Investigative Journalist For CBS News Exposes How Mainstream Media Brainwashes The Public

141031_AttkissonVideo_Quinn1By Amanda Froelich

If you’re aware that only a handful of corporations (6, to be exact) control over 90% of the media, you’re one of the few. What this means is that everything you hear on the radio, read in the news, and see on television (including the ‘news’), is controlled by one of these six corporations: General Electric (GE), News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.

This startling truth has become more commonly accepted in recent years, especially since Operation Mockingbird, a CIA-based initiative to control mainstream media, was exposed.

Popular avenues of information are now bombarded with clever marketing tactics telling the public what to think and what to buy, how to look, and where to spend hard-earned dollars. Such is evident once you wake up and note the blatant lies continuing to spam the TV screen and newspaper headlines – especially concerning the topics of health, food, war (“terrorism”), poverty, and more.

Sadly, people aren’t even aware of how brainwashed they’ve become. That’s where Sharyl Attkisson comes in.

For her eye-opening TEDx talk (below), the veteran investigative journalist (and former CBS News investigative reporter) reveals how “astroturf,” or fake grassroots movements, funded by political, corporate, or other special interests very effectively manipulate and distort media messages.

It’s time the populace wake up and question everything with integrity. 

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70 Comments on "Investigative Journalist For CBS News Exposes How Mainstream Media Brainwashes The Public"

  1. Thank you Sharyl Attkisson!…and IH for airing this great clip!

  2. and notice the color codes – red/blue – opposites – as above so below.

  3. With new google filters it will become harder & harder to get real independent info as you will be directed to the “accepted norm” .
    I agree with Sharyl & do my drug searches very carefully. Often starting with looking for lawsuits against the drug. Then read the actual product package insert fine print & take the “rare side effects” seriously. Third, find a doctor that does NOT have drug reps on a revolving door. Fourth look for “horror stories” “victims of … drug” websites and then read scientific journal study articles especially from other countries where they are required to list any conflict of interest associations.
    Oh yes & use private independent search engines.

    • and lastly, stay away from any big pharma drugs and look into alternative medicine

    • Keep away from pharmaceuticals altogether, especially vaccines. Also avoid doctors because most are a menace to our and our children’s health.

      • Erwin you are absolutely correct about avoiding doctors. Sadly I am prescribed a thyroid medication and every three months I am forced to trek back to the doc. It is something I absolutely dread as I feel like I am a $ sign and that’s it. I am continually hounded to have an ECG, breathing test or a nerve test while in the doctor’s waiting room. They even call my house to remind be to have a physical. At every visit it is required to have blood pressure taken, get weighed in, and then provide a urine sample…. OR the front desk will not hand over my prescription. I am looking for another doctor, but most have a long waiting list.

        • Thanks for the response Dd. In some instances doctors are useful or necessary, or may even save one’s life, so I guess that like cars, they are a necessary evil.

          Concerning your thyroid problem, I suggest you also consult a natural health practitioner and/or a homeopath.

          Best wishes!

        • Dd…. Take a look into eastern medicine and get away from western trained doctors. They have only one thing they do and that is to treat the symptoms instead of the root cause of your medical problem(s). I started using eastern medical methods back in the late 70s and haven’t had to see a “regular” doctor for anything other than a few stitches since then. Big pharma doesn’t want people to know that Mother Nature provides EVERYTHING we need to keep ourselves healthy because it would lower their profits. It is just a matter of learning which herb or supplement it needed and most eastern trained doctors will know what’s needed to treat the CAUSE instead of the symptom.

    • Speaking of research and drugs, I just happened to be flipping around on the Tell-Lie-Vision, (which is rare), and came across Dr. Oz teaching his audience how to properly search for drug or medical information on Google. Dig this — he stated that unless the website ends with .gov OR .edu it shouldn’t be trusted, but then went on to say to scroll through a couple of pages, not looking at the first two or three listed.

      Startpage is a fairly good search engine that doesn’t track your internet searches.

      • My first source after reading ALL of the product package insert [which you must insist on] is to check out medical lawsuits sites. Then I check out patient blogs for the REAL story as to the side effects & efficacy of the product. Assume the “rare” side effect will probably be me as I am extremely chemically sensitive & a slow metabolizer. Science journals are also helpful as there are always studies online; if not for the drug then for the illness & what really works or doesn’t.

      • As though those pure thinking .gov and .edu’s don’t have any agendas or research grants or donors or lobbyists to pander to…we are really in trouble if we really think about it.

        • That was my first thought .gov and .edu are the first ones I avoid. If people want the facts – they need to look at ALL sides of the argument and make an informed decision. When you have mainstream telling us how to do research, that should be a major red flag.

  4. I always find these kinds of posts amusing: shock! big corporations own the media. What they never talk about is jWHO the particular people, what their ethnic, racial, religious, ideological origins are. As Voltaire said, if you want to know who rules over you just find out who you can’t criticize.

    CBS, MTV, Paramount, Viacom, NBC, Universal, ABC, Disney, CNN, Time, FOX, WSJ, NYT and many many more under their control. Ask Marlon Brando and Gary Oldham.

  5. ignasi orobitg gene | November 30, 2015 at 1:59 pm | Reply

    Thank you very much for the lesson.

    How can we survive so much manipulation?

  6. Rachel Flanagan | November 30, 2015 at 2:22 pm | Reply

    This is an outstanding video. A must watch for every rube that references “Snopes,” and other controlled sources.

    • What’s wrong with Snopes?

      • The RWNJ’s don’t like Snopes anymore. They preferred to be lied to….

        • DontCensor MeBro | December 7, 2015 at 8:10 am | Reply


        • Snopes is a JOKE, the owners have literally NO BACKGROUND WHATSOEVER in investigative journalism, none……..zilch……..NADA.

          But thanks for playing

          • Funny, years ago, you redencks were all about Snopes. I used to see, “FACT: Snopes says…” all of the time until you idiots didn’t like the truth.

            Hardheaded, ignorant inbred rednecks…

          • Never knew Liberals were “Rednecks” aka CNN,MSNBC,ABC,NBC.They all use these fraudulant two people as fact!

          • Nah, I used to get emails years ago from all of the RWNJ’s/Rednecks that I knew with NEOCON BS with the following:

            “FACT! Check Snopes!”

          • Derilyn plante | November 27, 2016 at 1:45 pm |

            Snopes had problems 2014, they were taken over apparently.

          • You say that like it’s a bad thing. The people with “backgrounds” in investigative journalism (whatever that’s supposed to mean) are largely the exact same people who have been manipulating us and lying to us for decades.

            Research is research. If someone gives sources, you can verify it for yourself. Nobody needs permission from a university or from other journalists just to research matters and publish the research — to even think in that way is to intentionally place your knowledge base in the hands of strangers.

            And no, nothing of the above means I’m defending Snopes or that I “believe” them as a source or authority.

      • Rachel Flanagan | December 6, 2015 at 10:16 am | Reply

        Did you watch the video?

      • Snopes is two frauds sitting in their garage,funded by George Soros

      • 1. They have a political preference and it taint’s their willingness to address issues which challenge their views.
        2. They narrowly define a subject then declare their position as accurate.

        For example: years ago when they were first starting out I had an extensive email flame war with them denying that the many proven cases of phallic symbols and such in Disney movies were put in there on purpose. Their opinion was that it was probably not in the script and the inclusions were rogue animators…as though that meant they were not in fact there. It was the most want to bang your head to the desk things I had ever experienced.
        3. They have become the default fall back responses for the lazy yet arrogant.

    • And you cant block Snopes on Facebook I blocked quite a few,but when you type snopes to block it,it doesn’t even show up!

      • Rachel Flanagan | December 16, 2015 at 1:13 pm | Reply

        Hi Gary, FB has become another way to control the narrative, and censor what they don’t like, whilst keeping tabs on users.
        Kick Facebook to the curb my friend, I did 2 years ago (never looked back).
        You won’t miss photographs of your “friends” pets LOL.

  7. Erik Benefield | December 1, 2015 at 12:26 pm | Reply

    She keeps making weird smacking noises with her mouth. Really annoying to hear, and makes it hard to pay attention to what shes saying, but anyway shes promoting uncertainty.

    Probably to make you feel like you don’t know what to believe to shake your resolve. She worked with these groups before do people think she’s just gonna have a change of heart? On top of that do people think her old boss’s aren’t gonna have something to say about it even if she did? After all their the reference on her resume.

  8. I find it interesting how various persons and organizations have attempted to scapegoat the marvelously brave efforts of Sharyl Attkisson. Attkisson spreads accurate information, and the attempt to uncover, acquire and publicize accurate information. Revealing the organized, and well-planned deceit of the “Disinformation Program” of the CIA and other USGov agencies has awakened many Americans.
    The Disinformation Program of the CIA has been well utilized by the alias, Barack H. Obama, and the entourage that placed him in the White House. ” We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when
    everything the American public believes is false.”– William Casey, CIA
    Director, from first staff meeting in 1981.
    The semi-autobiography by the former Israeli super-spy, Ari BenMenashe, “Profits of War inside the secret U.S.-Israeli arms network,” reveals the extent to which Israel and the CIA attempt to secretively control the world. Journalists such as Attkisson have prevented the U.S. from being even deeper in the dungeon and in much worse shape than currently.

    • Unless you’re going to name all the recent presidents as being pawns, focusing only on Obama makes your position suspect.

      • Perhaps, suspect from your viewpoint, although your point has some validity.
        The “October Surprise”, created by George Bush Sr. and William Casey set a “milestone.” The treasonous suppression of the realease of the US Embassy staff in Iran, until Reagan was declared president, was a coup against president Carter and Americans that has been repeated by the Bush CIA/MOSSAD every four years since that date. The installation of the alias, Barack H. Obama, reflects Bush Sr.´s/CIA affiliation with the Saudi sheikdom since the 1950s. The court-ordered sealing of “Obama´s” records -delayed- the discovery of his genuine identity. One woman in Hawaii also learned his identity. but she died in a neatly pulled-off, airplane emergency water landing. A journalist discovered it, shared it with two others, who further developed the info, but their premature braggadocio prevented publication – as a consequence of the murder of all three.

      • I’m in. They’re all puppets and pawns.

  9. It goes back farther than that. Eisenhower I believe, possibly even more.

    When infiltrating other countries they didn’t have the numbers, (boots on the ground) so the cia use psyops and media to convince them they had many.

    It’s been refined quite a bit since then.
    In a world of lies question everything.

  10. here is the thing, we all have instincts , and so deep down MOST of us can FEEL the truth by weighing up multiple factors in the equation. But the truth is that most people are sheeple who want desperately to belong, and as such do not even care what is the truth as long as they are continually perceived as being part of the majority, so they are willing dupes , regardless of whether or not they suffer cognitive dissonance
    Then you have people like ME, who are the complete opposite and will do whatever they need to in order to remain part of the fringe, and as such we almost never fall for the BS, cause we distrust anything coming from the status quo moral majority (immoral is what they really are) . We know instinctively that the world is controlled by demons in the Lettered agencies and therefore we think accordingly

    • And folks that pretty much sums it up. What a great comment! I would like to post it up on my Facebook page.

    • SEan Barr, that is a well thought out comment and I agree. I think of myself as an antisheeple and always question daily material. Saying that, I even question the speaker and her motives for presenting this subject and one can think of many, good and evil and in between motives.
      I have trained myself to mentally block ads on the web, I never watch TV unless it’s recorded so I can fast forward through things that waste my life.
      Religion is probably one of the most widely used forms of astroturf methodology which the speaker talks about. Who is right and what proof can each one show? Could over 7 billion sheeple be wrong, probably? Another group are the so called entertainment celebrities and sports figures who think they are a Gift to Mankind, because the masses of sheeple place them there and hang on every word they say. On example, many have been elected to lead our country, states and provinces. Who are making these choices, scary or what?
      Keep that salt shaker handy, you will need a grain every day.

  11. Fluoridation and public schools are pipsqueaks (probably even nonexistent) compared to the Corporate Media and its biased flow of “information”.

  12. Her attacks on the Wikipedia may have some degree of basis, but her overall presentation of what goes on in Wikipedia is largely false with a misunderstanding of how Wikipedia works.

    • Wikipedia makes me want to vomit with they’re “so and so said this” or “such and such printed an expose like that” as though it somehow contributes to any factual information about things. Try finding any criticism about how Sandy Hook was handled or controversey about the events of 9/11 in there.. just a coincidence, right?

  13. She is ( was ) an insider … that is all i need to know . One thing though WHY NOW ? Just because you come out say this NOW does not get you a pass lady . tc all .

  14. $mitty Fat $tack$ | December 3, 2015 at 9:20 pm | Reply

    sounds like they dubbed the voice her lips arent matching up

  15. We will know it is true and validated when she has been killed. Sadly. Otherwise, … ??

  16. wow – talk about the tip of the iceberg. This goes so so much deeper than astroturf. CBS (and this reporter) is as guilty as any MSM outlet for obscuring reality to the point that 98% of Americans are utterly clueless about the nature of reality around them. If you don’t already know about the truth of the 9-11 operation, you’re in the dark ages when it comes to understanding the truth about this nation.

  17. The Wikipedia thing is definitely true. My brother has a Wiki page (he’s a television writer) and when I tried to correct some errors on his page (including his birthday, which is the SAME DAY AS MINE), the corrections were immediately deleted and the editor told me I was not a credible source of information. On my own brother.

  18. Sunshine excercise and real food. yep. does wonders for the cognitive processes.

  19. I’ve tried to find water filters that filter fluoride and I can’t find any, they all say they don’t block fluoride because it’s so good for our teeth, problem is, I wear dentures and I Don’t want fluoride.

    • Get a Reverse Osmosis system.

    • You need something that filters out everything except water molecules themselves. Fluoride ions are larger than the oxygen atom (slightly) and hydrogen atoms. You’ll probably need something that either filters by charge (difficult to do since water has a “strong”, single, negative dipole and fluoride ions are negatively charged), shape (water has a specific shape due to electrostatic interactions) or biologically filters out water.

  20. Thank you for this great article…. Glad the truth is out.

  21. What does an open minded inclusive lib call any opposing view?
    “More FOX lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    What’s a lib’s favorite whine?
    “You can’t say that!”
    What does a lib call anyone with any opposing view?
    “A bully, a neocon, knuckle dragging, Bush Tea Party FOX bully!”

  22. It’s not just the medical and big pharma using this tactic. Environmental groups have been doing the same thing in California for years now to shut down gold prospectors. They CLAIM that suction dredge mining causes mercury to be released into the waters of the state when in fact they actually clean up 98% of the mercury they dredge up. They paid for a study and when the results were published, it turns out that the “Scientist” that was in charge of it was actually on the board of directors for The Sierra Fund. It’s all misdirection so the people will either not know what they’re really up to or be so upset because of their rhetoric that they will vote the way the environmentalists want them to vote so their agenda keeps moving forward.

  23. Trey Goodwill | January 5, 2016 at 9:27 am | Reply

    Only the idiots that ARE brainwashed don’t believe it.

  24. are you still drinking tapwater?

  25. This is all true, but it has nothing to do with critical thinking.

    • Critical thinking requires asking questions, exchanging ideas & challenging the status quo. Govt schools, MSM & even churches tell us what to think,say,do & feel constantly. Fluoride has now been proven [50 new studies] to lower IQ and cause many other debilitating health problems so how can it NOT have to do with critical thinking?

  26. Guy Thatsneaky | April 17, 2016 at 12:14 am | Reply

    I know a guy who distrusts the media; now he lives in a straw hovel out in the woods without running water and has to defecate in a bucket. Just shows how the media needs to be stopped.

  27. Is this Media? I am to believe this why?

  28. Hugo Spinoso | May 9, 2016 at 8:48 pm | Reply

    well its kind of how publicity works, but it seems to me that some of this tactics can only work if there are two conditions, first the target audience doesnt know about the subject, and second if there is a majority pushing for a specific point of view.
    Regardless of this actions you cannot fight reality, since things have to follow a path, this also applies to science, but in science case you need majority for this to work, wich already set a path.
    But even having no knoledge of an specific subject the reality and the path still applies.

    lets take vaccines and autism.
    1:how long is this being happening? if it happend before is it proportional to population growth?
    why is it being pushed if there are concerns? why there have not being other investigations?
    1.-who is involved and where? is it a minority, is it being targeted and by who? what do they believe? is the weapons nationals, if not where are they from? what do they believe? how can they get supplies is it inside out or backwards? is there a resource involved and if so how important it is and where can it be taken?. what weapons are where, and where did they came from?.
    Police and goverment control
    1.-what powers do they have, when do they got them and why? what equipment do they have, where do they got them and why? what can be done with the things they have, and does it apply to current issues? if it does, what is the long term plan, if it doesnt what its the excuse?.

    And so on, since it seems to me that the techniques in the video can be applied and maybe are apllied to any subject, but they can easily be debunked, even more so if there is knowledge of the subject.
    An finaly the most important of them all, try to hide a subject, or to avoid any type of way that will lead to a debate of the problem since most likely will not hold.

  29. Who owns Agence France-Presse, Associated Press and Reuters?

  30. Ahahaha! This article actually refers you to wikipedia as a source for info on “Operation Mockingbird”.
    Did you guys not watch the video that YOU posted? Did you not understand what she was saying? SMFH.

  31. Thank you very much. Think I’m going to buy the big berkey.

  32. Definitely, good call on Berkey. Crystal Quest works if you just want a small counter top unit for one tap.

  33. Good advice, and just for those who do not know what ‘real’ food is, it means NON GMO

  34. Eileen Zelek | July 29, 2016 at 6:17 pm | Reply

    Dont have the link handy but some of you may have read about the connection between fluoride and the calcification of the pineal gland located in center of brain between eyes often referred to as the third eye. The third eye has traditionally been associated with higher levels of consciousness, creativity and intuition.

  35. The singular greatest failure in Western Culture in the 20th Century and that still goes on into the 21st is the move by the Media then it departed from any sense of neutrality and into the lucrative oceans of agenda-based reporting. This failure affects everyone on the planet and is catastrophic in its scope. When the meat and potatoes of Objective Truth is abandoned in favour of a relativistic thin gruel, the very foundations of a society are at extreme risk.

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