 Commission (Kean) and the lead investigator (Farmer), both appointed by Bush, have written books detailing the fact that the government lied to the Commission. Likewise, we have good reason to doubt the USDA when its Monsanto revolving door officials tell us that GMO’s are totally safe.

            By the same token, in the absence of motive or evidence, it is often the case that government agencies are the best available source of credible information. The Berkeley Earth Project, funded by chief climate change deniers the Koch brothers and headed by a well-known “climate skeptic” found, to the chagrin of the Koch brothers that NASA and other government data was absolutely solid and was not distorted. Dr. Muller, the leader of the investigation, was so convinced by the government data that he wrote an op-ed in the NYTimes stating that global warming was an absolute empirical fact and that there is no other logical explanation than human activity (release of CO2 and methane). The Kochs, who expected to expose goverment lies, stopped openly funding anti-global warming propaganda and now do it stealthily with dark money.

            So we must take the data from the government on its own merits, knowing governments, when motivated, lie and that often they provide the most objective data, as with climate, pollution, etc.

            Skepticism is a healthy impulse, but cynicism is a fallacy which refuses to accept data for which there is no motive to distort and which has been independently confirmed.

            Regarding chemtrails, there is no plausible motive for the government, confirmed by atmospheric scientists all across the globe in both public and private universities, to lie. Since the trails actually warm the atmosphere, this provides no motive to modify the weather, since warming is causing great harm and expense. Particulants released into the stratosphere cannot be used to target populations (to kill 6 billion, as some believe) since they are moved horizontally and only after being carried thousands of miles over months do they alight on earth (2/3 in the ocean), diluted a million fold. There is no motive, and thus there is no reason to doubt the findings of the EPA, which confirm that jet fuel emissions do contain pollutants and greenhouse gases, which they are seeking the authority to regulate.

            And while we should be skeptical (but not cynical) about government information, we should realize that corporations and their shills have even more motives to lie and deceive. Why does Exxon, whose own research proved that fossil fuel emissios were warming the atmosphere as far back as 1977, then spend tens of millions on propaganda designed to trash claims of global warming caused by human activity?

            Because their greed for profit trumped their scientific scruples, and they realized that regulating their emissions would reduce their profits, since they would no longer be able to shift the trillions in cost (the World Bank estimates 2 trillion a yr) back on the polluters, whereas now, we pay for it in higher taxes to clean up the environment (EPA) and higher healthcare costs for the lethal damage of fossil fuel pollution, not to mention the trillions in cost of the extreme weather events which result from global warming.

            If you cynically dismiss all data from the EPA, NASA, etc, you have only the propaganda of the profit-driven corporations to rely on. If you will recall how the tobacco companies lied (and Exxon has lied…and now the Koch brothers lie rejecting the findings of the very investigation they funded), you will realize that unaccountable corporations and their paid shills have even more cause for skepticism.

            Therefore, if you cannot provide evidence that the EPA and the world’s atmospheric scientists are lying about contrails, you should realize you have been duped by those who for profit motives have deliberately lied about this issue as well as climate change. The real danger is when the corporations run the government agencies and use them to promote their own private interests (deregulation, profits, etc). This is the problem with the USDA and the biotech firms. But the EPA has stood up to the corporations instead of slavishly serving them and for this reason, we must, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, support their efforts to clean up the environment, reduce greenhouse gases, and regulate the polluters.

            And if you totally dismiss the goverment, the fact remains that the world’s atmospheric and climate scientists, who have peer-reviewed research to their credit, dismiss chemtrails and state without exception that global warming is real and the logical cause is human release of greenhouse gases.

            The two issues are twins: both seek to blame the government and foster distrust of the only agencies large enough to deal with transnational issues of pollution and greenhouse gases. If you kill the only force capable of reducing the harm, you are on a suicide mission, and this is what Exxon, Koch brothers, and other corporations have done for the sake of short term profits at the expense of human health and environmental destruction.

            This is a clever short-term tactic but in the end, the result is terracide. Use your critical thinking skills to separate the lies from the truth and do not accept anything which is not supported by scientific research and evidence.

          • Rudy Campilii | November 16, 2015 at 5:50 pm |

            The government also tells us that vaccines and flu shots are safe. Remember the ‘Swine flu’ scare in the 70’s? The vaccine was so deadly that they had to cancel the program.
            Look you are way smarter than me dale and you are beginning to tire me out. All I know is that the sky is blue, the jets start chemtrailing flying crisscross patterns (these are not normal flight patterns) a couple hours after chemtrailing the sky is milky grey for hours and hours. The sky should be blue with white puffy clouds it always was in the past before chemtrails.
            And you keep sighting government scientists giving government evidence. You refuse to research and if the scientist is not a government scientist, why then they just are not to be believed. Using your logic (if you call it that) the government lied about JFK, Vietnam, 9/11, but somehow the EPA is to be trusted because you feel they have no reason to lie. And no one is going to fool someone as smart as you dale, right? Hey, have a nice day. Go ahead and reply if you feel you must dale, but just know that I will not reply. Because what we have here is failure to communicate.

          • By my logic, government veracity must be judged on its merits. Most government lies concern wars and foreign policy. Where corporations dominate the goverment, as in the Treasury and the USDA, skepticism is in order.

            Where there is no motive or evidence, government data can be compared to independent data and judged accordingly.

            That LBJ lied about the Gulf of Tonkin has nothing to do with whether the EPA is correct in its desire to regulate jet emissions. I have not failed to communicate, both my logic and my standards of judging truthfulness. Chemtrails are a lie promoted by those seeking to shift the blame for lethal pollution………………unless you have any evidence to contradict the findings of the worlds scientists who have done peer-reviewed research in these areas, you are a victim of corporate propaganda and the shills they hire to spread their lies.

            I wish you well.

          • Dale is NOT a lot smarter than you, by any stretch. Wisdom comes from something deeper than formal education and practiced rhetoric. He is also blatantly disingenuous in his faux left argument that the “polluting fossil fuel” Koch oligarchs are funding geoengineering conspiracy theory and climate change denial. Each time he brings this up, I point out that in my home state Colorado, the Colorado Climate Change Project, an Agenda 21 construct, is being funded by the globalist Kochs and two Rockefeller Foundations. The Hegelian dialectic control of all sides, favored by TPTB, with the “good” Bankster fossil fuel UN-creating Rockefeller oligarchs pitted against controlled opposition “evil” Kochs (runs in the family, their father infiltrating John Birch Society long ago) coming together on an Agenda 21 state based climate change program. Huh. Dale, educated in political science at Harvard and Berkeley, pretends outwardly to not understand how global enslavement is the endgame of Technocracy, the all encompassing ideology the international banksters are using to create their NWO prison planet. Although, in a long exchange, he admits he is aware.

          • Here are sources to document the open and stealth funding by the Koch brothers (and Exxon, whose own research recognized global warming caused by fossilf fuel and methane emissions):





            David Suzuki: Koch Brothers Continue to Oil the Machine of Climate Change Denial

            Dr. David Suzuki | April 8, 2015……….”Brothers Charles and David Koch run Koch Industries, the second-largest privately owned company in the U.S., behind Cargill. They’ve given close to US$70 million to climate change denial front groups, some of which they helped start, including Americans for Prosperity, founded by David Koch and a major force behind the Tea Party movement.”

            You continue to spread the lie that the Koch brothers, whose goal is to thwart regulation of pollution and greenhouse gases to maximize their profits from producing dirty energy, funded the Colorado Climate Change Project, which you confuse with the right wing anti-climate change ” International Conference on Climate Change” whose sponsors are: ExxonMobil (1998-2006): $6,199,000
            Koch Foundations (1986-2006): $4,438,920
            Scaife Foundations (1985-2006): $36,868,640.

            It is illogical and perverse to claim the Kochs, who have spent over 70 million on anti-climate science propaganda would spend money to promote climate change regulation. Repeating a lie does not make it true.

            Wikipedia, with numerous primary sources reports: “The Koch brothers have played an active role in opposing climate change legislation. In 2011, the EPA reported that Koch Industries “emitted over twenty-four million tons of carbon dioxide”, as much as is typically emitted by five million cars.[95] A study from the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University reported that “[I]n 2011 and 2012, Koch Industries Public Sector LLC, the lobbying arm of Koch Industries, advocated for the Energy Tax Prevention Act, which would have rolled back the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could regulate greenhouse gases.”[96][97]”

            Reducing the causes of climate change and preparing for it is hardly a radical idea and certainly not one funded by the Koch brothers. It’s time you stopped lying, friend.

          • The Koch linkage to CCP, as you probably know, comes from a 2013 Activist Post article written by Dave Hodges. I spent over two hours looking for Hodges’ original source citing the Kochs and BP America as the RMCO website does not list these two as project sponsors while the rest of the list appears to be directly sourced. That means either Hodges confused ICCC with CCP, which seems out of line for his reporting, or those two sponsors backed out. In researching the Kochs, I found several patterns and connections confirming they are, indeed, behaving like globalist oligarchs funding both sides. According to, prior to 2012, two-thirds of William Koch’s funding (personal, Oxbow, and PACs) went to Democrats, including donations to Colorado Senator Udall, and Rep. Bennett. As well, William has a connection to Colorado and at one time financed green energy plants, according to the NY Times. David Koch was formerly on Earthwatch Institutes’ Board of Directors, Earthwatch being described as a sustainability Agenda 21 supporting group. David is also on the board of Rockefeller University Trustees and the Aspen Institute (formerly headed by Maurice Strong, AGW proponent and founder of UN Environment Program). The RMCO website credits two Aspen sponsors, I can only guess that, while unlikely, perhaps Hodges traced a link there. Fords, Carnegies, Rockefellers, Skull and Bones members, now Gates, Soros, Trilateralists, they all work to leverage their influence and wealth to create a global governance paradigm, the rest is Kabuki theater. Sutton and Quigley discerned the game.

          • The Kochs openly funded the denial movement until the Berkeley Project they funded proved that global warming is an indisputable fact…when they began to use dark money thru subsidiaries to fund the campaign. If you google, Koch brothers and funding for climate denial, you will find over 400,000 entries. This has been no secret and was recognized long before 2013.

            An excellent article detailing their funding was published in 2010:

            Mayer, Jane (2010-08-30). “Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama”. The New Yorker (Condé Nast Publications)

            A motherjones investigative article in 2010 reported: ‘

            “Who’s behind a multi-million dollar campaign to seed doubt about climate change? It’s not just Exxon and Chevron—it’s also Koch Industries, an oil and gas giant that most people have never heard of, according to a new report from Greenpeace. Koch’s extensive funding of anti-climate work makes it the “financial kingpin of climate science denial and clean energy opposition,” says Greenpeace.

            The Kansas-based company and its affiliates and foundations spent almost $25 million on “organizations of the ‘climate denial machine'” between 2005 and 2008, according to the report. Koch Industries and the Koch family also spent $37.9 million between 2006 and 2009. “Although Koch intentionally stays out of the public eye, it is now playing a quiet but dominant role in a high-profile national policy debate on global warming,” the report concludes.

            The company is led by brothers Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch, and is the second largest privately-held company in America. As I’ve reported previously, their estranged brother, William, is behind the efforts to block the Cape Windoffshore wind project in Massachusetts. Koch money comes through a lot of business interests – ranching, mining, oil refining, and producing paper products, fertilizer, and chemicals.

            The report lists 35 organizations who have directly or indirectly received money from Koch Industries, affiliates, or Koch family foundations. They include the libertarian think-tank Cato Institute, which received a $1 million grant from the Kochs. Cato runs the climate-change-denial site, and is suing the Environmental Protection Agency to block its finding that climate change threatens human health. The Koch family has also directed more than $5 million to Americans for Prosperity, which has campaigned against efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. They have also supported Citizens for a Sound Economy (which later merged with another group to form FreedomWorks).

            The Koch PAC has given more than $10,000 to 21 lawmakers since 2004—four Democrats and 17 Republicans—which is more than any other oil-and-gas sector PAC, the report states.”

            All the 4 Dems funded were conservative Big Oil Democrats from Texas and Arkansas. The Kochs do not fund both sides: they fund politicians who will oppose regulating pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, most of whom but not all, are Republicans.

          • Rudy Campilii | November 17, 2015 at 7:04 pm |

            blue579 you must be a listener of Alex Jones as I am also. Not to say that I take everything Alex says without researching it further and from different sources. I only told dale that he was smarter than me so as to stroke his inflated ego. dale probably doesn’t know that any 50 super tankers on the ocean pollute more than all the cars. Climate change is a hoax (do we have environmental issues? yes, but climate change is not one of them). Climate change will be used to impose a global tax on the industrial West in order to bring in the NWO. dale would probably deny Agena21 even though the U.N. published the plan and is readily available to read on the U.N. website.Agenda 21 is already well established and running in America right now. If you went down to your local town hall you will find they already are implementing parts of it without knowing what it is. Agenda 21 is hidden in plain site. It goes by different names you are familiar with such as, Smart growth, Sustainable development. The U.N. will be the seat of the NWO. They, the U.N. already have their own money, their own army, their own courts, their own laws. I believe it will take place at the end of this month in France they have a major climate change conference scheduled. I believe this will set in motion the implementation and open announcement of the NWO. Of course I do not know this for sure but one thing I do know is that it is a major event.

          • I checked out Jones’ website more than ten years ago and moved on. There’s some very insightful information there, but, yes, we have to be more discerning, research and do logic checks with others. There’s far too much at stake for the alt media to not be highly infiltrated. Yeah, I’m also well versed in Agenda 21 and it’s global tentacles, and you’re right the NWO takeover is coming fast and hard. One other news source you might want to look into is BTW, Dale says Agenda 21 is nonbinding, merely guidelines, and we are paranoid hysterics. Right, Dale? LOL

          • All vehicles and power plants that burn fossil fuels pollute the environment and damage human health, from super tankers to cars and trucks to jet planes to coal and oil refineries. That is all the more reason to transition from carbon based dirty fuels to renewable energy. While fossil fuels have more than doubled in price in the past decade, solar energy has fallen 90% and continues to fall.

            Global enslavement is indeed the endgame of the banks and energy companies (as wll as pharma and weapons makers, who in many cases have hijacked governments to promote their agenda of maximizing profits whatever the cost in human and environmental health. The NWO is nothing but the old ruling class of corporate elites and their political shills on a global scale. The solution is still the same: taking back government from the corporations and creating democratic institutions which serve not private profit but the common good:in other words, replace fascist plutocracy with genuine democracy,rule of,for,and the people.

          • “Andrew Jeremy Wakefield (born c. 1957) is a British former surgeon and medical researcher, known for his fraudulent 1998 research paper in support of the now-discredited claim that there was a link between the administration of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, and the appearance of autism and bowel disease.[1][2][3][4][5]” Wikipedia with 5 primary sources.

          • Well, if it’s from Wikipedia, then it MUST be true! On the other hand, I’ll take Dr. Mercola’s research and analysis into Wakefield’s paper over Wikipedia. No fraud, the accusations of fraud were not found to have any substance by an independent researcher who confirmed the legitimacy of the pathology reports. Moreover, at least 28 studies have confirmed the gut-brain linkage to autism and Wake Forest University replicated Wakefield’s results finding vaccine strain measles virus in children with regressive autism and bowel disease. Do you think the Seralini GMO study deserved to be retracted too?

          • Several studies have shown Wikipedia to be highly reliable, including in medical and scientific fields. Look them up. Of course, you ignore the 142 primary sources used in the article on Wakefield, who has been discredited not only by his publisher but by his co-researchers and was discovered to have financial interests which created a conflict interest in his study of 12 (twelve) patients whose condition he misstated.

            “In a BMJ (British Medical Joujrnal)follow-up article on 11 January 2011,[22] Deer said that based upon documents he obtained under Freedom of information legislation,[98]Wakefield—in partnership with the father of one of the boys in the study—had planned to launch a venture on the back of an MMR vaccination scare that would profit from new medical tests and “litigation driven testing”.[23][70] The Washington Post reported that Deer said that Wakefield predicted he “could make more than $43 million a year from diagnostic kits” for the new condition, autistic enterocolitis.[98] According to Deer’s report in BMJ, the ventures, Immunospecifics Biotechnologies Ltd and Carmel Healthcare Ltd—named after Wakefield’s wife—failed after Wakefield’s superiors at University College London’s medical school gave him a two-page letter that said:

            We remain concerned about a possible serious conflict of interest between your academic employment by UCL, and your involvement with Carmel … This concern arose originally because the company’s business plan appears to depend on premature, scientifically unjustified publication of results, which do not conform to the rigorous academic and scientific standards that are generally expected.[22]” (please note primary sources).

            “Between July 2007 and May 2010, a 217-day “fitness to practise” hearing of the UK General Medical Council examined charges of professional misconduct against Wakefield and two colleagues involved in the paper in The Lancet.[89][90] The charges included that he:

            “Was being paid to conduct the study by solicitors representing parents who believed their children had been harmed by MMR”.[89]

            Ordered investigations “without the requisite paediatric qualifications” including colonoscopies, colon biopsies and lumbar punctures (“spinal taps”) on his research subjects without the approval of his department’s ethics board and contrary to the children’s clinical interests,[89] when these diagnostic tests were not indicated by the children’s symptoms or medical history.

            “Act[ed] ‘dishonestly and irresponsibly’ in failing to disclose … how patients were recruited for the study”.[89]

            “Conduct[ed] the study on a basis not approved by the hospital’s ethics committee.”[89]”

            If you have evidence that the 142 primary sources cited in the Wikipedia article are fraudulent or false, please present that evidence. Otherwise, read the article and note the heavy documentation and universal condemnation of Wakefield’s unethical and flawed research.

            If you cannot find evidence to impugn the Wikipedia article I suggest you realize you have been duped by a fraudulent doctor. Here is a summary of his disgrace, including primary sources:

            “After the publication of the paper, other researchers were unable to reproduce Wakefield’s findings or confirm his hypothesis of an association between the MMR vaccine and autism,[6] or autism and gastrointestinal disease.[7] A 2004 investigation by Sunday Times reporter Brian Deer identified undisclosed financial conflicts of interest on Wakefield’s part,[8] and most of his co-authors thenwithdrew their support for the study’s interpretations.[9] The British General Medical Council (GMC) conducted an inquiry into allegations of misconduct against Wakefield and two former colleagues.[10]The investigation centred on Deer’s numerous findings, including that children with autism were subjected to unnecessary invasive medical procedures such as colonoscopies and lumbar punctures,[11] and that Wakefield acted without the required ethical approval from an institutional review board.

            On 28 January 2010, a five-member statutory tribunal of the GMC found three dozen charges proved, including four counts of dishonesty and 12 counts involving the abuse of developmentally challenged children.[12] The panel ruled that Wakefield had “failed in his duties as a responsible consultant”, acted both against the interests of his patients, and “dishonestly and irresponsibly” in his published research.[13][14][15] The Lancet fully retracted the 1998 publication on the basis of the GMC’s findings, noting that elements of the manuscript had been falsified.[16] The Lancet’s editor-in-chief Richard Horton said the paper was “utterly false” and that the journal had been “deceived”.[17] Three months following The Lancet’sretraction, Wakefield was struck off the UK medical register, with a statement identifying deliberate falsification in the research published in The Lancet,[18] and was barred from practising medicine in the UK.[19]”

            I await your evidence that the primary sources used in the article are not valid.

          • Several Establishment sponsored studies show Wikipedia is an Oracle? Wiki’s account of the September 11 attacks is textbook Establishment. Move along, nothing to see here. The Wiki entry you directed me to is useless in terms of dissecting out the details of Wakefield’s methods and original data, everything else is overblown sociological descriptions. Did you notice in the Lancet paper Wakefield was careful to note “that the connection between autism and the gastrointestinal pathologies was real, but did not prove an association between the MMR vaccine and autism”? That’s a very reasonable position. His concern as a clinician about informed consent and weighing risk appears to be conflated with his position in the paper. Did you also see the description on the Wakefield MMR Study Wiki page about the book Bad Science that included defamation of highly respected senior scientist Arpad Pusztai whose research on GMO potatoes led to him being blackballed? You never answered my question about Seralini. The Establishment media did its best to find fault with Seralini’s study and the general public, not understanding the proper design of studies, had no idea if the mainstream media’s BS deconstruction had any merit or not. Thankfully, that attack fell apart when many scientists found their backbones and publicly supported Seralini.

          • 1. “Establishment sponsored studies” is a fabricated category and is used as a derogatory term without offering support. This is the logical fallacy of “killing the messenger” with the logical fallacy of “labeling.”

            2. is a peer-reviewed site which did an empirical study of Wikipedia’s reliability and found “that the accuracy of Wikipedia is high.”

            Other academic studies have found that Wikipedia, like any source, is not perfect but compares with the most repected encyclophedias. I think you will find all encyclopedias echo the official narrative on 9/11.

            If you wish to refute the Wikipedia article on Wakefield, you have to refute the 142 primary sources which are used. Your criticism of the Wikipedia article totally ignores these primary sources and therefore is useless, since the information is based on them.

            Seralini’s studies were attacked by the Monsanto mob and have held up. This has nothing to do with the discredited Wakefield. Seralini was criticized for his findings being “inconclusive,” not fraudulent like Wakefield’s nor did Seralini have a finanacial conflict of interest. There is no scientific “Establishment” but rather a process of peer-review.

            As for chemtrails, I have challenged anyone to present a peer-reviewed atmoshpheric scientist who accepts chemtrails as an empirical fact. No one can do that because there are none. Chemtrails are a myth which no research in atmospheric science has accepted as anything but an urban legend. If you have evidence from peer-reviewed atmospheric scietists, please present it. As you have not, I conclude there is o such evidence and that your entire position is based on belief, not science. If I am wrong, prove me wrong by citing the studies which confirm chemtrails as an empirical fact…solid peer reviewed research by actual atmospheric scientists…………I await your evidence.

          • “Articles published by the BMJ in January 2011 allege that [Wakefield] falsified data, rendering the original Lancet article fraudulent. But later that year, research microbiologist David Lewis of the National Whistleblowers Center explained that he reviewed histopathological grading sheets by two of Dr. Wakefield’s coauthors, pathologists Amar Dhillon and Andrew Anthony, and concluded there was no fraud committed.”


            “It’s interesting to note, too, that in the years following his 1998 finding Dr. Wakefield published another 19 papers on the vaccine-induced bowel disorder. All were peer reviewed, and none have been retracted. However, none of these 19 papers are ever discussed in the media.”


            This is my last entry here on vaccines, Dale, as the topic is geoengineering. Skepticism of Establishment handed down “truth” is cleansing.

          • If you aren’t a troll, why do you seek to completely dominate so many topics. Chemtrails seems to be real hotspot for you. State your opinion – and move on elsewhere. Surely, you can’t be so time-invested w/o monetary compensation. . . unless you are just psychopathic in nature and genocide driven. Given either/ or both likely possibilities, it is possible to skip over your diatribes entirely.

          • I do not seek to dominate but to educate. I have as much right here as you or anyone;if you disturbed by free speech, I suggest you move to a totalitarian nation. Or, you present your evidence and debate the issue instead of descending into personal accusations and insults. Namecalling is both childish and an admission of intellectual impotence. You can skip over factual presentations if you wish:ignorance is bliss.

      • Hey look our tax dollars at work paying this troll dall ruff. This must be an important breakthrough for them to come over here and want to troll it. Anyone who’s spent twenty minutes researching now knows chemtrails are chaff from coal with aluminum and barium for the desired effect of drying, slowing air flow, and cloud seeding for heavy rain/snow.

        • TPTB are concerned chemtrail / geoengineering activism and awareness will derail their carbon tax agenda and generate less trust in government officials in the sheeple masses who might start to wake up. A global tax is a big priority right now, carbon being the first choice, wealth tax second (e.g. Bernie Sanders, before that Pelosi).

        • In the absence of any evidence, such as studies by peer-reviewed atmospheric scientists, you take the law road and resort to libel. I suggest you spend more than 20 minutes and actually find out what atmospheric scientists are saying rather than refuting their findings with gutter level libel.

          Cloud seeding which native Americans practiced long before Columbus is far different from contrails, since it takes place at a much lower altitude, whereas all contrails are created in the freezing temperatures of the stratosphere, the altitude at which commercial flights cruise.

          20 minutes on the internet is not research. I challenge you to provide one peer-reviewed study which confirms chemtrail mythology.

          I challenge you to offer an apology for the naked lie that I am a paid troll, a libel you have zero evidence for and only use because it is the only means you defend your “20 minutes of research .” Show some integrity if you have any. Unsupported libel is trolling. It is also a crime.

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